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Silent Eyes
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

The Uchiha boy had silent eyes. That, Neji supposed, was at least part of the reason he didn't trust him.

The eyes were supposed to reveal much to you about a person's behavior, their character, even their innermost secrets. But the Uchiha's didn't; they were black as a moonless night, and he could discern about as much from them as he could have from the starless heavens.

Neji thought that the Uchiha boy had not unpleasent eyes, yet they chilled him slightly whenever he looked into them. Black as a sinner's soul, red as the blood that he desired to see. Eyes should not change so dramatically as his did. People did not change so much as that; they could not change, everything was deccided even before you were born.

Neji did not even want to think on what fate must have planned for the Uchiha boy; lust for power, lust for death and lust for blood seemed to be the only things that mattered to him, gnawing away at his soul like maggots on a corpse. At least that was all that Neji could see; the Uchiha's eyes were too dark and secretive, they refused to reveal any more.

The Uchiha boy had silent eyes. Neji didn't like that; he couldn't accept it. The Uchia… Sasuke… he was too much like Neji himself: after all, only someone who had lost everything could have eyes as cold and silent as the dead.