Title: Blame

Characters: Sokka x Zuko, Aang

Word Count: 540

Rating: G

Summary: Sokka develops feelings for the Fire Nation Prince but doesn't want to admit it. AU-ish as Zuko is traveling with Aang and company.


It was all Aang's fault. If the Avatar had just stayed in his iceburg Sokka wouldn've been bale to remain in his village, happily hating all things Fire Nation for the rest of his life. Instead he was halfway across the world, sharing his bed roll with the exiled prince of the Fire Nation, whom he had to confess maybe had feelings for other than anger and hate.

Since the fallen prince began traveling with them it got harder and harder to actually dislike him. Sokka didn't notice the change though until he caught himself sympathizing with Zuko for both having little sisters that insisted they were smarter and stronger than their older brothers. He quickly tried to rectify himself by playing pranks on Zuko, who retaliated with tripping up Sokka whenever he could, it finally got so out of hand they began accidentally effecting Aang and Katara as well. The young Avatar decided both teens needed an attitude adjustment about each other and sentenced them to spending all their time, day and night, together, unless there was an issue of life or death.

It had been rather strange and scary to see Aang so angry and serious so the teens agreed to go with the punishment. And that was how Sokka and Zuko ended up sharing a bed roll, which Sokka found to be not all that bad since the other boy worked well as a heater in the cold nights. That fact lead to some embarrassment as in his sleep he would snuggle against the older teen, which lead to taunts and giggling from Aang and Katara. It also had the side effect of Zuko refusing to speak to him for the most part and being oddly jumpy whenever they touched, but Sokka didn't see that much of a problem.

Eventually Aang decided that it was ok for them to be separated, which garnered looks of relief from both teens and a cheer from Sokka. The Water Tribe youth immediately tried to keep as much distance between himself and the Fire Nation prince, but it didn't take long for him to realize he had actually managed to grow attached to the other boy.

He spent days taking quick glances of Zuko, when he thought no one else was looking. The few times his eyes unexpectedly met the prince's his heart took a leap and both quickly looked the other way. Finally one night, as Sokka tossed and turned in a bed roll that felt too big, Zuko came over to him and said, not daring to meet his wide eyes, "Look, if you're that cold, we can go back to sharing a bed roll again. Since you're making way too much noise for me to sleep shivering like that."

Glad that the night hid any trace of the blush on his face, Sokka just shyly nods and moves over to let Zuko in. A small voice in his head tells him that no proud Water Tribe warrior would ever willingly share his bed with anyone from the Fire Nation, but the feelings of comfort from the body next to his over rides the thought. Besides if this was his fall from grace, it was really all Aang's fault.