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Make This Go On Forever

Chapter One: Changes

The final year. It had finally arrived after a summer of war, death, and emotional breakdowns. But overall, the Order had won and things were finally returning to peace. But peace didn't come without pain. And with the pain came change, change of outlook, and change of personalities. These changes were expected. No one was going to stay the same after what had occurred.

Draco Malfoy looked around him at his fellow students. Some, the older ones, were marked with scars from battle physically and emotionally. Some of those students were to never return this year, as they were insane, too emotionally ruined, or simply dead. The younger ones were affected just as badly having had family in the war. Draco himself had suffered. He'd been in the battle and fought for his life. He was arrested and placed in front of a jury to face his life outcome. He had been freed seeing as he was young and influenced easily. His parents, however, were no so lucky. Draco had to sit and watch in horror and emotional heartbreak as his parents were given the kiss and sent too Azkaban to live a soulless, pointless life. The image and memory of his mother's scream forever haunted his nightmares turning him to try and find a way to escape. His escape was through drugs, sex, and alcohol.

Being Headboy, this was wrong. In fact even if he wasn't Headboy, or prefect it was still wrong of him. But to Draco, it was his escape from reality and a pain filled memories. He loved it. What else was there for him too love?


Hermione Granger looked around her at her friends, taking in their changes. Harry, once so happy to be going back to school looked lost and silent. He had faced the worse and lost the most despite defeating Voldemort with the lost Dumbledore's help. Ron seemed older physically and mentally. Like Hermione, he had been by Harry's side step by step and seen the devastation and done their fair share of killing with Harry. Ginny, once a bright and bouncing girl, she had quietened down greatly after witnessing her brother, Percy, take the death curse to spare her life.

They all had lost loved ones and friends. Neville Longbottom was lost, Mad Eye Moody went down fighting, Kingsley Shacklebolt was barely holding onto life at St Mungo's and Tonks was paralysed from her waist down and battling depression like Harry.

Hermione was more studious then ever. Once the battle ended she dove into her books and only surfaced for meals, toilet breaks, sleep, and showers. Her maturity had soared throughout the ordeal helping her land the position of Headgirl.

"We should get on the train," said Hermione softly breaking the long silence.

Her friend's nodded and they walked to the train passing the lone Draco Malfoy who watched them in silence, not once offering a snide remark.

Hermione walked behind her friends and came to a halt with them not noticing. She turned and headed back down the corridor carrying her cat's cage and bag heavy with books. She found the compartment with the metal plague stating Head Compartment and walked in, shutting the door behind her. She doubted her friend's would notice, as all three were lost in their own thoughts.

Sitting down, Hermione lost herself in her world of learning not caring for anything else but to escape reality into another world all together. She loved it. For Hermione, she had little else to love.


Draco shut the door behind him and yanked the thin white object from his pocket and used his wand to light the end up. He breathed in the heavenly drug and let out a long silent sigh of relief. He loved the feeling and he couldn't get enough of it. He knew the toilet would reek when he left, but he didn't care. The feeling was worth all the possible punishment and criticism in the world.

After finishing he left, earning a disgusted look from a second year girl. He wandered down the corridor in utter bliss and stumbled into the Head Compartment startling the Gryffindor inside reading. He sat across from her and looked at her.

"So. You got the spot," he said with a grin, "Figured as much."

Hermione looked at him as she turned the page of her book, "Well I can't say the same to you, but congratulations anyway."

"Since when were you nice?"

"Always have been – too a select few. I'm just not in any mood to start an argument. Beside's, you don't exactly seem yourself anyway."

Draco merely shrugged and tapped his foot impatiently. It was wearing off. He needed to find something to do. It would be dangerous to go about lighting a joint again with the toilets already smelling. He needed something long lasting, but not obvious. Drinking was out of the question… but sex most certainly was not. He glanced over at Hermione then snorted at the idea. Shagging the Gryffindor? Impossible. She was too picture perfect to consider a one time shag. Beside's, they were to work together all year, so to sleep with her would make things difficult.

He stood and left hunting for some good sex anywhere. He peered in random doors until the perfect lay came along – Romilda Vane. He'd done her before so she would know the drill – no romantic talk before or after, no strings attached, just plain old good sex.

He walked into the compartment she was in alone and shut the door behind him yanking the curtain across the window and locking the door with a few spells.


"Vane. You should know what I want," he said bluntly, "Up for it?"

"Don't know. Some girl is saying you left one of the toilets smelling like marijuana."

"So what? Does it concern you in anyway? I'm still good for a shag."

Romilda eyed him before shrugging. She walked over to him and pushed him down onto the seat before straddling him as her lips attacked his hungrily. This was what he needed to escape the thoughts, the memories. He yanked off her blouse and nipped and kissed her skin all over before they moved down onto the ground, as the seats weren't exactly made for this kind of activity. Romilda unbuckled his pants and slid them down with his boxers before running her hand over his hardened member. Draco bit back a groan as Romilda grinned down at him wickedly. She slowly and seductively pulled her panties down and straddled him once more as he entered her fully.

Before long the pair were moaning and groaning. Draco rolled Romilda underneath him, wanting too gain some control in the speed of things. They were going too fast for his liking. He wanted to draw the entire thing out to keep his thoughts at bay. He slowed down earning a painful, yet lust filled groan from Romilda as she dug her nails into his arms. Draco trailed his lips over her breasts, neck, jaw line and lips.

"T-this is only one time?" asked Romilda before moaning as Draco thrust into her once more.

"Yeah," nodded Draco covering her lips with his to stop the unnecessary talk.

Romilda leant back, "Why? It could be real."

"That would ruin it. Just shut up and enjoy it."

Draco sped his movements up causing Romilda to emit a loud groan. She was reaching her peak. Draco was suddenly moved underneath Romilda as she rode him hard and fast before both reached their climaxes with groans of pleasure.


"You're kidding me?" asked Hermione in disgust as the carriage took them towards Hogwarts, "How do you know?"

"Lavender saw him leave the compartment after all the noise," shrugged Ginny, "Romilda has been acting smug about it claiming that was their second ' special' time."

"Does it really matter whom Malfoy shag's?" asked Ron in annoyance, "The school knows more about his sex life then they do about their personal ones."

The four fell silent, each with an amused look at Ron's comment. It was the first moment that came close to being light hearted. Hermione looked out the window at Hogwarts and sighed. She was back at school, home, or whatever anyone wanted to call it.

The carriage came to a stop and everyone climbed out dressed in their proper uniform. The four looked up at the castle in silence, each remembering Dumbledore and how this would be a completely different school without the wise, knowing all, Professor.

In the Great Hall people sat around talking quietly. Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan looked across from them mournfully at where Neville would normally sit. His seat had been left vacant out of respect. Ron sat beside it and gave the plates a sad look, as did his friends.

"Almost everyone is back," commented Ron earning a shrug from Harry.

"Have you been craving the treacle tart, Harry?" asked Ginny.

Again the shrug.

"I wonder who the Defence teacher is this year," said Hermione, "Do you Harry?"

"I really couldn't care less about tart or school," replied Harry coolly, "Just drop it already."

Hermione, Ron and Ginny all looked at each other silently before turning to look up at McGonagall who stood at the podium with the aide of her walking stick.

"Welcome back everyone," she said in her loud crisp, clear voice, "The summer has been a torturous one for all. Yet we triumphed over evil. Now, let us begin the sorting."

McGonagall sat down and Professor Flitwick walked in leading in the new, nervous first years. The 140 students looked around the Great Hall in awe as they walked between the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw tables.

"Adams, Angela!" called Flitwick in his excited voice.

The young raven-haired girl walked up to the stool and sat silently for a moment before the rip in the hat opened to yell out the decision.


The Gryffindor table cheered as the young girl ran down and took her place as the sorting continued.


Draco picked at his chicken and looked at his fellow housemates. Pansy wasn't the same. She was quiet and kept to herself. Blaise was dead with Crabbe and Goyle. Draco had no one to keep him company anymore. Absolutely no one.

Dessert appeared and Draco took a slice of the Danish Apple Pie and slowly ate it wanting to escape the Great Hall to his room where he could drink him self-silly and smoke all he wanted before passing out to sleep.

"Before you all leave," said McGonagall capturing the school's attention half an hour later, "There are a few notices to be said. As normal, the Forbidden Forest is out of bounds. Mr Filch has a notice on his office door of all banned items. It currently holds over one thousand items. Now too your head students. The Headgirl for this year is Miss Hermione Granger of Gryffindor. The Headboy is Mr Draco Malfoy of Slytherin."

McGonagall paused as the students clapped in congratulations, although there were questioning looks about Draco being made the Headboy after everything that occurred over the summer.

"Could Miss Granger and Mr Malfoy please meet me in the Entrance Hall in ten minutes," finished McGonagall, "Enjoy your evening and year back at Hogwarts."

A minute before the ten minutes was up; Draco stood and headed out of the Great Hall to the Entrance Hall. His hands were clammy as he was hanging for a joint and when he was in need of one he became moody and pale. Hermione was already waiting with her nose stuck in a book. What else was new?

"Learning how to get a guy, Granger?" asked Draco coolly. It really was his need for his drug that was doing the talking, but who cared? He certainly didn't.

"Very mature words, Malfoy," was the reply from behind the book, "Would you like a certificate for your effort?"

"Oh, nasty."


"Good evening Mr Malfoy and Miss Granger," said McGonagall loudly breaking up the mounting swap of words, "Congratulations both on this rewarding position. Now, I am sure you both a well aware that as Heads you are to work together closely, which requires co-operation between you both. Now, due to this you both will share living quarters in the east wing of the castle. No arguments. I have heard them all in my years working here."

Hermione and Draco both shut their open mouths and began following McGonagall through the castle. They walked up numerous staircases and through a multitude of corridors before Hermione was sure they were at the highest level of Hogwarts.

"Here we are," said McGonagall gesturing to a painting of the Great Hall, "This painting changes everyday. You will see a different part of the school each day. It helps confuse people when they come looking for your tower. Always remember it is in between the paintings of Melena Westward and Henry the Homeless. The password is Slythindor."

McGonagall left and Hermione said the password. The portrait split in the middle and slid open revealing a stone staircase leading upwards. Hermione walked up them first followed by Draco. Hermione reached the top first and entered the common room. Directly in front of her across the room was the fireplace with two navy blue lounges on either side with a wooden coffee table in between. To the left was a table with four chairs around it with a wall length glass doors with a silver frame behind it. Heavy navy curtains were pulled back on either side. Too the right was a wall length bookcase with it full of random books about anything and everything. Then there were three doors. The middle one held a sign saying 'Bathroom' while the other two were blank but with different coloured handles. The door closet to the bookcases had a silver handle while the one furthest away had a gold handle.

Hermione headed over to the golden handled door and walked into a while walled room with maroon skirtings. The floor was wooden with a maroon rug at the foot of the maroon silk quilted bed. The pillows were golden with a single white one in the middle. Curled up asleep on Hermione's bed was Crookshanks. Hermione smiled at her cat and looked around her room. Her wardrobe was in the corner beside her window at the far end of the room, while her desk was in the corner near the doorway. Her bedside tables already had the lamps lit with her photo's placed neatly.

She could get used to this, even if she did have to live with the Prince of Sex.


Draco walked into his room. White walls with forest green skirtings and green curtains. His bed had a silk forest green quilt with silver pillows, with the middle one being black. He walked over to his desk and grabbed his bag and pulled out a joint. He was about to light when the opening and closing of the bathroom door caught his ears. If Hermione smelt the scent of his joint she would hit the roof then tell McGonagall. Now what? He was desperate for it. He walked over to the window and opened it before casting a spell on the door cracks to not let any smells exit his room. He lit the joint up and took a long drag with a smile on his lips. He loved it. To him, this was paradise. He took another drag and headed over to his trunk. He opened it and found it empty. Panic struck him as he lifted the fake bottom and, with relief, revealed his stash of fire whiskey, veela vodka, and rum. He grabbed the bottle of veela vodka and opened it before guzzling down a quarter of the bottle. He fell back onto his bed and stared up at the ceiling wondering what the year would bring him.

Surely things couldn't get any worse? They were sure to get better. He looked at his joint before taking a drag and sighing. It was a habit he needed to kick. But for now he didn't want too. For now he wanted to enjoy the feeling it gave him. Just as he took a swig he realised he needed to pee. And to pee meant he needed to leave his room smelling of marijuana with breath reeking of alcohol. And in the common room – reading no doubt – was Hermione.

It was a risk he needed to take some time. Beside's, how could she possibly notice with her head stuck in a book?

He finished his joint and hid the half drank bottle in his desk draw. He opened the door and walked out finding Hermione reading one of the books on the bookcase. He quickly entered the bathroom and peed before deciding to shower. Thankfully he had a personal towel available with his initials sewn into it beside Hermione's. After showering he left wrapped in his towel, as Hermione stood dressed in her hipster ¾ pyjama pants and a snug baby blue singlet.

"Sorry," said Hermione walking over to her room and entering.

Draco just watched as she shut the door. He snorted to himself then muttered, "Who knew that the mudblood has a body like that?" Laughing to himself he entered his room to spend the night getting drunk.


"Good morning Harry," greeted Hermione the next day sitting down beside him at breakfast.

"Morning," he muttered picking at his poached eggs on wholemeal toast.

"You know, when you put food on your plate you generally eat it."

"I'm not that hungry."

Hermione sighed and gave up trying to talk with him. Ginny and Ron arrived and both didn't even bother to try and chat with Harry. Glancing at Ginny, Hermione saw the longing and pain in her friend's eyes as she looked at Harry. Ginny loved Harry and obviously wanted the Harry she loved to return.

Ginny caught Hermione looking and gave a small smile, "So… the head common room. Is it interesting?"

"Cosy I guess. We never did find out who was teaching Defence last night did we?" replied Hermione curiously.

"Not many defence teachers left, I guess," said Ron, "Or they just didn't arrive last nigh-"

Ron never finished, as he looked at the teacher's table with his mouth hanging open. Hermione and Ginny both looked up to see what Ron was gaping at. Sitting beside Hagrid talking and laughing was Charlie Weasley.

"What is Charlie doing here?" frowned Ginny before realising the answer on her own, "He couldn't be."

"Maybe he is helping Hagrid with a lesson on Dragon's," suggested Hermione though she doubted it was true, "Or, being his brother and sister, you both could walk up and ask."

"Why don't we just wait for the timetables?" asked Ron, "He could merely be visiting."

"What would be so bad about having your brother teaching DADA?"

"Oh I don't know, maybe he could try and embarrass us with old tales?"

"Ron, Charlie wouldn't do that. I mean, come on, he is your brother. Not your mother."

"Hey, we have a new transfiguration teacher as well," said Ginny pointing to a woman with wavy blonde hair sitting beside Flitwick.

"I wonder if she is any good," murmured Hermione before returning to her breakfast.

The three fell silent and ate in silence before Hagrid came walking over to them with a stack of papers. The four all looked up in surprise as he handed them their timetables.

"Hagrid, are you the Head of House?" asked Ron in surprise.

"Sure am. I'm the only former Gryffindor who is able to take it, despite being expelled and all," replied Hagrid looking proud of him self.

Hermione smiled, "Congratulation's Hagrid. You really deserve it. I take it Professor Slughorn is in charge of Slytherin again?"

"Yer he is. He was reluctant at first but there was no one else ter take it."

Hagrid moved on and the four looked at the timetable. Sure enough, Charlie was the DADA teacher and the new woman's name was Professor A. Sinclair. The first lesson for the day was double potions followed by charms.

"Brilliant," groaned Ron, "I hate potions."


Draco sat in his seat slouched in a bored manner. He looked around the room quickly before taking a swig from a flask in his bag. He couldn't exactly run off to have one of his quick drug rushes or feed his need for sex. Ever since he'd seen Hermione in her snug yet not entirely revealing pyjamas he'd been craving for it. As he slipped his flask away in walked the said Gryffindor talking to Ron with a mute Harry following with a drag in his step. Talk about depressing, Harry was oozing with it.

Draco eyed the Gryffindor boy off and rolled his eyes. Harry thought he had it bad. At least he didn't have to witness his parents being given the kiss.

The remaining class member's walked in, or limped in – that was Justin Finch Fletchley – before Slughorn arrived to begin the lesson.

It was boring, in Draco's mind anyway. A simple healing potion. Draco knew he was gifted at potions, despite what many believed. Last year he barely scraped through thanks to Voldemort's orders, but this year he had no excuse for failing the subject.

"Excellent Mr Malfoy," said Slughorn walking past, "I am having a little welcoming back party this Saturday, and you, young man, are invited."

Draco gave a nod as he walked over to the Gryffindor's. As Draco sat back letting his potion simmer for the set time he looked over at the Gryffindor's.

"Excellent Miss Granger! You are invited as well to the party on Saturday. Mr Weasley… that would do minimal healing. Good work though… Mr Potter. What has happened here? It looks more likely to wound people!"

Draco watched as Harry shrugged in reply.

"Mr Potter," sighed Slughorn walking over to his desk and filling out a note before handing it to Harry, "Perhaps this will help with matter's. I understand that Miss Weasley will be there as well."

"Where will Ginny be?" asked Ron worriedly.

"Run along now Mr Potter."

"Professor, where is Ginny?"

"Seeing someone Mr Weasley. I am sure you should know what about. I do not wish to discuss personal matters in front of everyone," snapped Slughorn as Harry walked out with his bag in silence.

Draco raised his eyebrows as Hermione patted Ron on the shoulder before turning back to her potion. The trio had gone weird since the war in Draco's opinion. Harry was depressed, Ron had his personality switched from a jumping at conclusion's person to an understanding mature person, and Hermione just became more of the mature, level headed, bookworm.

"Mr Malfoy, is your potion finished?" called Slughorn, "And your's Miss Granger?"

Draco glanced at his watch and nodded before putting some into a vial and standing to take it to his Professor as Hermione did the same.

"Excellent. Both of you can begin your essay's on this potion. I want 12 inches on how this potion is more suited for deep gashes then any other healing product."

"Joy," muttered Draco heading back up to his desk, "Homework already."

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