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The World is Blind
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Even he, one blessed with the sight of a Hyuuga, would never have been able to tell what would happen. Even the Hyuuga have their blindspots, and even the Sharingan has its weakness. Nothing and no one is perfect after all.

If everyone and everything were perfect then fate wouldn't exist. Fate, destiny and all negative emotions would never have come in to being. If there were no negativety then there would be no need for ninjas; what were they but tools of war after all?

If there were no pain, no destiny, no fate, then there would be no need for revenge. If there were no revenge, then there would be no bloodshed, no death, but all these things had been preordiained. It was the way fate had planned it.

Revenge may not be sweet, but it is necessary. Death must come to those that deserve such a fate. Neji had to kill those who had decided themselves to be above him, those that had robbed him of any chances he may have had, much as people like Sasuke were forced to kill those closest to them in order to be able to live at all.

That was why they joined him; their lust for power, their lust for revengeā€¦ it overtook them in the end. They let their desires eat them alive and succumbed to the will of evil, if indeed such a thing truly existed.

They took an eye for an eye, now the whole world is bind.