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Chapter 10: His Izzy

Garrett didn't know what he was doing here. She'd made it perfectly clear she didn't want anything to do with anybody from the movie. She had returned the invitation to the premiere. Peter told him she hadn't even cashed in her last pay checks and had sent them back. So he really didn't know why he had come all the way here from California, to be turned away at the doorstep.

The address he had gotten from Peter led him to a nice gray house, with a big screened porch. Nestled about halfway up a mountain, it overlooked the valley. The drive snaked around the hill to stop on the house's side and was flanked by a three car garage. This place was really peaceful, hidden in the mountain's breast. There were trees everywhere and the only sound you could hear was the rustle of wind in the leaves.

As Garrett stopped the engine and got out of the car, he was met by a black and white border collie that barked a few times then proceeded to licking Garrett's hands clean. After patting the dog, he looked up and saw Izzy sitting on the porch, looking down the valley. He walked up to the porch, knowing by her expression that she was lost in her thoughts and most probably hadn't even noticed he was there.

When he was almost at the porch door, the house's door swung open and a man came out. It was Izzy's cousin who had visited her on the set, the one she had had the huge row with.

"Can I help you?" he asked, stopping before the screen door.

"Yeah. My name's Garrett Hedlund, I'm a friend of Izzy's"

"Izzy?" the young man asked and then comprehension dawned on his face. "Oh you mean Jessica." he gestured to Izzy, who was still not paying attention.

"Jessica?" Garrett was extremely confused. Why would her own cousin not call her by her name?

"I think you might want to have a seat if I'm to explain everything to you." the young man opened the screen door and Garrett entered the porch. "Jessica? I'm going inside for a while, ok?"

Izzy- or Jessica?- nodded absentmindedly, still staring into empty space. Garrett's confusion was at its peak but he still followed Izzy's cousin. Inside, there was a winding staircase going to the upper floor but the two men headed for the back of the house, toward a great room divided from the rest of the house by French doors and a step down.

The room was painted a soft shade of butter yellow and the floor was black and white ceramic tiles. There was a fireplace on the right wall and a piano on the left. Black leather wingback chairs and a cream sofa were set around the fireplace to optimize conversation. Other than behind the fireplace and the piano, the walls were all windows and light poured into the room.

"Please, have a seat. Would you like something to drink Mr. Hedlund?"

"No thanks. And please, call me Garrett." he answered politely. "And might I ask what your name is? I know I asked you when you came to the set to visit Izzy but I'm really bad at remembering names." the young man seemed to wince at the use of Izzy's name.

"I'm Aidan. Her brother."

Her brother?! But Trish said Izzy's brother died over a year ago!

The confusion must have shown on his face because Aidan sat down across from Garrett with a sigh.

"Look, I don't know what Jessica might or might not have told you back in Texas. I only have an inkling of it based on what her therapist told me of their sessions. My sister Jessica suffers from a delusional disorder, persecutory type."

"I- I don't understand."

"She believes someone- in this case Izzy, her alter-ego- is being or has been mistreated or hurt. From what her therapist told me, Jessica maintains Izzy's been abused by her brother who died somewhat recently. Also, she maintains our mother is dying or dead- I can never manage to keep track- of colon cancer."

"Izzy, I mean Jessica told us her mother had cancer and that her brother was dead but… She doesn't look crazy or anything." Garrett was baffled.

Aidan nodded, "I know. Usually people diagnosed with the disorder are so diagnosed because they show no other symptom of mental illness, like schizophrenia."

"So everything she told us about herself is a lie?" Garrett asked, shell-shocked.

"Technically yes. But to her, it's all real. As real as our conversation will be to you when you leave. She doesn't-"

Aidan was interrupted by a baby's cry and Garrett looked around the room confusedly; there wasn't any baby here.

"Excuse me." Aidan got up and grabbed a small walkie-talkie and disappeared up the stairs.

A baby monitor... So she did have a baby.

Aidan came back downstairs carrying a baby, a couple of months old Garrett guessed. Aidan sat back down across from him, bouncing the babbling baby gently.

"Is this Izzy's- I mean Jessica's baby?" he asked, leaning forward to get a better look at the infant.

"No." Aidan said rigidly. "My wife passed away giving birth to our son. This is Jacob." he introduced the baby.

"Oh, I'm sorry about your wife." Garrett mumbled. "So, do they know why Iz-Jessica suffers from this disorder?" he asked, changing the subject.

"It started after our mother was hit by a car and died. Something broke inside her. She became totally different and wanted to be called Izzy. We thought maybe she was suffering from a multiple personality disorder but was later diagnosed as delusional. The doctors don't know why she assumed another identity but think it's just another coping mechanism."

"And… I mean she was hired as a physical therapist for the movie and seemed to know what she was talking about. Is that all part of the delusion?"

"No, she really was a physical therapist before our mother passed away. She kept working for a while after our mother's death. I didn't know it then but she'd ask her patients to call her Izzy. When we found out, we had her committed. Then she was deemed fit to come home, as long as she was supervised 24/7. Most of her care givers would let her answer the phone when it rang; I'm guessing that's how she was able to intercept and accept the job offer for the movie. I woke up one morning and she was gone."

"So all the time she was with us, you didn't know where she was?"

"Not a clue. We hired private detectives and eventually they found her. That's when I came down to Odessa. Her therapist had advised me against bringing her back by force or trying to tell her her delusions weren't real. So I reasoned with her within her delusions and she accepted to come back home, on her own terms."

"And those terms were?"

"She'd stay until Peter Berg found a suitable replacement for her."

Garrett's head was swimming with everything Izzy- Jessica! why couldn't he get it through his thick skull!- everything Jessica had ever told him about her. Lies, all lies. The stories about how she had sprained her ankle at summer camp, her first kiss out on the rooftop of her house… everything. Finally, it was all too much and he got up with a heavy sigh.

"I think I should go. Thank you for explaining Iz- Jessica's disorder to me." he reached out his hand to Aidan. "And your son is really adorable." he added, looking at the baby who had fallen back asleep.

"Thanks. I'm glad you came here. Nice to see someone cared enough about Jessica to check up on her." Aidan shook Garrett's hand.

"Do you think… Is it possible to… May I talk to her?" he finally asked.

"I don't know… this isn't one of her good days…" Aidan started reluctantly. "You can try if you want to but ever since she came back, she's not very responsive."


Garrett walked out of the house and closed the door as baby Jacob started crying. Jessica's head snapped like a whip as she looked back at the house, clearly panicked.

"What's wrong with Jacob? What's wrong with my baby? Why is he crying?" she asked frantically, walking to Garrett and shaking him for answers.

"Nothing, Jacob's fine." he said weakly. Seeing her like this was really hard.

"You wouldn't lie to me, right Garrett?" she asked skeptically, studying his face.

"No, I wouldn't lie to you… Izzy?" he said unsurely.

"I told you Garrett, it's ok now for you to call me Izzy." she reassured him giving him a heart-warming smile.

Gently, Garrett guided her back to her chair and sat in the one next to her. She reached out for his hand with her left one and her right went up to cup his cheek gently.

"I'm glad you came to see me. I missed you." she smiled again.

"I missed you too." his throat seemed to constrict and he had difficulty breathing. He blinked back tears. "How are you Izzy?" he asked softly.

She shrugged. "I'm still sore from the c-section. It's really hard giving birth, you know." she smiled sweetly. "But it's all worth it when I see Jacob. Isn't he perfect?" she beamed at Garrett.

He hesitated slightly before answering then remembered Aidan saying the therapists thought it best not to contradict her in her delusions.

"He's superb."

"Aidan doesn't let me hold him often though." she said gloomily. "I'm sorry I left without explaining things myself. I just couldn't." her voice quivered. "I didn't want to leave, but I had too. I was pregnant, you know?"

"I know, I understand."

This was probably the hardest thing Garrett had ever had to do in his entire life. Jessica only seemed to be an empty shell of the Izzy he knew. She wasn't as vibrant and full of life as Izzy had been. Garrett missed hearing the way she used to laugh, or even the way she used to scold him for not using his crutches.

He looked down at their hands. How he had wished back then for her to tangle her fingers with his own like she was doing now. But she had denied him, just like she had denied Lucas the affection he craved too. She saw him staring at their hands and gave him a squeeze.

"I couldn't show you how I felt back in Odessa. It wouldn't have been fair." she stated as though she had read his mind. "But after that first night on the roof… You had a special place in my heart Garrett. You put up this tough façade in front of everyone but with me, you seemed much more fragile." she caressed his cheek again.

He grabbed her hand and kissed the tips of her fingers. Try as he might, tears still escaped his closed eyes. He opened them to look at his Izzy for what he knew deep down inside was the last time.

"I have to go." he breathed out.

"You won't come back, will you?" she asked lucidly.

"I don't think that would be a great idea." he said, getting up and letting her hands go.

He let his tears flow as he walked away from the one person he had truly ever loved. His heart ached and he had a really hard time to breathe. His chest felt compressed as he sat down behind the wheel of his car and he wondered for a moment if it was safe to drive in his condition. But he turned on the engine and pulled out of the drive, glancing in his rear view mirror at his Izzy one last time.


Two years later, Garrett sat at some breakfast table in some hotel. His life had seemed to have gone from Technicolor to gray the day he had learned of Jessica's disorder. Now, every day was the same as the one before and every person he met was identical to the ones he already knew. Every once in a while he would pull out that picture Peter had taken at the Grand Canyon two years earlier and caress Izzy's face. To him, she was still Izzy. His Izzy. But the person whom he had met at that beautiful gray house on the screened porch wasn't. That was Jessica, the empty shell of Izzy.

"Hey Garrett, this came for you. It's from Lucas Black." his agent said as she walked in.

She handed him a big yellow envelope and sat at the table across from him. He opened it, curiosity getting the best of him. Lucas and he hadn't been in touch for a while and this letter was intriguing.

A folded newspaper clipping slipped out, followed by a folded piece of white paper. He opened the letter first.

Hey Garrett,

I'm filming in Canada right now and came across this article in the newspaper this morning and I'm sending you a photocopy. I was horrified as I read it and I want you to prepare yourself. This is going to hurt, but I thought you needed to know as much as I did. I know that in your own way, you loved Izzy too.

Take care of yourself,


Frantically, Garrett opened the paper in search of the highlighted article. Finally, he found it and his eyes flew across the headline in shocked horror.


(Associated Press)

Gatineau, PQ

Authorities were tight-lipped Wednesday morning after the discovery of the body of 23 year old Jessica-Isabelle Legault inside her private room at Pierre-Janet psychiatric center in Gatineau. The young woman had been committed since early 2005, suffering from delusional disorder. Her brother, with whom she had lived until then couldn't take adequate care of her anymore.

As the day and the investigation progressed, new information was learned that suggested the young woman hadn't been entirely as delusional as the staff thought. Indeed, it seemed Miss Legault had claimed for the past two years that she had given birth to a baby boy as a result of rape and last week, one of Pierre-Janet's staff made a discovery that gave weight to her claims.

After a violent incident involving another patient, Miss Legault was given a thorough physical examination which revealed a nasty scar on her lower belly. Transferred to the Centre de Santé et de Services Sociaux (CSSS), doctors later concluded it was a scar obtained as a result of a cesarean section.

Then Monday, two days after the discovery of the scar, police arrested Aidan Legault, Miss Legault's brother and charged him with rape and incest. The news seemed to have been too much for Miss Legault to handle and she apparently hung herself in her room at Pierre-Janet.

The fate of young Jacob Legault, now two, will be decided after DNA testing and Aidan Legault's trial. The trial is set to begin-

At that point Garrett stopped reading and let the paper slip to the floor. Tears stained his face as he thought of his last conversation with Jessica – or Izzy? The paper said her name was Jessica-Isabelle… – and how he had ignored her concerns for her son. How he had believed everything Aidan had told him. And he felt guilty for leaving her behind. She told him about having a c-section; he could easily have asked to see the scar. And then he would have known Aidan had been lying, and he could have gotten her out of there.

Three days later, Garrett's cell rang and he was truly surprised to hear Trish's voice on the other end.

"She told me." was the first thing she blurted out.


"Izzy. She told me she'd been raped by a guy called Aidan. But she made me promise not to tell." she was clearly crying. "And she told me her brother had molested her when she was younger."

"But she also told you he was dead and that her mother had cancer. Both of which weren't true."

After he had gone to Jessica's and had learned of her disorder, he had contacted Lucas and Trish to tell them the truth. He believed they had every right to know.

"But the rape, her brother… that was real! And after Peter told us why she was leaving… I didn't even try to go see her, see how her pregnancy was going. I was just too mad at her for leaving-

"I know I was too." he answered softly.

"And now she's gone. And her son's gonna be put in foster care and he's gonna have a miserable life!"

"You don't know that…" he tried to reassure her.

But deep down, he knew that was how things would most likely work out for young Jacob. And it killed him. After a few more minutes spent on the phone with Trish, they hung up and Garrett sat on his hotel bed silently, lost in thoughts.

That night, he cried himself to sleep. Cried for the loss of Izzy and the death of Jessica. Cried for what the future held in store for poor Jacob. Cried for the loss of the one person that he'd even been able to let help him- and God only knows how much he needed help. Cried for the loss of the future he had envisioned for himself and Izzy before he had learned about Jessica. But most of all, he cried and sobbed until his throat was raw for the love he had lost and would never find again.

Lost and broken

Hopeless and lonely

Smiling on the outside

But hurt' beneath my skin

My eyes are fadin'

My soul is bleedin'

I try to make it seem okay but my faith is wearing thin

So help me heal these wounds

They've been open for way too long

Help me fill this hole

Even though this is not your fault

That I'm open and I'm bleedin'

All over your brand new rug

And I need someone to help me sow them up

I only wanted a magazine

I only wanted a movie screen

I only wanted the life I'd read about and dreamed

And now my mind is an open book

And now my heart is an open wound

And now my life is an open soul for all to see

So help me heal these wounds

They've been open for way too long

Help me fill this hole

Even though this is not your fault

That I'm open and I'm bleeding

All over your brand new rug

And I need someone to help me…

So you come along I push you away

Then kick and scream for you to stay

Cause I need someone to help me

Oh I need someone to help me

To help me heal these wounds

They've been open for way too long

Help me fill this hole

Even though this is not your fault

That I'm open and I'm bleeding

All over your brand new rug

And I need someone to help me sow them-

I need someone to help me fill them-

I need someone to help me close them up

-The End.


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