What I Really Want For Christmas...


Riku's P.O.V.

I maneuver my way through the crowd of drunken people as carefully as I can, trying not to get jostled too much. I've never been a connoisseur of alcohol, but I imagine that champaign can't take too much abuse before it goes "flat"—whatever that means; like I said, I'm not a wine expert. Or on anything else that can go "flat" for that matter. Sodas, for instance, what the hell does a "flat" soda taste like? Once when Sora accidentally dropped a two-liter of Coke that we bought for a Super Bowl party we were having at his house, I distinctly remember Tidus screwing up his face and saying in a disgusted voice that he wasn't going to drink that one because now it was flat. Everyone else agreed with him and I ended up being the only one who drank it. Everybody kept frowning and asking me how in the world could I choke down flat Coke, but I just shrugged it off. It tasted perfectly normal to me.

But I digress.

When the invite to the "Grand Christmas Ball" being held at Disney Castle came to all of us a few weeks ago, I wasn't sure what to expect. But I figured that whatever went on, the phrase 'good, clean fun' could probably be used to describe every event in some way. What I didn't expect, was that the alcohol would be flowing freely to anyone over 15—various worlds apparently have different age-limits so the party-planners came up with the compromise of 15 years of age—and the "naughty Santa" costume would be the unspoken rule for women's attire. Hell, I think I even saw Queen Minnie running around in one. Now that, was scary.

I suppose this party's definite UN-Disney feel is Mickey's way of trying to make everyone feel more comfortable and less like they're some sort of black stain of taint inside Disney Castle's pristine and almost childlike walls. It's a nice thought, but I still feel pretty out-of-place. Though that may be because I'm one of the few conservatively dressed people here. Heh. It's pretty sad when you feel like a sore thumb because you aren't showing more skin than clothing.

A few more weaves, one around a strangely half-naked Sephiroth with an even stranger giggling Cloud Strife clinging to his waist, and I can see Sora and that Mulan girl talking. I try to call out to him but Donald's three nephews suddenly slam into the sides of my legs and effectively knock them out from under me.


I land on my butt and the champaign bottle in my hands nearly does the same but I'm just barely quick enough to raise my arm high enough that even though my elbow hits the floor extremely hard, the bottle just gets a little shaken up from the impact. Phew!

The kids are all over me within a second, apologizing and trying to make sure that I'm not hurt. I just give them a reassuring smile and tell them to be a little more careful next time. They all nod dutifully and are once again off—running as if their lives depended on it and weaving through legs again. I almost sigh when not ten seconds later, I hear another crash and their unique little voices raised in worry. The Beast's roar of annoyance follows soon after and I feel a stab of concern, which I shake away within a moment.

Oh well, I warned them and now I wash my hands of them. They'll have to get themselves out of this mess.

I heave myself off the ground and back to my feet, bringing the bottle up to eye level so I can assess the damage. It's bubbling slightly ominously within its blue glass container, but I'll let Sora deal with that. Sora wanted champaign, and I got him champaign, even though I hate the crap. He can deal.

I nod my head in agreement with my thoughts and go to continue on to Sora to give him his nasty champaign, but stop when I hear the topic of discussion.

"So, people give gifts on this "Christmas" thing, right? What do you want?" Mulan asks in a perfectly innocent way. It's hard to believe that this is the same girl who fought beside Sora to save her world. She just seems so much more...innocent than what you'd expect from such as person.

Sora purses his lips in thought before finally blushing a little and looking at Mulan with a sort of naughty grin.

"Well, don't tell Riku, but what I really want for Christmas is..."

He leans forward and his grin turns into a smirk. I also lean in, completely drawn into Sora's answer. He doesn't want me to know huh? Ku Ku Ku... I have to hear this.

"Riku in a naughty Mrs. Santa outfit!"

My smile drops.

"Me on top for once!"

My mouth drops open.

"And then a night of cuddling afterwards!

My whole damn body drops to the ground.

Completely not noticing of the teenage boy laying on the ground giving them a look much akin to that of one who's just come face to face with a serial murderer and the guy just gave them the freaky laugh that says "I'm going to kill you now, my pretty!", Mulan blushes and smiles at Sora in a amused/mortified way.

"A naughty "Mrs. Santa outfit"??" she asks curiously.

Sora nods and says "Ya know, like the one that Selphie was wearing."

I blanch as I bring up to memory what Selphie was running around in. A short red skirt with white fur around the rim, red high heels, and white thigh-high pantie-hose that you caught flashes of the garter holding them up when she bounced too much. Dear god. Is that what Sora is wanting me to wear?!?

"Oh!" Mulan exclaims and her eyes go so wide that it would be comical if I wasn't trying to come to terms with the fact that not only does Sora want me on my back, but he wants me there while I'm wearing a naughty Santa costume... Where in hell did this fantasy even come from????

"Yeah," says Sora, "that's what I'd like, but I'm not getting my hopes up."

Mulan looks embarrassed and tries not to look him directly in the face as she asks, "Why not?"

"Cuz he'd never go for it." Sora sighs and runs a hand through his hair, messing up the spikes a little.

"Riku would never let himself be that vulnerable. He's still pretty touchy about too much touching during sex," he frowns, "I don't think he really trusts me, or anybody for that matter."

"Oh..." Mulan lays her hand on Sora's shoulder in comfort and he looks up at her with a grin.

"I'm not worried though! Someday he'll be able to let himself go with me. Until then, I can handle having to be a little patient with him."

As he laughs and flashes her a bright smile, I bite my lip and edge away into the crowd. I put the bottle on a table and swerve around people until I reach the steps down to the courtyard door and I push out hastily, the room suddenly too hot to stay in. The cold air hits me abruptly and goosebumps are quick to prickle away at my forearms. I ignore the discomfort though and walk out into the snowy courtyard of Disney Castle.

The ornate garden is covered in a thick layer of snow and from every protruding there are long sickles of ice. I'd say that it's much beautiful at this time than it ever really is when all of the exotic colors are showing through. When the garden is in full bloom, it just looks so made. There is nothing that makes it in the least bit natural, and growing up on an island with a wild jungle, natural is a very important thing to me. In the past week that we stayed here before the huge Christmas party that Queen Minnie promised, I've been coming here almost every evening to think about things that have been bothering me. Tonight is no different except that the thought plaguing my mind now is by far the most disturbing one thus far.

Do I not trust Sora? Has that been what makes me cringe at the very thought of submitting myself to him? Is that why I can't stand Sora touching me during sex? Am I unconsciously afraid that he'll use that moment of my absolute vulnerability to strike at me?

That's ridiculous though! Sora would never try, would never want to hurt me. He rescued me from the darkness in my own heart and stuck with me even when I was at my worst. I mean, the only reason that the killing blow that I sent his way back when I took the keyblade from him in Hollow Bastion didn't strike him was because Goofy stepped in at the right time. Otherwise...he could have died. He could have been killed by my hand. I certainly wasn't pulling any stops. But even after that, he still kept that faith that I'd come around. He still tried to save me with everything he had.

It's insane for me to not trust him. How could I not? It's just silly...It's...It's...

"It's so damn stupid!!" I scream to the empty night.

Damn it what the hell is wrong with me?!? Why can't I just forget what happened and be happy with Sora?! Hell, what is there to forget?? He never betrayed me! There's no betrayal on his part that I fear will reoccur. That was all my doing. I'm the filthy traitor here. If anything, he wouldn't be out of his place in punishing me for that.

My eyes snap open at that thought and a chill runs down my back that has nothing to do with the temperature.

Is that what I fear? That he'll get revenge for my treacherousness?

I can't help but feel a little faint. That's it. My sub-conscious is convinced that Sora will try to punish me for my past deeds.

My god, that's it.

Our relationship has been a little rocky ever since a few months ago when Sora asked me if he could be on top. I remember freaking out at him and saying all sorts of things to him that I know had to have hurt him deeply, then running away. My reaction struck me as bizarre in that I always allowed Sora the dominate role in everything but sex. I always felt that I had to maintain that control. But in anything other than sex, I was glad to hand those reins over to Sora's capable hands. It was really only then that I realized that. Until now, I never knew the reason for my anger—my terror.

But this is why.

And thanks to Sora, I know how to fix it.

But can I really go through with it? I mean, even finally knowing the hidden reasons for my reluctance, I'm still scared to death about this. Even knowing that my ideas are completely ridiculous, I still can't help but feel terror at the thought of submitting myself; of baring my throat, so to speak, to Sora's abused psyche. The psyche that I abused.

"Someday he'll be able to let himself go with me. Until then, I can handle having to be patient with him."

The words echo in my mind, as clear as if he were standing beside me now saying them.

I don't think I could do this if I was doing it alone. But...

He still has faith in me. And he wants me to have faith in him.

I can do this.

But first, I'm going to need to talk to Kairi and Selphie. Oh boy, this is probably going to be one of the toughest conversations of my life.

But for Sora, I can do it.


Sora's P.O.V.

Brrr! It's cold!

As I close the door to me and Riku's apartment, an involuntary shudder shakes my entire body. The shock of warmth after coming in from the blizzard that's apparently parked itself quite comfortably over Destiny Islands is enough to make me sigh dreamily and hope that Riku is already waiting in bed. I can't wait to cuddle his cute butt in our big, warm, oh-so-soft bed. I just hope he doesn't mind ice-cube hands...and toes...


I kick off my shoes on the cheery "Welcome!" mat in front of the door and nudge them to the side with my cold feet. If Riku tripped over them in the morning because I didn't move them out of the way, he'd be so pissed. Pissed enough to put off sex and cuddling for...a while. He's done up to three weeks in the past with no sweat, and I'm not eager to test his limit. To say the least, it's probably a lot longer than mine. I need lots of cuddling time, and sex is nice too, so I usually try to make sure not to piss him off about stupid little things.

I go about my normal just-got-home routine and within a few minutes I leave the entrance hallway and head to the kitchen. I warm up some eggnog in the microwave and sip it slowly while sitting at the kitchen table, just staring around the room, lit as it is by the various digital clockwork systems on the appliances.

I finish my eggnog and put my mug in the sink. Then I turn around and leave the kitchen, intent to get in bed and snuggle up to Riku's warm body under the covers.

I have to say, in a completely non-sexual sense, the warmest, most comfortable position to sleep in when Riku is the the bed, is to spoon him to your chest and tuck your hands between his thighs. No kidding. He doesn't even respond anymore when I do that to him cuz he sorta recognizes it as my "sleep" position.

Heh heh. Like I said, I hope Riku can deal with ice-cube fingers.

I start to hum the tune "Carol of the Bells" under my breath with a dirty smirk on my mouth but before I even make it to the bedroom door, something catches my attention out of the corner of my eye. Black vinyl boots hang loosely over the arm of the couch with white stocking covered knees being the next thing visible. A red gloved hand is also thrown carelessly over the back of the couch, fingers limp as if the owner of them were sleeping.

What the hell??? Did Riku bring home some poor girl that he found freezing outside???

I tiptoe gently over to the mysterious appendages and hesitate a moment before I look over the high backboard to see if I recognized a face. Upon seeing the features, I freeze in place and can't seem to move.

...Yes, I think I recognize that face.

Again though, I ask: what the hell?

Or rather, how?

On the couch—the couch, I might add, that is never going to be washed again for as long as it survives—is the most gorgeous image known to mankind. I don't know how exactly my sweet Riku ended up wearing a naughty Santa outfit, but whoever did it, they have my eternal gratitude. Somebody must be limping home right about now covered in bruises and missing a few body parts in order for my hellion to be...attired as he is.

Did I say sex was 'nice'? Apparently I had forgot just what my little vixen looked like when I labeled it like that. Sex is damn nice.

"Thank you for this feast," I whisper with a dirty grin as I round the couch and bend over his prettied up form to wake him up with a kiss. It's just a chaste press of dry lips for the first few moments but as I see his eyelashes begin to flutter, I close my eyes fully and slip my tongue out to demand entry. I can taste strawberry lip gloss on his lips and it makes me moan slightly.

How in the world did somebody get lip gloss within a hundred meters of him?? Not that I'm complaining. Far from it.

I can feel it the moment that he starts taking a more active part in our kiss when he curls his arms around my neck and he's suddenly in control of the entire situation. I begin to concede my power; this is how it always is after all, when the strangest thing happens. He stops trying to take control and just falls back into the beta mode that I so often take. It surprises me but I'm quick to catch on when he bites my bottom lip in irritation.

I really have no idea where this is going but I don't want it to stop. Is Riku actually going to play the submissive this time...???

I pull away as the question nags me and look into his—chole-lined, I realize with a start—eyes. He stares at me through those smoky-rimmed ocean eyes and I don't bother to stop myself from dipping back down to capture his soft lips once again.

I've wondered countless times how I got this beautiful creature when in truth I've got really nothing to offer him in return that compares. This moment sparks that old thought but I push it aside. All that matters right now, is that I did get him. He's all mine by his own choice.

I reign in my control and force myself to pull back again. He's still just staring at me with those hooded eyes and I take the moment to study his face closer.

His hair is swept away from his face and forehead with some sort of glittery gel, and the tiny blue studs in his ears have been replaced with tiny silver hoops. Aside from the smeared lines around his eyes, there seems to be a touch of faded silver sparkle on his eyelids, as well as the glossy sheen on his lips.

The sight of those pouting lips almost draws me back in again but I manage to croak out a hushed "why?" before I fall prey to their temptation.

His eyes light up at the question and a gentle smile reaches his lips before he answers.

"You said you wanted to be on top didn't you?"

His response takes me back and I can hardly breath. Is he really giving me permission to take him? Or am I just reading his response the wrong way. Please say I'm not.

"And the outfit?" I ask next.

This time the prelude to his answer is a deep blush and a little shifting.

"Er...I kinda...heard you talking to Mulan a few days ago..."

He refuses to look at me but that is second in my mind.

Mulan? What about me talking to Mulan a few days ago—ack! Talking to Mulan at the Christmas party a few days ago and telling her that I wanted Riku to wear this costume and be submissive to me for a night!

He heard that!?!?

Jeesh! Apparently. Oh man though, does that mean that Riku's only doing this because he wants to make me happy, and not because he really wants to do it? I can't do this knowing that! It would almost be like rape!

"Um, Riku, you know that I was just joking with her about that..." A frown mares his lips and I hastily explain.

"I mean, yeah! I do like this and everything, but unless you're absolutely sure that this is what you want, I don't think we should do it."

I clench my teeth and close my eye tight, waiting for his response. I'm really hoping that he'll say that he really does want to go through with this, but at the same time, I know he won't. This is just way too unfamiliar of ground for him. I mean, being bottom for the first time will be rough enough on him. But doing it while in drag, or right after getting out of drag? No way. For sure, he'll back out of—

"I'm sure."

I look up abruptly and my jaw hangs a little. Did he just say that he's—

"I really want to do this with you, Sora."

Yeah, I think that takes care of that argument.

He swings his legs off the couch arm and onto the floor, all the while sitting up. By the time he's done with the move, he's perched at the edge of the cushions with his white-covered legs splayed invitingly for me to shift between. I take the invitation and join him in another brief kiss before getting off my knees to stand before him. His eyes follow mine once I'm on my feet I step back a few inches and put my hands on his waist and pull him up as well.

He complies easily enough and next I grab one of his glove-encased hands and lead him back to our bedroom. Once we're there, I use my strength and his liquid movements to twirl him around as if we were dancing.

The skirt, supported by nothing but lays of volume enhancing fluff, flows up along his waist to allow me a glimpse at the red, lacy garter and, dare I say, thong. I'm nearly sure that I saw red fabric but naked cheeks. There is something so primitively sexy about Riku in a thong of all things that makes me ache to hurry him onto the bed so I can relieve the raging hard-on that started back when we were making out in the living room.

I suppress that urge though in favor of exploring just how far Riku went in order to bring this little fantasy to life.

He stands on trembling legs as I slowly circle him, his hooded eyes following my every move until I get behind him and take my first good look at him.

Black vinyl clings to his calves, buckles and ties and god only knows what else holding them tight. White stockings aren't even given the chance to disappear under the short fluff of a skirt before they connect with the garter's tiny gold snaps. I reach out to trace the lacy straps up under the skirt and Riku stiffens with a surprised gasp. Muscle constricts under my hands and it prompts me to slid my hands over a tiny bit so that I can cup one of the soft—and naked, I confirm with a thrill—cheeks. The tiniest moan slips past his lips and he presses back into my hand. Smirking, I squeeze and the moan comes out louder this time.

Still kneading the soft globe in one hand, I allow my other to bypass the skirt and run up his velvet covered sides. His breath skips when my fingertips graze his sensitive ribs, and the noise widens my grin. I continue over them though, my target being his even more sensitive chest region. Just as I graze a pert nipple under the cloth, I reach around to grab his manhood with the other and press my hips fully to his buttocks. The response is intoxicating.

"Sora! Oh...god, Sora!"

He writhes in my arms, not sure if he wants to grind his butt into the erection that he can surely feel, or beg for more sensation on the other side of his body. Little gasps and frantic begging of my name are all he can do in between the confused rotating of his hips.

"Sora, please!" he cries out as he throws his head back on my shoulder.

I nod and kiss his cheek, retracting my hand and pushing him lightly to one of the bed posts. He immediately clings to it as his trembling legs threaten to plunge him to the floor. I turn away from the sight and clumsily find the dresser behind me. I rummage through its compartments for a minute and frown when I don't find the lube. This is always where we keep it but it's not here now. Did we not put it back last time?

"Sora!" Riku whines behind me breathlessly.

I frown even worse and take another look around the drawer, but still it comes up fruitless. Where the hell is that thing?

"Riku, do you know what we did with the lube? We can't do this without a considerable amount of lube, seeing as it's your first time and all."

An uneasy shift comes from behind me and Riku's hesitant voice mumbles something that I can quite hear.

"What was that babe?"

"It's on the nightstand...but I don't need it," he says quietly.

I let out an involuntary sigh of relief and head to the small table beside our bed, asking Riku what he meant.

"Well...I was waiting for you to get home and I was thinking about how it's suppose to really hurt if you aren't prepared so I..." he trails off but I think I'm beginning to get the picture.

My movement halts and I look over my shoulder at the beet-red Riku and the image that comes to my mind nearly destroys all of my self-control.

"So you prepared yourself?" I ask, having to confirm it.

He nods minutely, not meeting my eyes.

...How could I miss that?!?! Damn, I'm tempted to ask him for a repeat performance but I'm not sure if I could last through it. Maybe next time, I suppose.

I grab the lube from the table—just in case—and return to him. He still won't look at me, probably embarrassed at having done something so intimate and now having to tell me about it. I put a finger under his chin to lift his gaze from the ground. A blush still stains his cheeks and nose and he's biting his lips, but at least now he's looking me in the eyes.

"Riku, it's nothing to be ashamed of."

I lean forward so my mouth brushes the shell of his ear as I whisper.

"Hell, I think it's pretty damn hot."

I pull back in time to see his eyes go wide and his pretty blush to intensify ten-fold. But he smiles at me, none the less.

"Now then," I say as I drop to my knees in front of him, "let's see how through you were."

I wink up at him before lifting the skirt by its many layers to see red panties, straining futilely to keep Riku concealed from my eyes. Precum has made a dark stain near the top. I trace the visible shape and Riku thrusts his hips forward forcefully with a gasp. I chuckle at his desperation and decide not to torture him any longer. Now if only I could find a way to get these damn panties off without having to fight his outfit for the next ten minute.

Riku notices my dilemma and lets go of the bed post with one of his hands to reach behind himself to fiddle with something. He frowns and bites his lip as he works at something but after a few moments he sighs in irritation and lets his hand drop.

"There's a button," he says simply and turns around.

I quirk a brow and obligingly lift the skirt once again to see that he's correct. At the juncture of the three strings—that's really are they are—there is a tiny button connecting all of the overlapping pieces. It's so small though, that it's no wonder that Riku had trouble with it.

It takes me a few seconds, and then the cloth falls apart and Riku pulls it away from himself to throw it over in the corner somewhere. The velvet falls back and hides his nudity at just the right moment. Grinning slightly to myself, I turn him back around with gentle hands and nudge them between his legs so I can push them apart more easily. He falls into the position easily, legs splayed as he stands on uneasy feet with his arms clutching desperately to the bedspread behind him.

I uncap the lube and squeeze some of the sticky substance onto three of my fingers before placing one of them at his entrance. Not touching yet, just waiting. Then I nuzzle my head under the skirt so that my the heat of my breath is bearing down on his erection. He moans and rolls his hips but I deny him immediate entry. A second later though, choreographing my movements perfectly, I push my first finger in to the knuckle just as I take the head of his cock into my mouth.

Riku screams, his hips jolting and I take the moment of his initial shock to slip in another finger into his, as promised, already slick opening.

He writhes on my fingers as I stroke inside him furiously, occasionally touching on individual nerve endings that are actually the things responsible for anal sex being pleasurable. The main nerve that I'm searching for though, the one that's going to wake the neighbors once I find it, takes some time to locate, especially with Riku moving like he is.

"AAAAAAIIIEE!!!!!" A strangled scream and I know I've found it. I pull back enough that my eyes aren't hindered by the lace and velvet material and glance up at him to see why his voice sounds so muffled. I chuckle around his erection when I do. Some time during this, he apparently slapped a hand over his mouth in an effort to quiet his responses.

I nip at his cock in reprimand and when he looks down at me I wave a finger disapprovingly, assuming as stern an expression as I can manage with his dick in my mouth. He gives me a pleading look, his hand still desperately trying to muffle his moans, but I just shake my head slightly and push a third finger into his tight passage.

His hand dutifully drops from his mouth but it almost immediately latches onto his skirt. He pulls the material up around his waist so he can see me better and he watches, whimpers escaping his lips freely now.

I stroke his insides for a few more minutes, finding his prostate once again and the scream he lets loose is probably enough to get us glares in the morning. I ignore those implications for the moment though and just enjoy him as I finally decide that he's well and ready for the next step.

I retract my fingers and slurp free of his cock. Before he can do more than whine a little, I'm already lifting him up onto the bed. He quiets down with a hushed intake of breath and leans back on his elbows to watch me. I smile at him and gently lay a kiss on the sliver of skin above his stockings along the underside of one of his raised thighs. I go back to fumbling in the dresser for a packet of condoms, only to find an empty box.

"Riku, what happened to all the condoms??" I ask as I scatter through the other things in the drawer. There are half a dozen batteries and a bulb to the ceiling fan, as well as a packaged tube of flavored lube that Selphie gave us as a gag gift. But no damn condoms!

"Negh...We used them all a few days ago, Sora. Don't you remember?"

Oh damn that's right! We kept getting interrupted and Riku kept ripping them off when someone came by and we had to get the door. Yeah, now I remember. We were waiting on all the Christmas presents we ordered online and the guy at UPS told us that they couldn't just leave them here without a signature. So we kept freaking out and getting out of bed every time the door bell rang.

Damn that sucks.

"Riku, I don't know what to do. It's gonna be a real pain in the ass if I come inside of you without a condom. It gets really uncomfortable—" I stop dead when I get a look at Riku's face.

"Sora," he says sweetly, though he looks like a pissed off cobra, "I'm dressed up like some sort of holiday festival whore, I'm on my back fucking begging you to screw me, and you think that I care if it's a little uncomfortable?!? Just get over here and fuck me!" he snarls.

Ah, and so the Riku I know and love has come back to center stage and my little submissive sex kitten has taken the backseat. Oh well, he's still in drag and he's still on the bottom! Heh heh!

"Yes, Sir!" I bark out at him and he rolls his eyes and drops his head back onto the mattress.

Grinning, I take off my pants and shirt and throw them over close to where Riku threw his thong—I seriously can't get over him wearing that thing. Then I slip off my own underwear and I'm standing naked before his heavily breathing form.

I crawl up onto the bed and lean over him to crush his lips with mine. He responds with equal fervor, his abdominal muscles straining to lift his upper body into the kiss. I softly run my hands down his face and neck, coming to rest over one well-developed pectoral and he gasps into my mouth when I pinch the nub through the fabric of his low-necked shirt.

After a few minutes of kissing and molesting him, I sit back on my haunches and wait for him to catch his breath. He gasps in great lungfuls of oxygen but still manages to quirk a brow at me in a silent "Well, get on with it."

Smiling faintly I begin to shift him onto his stomach. He resists at first but a sharp tug has him in my desired position. He untangles his boot-heavy legs and glares at me over his shoulder, obviously not thrilled about the idea of being on his stomach.

Heh. Just wait until he sees what position I'm really trying to achieve here.

I loop an arm around his belly and tug him upwards so that he's forced to assume the hands and knees pose.

His face is murderous.

"Sora," he hisses out as I scoot up behind him and flip the skirt up onto his back so that it won't be in my way and I take a moment to admire the view. Damn Riku has one hell of an ass.

"Sora," he says again, apparently waiting for me to acknowledge him before he starts tearing into me. Well, in the words of that Seifer kid in Twilight Town: Fuck that. He may not like the idea of being fucked in such a degrading position but in the end, this is the best one for a guy's first time on the bottom. He's gonna be more than pissed at me afterwards, but at least he won't be in agonizing pain because I ripped him. After our first 'first time', I remember limping around the apartment for two days because even though I'd been prepped throughly and Riku was extremely gentle, the position we did it in was one that made all that moot point. Since then, I'm learned that the hands and knees one hurts the absolute least, so that's the one Riku's getting, whether he likes it or not. I'm pretty confident that he'll warm up to it before we're done though.

I align myself with his entrance and kiss the bit of his moon-pale back where the shirt has hiked itself up. He gets out one more growled warning before I'm sinking into his gorgeous body and he is unable to speak coherently.

"Neh! Oh god, Sora!"

I clench my teeth and grip his hips hard, willing myself not to cum yet. I'm only a quarter of the way in and he's already screaming for more.

"Yes! Ugg! Please, Sora! Please...fuck me! Agh!"

He pushes back on me hard and another inch disappears into his depths. I have to control myself from slamming forward—or do I? It's not like it wouldn't feel good to both of us. And lord knows Riku doesn't want me to slow down.

So, letting go of my hesitations, I roll my hips into him, the impact making a loud smack of skin, as well as prompting the loudest cry from him yet to come tearing out of his throat.


His arms give out abruptly and he is suddenly laying on his face, and the only thing holding his back end up is the fact that with me pressed tightly up against him and his torso not being stretched out, there is not room for his butt to fall to except to the side, and I'm making sure that doesn't happen.

He tries weakly to lift himself back onto his hands, or at least his elbows, but by the time he's gained his bearings, I've already pulled away and slammed back into him as hard as I can. He claws at the sheets, his back concaving sharply and his head thrashing back and forth.

I drape my upper body over his hips and back as I continue to thrust into him, though now it's more just me trying to stay completely inside of him while adding forceful pressure to his rear end. I go for more technique and less power as I rotate my hips and accent every rotation with a sharp jab to his prostate. His yells are just as loud as before and I take a measure of weird contentment in the noises.

His previously styled hair is wild and clinging to his make-up smeared face. One of his hands has found its way to his cock and he is desperately stroking himself. He watches me blurredly out of the corner of his desire-dark eyes, his mouth making the most incredible sounds as I take him. He is the image of debauchery and sex and I have to wonder again how it is that I came to have him as my own.

Before I can finish that thought, a spasm in my lower belly signals to me my end. I snap myself back up and take advantage of my last moments to grab his protruding hipbones and pull him with all my might back onto my cock. His walls tighten around me like a fist and I throw my head back to scream his name as I come deep within his beautiful body.


I am frozen in that pose for several long moments, my entire body trembling from the shock, before I go limp and fall back over him. I lay there, breathing hard onto the sweat-soaked cloth on his back as I try to catch my breath. Riku waits as patiently as he can for me to recover, though he still fists his erection with one of his gloved hands.

I get off his back stiffly and skim my fingertips over his sides. They come to his hips and I dip one of my hands slightly to softly caress the wrist moving between his thighs. His eyes flicker to me through his messy hair.

"Please?" he begs me, clenching his passage around me tight.

"Fuck," I hiss out at the sensation, but nod all the same. I pull out slowly, relishing the afterglow of my orgasm. He constricts again and I moan a little before pulling out completely and slapping his butt playfully.

"You keep that up and we'll need another round," I say to him, half-serious. He just groans and allows himself to roll over onto his back. His legs spread instantaneously and his hand is back nearly as fast. I chuckle at his wantonness even as my breath catches in my throat. I really don't want to cum again but damn he's testing my limits.

I bite my lip and settle down beside his quivering body. I gently remove his hand and lean down so that I can take his straining arousal in my mouth. He is almost beyond caring anymore, worn out as he is, but I do get a reaction from him when I run my tongue along the underside and softly pet and squeeze his balls. He arches and his hands flutter by my head anxiously, not sure what to do now that I've taken over their job. He settles for stroking my hair with one hand and playing with one of his own nipples with the other.

I try not to pay attention to his sexy display—I really don't want to cum/have sex/whatever until I've had at least six hours of sleep—and continue devoting all of my attention to making Riku cum. As close as he already is, it's surprising how long it takes for my efforts to pay off. But he does eventually stop all movement, his head thrown back so that all that is visible to me is the perfect column of his throat and his hips raised from the bed as mouth fills with an onslaught of bitter fluid. I swallow automatically, my lungs burning for oxygen but I refuse to take a break to breath until he is well and done. Finally his body falls back to the bed with a soft thud and I pull back, a bittery tang in my mouth.

I lick my lips as I crawl up beside him and place a close-mouthed kiss on his still-flavored lips.

"I love you baby," I say to him as I pull back. He gives a half-hearted mumble that vaguely sounds like 'uh-huh. You too babe', but I can't be sure.

I laugh at his garbled response and decide to mess with him a bit.

"You up for round two, Riku-babe?" I ask him and he opens his eyes to give me the absolutely dirtiest look in existence.

"Alright, alright," I say with a laugh, "No round two. How about shower sex?"

For some unknown reason I'm feeling really giddy right now and I can't help but want to pick on him. He doesn't appreciate the humor though, and shoves my grinning face away from him with a disgusted look.

"Doesn't that count as 'round two', you dork?" he says and tries to shift away from me. He stops after a moment, frowns and glances down the length of his body with a groan.

"I do need a shower though. Not to mention these... clothes," he says with a whine before sniffing in my direction and adding with a glare, "And so do you."

He has to be joking. There is no way in hell I'm getting out of this bed to go shower at—I glance at the alarm clock on his side of the bed—2:34 in the morning.

"You're free to drag yourself out of bed. But as for me, I'm staying," I tell him seriously.

"No," he growls, "You're washing off too. You stink."

He glances down at the bed and adds, "And then we're changing the sheets."

I'm already shaking my head and looking at him like he's a lunatic.

"Are you crazy? It's 2:30 in the morning! We can get cleaned up and change the bed when we get up later," I scoff at him, then in a more persuasive voice say, "Come on baby, just get out of your clothes and lay down with me."

I try to put an arm around his waist to pull him down beside me but he just brushes it off while giving me that cute pout of his that he always seems to adopt when he's trying to get his way. I just grin and roll my eyes at him as I say in a sing song voice,

"Not working this time."

The pout drops and he glares at my smirk. Then his expression turns coy and he leans over me, one of his hands sliding the length of my body to squeeze my, thankfully, uninterested cock.

"I give you a blow job while we're in there," he whispers huskily as he nips my ear.

"Unfortunately," I sigh as I brush some of his silver hair from where it has pooled on my chest, "I don't think I'll be able to get it up again for at least an hour."

"And besides," I add casually as I settle down into the soft blankets and close my eyes, "you'll give me one in the morning anyways."

There is silence from him for a few moments and I begin to mentally cheer, thinking that I just won the battle. Then a sharp pain erupts in my nether regions. When my eyes snap open as I clutch my violated crotch, he's already swaggering towards the closed bathroom door, his costume wrinkled but still containing enough life to bounce cheerily with every stalking step.

"Riku, get your ass back here!" I call out to him, my voice an alarmingly higher pitch than normal, but he ignores me and the door closes behind him a few seconds later with an audible click of the lock turning.

Ugh. I fall back on the bed and hold my crotch, swearing his doom in my mind. Why did he have to put his damn, boney elbow into me?? It's not like it isn't true! He is so damn touchy sometimes!

Oh, he is so gonna get it when he comes out of there.

What 'it' is, I'm really not sure at the moment. Spanking's sounding really promising though.


Author's P.O.V.

Egh... I really don't know what to say. This just sorta wrote itself over the last few days. I'm pretty happy with it at the moment. I tried to avoid the picture-esque ending where they kiss, say I love you and stare dreamily into one another's eyes. So, when it started looking like that with Sora telling Riku that he loved him, I decided that they should engage in some playful banter. Though I'm not sure how I (or was it Sora???) came to the decision that Riku needed a spanking... You have to admit that the thought is nice though.

Anyways, I may or may not write more to this. But for now, this is it. Good reviews—and lots of them—will help me make up my mind in writing a Riku-gets-spanked! scene to tag onto the end of this.