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This here is my next major work. Like Sensei this story is going to be AU and Link/Zelda. The only main difference is that this isn't going to be a high school story, which I think many people will find refreshing, especially from me.

Once again, many elements from Sensei are going to be incorporated into this; the same old stuff, really: last names, settings, etc.

Summary time: Zelda Harkinian, eighteen and fresh out of high school, moved out of her quiet and uneventful existence in the suburbs of Hyrule Castle Town into the fast lane: Downtown Castle Town. Ever since she was a child, all she's ever wanted was to be a famous singer. She's wanted her face plastered on magazine covers, on billboards and on store posters. She's wanted to hear her songs on the radio, to see her album go triple Platinum, and to watch her singles climb the charts to the number one spot. She's wanted to be on stage receiving the Artist of the Year Award at the Ocarina Music Awards. Unfortunately, she's been very unsuccessful in achieving this dream, and for a good part of her life, it seemed as if that's all it would ever be—a dream. But one person believing in a dream is all it takes to make it happen, no matter how far fetched it is, right?

Link Avalon, twenty-seven, is a struggling executive of Rarity Records, a small record label on the brink of bankruptcy. He's on the prowl, searching high and low across Hyrule for the next biggest pop star. His boss, who is the CEO of Hylia Musical Entertainment, the parent company of the label he heads, has threatened him over and over that if he does not find "Hyrule's pop idol," he will be dismissed and Rarity Records will be shut down. Determined to keep his job, Link kicks his search into high gear. As of late, he has had no luck in finding anyone who would be a potential great among pop music, and his time is running out. Still, he strongly believes that somewhere, is the world's greatest undiscovered talent, and he'll stop at nothing to complete that goal.

This story will feature songs, all of which are written by me, all of which are from my personal songbooks. Some of them are going to be fixed so it's from a female's point of view, like "Fantasy" was in my one shot of the same name.

This is most likely going to be my longest story. I've had quite a few people call me out for not making my stories long enough, so this will hopefully please them.

This story, like Under Glass, will have an alternating point of view, starting with Zelda. For example, chapter one is narrated by Zelda, chapter two is narrated by Link, then back to Zelda, etc.

Please read before you continue: Please refer to the maps of Hyrule and and Hyrule Castle Town in my profile as you explore the Legend of Zelda world as it appears in this story. It's highly recommended that you do so. The maps are attached with all the details about my present-time Hyrule that you need to know.

I do not own The Legend of Zelda.

Charm Bracelet
Sir Joshizzle

"People have different ways of recording their memories so they have something to remind them of their pasts.
Some people write out journals and diaries, with each entry a written account of an event in a person's life.
Some people record them in pictures or on video, because like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.
Some people even keep weblogs on the Internet, giving them the opportunity to share their lives with the millions of people online.
Me? I keep a charm bracelet. Charm bracelets are special pieces of jewelry that carry ornaments and pendants,
which are tiny representations of memories of the wearer's life. When linked together, these charms create one giant story.

My life has had its ups and downs. There are memories that I think I'm better off forgetting about.
There are memories that I'd go through over and over just to feel the happiness of that time.
Be that as it may, they are still memories, and most importantly, they are my memories.
All of these songs are memories. They are representations of times in my life, both good and bad.
When linked together, these songs create one emotional story, one long chain of memories, one glittering charm bracelet."



I slowly slip my house key into the doorknob, and I turn it softly, hearing the tumblers inside the locks click. I turn the knob, opening the door, and I step inside the pitch-black room. Fumbling for the light switch as I run my hand on the wall, I finally feel a small nub protruding from the surface, and I flip it on, causing the overhead lights to turn on, revealing to me my drab and dreary apartment.

The walls are gray and dull, with permanent water stains on them and the wallpaper peeling off. The couches are beat up and worn out, with the stuffing falling out of the cushions. The lamps and the overhead lights flicker on and off occasionally. The kitchen is less than sanitary, with dirty dishes piling up in the sink, black spots on the ceiling above the stove due to many of the meals catching on fire, and many of the appliances in bad condition. There is one bathroom, one bedroom, and five tenants, with me included in that count. The four girls that I live with are Malon Adame, Ruto Sasis, Saria Martel, and Nabooru Calata. These four girls are my best friends, and they moved out of the Eastlake neighborhood in the Gateway Ward to Downtown Castle Town with me so we could all help each other fulfill our dreams. Given our shelter conditions, you can tell that we aren't exactly on the road to making our dreams realities.

Malon is whom I've known the longest. She's a really sweet girl, but definitely not the kind you'd want to make mad, because she can raise some serious hell when she's provoked. Underneath her pretty red hair and chocolate brown eyes lies the spirit of a fierce young woman. Her family owns the Lon Lon Ranch, a farm in the middle of the Hyrule Field Prefecture, but her parents sent her to live in Eastlake so she can pursue a better education than what is provided in Lon Lon Village, a small hamlet around the ranch that is home to about half a million people.

Ruto is someone I met in seventh grade, about two years after I met Malon in fifth grade. Ruto is a Zora, a group of humanoid amphibious fish who live in Zora's Domain, a secluded Zora settlement in the Shadow Prefecture that is home to about a million Zora. She's not very bright to say the least, but personally, I think she's just lazier than she is "stupid" as people say. She likes to shop—a lot. You'll probably go as far as to say she's an obsessive-compulsive shopaholic. She spends more than she makes, and her income isn't a whole lot, much like the rest of us, but I'll get to that later.

Saria I met in the middle of seventh grade. She's kind of short for her age, but she's no midget. She has a very nurturing, material instinct, and because of this, she's studying nursing at Southwestern Community College, which is a few blocks away from here. She plans on becoming a pediatrician or pursuing a job that she can incorporate her caring personality into. She's very sweet, and very polite, and she's a girl you can really count on when you're in need.

Nabooru is the girl out of the four that I've known the shortest. We met during freshman year in high school. She's one of the Gerudo, a tribe that lives in the deep western deserts of Hyrule in the Spirit Prefecture that is a predominantly matriarchal society. Because she comes from a group of people that is ruled by mainly women, she's a take-charge, independent kind of girl. She's the quintessential "woman president" kind of person, because she really takes matters into her hands, and she strives to break the stereotype of women only existing to serve men. She's the virtual exact opposite of Ruto. She has flowing red-brown hair, deep brown eyes, very tan skin, and a longer nose than a normal person. She's always scantly clad, wearing barely there outfits. However, she doesn't dress so revealing that you mistake her as a prostitute, because she knows better than to get involved in things like that. She dresses provocatively in a classy way, if that makes any sense at all.

Together, we feel like we can take on the world. Really, the only thing stopping us from doing so is our horrible lack of money.

Eastlake is a pretty upper-class neighborhood. It's a gated community, so you can pretty much base the rest of it off of that. But to go from that kind of environment to this definitely takes some getting used to.

I think I should explain just how we got into this predicament.

It was the day of our high school graduation, probably about four months ago. Malon and Saria, being honor students, were wearing the coveted white robe, while Nabooru, Ruto and I were in the traditional blue. I would have been in white that day, but for much of my high school career, I've been absent from class—so much that at times, I missed so many lessons that Ruto had higher grades than I did. The reason for my absences is because I'd always skip school to go to the recording studio to write, record and produce some songs for demo tapes. You see, for as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be a singer. I was singing before I could even talk. I took singing lessons for a very good portion of my life, and not to brag or anything, but I have a few octaves on my belt. I've been writing poetry and songs for as long as I can remember. There were songs on the radio that I thought paled in comparison to the ones that I wrote—not to sound full of myself. When I was in eighth grade, I finally decided that I wanted to be a famous singer, and that nothing and no one would try to get in my way or talk me out of it. So I looked around the city and made friends with some amateur unsigned record producers, and we started writing, recording and producing. There would be times that I wouldn't get home until three in the morning or something like that. So after I graduated high school—barely—I decided that I'd get nowhere if I just stayed in that confining suburb. So that night, while most of my classmates were partying, I packed up my things, wrote a note to my parents, and I snuck out of the house, catching a subway to the city core.

I cap my pen and put it in my purse and I lay it on my desk. I pick up my backpack and duffle bag full of my clothes and I exit my bedroom. I tip toe down the stairs, and as I descend, I see the dark living room and the flickering lights coming from the television. I peek over to the living room and I see Mom and Dad passed out on the sofa, cuddled together under a blanket. I smile warmly at them and blow them kisses, and I run towards the front door, trying my hardest not to make a sound. I slowly unlock the door and open it slowly. I take one more look at them, and I slowly close the door.

I turn around and I walk down the concrete path over to the sidewalk and I turn right in the direction towards the subway station. I turn the corner, making a right, and I jump in surprise as I see Malon, Saria, Nabooru and Ruto standing in front of me.

"Zel, where the hell do you think you're going?" Malon asks with an eyebrow cocked up.

The jig is up... Oh well.

"I was, um… I was planning to move into Castle Town proper," I explain.

"Is this about your singing?" Ruto asks, folding her arms.

"Yes…" I nod. "What are you gonna do, tell my parents?"

"No," Nabooru shakes her head. "We're just not letting you go alone."

I raise my eyebrows in confusion. "Huh?"

"We have to stick together," Saria pipes up. "It's too dangerous to move into the inner city alone, especially if you're a girl. We want in."

I stare at them for a little bit, taking in what Saria said. Then, a wide smile creeps upon my lips at that.

So we all got on a subway to Castle Town proper, and before we knew it, we were in the middle of Hylia Square, staring in awe at all the growing digital billboards and the neon signs. Unfortunately, we forgot one thing: money.

I was so caught up in my plan to move out that I totally forgot about packing money, and I bet it was the same for the girls. The money I brought was only enough for the subway, and a little bit of pocket change. We managed to get a little more money for an apartment, and that happened to be this little place. To get by, we all worked various odd jobs, but even then, the money we made combined is just a little over enough to pay for the month's rent; there's still a matter of food, clothing, whatever. The job I'm working now is as a cashier at the McDonald's in Hylia Square. The wage is a mediocre eight Rupees a day. Wow, aren't I living the fabulous life? Still, I guess I shouldn't be complaining because at least I'm raking in some money to say the most.

I got off at work around ten, and I hit the studio around eleven. None of my co producers were there, so I was on my own, writing songs for the four or so hours I was there. It's a little after three right now.

I walk through the living room and I turn off the lights with the two-way switch next to the bedroom door. I slowly open the door and I step inside the room.

The room is illuminated with the moonlight pouring in through the window. The one queen sized bed in the room has Malon and Nabooru sleeping in it, and the twin sized inflatable bed on the ground that we all bought together with some spare change we put together as Saria and Ruto on it.

I'm usually almost always the last person to come home, and the last person to leave the house.

I make my way past the inflatable mattress towards our makeshift stackable plastic drawers for my drawer with all my personal belongings. After a few seconds of digging, I pull out a small piece of jewelry: my charm bracelet.

This charm bracelet was my high school graduation present from my parents. I know it isn't much, but it's really the thought that counts, and I didn't need any flashy presents, anyway. I only have one charm on it, though, and that's a mortarboard. My plan is that for every significant moment or event that happens in my life, I'll go out and buy a charm that represents that event. So far, other than graduation, nothing really monumental has happened.

I gently place it back in the drawer and I reach for my iPod, one of the few things I kept from my life in Eastlake. There aren't many songs on it, though; just songs that I wrote and recorded in the studio, and I loaded it onto my iPod through the computer there. I push the drawer closed and I sit on the edge of the bed next to Nabooru, trying not to shake the mattress. I stick the ear buds in my ears and turn on the iPod. I look through the music library for a song to listen to, and I finally settle on a song that I wrote a few weeks ago called "The Only One." It has a pretty nice pop/R&B tune to it, and it's built around a guitar riff that one of the musicians I worked with made. It's sounds like something that would be called a "summer anthem" on the radio, you know? A really down-home beat and mellow vocals.

Once upon a time
We were unbreakably tight
But as time turned the page
You slipped away and took flight
And now all I can do
Is reminisce about you
But though you're so far away
My love burns all through the night and day

Even though you're with someone else
What we had is beyond compare
I may have accepted that you're long gone
But that's not changing the fact you're the only one
'Cause our memory still lives on
Our unbreakable bond is still going strong
There's no way that just 'cause you're long gone
That I'll forget that you're the only one

Every now and then
I watch you and her from afar
Inside, I'm so conflicted
My mind and heart is at war
My mind tells me to forget you
My heart tells me to hold fast
Either way, I know that
My love for you will always last

Even though you're with someone else
What we had is beyond compare
I may have accepted that you're long gone
But that's not changing the fact you're the only one
'Cause our memory still lives on
Our unbreakable bond is still going strong
There's no way that just 'cause you're long gone
That I'll forget that you're the only one

Sooner or later I know
That you'll realize she's not the right girl for you
And when you decide to come back running
Remember that I'll be standing here with open arms

Even though you're with someone else
What we had is beyond compare
I may have accepted that you're long gone
But that's not changing the fact you're the only one
'Cause our memory still lives on
Our unbreakable bond is still going strong
There's no way that just 'cause you're long gone
That I'll forget that you're the only one

When I get my record deal—note that I said when, and not if—this is the song that I want to put out first. I've gone to record labels and gave them demo tapes and CDs with my songs on them, but for one reason or another, they turned me down. Whatever, because they're going to regret it when they see my name up in lights and read the article about how my concert at the HCT Metrodome selling out all its 80,000 seats.

I look out my window, and I see a billboard advertising Marin Tarin's upcoming album that's due sometime in the summer next year. Marin Tarin is the current reigning pop star in a way. She's the biggest name in music right now: three number one singles, five million albums of her debut album sold that came out earlier the past March, and she won the Ocarina Award for Best New Artist last February. I want to be just like her—as far as success in her music career goes. She has an okay singing voice, but it's pretty generic and sounds overly digitized by studio machinery. She doesn't write or produce her own songs, either. While that isn't really a concern to many people, it does to me. I personally think that it helps a singer's credibility if they write or produce their own songs. It upgrades them from being just a singer to an artist. When I'm famous, I'm going to be just like Marin, only the songs that I sing are going to be written and produced by me.

The chorus of the song repeats before it fades, and as the song ends, I feel my eyelids get kind of heavy. I lay my head on the pillows, and before I know it, I'm out like a light.


I lean on the cash register, looking out the open front doors, watching the crowds pass by. It's been a pretty slow day compared to others, and I'm bored out of my mind, but what else is new in my life?

I drum my fingers on the counter, yawning tiredly. I barely got any sleep last night, yet again. I came home around five o'clock in the morning after an all night "recording tangent" in the studio, and then I had to wake up at 5:45 to cover for my friend's because she was sick. The only thing fueling me through the day up to this point was few cans of Red Bull. I almost fall asleep, but then just as my head hits the counter; I awaken abruptly, blinking rapidly to clear my vision. I look up to the doorway and I see a pretty good looking guy walk inside.

He has flaxen blonde hair shines brilliantly in the sunlight. His eyes are a charming cobalt blue, and his teeth are a perfect pearly white. His skin is pretty tan, as if he spends most of his days in the sun. He's wearing a pretty expensive white and navy blue business suit, but it looks pretty casual despite being corporate styled: his jacket is open, his matching blue tie is kind of loose, and his white dress shirt is untucked. He looks no older than thirty, but no younger than twenty-five. As he approaches me, I stand up straight, adjusting my red uniform shirt and I put on my best smile.

"Hello, may I take your order?" I ask in a sweet voice.

He looks up to the overhead menu and folds his arms over his chest. "Yeah… Can I get one McChicken sandwich… A medium fries… And a medium soda?"

I press a few buttons on the register, and the total comes up on the screen. "Six Rupees," I tell him. He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out his wallet and pulls out two blue Rupees, each worth five Rupees.

"Keep the change," he tells me, a charismatic smile on his face. I blush slightly and accept the money, tossing them in the tray, and I close the register. I tell the fry cooks his order, and I get a medium soda cup and matching cap for him, and he thanks me as he takes them, walking over to the soda machine.

A few minutes later, I'm on a quick five-minute break, and the blonde man is still there. I'm listening to my iPod again, playing over a few of my songs. Every now and then, I steal quick glances of him, watching him eat his meal like a child. I giggle softly, and then I see him pause for a second and look up at me.

Our eyes lock on each other, both of us staring square in the eye. I freeze, unable to look away from him. He takes a sip from his drink and he smiles at me, flashing his white teeth, causing my face to blush the same red color as my shirt. I see him chuckle, smiling lopsidedly, and I force myself to turn away, completely embarrassed.

I bury my face in my hands. Goddesses, I'm so stupid! I feel someone tap my shoulder, and I pray to sweet Nayru that it isn't him. I unbury my face and look up, to my relief; it's not him, but my boss.


"Yes?" I ask, taking my ear buds out.

"Why don't you go home and get some rest?" He suggests. I'm taken aback for a second, not believing what he said.

"R-really?" I stutter incredulously.

"Sure," he nods smiling. "You're obviously very tired. You've already worked your eight hours, and since today is slow, it would just be a waste of labor."

I beam widely and nod. "Thanks!"

Hey, the pay may be below mediocre, but at least my employer is gracious enough to let me get some much needed sleep.

I turn off my iPod and go back into the kitchen. I check out my time card, grab my purse, and I walk out the door. Before I step outside, I stop and turn back to the man, who is still engrossed in his meal. To my disappointment, he doesn't look back at me, so I turn around and I walk over to the bus station.

On the bus, I watch the buildings pass by nonchalantly. The bus driver is playing some yodeling to the oldies, one of my least favorite music genres. Unable to stand another minute of this "music", I reach in my purse for my iPod, but then I feel nothing but receipts and my wallet. I begin to panic, and I literally stick my whole head inside, searching fervently for my iPod. Then it hits me: I forgot it back at the table at work!

Oh my Goddesses!

All of my songs were on that thing! All of my personal songs! How could I be so stupid!

...But then again, there's a sticker on the back with my name, address, and phone number so that whoever finds it can contact me. I just hope that someone is selfless enough to return it to me, safe and sound.

I can't believe that I lost one of my most personal possessions.

But you know what's worse?

For the next ten-minute ride home, I'll be cruelly subjected to nonstop yodeling to the oldies.

There goes chapter one of Charm Bracelet. I'm sorry if it's kind of boring, but this chapter and chapter two are mainly used to establish the main plot and setting.

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