The Cutest Naruto Fic Ever!!

Sasuke opens his eyes. '…Where am I?' He looks around. He is in a dark alley, and he guesses he's somewhere far from Konoha. Before he can investigate further, he hears Naruto's voice, behind him.

"Sasuke, you're awake, finally! Something happened to us!"

"…What?" He turns to see Naruto. What he sees is…a bright yellow cat.

"See?? Something's really wrong!"

"…You're Naruto??"

Naruto-kitty nods to a puddle of water on the ground. Sasuke looks into it, and then looks up at Naruto in horror. He's become a black cat.

"It musta been…a jutsu, or something!"

Sasuke is at a loss for words. He looks at Naruto, and at his own reflection, unable to believe what's happened. He didn't remember doing anything…out of the ordinary – actually, he didn't remember anything from the past few days.

They hear a soft thump, and turn. There is a pink cat with green eyes. "Sa…Sakura??" Sasuke stutters.

"Sasuke, Naruto…I know what happened."

"You mean you know why we're all…cats?" Naruto asks.

"Someone – I don't know who – turned all the ninja genin into cats."

"On purpose?"


"Um…that doesn't sound very…evil."

"And he's replaced us all with clones that are spying on the villages."

"Okay, that's kinda evil."

"…How far away is Konoha?" Sasuke asks her.

"Not far. We're on the outskirts of the village right now, actually."

"Then let's go." He says. All three of them run off, headed for the village.