The Path Overflowing with Love

By: ibelieveintruelove

Disclaimer: I don't own Star Wars; it belongs to the genius George Lucas. I just love to rewrite what he's written, so enjoy!


In the beginning of the galaxy, when all things were new and alive in the Force, a prophecy was made of the dark times to come. This prophecy told of the reign of the Sith, and how the Jedi Knights would one day defeat them. But then, after a millenia, the Sith would return. A prophecy was made of the one who would destroy the Sith forever. It was called the Prophecy of the Chosen One…

When the galaxy lies in turmoil,

War torn and fraught with betrayal,

A Chosen One will rise from the ashes.

He will be born of the midichlorians themselves,

With no human father.

He will have powers unmatched by any before Him,

And it is with these powers that He will bring balance to the Force;

For only with the destruction of the Sith will the galaxy obtain peace.

Two paths are set before the Chosen One,

And His destiny will be fulfilled no matter which path He chooses.

But beware; the first path is fraught with anger and hate;

Suffering and death.

A path to the destruction of the Jedi this is,

With the Chosen One Himself becoming a victim of the dark.

The only chance of success for Him is the light at the end of the tunnel,

With an act of redemption before His death.

The second path holds deceit and betrayal,

Things that tempt the Chosen One to turn away from those He loves.

But when the moment of truth is put before Him;

The Chosen One will succeed.

He will destroy the Sith and bring balance to the Force.

It will take all of His love and compassion to resist the Sith,

And it will take all of His strength to vanquish them.

But once he succeeds, a life full of love and honor awaits him.

Two paths are set before the Chosen One;

One clouded with darkness, One overflowing with love.

Only He can choose which path to take.

The road is now set, a path must be chosen. When the moment of truth is before him, what will he do?