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Author's Note: This story has been on my mind for a while. It takes place a couple of months when Baby Parker was born.

Far To Go

Miss Parker held the baby in her arms. The baby that she had helped deliver months ago. Her father never once that she knew visited Baby Parker and she was the only one in her family that has. Not even her brother had visited the tiny helpless baby. She had grown attached to the baby and she knew so had he. She put the baby back in the crib and turned to go to the tech room to see if there were any leads on wonder boy.

She walked into the room to find that Broots was at the computer already working and Sydney was already there too.

"Have you found anything?"

Broots jumped from his chair and turned to her, as did Sydney.

"Miss Parker, I think that you should sit down."

"What is it Sydney?"

"Broots found something in the mainframe that wasn't supposed to be found.

"Spit it out Broots."

"You should sit down in front of the computer and read." He got up and let Miss Parker take his seat.

She looked at them and then back to the computer. After she read it she was furious.

"I can't believe it. The baby that I helped deliver is mine and Jarod's and my father knew it."

She got up and walked to the door.

"Miss Parker, if you go to your father with this news don't you think that they would move him?"

She turned to stare at Sydney and walked to the chair and sat down. He was right. If she told her father that she knew that he would move her son. Her son, her baby boy.

"Are you going to tell Jarod about his son?"

"I don't know Sydney."

"I think that you should tell him because he needs to know that he has part of his family here. What we need to do is act the same way that we've always do and not let them know what we know."

"You're right about acting the same way we've always did. I'm still thinking about if I should tell Jarod about his son."