Luck & Time

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Chapter 14- Sora & Riku: Always with you…

.Sora's POV.

The next morning I woke up alone and a tiny bit afraid. At first I thought I was still in that horrendous house. Then I slowly came to the realization that I was actually in the hospital. I relaxed into the soft yet somehow hard pillows below me; the sheets were comforting warmth around my drained and recovering body. I laid there in a doze thinking of the events of the past two days. I was lucky, so incredibly lucky. I have been attacked and lived three times in the past week and a half.

There was a soft knock on the door. I adjusted myself a little a pain shooting to my spine from my hip joint. I gasped softly as the doctor entered. "How are you doing Mr. Otokonoko?" He asked in a gentle voice.

"I'm doing fine, thank you." I replied, as I recovered from the shock of pain.

"I'm here to inform you that there are police here to get your statement about the events that took place. Are you well enough, or should I send them away?"

"No, don't send them away, they can come in. I'm fine." I said with a well-placed smile. He nodded and left the room. Soon after two police officers came in. "Good afternoon officers." I greeted as they came in. The one officer greeted me with the tilt of his head the other gave him a quiet "Hello."

"Mr. Otokonoko we want to get right down to business. We're going to ask you questions about what went on while you were held captive." The second one said.

"Alright, ask away." I said I hoped Riku was having a better day at school.

.Riku's Pov.

People were bombarding me with questions, I didn't answer any of them, but it was getting annoying. I just smiled politely. At the end of the day I wanted to run to my car and drive like a maniac to the hospital, but I restrained myself. I talked to Axel about how Roxas was doing. He said that Rox was only a little shaken up and that he was slowly getting better.

After a little while I got into my car and drove to the hospital. When I arrived Sora was sleeping. I lightly placed my back pack to the floor and went to the chair beside his bed. I stroked his hair out of his eyes as he slept. He looked so peaceful, even though he's been through so much lately.

I didn't stay long, because I had to work today, but it was heaven just to see him. Now I'm off to work.

2 weeks later…

Sora is going home today, so I made sure to have flowers and be at his home for when he arrived. I saw their car pull into the driveway and got out to help them get Sora from the car into the wheelchair and then into the house. I gave him a kiss on the lips and handed him the flowers as he opened the car door. Cloud got the wheelchair out and set it by me so that I could put him into it. I did I got him situated and then rolled him up to the front steps where Leon helped me carry him up the steps. I helped him settle into his temporary room on the ground floor.

"Home Sweet Home!" He sighed as he patted the temporary bed set up in their living room area. I chuckled as he laid his head on it.

"I would think with you being in bed for the last two weeks you wouldn't want to get into it again." I said as he relaxed deeper onto the bed.

"I know. It's just that I'm constantly tired, because I'm always thinking about the trial! I can't believe that in 3 days the nightmare will end, and he will most likely go to jail for life! I'm just so anxious for it though. It's nerve-wracking." He said flailing his arms as he spoke.

"Calm down So. It was just a joke, I didn't really mean it." I laughed. He turned bright red.

"You're so mean to me, y'know that?" He asked and I just chuckled as I leaned down to kiss him. Cloud and Leon chose that moment to walk back in.

"Well, it's nice to see you two enjoying each others company, but, Sora, you need a bath." Cloud said. Sora groaned and I laughed once again.

"I guess I'll see ya later So." I said kissing him chastely and straightening up to leave. He waved as I left.

3 Days Later…

We were all waiting for the verdict, although with the juries faces during Sora's emotional testimony I'm pretty sure that man is as good as dead. Sora was still sniffling and wiping at his eyes when the jury came back in. Everyone's attention was on them.

"Have you come to a verdict?" The Judge asked. The foreman responded politely, "We have your honor."

He then began to read the verdict, "We the jury find Ansem Riley, Guilty of all charges." Sora sobbed with relief as they said this and I wanted nothing more than to hug him. Ansem was put on death row, waiting for his execution.

Sora doesn't know it yet but, Leon and Cloud have applied to the government to get legal guardianship of Sora. They said it's his birthday present. Sora and I are in love and I'm so excited for him to get out of that wheelchair so that we can make love. We've already discussed it and we are both very excited for it. As for everyone else, well, they'll be just fine.

The End

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