The Magic of Music

By: ibelieveintruelove

A/N: This is a songfic, featuring three songs that are all written/sung by Ginny (ok, no they're not REALLY written/sung by Ginny, but use your imagination people!). Each chapter title is the name of a song, and I recommend that you listen to the songs while you read; it definitely puts you in the right frame of mind. Enjoy and PLEASE REVIEW! ; )

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Chapter 1: All You Need Is Love

Ginny walked through the silent halls at Hogwarts, the only sound the soft padding of her slippers against the cold floor. Everyone else had been asleep for hours; and after the night they had had, who wouldn't be? An attack on Hogwarts by Death Eaters is something you don't just forget about; especially when your eldest brother almost didn't survive it.

That's where Ginny was headed now; to the hospital wing to see Bill. She needed something to do to occupy the rest of her sleepless night. As Ginny quietly tip toed around the corner and slowly turned the handle on the door to the Hospital wing, she heard a soft, muffled sound. It sounded like crying. As Ginny drew closer to Bill's bed, she made out a shape from the glow of one solitary candle. It was Phlegm-er- Fleur. Ginny quickly began to turn around and leave, but she slid on the floor and ended up flat on her bottom.

"Ginny?" Fleur asked, "es zat 'ou?"

"Hi Fleur," Ginny answered, "I didn't know you were here, I'll just go…"

"No, stay," Fleur said. "He es your brozer and he would want 'ou here."

Ginny smiled and nodded. She sat next to Fleur in an empty chair, and an uncomfortable silence settled between them. This was definitely not how Ginny had wanted to spend the night.

"I am zorry," Fleur whispered, interrupting Ginny's thoughts.

"Er – sorry?" Ginny asked.

"I am zorry for ze way I 'ave acted. I 'ave not been very nice to 'ou or 'our family. I will be better, I promise."

"Um- ok," Ginny replied. Another uncomfortable silence ensued as Ginny tried to think of something to say. But what do you say to someone who has annoyed you to no end ever since you've met her?

"'Ou know," Fleur said, breaking the silence again, "my muzzer used to tell me that one day I would meet someone 'oo would be worth waiting a lifetime for. Someone 'oo I would love forever. I 'ave found that in Bill. That special someone… that one special kiss. I love your brozer very much, Ginny, and I want to be apart of 'our family."

Ginny looked at Fleur. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying, yet she still managed to look stunning. Her face was pale and tired looking, but her expression was one of sincerity and love. She truly did love her brother, as much as Ginny hated to admit it. And if Bill really loved her, then they were meant for each other. After all, all you need is love to bring two people together.

Ginny smiled at Fleur and did something she never could have imagined herself doing. She hugged her. Fleur returned the hug and Ginny thought she felt a few tears wet her shoulder.

"Welcome to the family, Fleur," Ginny whispered.

"Thank 'ou," she said.


Ginny smiled as she roamed the dark, empty halls of Hogwarts. She had just left a sleeping Fleur and Bill to go and find some time for herself. She knew that after the horrific loss of today's battle she should be upset, but the realization of the love her brother and Fleur shared had put her in a good mood. The fact that there could still be something so pure in a time of war; it was amazing to her. It was a feeling that she wanted to capture forever, and she knew just how to do that.

When Ginny was very little, one of her first memories as a child was playing the old piano at her house. Her mother personally saw to it that all of her children knew how to play, but once the boys went off to Hogwarts, their piano lessons were forgotten. Ginny, however, found that she loved playing the piano, and she was forever making up little songs and putting on shows for her parents and brothers. Then, when Ginny was about ten, her parents sold the piano. Her mother had explained to her that they needed the money, and had instead handed her a journal and a quill for her to "write down all of her songs." Well, Ginny did just that. She wrote down all of her songs in there, songs for when she was happy, and songs for when she was sad. Then, when she started Hogwarts, she came across Riddle's diary, and was sort of reluctant to write in her song journal after that. It was Bill, who had been visiting for a few weeks over the summer, who convinced her to keep writing and to not let one bad experience ruin everything.

So, Ginny continued to write her songs, even though she missed playing the piano along with them. But her mischievous brothers had a surprise for her. A week into her second year, Fred and George took Ginny on a little late night escapade to a secret room. They called it, the music room. It became Ginny's new hideout. It was hidden in one of the towers near the astronomy tower, behind a portrait of a forest nymph playing the harp. The music room housed almost every musical instrument imaginable; violins, harps, violas, cellos, basses, flutes, clarinets, guitars, trombones, drums, and of course, a beautiful grand piano. Ginny had never shown the room to anyone, for it was her own private hall to create music. She had spent countless sleepless nights inside those four walls, just letting her music fill the room with sound.

Ginny entered the room now to find all the instruments exactly as they had been before, with her grand piano in the center of the room. She sat down at the piano and began to play. As she played, she sang. She sang about love; its ups and downs, its irrationality and its predictability. As Ginny thought of Fleur's words to her from earlier, she pulled out her song journal and began to write down a little tune. Soon, the whole room was filled with the sweet melody of Ginny's voice accompanied by the gentle tones of the piano. A song of love and what is meant to be echoed from her lips, and Ginny couldn't help but hope that this song applied not only to Bill and Fleur, but also to herself and a certain green-eyed, messy-haired boy.

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