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Ch 1: A Willing Scholar

Hermione murmured the password to the warded Potions classroom and stepped inside. She nervously walked through the empty classroom to the private quarters beyond where the Head of Slytherin was waiting for her. He was leaning back against his black leather sofa holding a glass a red wine.

"Late again Granger," Severus said smirking. He was dressed in a fitting black jumper that she had bought to give him some variety to his bland wardrobe. Accompanied by casual black denim jeans he looked quite sexy.

"Who am I kidding, he always looks that way to me," Hermione thought.

She watched him set his glass down and cross the room until he was standing before her with his arms crossed over his chest and a brow quirked.

"I'd hardly count a whole two minutes as being late," she shot back raising her chin defiantly.

He narrowed his eyes at her. "Insolent lioness."

He pulled her against his chest and bent his head to greet her with a kiss that conveyed the passion she inspired in him.

When he broke away they were panting from lack of oxygen and he gently pushed her head against his chest.

"How was your day?" she murmured turning her head to lie her cheek on his sweater clad chest.

"A third year Hufflepuff succeeded in melting a cauldron at a speed that even Longbottom was never capable off," Severus said irritably. "Let's talk off something besides the dunderheads shall we?"

"Alright," she said feeling lulled and aroused all at once by the sound of his deep silky voice.

"Come," he said grasping her hand to pull her further into his rooms. He led her to the small dining room that was prepared for a meal with settings for two and plates of hot food waiting for them.

Severus pulled out a chair for Hermione and then took his place across from her. For a while they made idle chit chat or comments on the wine to avoid the matter at hand until Hermione could no longer ignore it.

"Have you thought about what we're going to about……my problem?" Hermione inquired anxiously.

"Interesting choice of words," Severus said raising a brow.

"Well what else would you call it when I have such a hard time with intimacy that I can't have sex with my boyfriend?" Hermione shot back.

"Listen to me Granger," Severus said in a dangerously low voice. Oh he was definitely angry. "This is not something you did. That idiot Weasley, and I suspect perhaps Mr. Krum as well are responsible for your insecurities."

He rose and moved around the table until he was kneeling next to her.

"I believe I have come to an acceptable conclusion since our discussion last week," Severus said slowly.

Hermione thought back to that late night she had met Severus in his quarters. One thing had led to another and before either of them had known it, she had wound up sitting in his lap while they carried on an exchange of hot searing kisses.


Hermione….gods I have to….have to be inside you," Severus groaned as she nipped at his jaw line.

Hermione froze and as Severus waited for her to respond.

"I-I can't Severus," Hermione said weakly.

Severus let his head fall back against the chair and his eyes close as he struggled to get a hold on himself.

"Would you mind getting off me then? The feel of you on top of me isn't really helping the problem right now," Severus said in his usual cold tone as his erection throbbed beneath her.

Hermione scrambled off his lap and stepped away from the chair.

"I'm sorry Severus," Hermione said sorrowfully. "I don't mean to take it this far only to stop. I just can't help it when you touch me."

"I know the feeling," Severus replied grimly fixing his black eyes on her. "Being in the same room with you drives me to the point of madness if I can't be touching you in some way."

His words made her shiver and as he stood up she felt a thrill of excitement.

"Do you want me Mione?" Severus asked her silkily.

"Gods yes," she nearly cried.

"Then we are agreed that we want to consummate what we have started," Severus said rising from his seat. "But why is it you can never go through with it I wonder? Do you need more time is that it? Does what we're doing seem indecent to you?"

"No," Hermione scoffed. "It's nothing like that."

"Tell me," he said gliding behind her to stroke the back of his hands down her arms.

"Severus," Hermione sighed. "I'm not a virgin. I've had two partners in my whole life. Shortly after I had sex with both of them I ended the relationships. I was miserable, all they seemed to want to do was have sex, and I didn't enjoy any of it really."

"I see," Severus said drawing her into his arms from behind.

"What we have…I've never felt more for a man in my entire life. I'm afraid that if we have sex it will destroy what we have just like it did with those other men. I care so much about you I don't want to ever let that happen."

"So, you don't think I can make you enjoy love making," Severus mused.

It wasn't a question. And in it Hermione recognized the edge that Severus used when he was being challenged.

"I didn't say that," Hermione protested.

"I think that's exactly what you believe," Severus chuckled huskily. "What to do about this predicament?"

"Your guess is as good as mine," Hermione sighed.

"I think first I should begin by telling you that I love you," Severus murmured nuzzling her neck.

"Severus…" Hermione said reverently.

"Also that you are a sexy, beautiful curvaceous woman who is more then enough temptation without being intelligent and a know it all Gryffindor," Severus said teasingly.

"I love you too you know," Hermione said turning in his arms. "For a greasy git of course."

"Insolent witch," Severus muttered as he took her mouth fast and hard.

"Sneaky Slytherin," Hermione remarked catching her bottom lip between her teeth.

"Be that as it may," Severus smirked. "I believe we should continue this some other night."

"Thank you," Hermione said hugging him around his lean waist.

"However," Severus said letting his hand wander to her backside. "When we do resume this, I am going to make you forget you ever doubted my abilities."

He pushed some hair off her neck and let his fingers trail over her creamy skin. She panted and clutched at his robes.

"I will show how to make you writhe in ecstasy, and feel like you're going mad at the gratification I give you with my attentions."

He leaned ever so slowly towards her and paused when they were a breath apart.

"I'm going to show you how much pleasure your body can take, because I love you. I'm going to bewitch your mind and ensnare your senses," Severus threatened her as he brought his mouth to devour hers.


Hermione felt herself burning at the mere memory of his words.

"I have decided that first you must know that a man is capable of giving you pleasure," Severus said suggestively. He snaked an arm around her waist and drew her closer to him. "But to do that you must trust me Hermione. You must let me have control, and allow me to …instruct you the ways of making love."

He cupped her cheek and forced her to stare into his obsidian depths.

"Will you give me your trust Hermione?" Severus breathed sliding his hand from her face down the column of her neck.

"Yes," Hermione murmured.

"Yes what?" Severus insisted as his hand glided over one of her breasts teasingly.

"Yes Severus. I-I want you to teach me," Hermione said brushing his hair back from his face with a shaky hand.

"Then let us begin the lesson," Severus said in that dark velvety voice that made her weak in the knees.


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