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Chapter 11: I Saw Our Children

Anakin raced through the halls of the medical ward until he came to the room where Padmé was lying. Through the window he saw the cold medical bed and the multiple machines and tools blinking and humming all around her. Her eyes were closed and her hands rested on her stomach. She was so still that Anakin would have taken her for unconscious, if not for the gasps of pain she released every so often with each contraction.

He couldn't bear seeing her like this. He couldn't take seeing her so weak, so vulnerable. He wanted to rush in and save her, but he didn't know how. He felt as though there was nothing he could do. The healers thought it unlikely she would even survive childbirth, and he was starting to lose hope too. He didn't want to believe it, but the fact remained that his angel was…dying.

With these thoughts Anakin felt his eyes fill with tears. His shoulders began to shake with silent sobs and he leaned against the window for support. How could this be happening to him? Was this some sort of cruel trick of the Force? Save the galaxy but lose your heart in the process? Anakin wished more than ever that he could save his beloved, but there seemed to be no way to do it.

After awhile Anakin calmed himself and steadied his breathing. He didn't want Padmé to see him so upset. He would remain strong for her…for as long as she needed him to be. As a final attempt to calm himself, Anakin reached out into the Force to clear his mind.

Immediately the medical ward around Anakin was forced from view, and another Force vision came upon him. It was blurry and unclear at first, but soon Anakin found himself looking at the face of a young woman. She had long brown hair with a section braided across the top of her head, and a soft, expressive face. She seemed to be talking to someone that Anakin couldn't see, for her lips were moving without any sound accompanying them. As she turned her head, Anakin looked more closely at her face, and noticed her eyes. They were a brilliant chocolate brown color that spoke her emotions in volumes. In fact, her eyes seemed quite familiar to him…

"…do you remember your mother? Your real mother?"

Anakin heard the voice questioning the young woman, and watched as her expression changed from worried to remembering.

"Just a little bit," she answered. "She died when I was very young."

"What do you remember?" asked the unseen voice

"Just images, really. Feelings," she responded. Anakin was shocked. Obviously this young woman had the Force within her, not many people who lost their mother at a young age would remember her. Then again, not many memories would be described as images and feelings, unless they were memories of someone with the Force.

"Tell me," the voice asked. The young woman sighed and began to relive her memories. Suddenly, Anakin was hit with the realization of who those big brown and eyes and long brown hair reminded him of. This young woman looked like Padmé. In fact, she could almost pass for her… her daughter.

"Oh, Force," Anakin thought, "That's our daughter."

"She was very beautiful," she smiled, making her resemblance to Padmé even more noticeable. "Kind…but sad."

In a rush the vision left him and Anakin opened his eyes to see Padmé lying in the next room. Tears trailed down his cheeks as he realized what the vision was predicting.

"No!" Anakin protested, "I won't let her die! I won't let our children grow up not knowing their mother; I won't raise our children by myself! I need her with me, the children and I need her. I - I can't live without her."

Anakin took a deep breath and calmed himself, wiping away his tears. He would not let this vision come true. His daughter would know her mother; he would make sure of it. He had stopped the fate of his earlier vision; he would change the fate of this on as well.


Padmé winced in pain as another contraction hit, and then closed her eyes and breathed in and out. Slowly, in and out, in and out, to try and clear the dizziness and maintain her focus on the situation at hand. The only problem was, she didn't think she was strong enough to manage the situation at hand. How could she give birth, give birth to twins, when she could hardly stay conscious during her contractions? And where in the galaxy was Healer Offee? Padmé wanted her back here to give her some sort of drug so she could get these children out! And oh, did they ever want out. Padmé would've screamed out in pain for the Healer to get her butt back in here, but she didn't think she had the strength too.


Padmé turned to see Anakin in the doorway, looking very pale. She realized that she must look very pale too, and gave him a forced smile.

"I'm fine Anakin," she said. "Your children are just not helping the situation very much right now."

Anakin grinned but then frowned as Padmé moaned in pain.

"Anakin, where is Healer Offee?" she asked. "I want these babies out!"

"Padmé, Healer Offee told me how you were doing," Anakin began.

Padmé closed her eyes and blinked back the tears. She prayed that Anakin wasn't about to tell her that she wouldn't survive the childbirth. She didn't want to hear it. She was going to pull through, and she didn't want to have to listen to everyone tell her that it just wasn't medically possible for her to survive.

"She said that trying to go through with the natural birthing process would be too much of a risk on your life," Anakin said.

Padmé nodded, her eyes still shut tight. "I don't want to hear this," she thought.

"But she said that there might still be hope," Anakin continued. "She's going to perform a c-section instead, which she thinks might be safer for you and the babies."

She felt the tears leaking from the corner of her eyes and opened them to smile at Anakin. There was still hope, she may still live! Anakin leaned forward and gently wrapped Padmé up in his arms.

"I won't let you die Padmé, I promise you," he whispered.

Padmé nodded into his chest and she wet his tunic with her tears. After awhile Anakin pulled back and smiled at her.

"I saw our children," he said.

"What?" Padmé asked. He saw the children? But…oh, he had had Force visions about them!

"They're beautiful, Padmé," he said. "Our son has my blonde hair and blue eyes, and our daughter looks just like you, just as beautiful."

"Oh, Anakin that's wonderful!" Padme cried. "What were they doing in your vision?"

Here Anakin shifted uncomfortably in his seat and didn't meet her eyes.


"Well, the visions I had, they were…warnings. Premonitions of what would happen if I didn't change things. This first vision I had was of our son. It was right before I fought Palpatine. In my vision, Palpatine was torturing our son with Force lightning," he said.

Padmé gasped and unconsciously rubbed her stomach. "But that won't happen, will it? You defeated him, so the vision won't happen," she insisted.

"Right," Anakin agreed.

"And when you saw our daughter?" she asked.

"It was just now, before I came in your room," Anakin began," I saw her talking to someone. The person, I couldn't see who, was asking her about her mother, her real mother. She said that you had died when she was very young, and that all she remembered were images and feelings. She described you as beautiful, kind, but sad."

Padmé felt the tears threaten to fall again as she rubbed her stomach. Her baby would never know her. She would be raised by another woman, and all Padmé would mean to her was a few feelings, a handful of images. It just wasn't right, it wasn't fair. Padmé wanted more than anything to live and raise her children with Anakin. If she could have nothing else but that, she would be happy for the rest of her days.

Anakin took Padmé's hand in his and kissed it. "I won't let this vision come true, Padmé," he vowed. "I stopped the other one from coming true, and I will stop this one as well. I won't let you die."

Padmé nodded and squeezed Anakin's hand tighter. She loved him so much, and if there was anyone in the galaxy that could help her safely through childbirth, then it was her wonderful husband and Jedi protector, Anakin.


Obi-Wan walked briskly through the medical ward and stopped just outside Padmé's room. Anakin and Padmé were inside talking quietly together, Anakin was probably telling Padmé of Healer Offee's diagnosis. Obi-Wan stepped forward to enter, but was stopped by a voice.

"Master Kenobi!" Healer Offee called.

Obi-Wan sighed inwardly and turned around to face the very agitated Healer.

"I asked you a question just now, Master," she said, "and you failed to answer it."

"It is not my place to tell you about the personal life of Knight Skywalker," Obi-Wan began.

"Force, Obi-Wan, would you stop this little act!" she demanded. "I will perform the c-section for Senator Amidala, but as head surgeon for the operation I demand to know the extent of her injuries and the extent of her relationship with Anakin!"

"Very well," said Obi-Wan, his patience wearing thin. "Tonight, Anakin defeated the most powerful Sith Master ever seen in history and in the process saved the life of his wife, Senator Amidala, who was cut off from oxygen for about ten minutes because of a Force choke administered by the vengeful spirit form of Palpatine. Now, if you don't mind, Barriss, I would appreciate it if you could assist the Senator in her childbirth, before it is too late and any chance of saving the Senator becomes lost."

A stunned Barriss nodded and moved slowly into the room, summoning her team and donning her scrubs. Obi-Wan nodded and took a seat outside the room, feeling that maybe being in the delivery room right now was not the place for him.