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"Ooooohhh!" I moaned. The instructors walked away, the class following, to the next ancient wild life exhibit. Why did they have to take the whole class to the museum? It had to be the most insanely stupefying place on the face of the earth. Honestly, couldn't those meatheads in charge have taken us to someplace fun. Like Virtual Land or someplace like that.

"Couldn't they have taken us to someplace better than this garbage receptacle," complained Colin. I nodded in agreement with my best friend. Over my shoulder, I saw that Colin's hair was all disheveled, his eyes were all glassy, and if I didn't know better, he looked like he was almost doing a better job than I was at dragging my feet.

"What did you say!" squealed a high pitched voice from behind Colin. I looked over my shoulder in time to see Colin flying toward me. I jumped to the side just as Colin landed. I stood on his tip toes for a few seconds before I rolled onto the flats of my feet, carefully controlling the muscles in my legs so that I wouldn't lose my balance.

"What did you do that for?" shouted Colin as he scrambled to stand back up. A storm of messy brown hair and a pair of glasses grabbed Colin's corny old tie-dyed t-shirt and pulled him in close so that their noses were scant centimeters apart. Colin swallowed loudly enough for me to hear several feet away.

"These artifacts are the only things we have left from an era of our history that was nearly wiped out by the Third War of Ages, a war that lasted nearly a millennia. They are certainly not garbage or worthless junk or anything of that nature. Do you hear me Colin Aurent?" Colin reached up and wiped the spit off of his face with his left hand. At the same time, with his right hand, he gently unhooked the fist from his precious t-shirt and backed away.

"Yes Marty, I understand. But did you have to pull on my shirt so hard?" Colin looked down at his shirt and straightened out the wrinkles as tenderly as he could. Marty crossed her arms, blew out a quick burst of air, and stalked after the rest of the class standing in front of the next exhibit.

"You realized that we won't be able to get her to speak to you for the next thirty minutes or so, right?"

Colin finished smoothing out that ridiculous shirt and looked at me. "Alex, I realized that when I called this stuff garbage. Now she won't ask me to share my lunch. It's all up to you buddy!" Colin gave me the stupidest grin and a double thumbs up. I sighed and shook my head. Colin was the craftiest of our little group, that was for sure.

"Boys!" We both looked in the direction of the arched entrance to the gallery we were in and saw our instructor standing there. "Come along, or would you rather skip lunch." Sprinting, I managed to get through the door before Colin did and fell into step with the rest of the group heading down the brightly lit hallways.

As soon as Colin caught up few seconds later, I hit him lightly on the shoulder and said, "Hah, beat ya!"

Colin hit me back and said, "Well at least I don't got to share my lunch. Hah!"

I hit Colin back and said, "Well at least I didn't get beat up by a girl. Hah!"

Colin hit me in the arm again and said, "Well… well… you still gots to share your lunch. Hah!"

I hit Colin once more and said, "Doesn't mean you didn't get beat by a girl. Hah!" I hit Colin for the last time and said, "I win, two hits for the same thing." Colin tried to hit me again, but I dodged it, grabbed his arm, twisted around to his other side and hit his other arm two times.

"Hey, no fair," he complained, "you know I can't do all those fancy moves." Colin started to pout and drag his feet again.

I slapped him rather hard on the back, just like Dad does to me every time I made that face. He stumbled forward a bit then he turned and scowled at me. I just grinned and said, "Cheer up. At least you don't have to share your lunch." His face lightened a bit, but he still had that sour look, so I jabbed a finger into his side and watched the expected comical scene unfold.

"Ahh!" he screamed out loud as he leaped nearly three feet into the air. The entire class stopped and looked back at us two. I grinned and Colin scowled at me again and rubbed his side.

The instructor pointed at us and the entire class stared accusingly. "If you two don't behave, you will be separated."

"Yes Professor Clarisse." Colin and I intoned at the same time. She swiftly turned around and continued to lead the class toward the cafeteria down the hall.

"Old deadbeat doesn't know how much of a stiff she is." Colin said under his breath and, coincidentally, out of the side of this mouth that faced me. I knew this was his way of trying to make me laugh, consequently getting me into more trouble. "I bet if we wrapped her in toilet paper, she'd look like those mummies back there. Heck, it'd be a family reunion." I couldn't help myself and I let a low chuckle out. The instructor turned her head toward me just enough so that I could see her gaze of steel. My laughter was hard to hold back so I covered my mouth. "You know," Colin continued, smiling contentedly, "If this is where they're gonna hire instructors from, no wonder she's always shrieking when we do anything exciting or alive."

I suppressed my urge to burst into a barking fit of laughter and instead smiled, though it probably looked more like it felt, a twisted wrenching of my trembling lips. I held it in until we were allowed to separate for lunch inside of the cafeteria.

By the time I had found my seat, the immediate urge had left and I was left in peace to eat my food. That is until Colin found me and sat down. He pulled out a PBJ sandwich and ate normally, for Colin that is. He literally seemed to breathe the food down his throat. It seriously appeared to get sucked into his mouth, leaving no trace of peanut butter or jelly on or around his mouth. That is how effective his mouth is at eating.

I once held a banana in front of his face. He sucked that thing down faster than it came loose from the sickly purple peel. I could almost feel my hand being drawn in, so I dropped the peel and it flew into his mouth. He ate that too. Then he turned green. I'll never forget what happened next. Instead of throwing up that rotten peel, he burped so loudly I swear a window shattered. After that he was fine.

I ate my own roast beef sandwich as fast as I could, hoping that I would be able to eat it all before I was asked to share. I finished the sandwich, drank all my juice, downed an apple, and ate my muffin.

I wiped my mouth on the back of my sleeve and yelled, "Done!"

"Took you long enough." Colin was lazily picking his teeth and then cleaning his nails.

"Well I'm sorry that I'm not a human vacuum cleaner. It's just not in my DNA."

Colin shrugged. Then he yawned and said, "Sucks to be you then."

"Yeah, whatever you stuffed vacuum bag." I stood up and stretched. "Hey, where's Marty?"

Colin stood up and looked around the cafeteria with me. We couldn't find her anywhere. We did see a tall, trench coat wearing man leave, but I only noticed that cause he kinda looked like a gangster, like in all those old movies you see on the black and white channels. I stared at the trench coat. It seemed strange for some reason.

"Do you think she might still be back with the garbage," he asked. I snorted and looked down the hallway. Colin turned back to his food, picked up his milk carton, sucked it dry, and threw it back onto the table while wiping his mouth with the back of his sleeve.

"Probably," I snorted again. If it isn't old stuff, its history books. Marty really is the typical book worm, nerdy girl. But she could be cool sometimes, such as when she plays VG's with us, that's cool. And she beats me often enough to make herself look good without making me look the total newbie, which is nice of her, but still... She must be able to decipher the codes of the game at a moments notice or something, cause she knows how to do almost everything in any game. It's insane, but awesome to watch.

As soon as I got up to throw out my trash, the instructor shouted over the lunch room, "You have five minutes left to eat before we head out to the bus and head home, is that clear?"

A chorus of "Yes Professor Clarisse," all followed at the same time. Teachers are scary sometimes. Especially ours, she has to be some kind of demon in human form. I sit in class everyday and wonder when her head will start to spin and fire will shoot out of her mouth.

"Do you think we should go get Marty, you know how she can get." I nod toward Colin and start making my way toward the exit. It isn't easy navigating a sea of people, they all suddenly started to file in and now the cafeteria was packed. When Colin and I finally made it to the exit, we found the rest of the class, leaving.

"Wait, Professor Clarisse!" I shouted as I scrambled to catch up. She turned to Colin and me and waited for an answer. Her eye brow… it was ticking in the most disturbing manner. I think I was staring at it for a full minute before I was being pulled away by Colin in the direction of the exhibits. "Hey, I was mesmerized by the brow, what did you say?"

"Heh, I said that we forgot something in the exhibit area and that it won't take long. You really gotta learn not to look at her face. It turns all who look upon it to mumbling, drooling zombies. She uses those zombies to lick toilets clean, you know." I laughed as we ran into the exhibit we were in last. That was going to be the last time I saw that teacher, though, I didn't realize that until we skidded to a halt inside the exhibit hall.

"Wha… wha… wha…" I couldn't help stammering. I mean, there in front of us was a living, breathing monster. It had horns, at least they looked like horns, but they could have been part of the wild hair covering his entire head and back. His eyes glowed bright yellow, his foul breath smelled of sulfur and throw-up, and he was so tall that he dwarfed the seven foot tall statue of some guy wielding two swords.

After I got over the initial shock, I noticed that Marty was in the beast's clawed hand. She had blood dripping down from above her left eye and her glasses were missing. I looked to my left and saw Colin shaking so fiercely that he could barely stand. Strangely enough, I wasn't shaking at all.

"No… not again…" I heard Colin whisper. Huh? Again? What's he mean? I looked back at the demon, who had just noticed us. As his big paw was about to descend and grab a hold of us, I shoved Colin away from me and jumped the other way, barely escaping the nab.

"Colin," I shouted, "You ok?" I ran for cover as the beast again tried to grab me. Colin managed to get behind that statue of the swordsman.

"Yeah," came the shaky reply.

"That thing has Marty," I shouted as I jumped forward and rolled between the monsters legs, "We have to save her." The beast gave a loud roar of frustration. I had to stop moving and cover my ears. I couldn't hear very well after that, but it sounded like there were screams echoing from other parts of the building.

"Damn you, you over grown flee bag, give Marty back." The beast turned and tried to swipe up Colin, but he leaped behind the statue again. I stood up on shaky legs, that roar really threw me off. Since the demon was busy trying to find Colin, I took the chance to look around for anything that might help. Not a thing, nothing. Just junk.

"There isn't anything in here that can help, it's all junk." Suddenly three security guards appeared in the doorway. One screamed like a little girl, one passed out, and the other abandoned his fellow officers and high-tailed it. "This can't be happening," I moaned loudly.

The beast roared again and put his fist through the statue's head, causing the head to explode into a cloud of dust. The legs of the statue cracked and then with a loud snapping sound, it the body fell backwards.

"Colin!" There was not movement, or any response. "Colin! Answer me, Colin!" Unfortunately my shouting reminded the beast that I was still there and so he turned back to face me.

Now I was shaking. But not in fear, still I found that strange. No I was shaking… in anger? This feeling was stronger than normal anger… it was overwhelming.

I looked around again and saw a really old and rusted piece of metal hanging on the wall. It actually wasn't hanging on the wall anymore, because the monster had knocked it down.

I picked up the piece of metal and charged at the demonic being, rusty relic held high, screaming my rage out, and feeling tears slide down my face.

Everything seemed to slow down at that moment. It was strange, but I didn't notice the rusty piece of metal in my hand start to glow white.

All I could think about was the thing that had killed my best friend. The thing was holding my other best friend, probably dying right now. I couldn't care less about what happened to me at that moment.

So I didn't notice the rusty relic transform into a brightly shining, glowing purple sword. I didn't notice Colin getting up from the rubble and running toward the monster with one of the stone swords from the statue. I didn't notice Marty wake up and kick the thing in the face.

The only thing I noticed was the explosion of light and fire filling the room as I sliced the monster in half, forehead to groin. That was the only and last thing I noticed before I blacked out.

Waking up for me usually takes the form of a shot gun. I'm up and going almost immediately. Not this time. The first thing I noticed was how the grass under me was cool, long, lush, comforting, all those things you look for in a nice mattress. The next thing I noticed was how I couldn't move. That scared me a little. I tried and I tried, but nothing would move. I couldn't even open my eyes to see and where ever I was, complete silence filled the air. Panic was setting in. Normally, I'm not one to panic, but normally, I can move when I want to.

The logic centers in my mind decided to take that time to realize that grass doesn't grow inside buildings and what lying on grass had to mean. That really scared me. I tried moving again and miracle of miracles, I felt my right foot wiggle back and forth. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. For the next few minutes I worked on moving my entire body until I could sit up and look around. It wasn't what I expected.

I was in a room. I could tell it wasn't outside, as I first thought. Who in their right mind would plant grass inside a building? Somehow the ceiling was lit up, as if simulating a real sky. The room was made to simulate a rolling hillside in the country, before it was destroyed in the wars, I assumed. No doubt this was part of some exhibit.

I looked around and there on the grass next to me was a long sword. It was sheathed in a large leather wrap. I reached out and grabbed the hilt, felt a shot of adrenalin shoot through me, and pulled the long blade free. I marveled at the smooth surface and they way it seemed to almost glow with many swirling shades of a purple color. I never held a real sword before. This is so cool. Putting the sword back in the wrap, I stood up and re-did my belt so that the leather wrap with the sword inside was hanging on my left hip.

"Now to find out where in the museum I am and what happened to Colin and Marty." I always talk to myself… there's nothing wrong with that. I walked to the wall and ran my hand along the smooth surface. Whoever did the painting was a master at his craft. The detail was perfect. Even though I was practically touching my eyeballs to the wall, the picture was still sharp. I looked down the wall to my right and saw a door handle. How convenient.

I opened the door and walked out, expecting to find myself in the hallway. Instead I opened my eyes to find myself standing in the field that was painted onto the wall in the room behind me. My confidence vanished. I turned around and found the room vanished. I spin around and see grass, trees, and more grass everywhere I look. This is definitely not the museum. Where the heck am I?

In the distance, I could make out a covered wagon traveling along a dirt road in the middle of a wide open green field. I was about to head toward that road when I heard a low rumbling behind me. My body immediately stiffened. Slowly turning, I came face to face with the most disturbing sight yet, a five foot tall grasshopper and a lady bug that was bigger than my head.

If there is one thing that I can't stand, it has to be bugs, any bugs, even if their harmless ants, I have to destroy them as best as I can. Now I come face to face with these monstrously huge insects. Now… how do I squish a bug that's bigger than I am?

I didn't get much time to think because the two creatures screamed in their primal rage and charged. Seeing as I don't have any way of squashing said bugs, I turned and ran for the cliffs that were in the distance.

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