The Man Behind the Cloak

A Yuffitine story! I don't know if it is good, but I decided to put it in first person! I noticed that it was hard to write a good Yuffitine….. I hope this one counts as a good Yuffitine….probably not, but I tried my best!

Disclaimer: I do not own Yuffie, Vincent, or any other characters mentioned in this story! Summery provided by my dear Kysic.

He was always the silent one in our rag-tag group. The quiet figure in red that lingered in the background, the mysterious Vincent Valentine. Every thing about him was mysterious. He looked mysterious, he acted mysterious, his deep strange voice sounded mysterious, he even smelled mysterious. Not that I knew what he smells like anyways. I mean, one could hardly get close to him without getting the feeling of being frozen.

What I meant is that he was shrouded by a cloak of unanswered questions, covering up his past and everything about him. The only thing that remained was a tall pale man with long raven hair, red eyes that hid all emotions, a long red cloak and one golden claw.

I don't know much about him, no one in the group knew much about him, actually. He doesn't allow contact, physical or emotional. He was a cold red statue, occasionally springing into life to give some advice. A magical statue. A magical, breathing, attractive statue. Not that I thought he looks attractive. He was way too old for me. Ahem.

Cid liked to use him as a threat, to keep me quiet. I don't talk that much… "Keep yer mouth shut brat, or else that vampire in red will come and suck all yer blood out, in the middle o' the night!" What does the old geezer think I am, a little baby? I'm a dignified 16 year old ninja, not a sniveling little brat who gets scared by a threat about a vampire.

Vincent doesn't look much like a vampire anyways. He seems lost half the time, as if he was searching for something, but what do I know about it. I'm not too deep into that kind of philosophical thinking. I prefer to think simple. Vincent Valentine is too deep, too intimidating, too complicated, too….out there. He's something from beyond of my comfort zone.

Of course I, Yuffie the ninja, tried to bring this foreign object into my comfort zone. I talked to him when he was alone in the corner, tried small touches, everything in my pestering abilities, every trick in my book, just to try and get him to open up a bit, to show me a bit of that face behind the red cloak, raven hair, and that cold marble mask that shows only one expression.

It was all a failure. He doesn't respond back. He was even more distant after our small talks and my light touches. He shied even more from human contact, often locking himself in his room on the airship. But I didn't give up, no I didn't. Yuffie the great ninja does not give up. I will keep trying. I will make sure that I am there on the day he sheds that cloak of mystery around him and show himself to the world.

Finally, it was time for the final battle against Sephiroth. I don't know how to feel. It's just a bunch of mixed feelings and "if" questions swirling around in my stomach, which in addition to my airsickness made me feel as if Sephiroth's long blade had already pierced through my stomach. Did I say already? I need to stop being so pessimistic. They needed to make a guide book that tells you what you should feel like before fighting a maniac that wanted to conquer the world. It would certainly make everything much simpler.

"Yuffie." A voice behind me startled me out of my thoughts. I turn and realized that I was blocking up the whole walkway of the swaying airship. Vincent Valentine stood behind me, his face, as usual, vacant of all emotions.

"H-hey Vinnie." I used that much hated nickname of his, just to pester him, just to bring some emotion to that blank slate with the twin red orbs. Nothing. Apparently he was not even bothered with the affectionate nicknames; either that or my pestering skills were not at its highest peek, since I was puking all over the place here.

Vincent stood there, waiting for me to move out of the way. It would be awkward to cross, that would involve pressing against me to squeeze by this cramped hallway. Something Vincent Valentine would never attempt. I didn't move, daring him to cross.

"Can you believe it? We've gotten so far." I tried to strike up a conversation, like always there was no reply. I could be talking to a wall for all I know. A very good looking wall, I have to admit to myself.

"Come on Vinnie, aren't you at least a bit nervous?" I, myself, laughed nervously and tried to give him a friendly poke on the chest. The airship swerved, jerking me forward along with my stomach. That damned old man must be getting senile, driving the airship like this.

I bent over and gagged, nothing came up; my stomach is already emptied of all contents. Disgusting, yes, but true. A hand rested on my back, carefully and gently patting it, not at all hesitant on the contact. I continue to gag until I feel that my whole stomach will come up. I finally stop and weakly look up.

Vincent's hand rests on my shoulder. His face still empty, but his eyes—something was different in that short second. Then it was gone. Back to the cold fire that burns in his red eyes.

"Are you ok, Yuffie?" I stare at him; his normally cold voice was warm with slight concern. I smile happily and suddenly had a strange impulse to hug him. I did.

I didn't look up, but I could imagine a look of shock on his face, or maybe a look of anguish, or disgust for I felt his body stiffen against my touch. I don't really care. I held him close and breathed in his scent. That scent of mystery was there, along with a soapy clean smell. I liked both, they calm me down, and making the entangled emotions in my stomach unties themselves. So of course I pulled him in even closer.

"Yuffie." I can't pick out anything from his voice. I was never good at that.

"Yuffie." This time though, the stiffness in was so apparent in his rich, dark chocolate voice that even I can hear it. I still didn't want to look up, because when I do his face will make me realize what I am doing right now. I had wanted to see an emotion displayed on his face, but now that I have the chance, I dare not look up. My hands tightened, reluctant to let go.

"Please, Yuffie." He was begging me. His hands grab my arms; one warm and the other cold as ice. They pried my thin arms apart, away from the reassuring solidness of his body. I reluctantly let go, the clean smell still lingering. I looked down on the floor, ashamed, not even daring to look up. Gloved hands griped my chin and force me to look up into his eyes which bore holes in my own. They looked so unhappy that it made me want to cry out in despair.

"Vincent…" I muttered, face flushed, thinking about what I was attempting to do next. Hey, if I got as far as hugging this vampire why not finished the job? I swallowed, then put my arms around his neck and pull him in for a soft kiss, for good luck. Now at least I can die happy, for I know what Vincent's lips feel like. They were so soft….and warm. I was going to do a kiss and run but as I pull away I got the most unexpected reaction from Vincent. His arms wrapped around my small body as he leaned in for another kiss, more passionate than the one I had given him.

He pushed me against the cramped hallway, crushing his body into mine, his tongue exploring every nook in my mouth, he tasted like….I can't pin it down, it was all a mystery, but I'm well on my way to solving this riddle. His hands sent shivers down my spine as they ran up and down my exposed thighs.This is the advantage of wearing shorts. I feel like a warm bundle of joy. I was all his, and he was happy with me in his arms. But one word from this man shattered that illusion.

"Lucrecia," Vincent moaned, his voice full of lust. He pushed harder against me. He wanted more, his warm lips moved to my neck, desperate, as his sharp claws tangled onto the material of my shirt, tugging, pulling, unraveling. He wanted me. No, he wanted her.

The realization that he was whispering someone else's name while he was kissing me sent a cold shiver up my spine, much different from the feeling I had when Vincent's gloved hand slid sensually up and down my thigh. I froze, the warmth suddenly disappeared, and the golden claw place on my thigh seemed so cold that it was hot.

"Lucrecia," he whispered, this time in my ear, giving small nibbles of lust. He was so lost, his breath cold against my skin.

"Vincent." My voice seems to have broken his trance. The dreamy look in his eyes vanished as he snapped back into reality. He looked at me, confused then horrified as he realize what we had just done. His hand darted from my thigh like it burned, and he pushed me back so violently that I was crushed further into the cold wall. I hiss in pain as my head smacked against the metal wall.

"I'm sorry Yuffie. I'm a monster, I shouldn't have…." He drops off, afraid to finish his sentence. Vincent looked at me again and easily caught the look of longing in my eyes. Unlike me, he has a way of seeing emotions. He looked away, as if my desire for him disgusts him.

"Maybe…..maybe someday…." He glanced at me as I muttered the words. They were useless, shriveling up and falling to the ground like the drops of saltwater that were now dripping unnoticed down my cheek.

"Maybe someday…. when I've finished atoning for my sins….maybe…" But now he probably had a new sin to add to his list. I sobbed quietly, not wanting him to feel even guiltier. He didn't notice my shoulder heave as I gasped for breath, or the tears that were falling to the ground, one drop after another. He wouldn't even look at me.

He turned and walked away, not looking back, his metallic boots getting further and further away from me. I crouched down against the wall, waiting for that someday when he won't seem as complicated, that someday when that man behind the cloak reveals himself for me to see.

Poor Yuffie. I've never written a Yuffitine before but I have admired many other Yuffitine works…'s such a complicated relationship, but then again any relationship with Vincent Valentine will be complicated because he's such a complicated person. Well I hope you enjoyed this and tell me in your reviews!