Thanks for all the reviews, told you I wouldn't make you wait too long. So here we go Greg's favourite disney movie and the final chapter of this fic!


Greg continued running down the corridors at record speed. Once he thought he was safe, he attempted a look back, just to confirm he wasn't being followed by a stamped of pissed off CSIs and lab rats.

Still looking behind him, Greg ran directly into Nick, who remained standing tall, arms crossed tightly over his body, glaring at Greg for the second time that night.

Greg had really thought he was safe?

"Oh shit!" Greg whispered.

"Yeah! You could say that. So, come on, there's no-one about, it's only you and me so tell me."

Greg thought about it.

"No Nick. I can't its embarrassing."

"Come on Greggo!" Nick pleaded, "I told you mine and that I thought a dog and a raccoon were gay – that's kinda weird, not to mention embarrassing. So come on tell me!"

"Ok fine but you can't tell anyone else."

"Alright man. Tell me."

"The Little Mermaid"

Nick nodded, secretly biting his tongue trying so hard not to double over in laughter. Perplexity took over Nick's face however as he asked, "Why?"

"Cause I…well I kinda thought Ariel was cute and she was semi-naked and that was kinda hot and I use to get carried away sometimes and…you know."

Nick shook his head, completely not understanding what Greg was trying to say.

Greg sighed, lowered his head a little, "I use to get carried away and masturbate during it."

"Because of a fish?"

"Not a fish! A mermaid"


"It was the hair and the body and that little bikini top – it worked for me when I was younger." Greg continued trying his best to defend himself.

"You don't still get off to the movie, do you?"

"NO!" Greg shouted, now looking directly into Nick's eyes.

"Greg Sanders are you blushing?" Nick snickered. This was by far better than anything he could have guessed.

"I gotta go." Greg said quickly, before taking off down the corridor again.

Nick waited until the young lab tech was completely out of site before bursting into laugher and hastily made his way back to the DNA lab, where he knew everyone else was still waiting getting more impatient by the minute.

As soon as he entered the lab, all eyes were on him. The anticipation running through everyone's body as the adrenaline started pumping.

"Well Nicky, did you find out?" Catherine cried in excitement.

Nick smiled, crossed his arms, gave a full blown grin and said in a smooth Texan voice, "Oh Yeah!"