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She stayed the night. We didn't do much but hang out and eat popcorn while watching a late night horror on TV. We kept it quiet, and slept. I woke up the next morning and felt the most wonderful feeling. And saw the most wonderful vision ever.

Bacon, eggs and toast, with orange juice, and Helga standing there in one of my shirts.

"I hope no one saw you," I told her sitting up.

"No. well your grandma, but she thought it was sweet that I was up so early and threw the eggs and bacon at me and told me to cook you breakfast…I was actually attempting to sneak away," she admitted to me. I frowned.

"Why?" I asked. Was she bored of me already?

"Oh, it's nothing personal. I just usually don't stick around in the morning, is all," she blushed. "Too awkward, you know?"

Buzzbuzzbuzz…buzzbuzzbuzz…buzzbuzzbuzz…I grabbed my mobile and opened the txt message. It was from Gerald. Apparently Lila had found someone else already. I felt nothing at this but annoyance. He had interrupted a moment.

I told him "Give the guy my sympathies," then quickly told him about Helga.

'Helga G Pataki, Helga?'


"Whoa. How is she?'

'Funi. Dliteful, eating my brekfst!' I dropped my phone on the bed and grabbed a piece of toast.

"Sorry," she said with her mouth full.

"It's okay," I said, and put some egg and bacon on the bit of toast. "So what are your plans for today?" I asked casually. Helga shrugged.

"I don't know yet. I was thinking of swinging into the township and browsing the shops," she said. "What was with the txting? I never txt this early. Mind you I'm never really up this early . . ." she said grinning. I relayed the txt messages to her and she laughed. "Tell him 'Hi' to Phoebs for me," she said and stood up. "Well, I'm off. Enjoy your day with your family, ay," and then she was gone.

It was late in the afternoon when Helga finally came back. She slammed the door to her car. Shortly afterwards another car pulled up behind hers. Helga went into the house.

"Helga! Don't just ignore me!" A guy yelled at her.

"Fuck off! What part of fuck off don't you understand? It's over. Go away. Leave me alone!" she screamed at him.

Bob came out, and so did my parents.

"What the hell are you doing here!" Bob yelled in the guys direction. We all looked at him. He started down the stairs. "I thought I told you to stay the hell away from my daughter!"

"Is that the only reason you broke up with me Helga? Because your father wanted you to?" the guy yelled. He had dark brown hair and was wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans with what looked to be black combat boots.

Helga stormed out of the house, and stood on the deck. She looked my way, and frowned a little. Then her shoulders slumped and she walked down the stairs towards the guy.

"Fine. We'll talk. But not here okay?" I heard her say, looking my way. "We'll walk along the beach a little. I'll handle this Dad, thanks," she said to Bob.

"You stay within view. And you," he said, pointing a finger at the guy, "you so much as touch her and I'll tear you a new one, you hear me? You'll spend the rest of your life singing soprano," with that he turned and stood on the deck.

Helga and the guy walked off a little. I watched them for a little while. It was obviously heated and was very animated. When he reached out to touch her arm she pulled away and shook her head. They talked for a little more then Helga made her way back. The guy stood staring after her for a little while. Then he walked to his car, got in and drove off, squealing tyres, sand and dirt spraying everywhere, Heavy Metal blaring loudly out of his car. And then he was gone.

"Who was that?" I asked her.

"Ex," she said and sat down hard on the steps. "I can't believe that bastard had the cheek to show up here," she raged. "Who does he think he is?" she asked turning to me. I didn't think she actually wanted me to answer her so I just sat down next to her.

"Are you alright?" I asked, seeing her eyes were slightly red around the rim.

"Yeah," she said. "I've been called worse, and he's a loser anyway," she said, rubbing her eyes quickly with the back of her hand. "Wanna go for a drive or something?" she asked. I looked back at my family.

"Sure, I'll just let them know, ok?" I said. She nodded and I went to let them know.

"She doesn't look like she should be driving, Arnold," my mother said worridly.

"I'll drive," I told her. She said nothing, but looked her way. Was she beginning to regret having approved of her?

"I'll drive," I told her. Helga handed me the keys and got in the passenger side.

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I drove to the lookout and parked the car. Helga sat staring blankly out the windscreen.

"I'm sorry, that was just so messed up. It's all messed up. I never should have dragged you into all this," she said quietly.

"What do you mean?" I asked, fighting down slight panic.

"I shouldn't have pursued you with all this baggage following me around. It was stupid."

"Eh. Could be worse. Lila could've shown up as well," I joked. Helga laughed.

"You know that would probably be a good thing. They'd probably actually enjoy each other," and the way she said it she didn't mean conversation wise.

"Don't worry about it," I said leaning over to kiss her earlobe. She twitched. Then smiled, and turned her face to mine . . .