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Ch 6: Here Endth the Lesson?

The sensation of flesh rubbing suggestively against flesh was what awoke Severus from his deep sleep. His eyes remained closed, but his mind was at last stirring when he emitted a guttural groan from the feel of warm skin sliding over his loins at a deliciously slow and tortuous tempo.

His obsidian eyes snapped open as sleep was forgotten in the newfound seduction his body was enjoying. He exhaled sharply when his arousal was brushed firmly against the flesh of the woman lying with her back against him shifting in her sleep. He glanced down at his arm around her belly and realized he must have pulled her to him sometime after he had carried her to his bed after their amorous tryst on the rug in his entranceway. He'd been so out of it himself that he had barely hit the mattress with her then he was asleep again.

He rolled onto his stomach to break the contact with her warmth and watched her roll onto her stomach while he crossed his arms behind his head and watched her. The comforter he'd tucked her into had ridden low from all of her tossing so that he could see places on her back and shoulder s where her wild tresses weren't obstructing his view. When she rolled over onto her back her still face turned towards him. The comforter fell further down her body so that he could gaze at her body to his leisure while his blood pulsed and his eyes turned dark with want.

Her body was unknowingly calling to him with the way it had caressed his flesh in sleep and was now displaying itself so provocatively with the edge of the comforter draped over her thigh and hiding her sex from his penetrating gaze which somehow made for an even more mouthwatering sight. Besides the blanket didn't hide very much of her delectable body now. The creamy skin bared to him made him want to lave every inch he saw with his mouth. He was panting from merely the thought of it and aroused beyond reason. The Slytherin intended to have her and knew the perfect way. Waking her by awakening her body.

He gathered her to him so her back was to him. He brushed her hair away from her face and neck and just stroked the skin with his long fingers to savor what was his for a moment. Then he leaned forward and kissed her cheek softly before moving to the corner of her mouth where he lingered gently brushing her mouth to his. He felt her sigh and was encouraged to take her lower lip between his teeth for a quick nip.

Severus turned his face and buried it against the side of her head where he licked her ear lobe lightly with his tongue. His suckled it in his mouth and bit down on the skin causing the woman in his arms to shudder. He smirked and released the skin to trail down her throat, his teeth scraping lightly at the sensitive skin there. He opened his mouth and sucked the skin until Hermione actually quivered against him and her breathing grew uneven. He chuckled laving his tongue over the reddened flesh of her shoulder. He suckled it firmly and released it to kiss the skin.

"Your body is already bewitched…..when you wake the mind will follow," he whispered into her ear.

He gently turned her so she was lying on her back. Then he crawled to her on his hands and knees, hovering above her slumbering form staring at her darkly with his blood on fire and his sex rigid and aching to be buried in her heat. But he maintained his slow seduction as he parted her legs with his knee and moved it close to her apex though he did not touch it.

She shifted with her knee brushing the leg between hers. Severus glanced up to see her eyes still closed and lowered his face to hers.

"Hermione," he breathed softly kissing her cheek. He looked on her reverently feeling intoxicated by the lovely Gryffindor Know It All who had forced her way into his hear t like an unrelenting lioness on the hunt. It was one of the few times he would ever commend Gryffindor audacity, and he was ever grateful for it bringing her to him.

He stared at her with naked longing in his face. He'd been alone for so long, and she had saved him from living out the remainder of his days in despair. He didn't merely want to take her body, he wanted to have her soul and mind as well. He wanted to make love to her until everything else faded around them.

He risked waking her with a languid long kiss on her lips and pulled back when he thought he felt her respond. He intended to continue tempting her body until she was completely ensnared upon waking. It suited the Slytherin tendencies he embraced as well as his desires as a lover.

Severus moved to the column of her throat and kissed up the front of it softly with his lips worshipping her flesh as he whispered things into her skin and felt her breasts rising to meet his chest as her breathing grew quicker by his ministrations. He grinned roguishly and licked her throat in one slow long stroke before suddenly sinking the edge of his teeth into the flesh at the side of her throat.

"Oh…" Hermione rasped.

Wasting no time, Severus moved lower and kissed the base of her neck while he brought a hand up to cup one her breast. Severus molded the warm mound rhythmically and watched as her eyes began to flutter.

"I wonder what other pleasures you would allow me to give you while you sleep," he mused firmly rubbing circles over her taut nipple with his calloused thumb. She arched against his hand blinking slowly with her mind still trying to clear as her body burned.

"How long will it take that Know It All mind to start functioning once more with me doing this to you Hermione," he said to her as her lowered his mouth to her other breast. He flicked his tongue against the pink nipple and forced a cry out of her.

"Sev-Severus…" she moaned watching through half closed eyes as he licked her breast like a cat lapping up cream. She felt so warm and her body was humming with arousal as he touched her with his mouth, his lank hair grazing her skin teasingly and making her tremble as she threaded her hands through the it.

He kissed the sides of both breasts and closed his eyes as he felt her hands touch him.

"I've finally managed to awaken you," he said lifting his head to look down at her with his hair framing his face. He shifted his knee higher and pressed it into her femininity to find it hot and wet.

He smirked at her smugly. "In more ways than one."

"Yes," she gasped tossing her head back as he ground his knee against her. She looked into his eyes and could barely breathe from the expression inside them.

She lifted her hand and caressed his cheek forcing him to close his eyes and kiss her wrist. She pulled her face down to hers seeking more touch from him and hungrily opened her mouth as his crashed down upon hers. She was lost in the sensation of their tongues twining and stroking while he stimulated her clitoris against his knee until she thought she would go mad.

She held him tight and rolled on top of him while they continued to kiss ravenously. She could feel his erection against her belly and rubbed against it.

"Dear gods…you minx," Severus groaned breaking away from her mouth to attack her neck.

"Severus….oh Merlin I want you," she panted.

"Then let me help slake your desire," he said roughly as he lifted her hips higher. She realized what he was getting at and let him slide her down achingly slow onto his erection. Her eyes fluttered as she felt him fill her and heard his strangled moan of pleasure as he became immersed within her body. At this angle she was lying against his chest with her knees bent beside his hips.

Experimentally she dipped her hips and cried out feeling her clitoris being stimulated.

"Oh, oh that was good," Hermione exclaimed lifting herself and laying her hands against the mattress beside Severus for leverage.

"Ten points to Gryffindor," Severus hissed enjoying the view of her breasts above his head.

"Only ten?" Hermione panted lifting herself to sit up so she could move her hips better. She rose and sank down on Severus slowly at first as she became used to it, soon becoming caught up in the feel of his erection rubbing against her clitoris. Soon she was rising and falling at a frenzied pace. Severus' hands were gripped tightly on her waist and his head was thrown back against the pillow as he moaned huskily.

"One hundred points to Gryffindor," he ground out incoherently as her heat took him in and stroked him until he could barely remember his name if not for her calling it.

"Oh Severus I'm….I'm so close. So close," she cried.

He sat up growling and thrusted into her hard as she lifted her hips jerkily. He suckled her neck leaving marks along it as she clutched his back and felt her pleasure build up until it was unbearable and she came with his name on her mouth.

"Severuuuuus!" she yelled taking him in again and again burying her head against his shoulder.

He felt her trigger his release as his hips jerked off their own violation as he roared and let go with her tight heat embracing him until he emptied everything he had into her and fell onto the pillow with her clinging on top of him.

"I always thought so in school," she mumbled on his skin.

"Thought what?" Severus inquired as he recovered from his orgasm.

"That you're a brilliant teacher. Not just in Potions," Hermione said causing him to chuckle.


The year carried on until the day of graduation fell and everyone gathered in the Great Hall for the traditional feast. Gryffindor ended up winning the House Cup by ten points and afterwards Hermione was congratulated by Headmaster Dumbledore for completing her first year at Hogwarts occupational training which meant she would be able to teach herself when a position opened up.

She still felt elated after the feast had ended and she was walking by the lake outside. She had always liked the idea of teaching because she loved learning and would wanted to help others learn.

"I still can't believe I can teach at last," Hermione said as she walked next to Severus along the shore. "Or that you actually let Gryffindor take the House Cup."

"What would you have proposed I tell Albus?" Severus asked her testily. "That I awarded points in a moment of passion with a woman so they didn't even count?"

"Maybe it's making up for all the times you rightfully should have awarded my house points," Hermione replied cheekily.

She gasped as he lifted her into his arms and stepped towards the lake.

"Severus you wouldn't!" she yelled clinging to him for dear life.

"Oh but I would," he said as his eyes flashed.

"Please don't," she implored him looking into his obsidian gaze with her own brown eyes.

"Very well," he said smirking at the panic he'd put in her voice when she thought he was really going to dunk her.

"Greasy bastard," she muttered as he set her down.

"And you are insufferable know it all," Severus replied seriously.

"What a pair," she said looping her arm through his as she stood watching the lake glow with the light of the crescent moon. "You are snarky, irritable, and a git sometimes."

"But," she cut in before he could retort. "You made this one of the best years of my life."

"As you did for me," he said gazing out at the lake. "But tell me, would you wish to spend all your years with me like this or would you tire of being the lover of the Great Bat of the Dungeons Hermione?"

She looked up at him solemnly, her eyes tender.

"I would never tire of you. I am so in love with you Severus. Every snarky, brilliant part of you," she told him rising onto her toes to give him a kiss that would show him she meant it.

"Hermione," he whispered cupping her face in his hands and gazing at her intently.

"Then say yes and spend the rest of your life at my side," he told her silkily reaching to clasp her hands. "As my wife."

"You want me to marry you?" she said in disbelief.

"That was the idea yes," he said as his heart beat painfully with every moment she didn't answer.

"I will if you answer one question," she said as tears fell down her face.

He nodded.

"Are you sure you want to live the rest of your days with a little know it all?" she said smiling up at him.

"Of course you dear girl," he said sweeping her into his arms with relief.

"Then yes," Hermione cried happily as she kissed his face wildly and he held her tightly to him.

She shrieked when he lifted her into his arms again.

"Severus if you drop me in…" she threatened.

"I just finished proposing. I'm attempting to be romantic by carrying you back into the castle where will resume our lessons."

"Another one?" Hermione said eagerly as she kissed his neck.

"Yes Miss Granger. What with you being such a know it all I assumed you would wish to learn everything I could teach you and I will continue our tutoring for your sake if I must," he replied sternly.

"I won't disappoint you Severus. I do so enjoy your instruction she giggled nipping his ear lobe.

And thought they did not make it back into the castle, they persevered with the lesson inside the Astronomy Tower where the couple spent the night learning new pleasure s of their bodies as the tutelage continued.


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