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Bella sat on the couch in her large room pulling her younger sister's soft light brown hair into two pigtails.

" Thank you Bella!" Kristen yelled happily. She looked like an average 6 year old.

" Sure Kris." Bella got up and went into the adjoining bathroom to get a hair scrunchie for her to tie her own chocolate brown hair up in a messy ponytail. She smiled slightly when she looked in the mirror and saw her reflection: a seventeen-year-old body that would stay that way forever. Her features were flawless, not to brag or anything but they were. Her body was curvy and petite. Her nose was slightly pointed and her lips were luscious. Her hair went a little bit past her shoulders and her bangs were parted to the side. She looked beautiful, but she couldn't help it being what she was and all.

A vampire. That's what she is. That's what everyone in the house that they were living in is. They are the walking dead. They are the monsters you fear at night, the soulless creatures that lounge in the dark, the animals that evoke the fear in your hearts.

That's bull and Bella and her family knew it. The legends about them are a disgrace. Most of it is a lie but then some of it isn't. They do drink blood but Bella and her coven are what vampires call vegetarian; they don't drink from humans. They are proud of that. They have learned to control their bloodlust for humans over the centuries.

Bella took Kristen's cold hand in her equally cold one and they glided gracefully down the stairs. Tristan was lying lopsidedly on the couch, flipping through the channels. He looked up when he heard and smelled Bella coming down the steps. He smiled at them and then turned his attention back to the television. Elizabeth sat next to him, filing her nails. Aiden was very into his Nintendo DS and didn't look like he was about to quit anytime soon. Jason and Vincent were in the game room playing on the ps2 and yelling obscenities very loudly.

" Stop freakin yelling! It hurts our too goddamn sensitive ears!" Tristan yelled, stopping channel surfing for a second.

"Oooow!!!!! What is wrong with you Tristan?! We are all sitting right here and we are vampires too so we too have the too goddamn sensitive hearing thing!" Elizabeth reprimanded, slapping the back of his head.

"Ow!" Tristan yelped.

Aiden quickly stopped the yelling by using his power to control people. " You all stop now or I will make you all kill yourselves." It was an empty threat but they all stopped bickering. Aiden was changed when he was 10 so he doesn't look very old but he is really older than Aaron, who took up the role of being dad. Aiden has been around for 8,382 years, not including his human years. Aiden, who saw that Aaron wouldn't make it without being changed, changed Aaron when he was 27.Then came Elizabeth. A bear in the woods attacked her when she was around 15 and when Aiden brought her home she was bleeding profusely. Aaron took the honor of changing her, reigning over his thirst for human blood and proving to himself that he could be good. Bella was found by Elizabeth out in the woods as well. Bella isn't sure what had happened out there but only knew that she is truly thankful towards Aaron for changing her and saving her life. Bella found Jason and then Kristen and then Vincent and that was their family. Tristan was a lone vampire and didn't have anyone so Bella's family took him in.

They love each other and banter playfully but have to watch what they are doing because their powers are dangerous. Aaron can see what others are doing at any time and place. Aiden could control people. Controlling the weather is what Elizabeth does. Jason could sense others' emotions and change them. Tristan was twice as fast, strong and alert in every way as any normal vampire. Kristen controls the elements: earth, wind, fire, and water. Vincent could see what might happen in the future and then there is Bella. Bella has a very strong power, one that took her over one hundred years to control. Bella can read minds, and when she comes into contact with other vampires, she can take their power and use it for however long she pleases. They were one of the strongest groups of vampires around and well respected by all of their kind.

" You guys wanna go to the mall or something?" Bella asked her sisters, who were obviously getting impatient with the boys.

"Yay!" Kristen yelped and ran upstairs and was back in 5 seconds, dressed and ready to go.

"Ok. I have to get dressed. Will you help me Bella?" Elizabeth asked.

"Ok, Liza." Bella said and they both ran up the three flights of stairs to Elizabeth's room. She had a few sofas and recliners and a little coffee table and to top it all off, a huge big screen plasma TV complete with DVD player. They quickly scanned through her closet and Bella pulled out a maroon tank top, designer jeans and a pair of gray chucks.

Bella then went to pick out her own clothes and pulled out her favorite frayed denim skirt and a black tank top that conformed to her shape nicely. They were down stairs in 2 minutes.

" Will you come Tristan?" Bella asked sweetly.

" I don't know. Do you want me to?"

" Just say yes or no, Tristan."

"Alright, alright. But only because I know you want me too because you think that I am oh so freakin hott." He got off the chair and walked over to them, draping his arm around Bella's shoulders.

Bella rolled her eyes conspicuously. " Anyone else coming?"

Jason was there in the blink of an eye with his arm around Elizabeth's waist. Vincent and Aiden got up too. They walked out to the garage. Bella drove a midnight black Ferrari F430 Spyder and brought Aiden, Elizabeth and Kristen. Tristan hauled along the rest in his black Toyota FTX truck.