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"For what?"

"For custody of Samantha."


Jordan sat in the small courtroom in Cameron alongside Matt and Gil, trying to hide her nervousness. She knew that she shouldn't be nervous, but she was. After all, it wasn't every day that your ex-boyfriend calls you to tell you that he suing for custody of his daughter. She knew most of the nerves were for Jeff. She really hoped that he would win. From the few times she had talked to Jamie, she knew that some of the accidents Samantha had been no fault of the three year old just playing. She also knew some of the nerves were for her, in case she had to be called to testify. She looked over at Jeff, who was in conversation with his attorney, before turning to Gil. "Shouldn't this have started by now?" she whispered.

"It should have, but neither Jamie, nor her attorney are present." He answered.

"This is the fourth day," Matt said, "She better show up today."

Just as Jordan was going to comment, Jamie's attorney walked in, "I apologize for being late your Honor."

"Where is your client Mr. Archer?"

"We would like to have an extension,"

"I will not ask again, where is your client?"

"I do not know sir." Mr. Archer stated. "I have not been in contact with her since we were here on Monday. I would like a twenty-four hour extension so I am able to get a hold of Miss Shaffer."

"I granted that for you on Tuesday Mr. Archer." The judge pushed his glasses up. "It is now Thursday. You stated that you would have your client here, and yet she is not. I will have no choice but to grant Mr. Hardy's request. Would both parties please stand.

"Most courts favor the mother of any minor children when this type of situation arises. This court has granted the defense multiple requests in the past week, and with nothing to show for it. I find this to be a matter of noncompliance on their part. As such, in the matter of Mr. Jeffrey Nero Hardy versus Miss Jamie Alexandra Shaffer, I find in favor of Mr. Hardy. I also find that, since Miss Shaffer would like to waste the court's time, she is responsible for the court's fees since the start of this trial. Please bring in the minor child." He said to the bailiff.

Jordan was sitting in Matt's house, watching as the family and friends gathered around Jeff, congratulating him on getting custody of his daughter. Jordan was happy for him as well, but couldn't stop the thoughts coursing through her mind. She jumped a little when Samantha pulled at her pants. "Hi sweetie."

"Are you new mommy now?"

"No sweetheart, I'm not." Jordan picked up the little girl and sat her on her lap. "But I can be your friend if you want me to be."

"Kay." She leaned her head on Jordan's shoulder. "Daddy say I no see my mommy for a while."

"Yeah, it might be for a little while."

"You belly kick me."

"It did?" Jordan asked, putting Samantha back on the floor. "Where did you feel it at?"

"There." Samantha poked Jordan, who put her hand there.

"Oh wow. I guess it did kick you, huh?"

"What's going on over here?" Jeff asked, walking over.

"Jodan belly kick me." Samantha said.

Jeff's eyes got big. "The baby kicked?"

"First time." She said. "Wow, it just kicked again."

"Can I feel it?" Jeff asked, crouching down next to her.

Jordan nodded as Jeff pressed his hand against her stomach. "Whoa," he whispered.

"Yeah," Jordan whispered, biting her lip.


Jordan sat in her chair, grateful to be home. After spending one week in Cameron, and meeting up with her dad, she was happy to have her weary body be home. It also didn't help that her stomach looked like she had swallowed a basketball either. At 20 weeks pregnant, she didn't think she'd be this big, but according to her grandmother it was to be expected. "All women carry differently," her grandmother had said. Rubbing her stomach she sighed. Deciding she needed some family time, she picked up the phone and called Rebecca to see if she wanted to bring her half-brother and sister over.

After Jeff got everything situated for having Samantha full time did he call and let Vince know. Jeff was going to be put on, what was called, half schedule, pretty much meaning that he wouldn't be on the road as much as the other superstars; only doing things every other week when needed. He sighed as he watched Samantha playing with the dogs. He knew what he did was right, but still felt guilty about taking his daughter away from her mother.

Jordan pressed her cell phone closer to her ear, gritting her teeth as the phone continued to ring. 'Come on', she thought. 'Answer the freaking phone.' It rang a few more times before an answering machine came on.

"Hey, you've reached Jeff,"

"And Samantha", a little girl's voice squealed in the background.

"And Samantha," Jeff's deep southern accent transitioned, "We can't answer the phone right now, so if you could, leave us a message and we'll get back to you."

Jordan grinned at the outgoing message before hearing the beep. "Hey guys, it's Jordan." She said, "I was just calling to let you know that my next doctor's appointment is in two weeks. Call me back if you can make it. Talk to you guys later." She debated on saying 'I love you', but decided against it and hung up the phone. Sighing, she rubbed her hand across her stomach. "Either you didn't like the peanut butter and banana sandwich, or you loved it so much that you're making me gassy."

As Jordan waited for Jeff to call back, she started cleaning. While she was doing this, her stomach contracted painfully a few times. After a few hours of feeling like this, Jordan had had enough. She grabbed her phone and called Rebecca. "Hey Rebecca, can you give me a ride to the doctor?"

"What's wrong?" Rebecca asked, hearing the sharp gasp of breath on the other end of the line.

"I'm not sure. It feels like I'm in labor, but I don't know."

"Give me two minutes and I'll be there."


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