Drabble #49: Tears

Summary: Don't cry, I can't stand to see you cry.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot. Characters and places belong to SquareEnix

Cloud settled himself into the hard seat of the Gondola car, watching Aeris sit opposite him before he lowered his eyes, hiding his light blush. He had surprised himself by his actions that night. He had taken her hand, in front of a hundred people who were watching in the audiance, and kissed it. Alright, it hadn't been the most...daring of actions but for Cloud, it felt as if he was suffering from a mini heart attack in that second.

Aeris sighed and let her delicate fingers lightly grasp the window ledge, her expression filled with awe as the fireworks exploded in flowers of colour. Cloud watched as the light bathed her soft skin, making her even more beautiful in his opinion.

Feeling his gaze, she glanced at him and gave a small smile. "It's beautiful isn't it?" she said, peering back outside. Cloud looked and nodded, scared his voice would fail him if he attempted to talk. She sighed again, more deeply this time and moved her hands to rest in her lap as she gazed down at them. Cloud watched her closely.

"You know," she whispered, meeting his eyes. "At first it bothered me, how alike you too were." Cloud frowned slightly as she fell silent for a few seconds, looking down again. "But things are different," she continued suddenly, turning to stare out of the window. "You're different." The blonde was more confused than ever but did nothing to interupt as her eyes fell on him once more.

"Cloud, I'm searching for you. I want to meet you."

"But I'm right here," he answered in puzzlement, not understanding what she wanted to say. She slowly shook her head and closed her eyes.

"I want to meet you." Aeris repeated softly. Cloud rubbed his temple slowly. He was too tired to deal with philosophy and the meaning behind the flower girl's words. He sensed that the ride was nearing its end and turned to tell Aeris to get ready. However, he was shocked to find small tears rolling down her cheeks. Cloud sat for a moment, unsure of what to do before he hesitantly moved to sit down next to her, awkwardly placing his arm around her shoulders.

"Aeris? What's wrong?" he asked gently, finding himself rubbing soothing circles on her back. She sobbed some more and shook her head.

"Nothing, I was just thinking about things too much," she replied, forcing on a smile. Cloud gently raised his hand, brushing away her tears with his thumb, never breaking eye contact.

"Please don't cry. I can't stand to see you cry," he whispered. She gazed into his eyes for a moment, a light blush staining her cheeks. Cloud stared at her, drinking in her beauty before he slowly leaned forward, gently brushing his lips against hers.

The contact only lasted a second but it caused Aeris' tears to stop flowing. She gave a genuine smile of thanks that had Cloud's heart skipping a beat as he relaxed next to her, letting her head lie on his shoulder.

"I promise I won't cry again Cloud," she whispered softly, causing him to smile to himself.