Chapter 1. Enjoy.


"Bones." Booth called quietly as he shook her shoulder.

"Five more minutes." Tempe mumbles into his chest. They were lying horizontally across the couch. Her body lying on top of his.

Booth smiled as he placed a kiss to her hair. "We have to get to work soon."

She opened her eyes to find herself nose to nose with her boyfriend. "We do?"

He chuckled lightly at her childlike whine. "Yes we do. Maybe Cullen will actually give us a case that involves working together."

Temperance sat up on the couch and took in the state of their living room. Boxes were everywhere and packing materials lay on various surfaces. "I still can't believe he made you go through training again."

"It was punishment, Bones." Booth said with a sigh as he sat up as well, stretching the ache in his muscles. "He has to make me jump through as many hoops as possible before he'll let me get back to my real work."

"I could threaten him again." She asked with a smile.

Booth smiled. "Or you could… jump in the shower with me instead." He covered.

"I suppose that's a plausible solution." Tempe agreed as she let him pull her off the sofa.


Booth had dropped her off at the Jeffersonian two hours ago. He had mentioned forcing Cullen to give them a case before sharing a lengthy kiss with the doctor and sending her to her job.

Now, Temperance sat at her desk filling out the mass amounts of paperwork that were left from her time away. They had been back for over two months and still the stack of papers was at a considerable height.

"Hey sweetie." Angela said cheerfully as she entered her best friends office. "How are you doing today?"

"Hey Ange." Tempe replied, happy to remove her attention from the papers on her desk. "I'm just tired plus my neck is a little stiff."

"Rough night?" Remarked Angela suggestively with a raised eyebrow.

"We didn't even make it to our bed." Temperance said not exactly realizing what she was insinuating.

"Well that's a little kinky." Winked Angela, finally allowing her meaning to sink into her friend's genius mind.

Tempe laughed lightly. "We spent all night unpacking, Angela."

"Mmhmm." Angela nodded.

Temperance sighed with a smile. "We didn't get kinky until this morning."

"That's my girl." Laughed Angela. "You make me very proud."

"Yeah she makes me proud too." A voice came from the door.

The two women smiled. "We were talking sex, sweetie." Angela clarified as she watched the FBI agent enter the room and place a chaste kiss on his girlfriend's lips.

"What makes you think I wasn't?" Booth said with a patented charm smile.

"Ooh and it gets better." The artist commented, folding her arms and leaning back into her chair.

"Can we not talk about our sex life, please?" Brennan complained looking between her friend and partner. "Did we get anything from Cullen?"

"I did." He said with a sigh. "You get the case by default seeing as how Cam took the morning off for a conference."

"Why was it meant for Cam?" Temperance asked as she stood to get her coat.

"Flesh with bones." Booth relayed the information in the file. "I need you to tell me the cause of death and age, we already know it's a woman. Then you can help me get the body back here for Cam to look at later."

"I love it when I'm my boyfriend's second choice." Tempe smiled to Angela as she put her coat on over her shoulders.

"Bones, you know that you're always my first choice." Booth said as he placed a kiss on her cheek and led her out of the office with his hand around her waist.


I hope you all liked the first chapter. Sorry it's short. I wanted to prolong the beginning because the big plot catcher is going to come up quickly. Let me know what you think.