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Far To Go

They arrived home a day later and Broots had called his friend to tell them that he was going to pick up Debbie and Adam. Jarod looked around and saw a picture of Adam. When they were at the safe house Miss Parker had told him that they shared a son and his name was Adam.

Angelo had told him that Jarod was lost, but soon would find his way home. Angelo would be living with Sydney.

Adam opened the car door and ran up to the house just seconds after they had stopped in their driveway. Broots had explained who Jarod was, why he wasn't there before and what his job was at the Centre.

They both went into the house and saw that Jarod was looking at his son in wonder. She saw his bruised face and felt sorry for him. She had never met a genius before let alone a pretender.

"Jarod, this is my daughter Debbie. Debbie this is Jarod."

Jarod looked up from his son and walked towards the two. "Hello, Debbie."



Week's later Jarod's memories were coming back to him. He remembered at first that they had told him that Sydney, Miss Parker, Broots and his daughter had died, but after that they had began drugging him to make him do the Sims. Those drugs made him forget Miss Parker and the rest of them.

They still had far to go, but they were getting there.

The End