A/N - So this is my first T7S fic, please don't hate me for what you're about to read...this is set about 1992/93 when everyone is grown up, and Betsey (who was just born in 1978/79) is now in fourteen and starting high school...I just thought it'd be an interesting take on what happens to them in the future...R&R&Enjoy

The morning started off simple enough. Eric made his way into the living room of his and Donna's Madison apartment, cursing lightly as he tripped over his son's dump truck. Pat's habit of leaving his toys everywhere was a little annoying but then, Eric knew that his annoyance stemmed from his love of his child. Unlike Red, it seemed who had decided that it would be appropriate to call his only male offspring a dumbass at every possible opportunity.

As he went into the kitchen, set the kettle on the stove to boil water for tea – he'd never developed a real taste for coffee like Donna had – he took stock of his life so far and smiled smugly. Red had been so certain they'd all turn out as dumbasses, yet despite his best (or worst) hopes, each and every one of the gang had turned out okay.

Eric and Donna had finally worked things out and gotten married and now had a ten year old daughter Roberta Katrina, named after Donna's father and Kitty's full name. That one had taken some convincing and a lot of tequila to coax it out of her. Three years later they'd been blessed with their son Patterson Ali Foreman – Donna's great sense of sports told her that calling the kid 'George' with the last name Foreman was just too much for him to handle. Donna had taken over WCRB the Curb in Madison, making it the number one regional radio station in all of Wisconsin. Eric, meanwhile, had gotten his proper teacher's certification and was now a social studies teacher at their old high school, earning him more than a little teasing from his peers and co-workers.

Kelso and Brooke too, had worked things out, and though they didn't have any more children once they were married, Betsey Brooke-Lynne Kelso was more than enough to keep them occupied. She'd turned out to have both her parents' looks and her mother's brains; she was constantly seen in the local literary pageant winning prizes for her poetry and short stories. Brooke found work at the library at North-Western University and Kelso, putting his love of things that blew up together with his aptitude for policework, was now a B&E Sargeant in the Chicago police force.

Hyde had turned the record shop into a huge success, partly due to his keen eye for up and coming hot musical acts and partly due to Donna's station promoting his store by saying that the latest singles were only available at his location. Eventually, he'd saved enough money that he bought the store from WB and turned it into Hyde in the Wall. He had turned the space above the shop into his glorified bachelor pad; all extra cash went into the luxuries he never could have growing up. He also made sure he kept his stash in a secure location and two kinds of syrup in his fridge for waffles.

Even Fez had turned out okay. Once he'd joined the local theatre group with his ballet dancing and incredible comedic timing, he was soon discovered by a genuine theatre agent and went to New York were he kept his Fez as his stage name, not only because it was easier to remember but because Eric had a feeling that Alonzo Ricardo Montalba Federico del Prajos (Fez' real name) simply wouldn't fit on one of those lit-up signs on Broadway. He was still as fruity as Christmas cake, in Red's opinion, but the constant stream of women he appeared with in People magazine confirmed his heterosexuality.

They'd all stayed close friends, always going to Red and Kitty's for Thanksgiving and New Years and every other Easter. Fez would fly in and regale them with tales of the Big Apple, while Betsey, Pat and Roberta shoot hoops in the driveway. The only one of bunch who drifted away was Jackie. After Eric's return and her subsequent split with Fez when he left for New York, Jackie had been quite aimless and didn't seem to know what she wanted. Then, when she was out visiting her mother in southern California, near the Mexican boarder, Jackie was having her nails done at a five-star spa and resort when one of the technicians quit and Jackie leapt at the chance to become a beauty consultant. She'd worked her way up to becoming the manager of the spa and head beautician and made the move to California permanent. Since then, in the last six years, she'd barely stayed in contact, dropping postcards that read more like newsletters once or twice every few months. It was a shame, too, Eric thought, that she hadn't been able to make it for the grand opening of Hyde in the Wall due to a very important seminar on proper callus-removal techniques. But then, things had never been fully resolved between Jackie and Hyde so it didn't surprise him so much as disappoint that she wasn't there.

Eric was jolted from his musings about the gang when the telephone rang. He stopped when he heard his beautiful red-head wife pick up their bedroom extension. All of a sudden Eric was filled with a terrible sense of foreboding, which made him feel at once ridiculous. Today was just Thursday; that meant Pat had basketball practice after school and Donna would be taking Roberta to the station with her on her 'part time job' help her mother alphabetize new tracks and play lists. They were having fish for dinner and there was a new episode of Cheers on they'd all watch together. It was just an ordinary day.

Then he heard a muffled cry from his bedroom. Racing in, he saw Donna clutching her arms, rocking back and forth on the bed. He crouched down in front of her, put his hands on top of hers.

"Donna, what is it?"

She just shook her head and continued to cry.

"Is it your dad? My dad? My mom?"

"No, it's Kelso."

Eric felt his gut freeze. "Kelso?"

Donna nodded, then set the phone aside with shaking hands as she pulled Eric up to sit beside her on their bed. "There was a raid in Green Bay last night, a drug raid on an apartment and they thought there might be homemade explosives inside so Kelso was called in," she sobbed. "He was shot twice in the shoulder by the people inside. He…he didn't make it."

Okay, be gentle, please