Is it possible to die because of a broken heart

Is it possible to die because of a broken heart? I don't know. And I never thought I would find out. But right now I do. Haruka is dying. It wasn't a youma that did this to her. It also wasn't any other enemy. It was a simple joke that put her into the state she is in now. Some guy thought it would be fun to loosen the wheel nuts of her car. When she drove over the race track with her usual speed, the tire went off. I think I'll never forget the sound of metal hitting stone, and I'll never forget the sight of Haruka's car crashing into the wall next to the track. And I also will never forget the sight of the firebrigade cutting her out of the smashed car. She was unconscious back there, and she is unconscious now. Or, to tell the complete painful truth, she's in a coma. The doctor said that Haruka probably won't wake up again. I wish she would. I wish she would wake up just long enough for me to tell her how much I love her. I wish I could kiss her one last time before she leaves me. Maybe my wish will be granted, I don't know. Right now I'm sitting next to my lovers bed, listening to the beeping sound of the heart-lung-machine and to the raspy breathing of my soulmate. Yes, Haruka is my soulmate, she's the other half of my soul. Without her...I'll be incomplete, and I know that. I try to forget it, try to push it away from me as far as possible. After all, she is still alive. Sometimes I try to hope that she'll make it, but I know she won't. How I wish she would make it. I would give everything to avoid facing her death, but I have no choice. The doctor said that Haruka probably will die today or tomorrow. She won't live until the end of the week. The others try to comfort me. I guess they are afraid that I will commit suicide after my lover's death. They shouldn't be. I won't kill myself. Maybe I will die of a broken heart, but that wouldn't be suicide, would it? I lean over my love to say goodbye now. Her heartbeat got slower and slower in the last five minutes, and I know that the end is near.

Michiru bent over the lifeless form of her lover and gently kissed her lips. "I love you, Haruka." she whispered while her soulmates heart stopped beating. Michiru gently stroke Harukas blond hair before turning round and leaving the room. She didn't look back.

Author's Note: I came up with this when I stood on the hallway in my company, smoking and daydreaming. It took me ten minutes to write it, and it's the first time I write such a sad piece. Please no flames.

Sailormoon, Haruka and Michiru don't belong to me *damn*, I just borrow them. Don't sue me, I'm poor.