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That's it! I think to myself as I slam the phone back into its cradle. Another unanswered call. When Sarah gets back with the kids I'm gonna drive to Pittsburgh and haul back that son of a bitch's ass……right after I beat the crap outta him!

It's been over three weeks since I last heard from Dean. Over three weeks since he told me, "It's just a simple salt n' burn, no worries. I'll be back within a few days, you won't even notice me gone."

I'm noticing Dean, and you sure as hell better have a damn good excuse.

It's been just over 10 years since we finally killed the Demon that destroyed so much of our lives. It had taken our mum, our dad and my Jess. It had destroyed our childhood and set us on a path of heartbreak and sorrow but finally, finally we defeated it. We sent it back into the fiery depths of hell and cursed it, never to be free again.

It nearly killed us.

But, finally, after months of recuperation and physical therapy we were back on our feet and smack bang in the middle of a crossroad of the biggest decision of our lives - where do we go from here?

"New York" Dean had said and the confusion I had felt must have been etched on my face, "I think it's time that you go see Sarah", was all the explanation that he had felt was needed.

Sarah Blake had stayed in New York but had become a Real-Estate agent not long after we left her. She said that she felt she needed a career change, that dealing with artwork no longer appealed to her and who could blame her? Having the murderous spirit of a child from a portrait try to slit your throat is a pretty good excuse for a change of career.

While Sarah and I had stayed in contact as time had passed, it was nothing more than a phone call here or the odd email there, so it had surprised me when Dean had suggested going to see Sarah. In fact, no matter how much I had argued or had tried to reason with him that I didn't need or want to see Sarah, he wouldn't be deterred. And for that I owe him so much. Sarah and I had married a year later with Dean as my Best Man and an ever so smug grin plastered on his face.

It was a few days after we had arrived on Sarah's doorstep when Dean had suggested that maybe we try settling down for a while. Sarah was ecstatic to say the least and said that we were more than welcome to stay as long as we liked, but while the thought of staying in one place for awhile appealed to me I had my reservations. I was shocked that Dean was seemingly giving up hunting but I convinced myself that maybe this was just what we both needed and maybe Dean really didn't want to hunt anymore, maybe he just wanted his share at a normal life.

Slowly the weeks turned to months and I had to admit that things were going better than I had expected them to. Dean had gotten work in construction and with the hard work and long hours he seemed happier and more relaxed than I could remember. I decided to return to studying law again and found myself, with each passing day, falling more and more in love with Sarah. Not only had she welcomed us into her home without question or demands but she also understood us, she knew our past, she understood where we came from and while she was there for both of us when we needed someone she also gave us space and time when we needed it.

Sarah was our saviour.

I had proposed exactly six months after first arriving in New York and couldn't have agreed more with Dean when he said, "it's about friggin' time!"

Sarah and I decided to marry a year from the day that Dean and I had arrived on her doorstep. But as our wedding rapidly approached we both noticed a change come over Dean. His job no longer seemed to fulfil him and I could tell that being in the same place was getting to him; he was never one to be in the same place for any length of time. Something he had picked up from our childhood I guess. So it was no surprise to me when he started a conversation with "Sam, I've been doing some thinking."

He wanted to hunt again and in all honesty I was surprised he had lasted this long.

"You wanna start hunting again." I had decided to make this easy on him. I understood this was what he wanted, what he needed.

A chuckle arose from him "Well at least we can still safely say you haven't lost your psychic abilities."

"Dude," I started, "You don't have to be a psychic to know what's been eating you lately. Actually I'm kinda surprised you lasted this long."

"Yea well, I tried" he sighed as he ran a hand through his short cropped hair and smirked as he looked at me, "but I need to get back out there, I miss it."

"I know." And I understand too but it's not something that I wanted. I had Sarah now, I had responsibilities now, how was I supposed to tell him that I didn't want to hunt anymore - I should have known not to be worried.

"Don't worry Sammy, I know that you're happy here and settled. I'm not asking you to come with me, I wouldn't dream of it. You have responsibilities here now, you have Sarah."

I raised an eyebrow at him and a look of confusion crossed his face, "What?" he asked.

"Nothing" I chuckled as a shrugged my shoulders, "I just thought I was the only psychic wonder in this family."

An evil grin is planted on his face as he stepped closer and looked me straight in the eye, "Don't worry Sammy, you're still the only one with freaky powers in this family, but I gotta say being the big brother isn't without its perks."

Dean's first hunt was the day after the wedding. While Sarah and I were headed to the airport for a two week trip to Hawaii, Dean was in the Impala headed to Rochester, Indiana, where six men had gone missing in the past six months only to be found days later hung in very public places skinned. Dean had said that he would call every couple of days but by the time Sarah and I had returned from our honeymoon we had only heard from him twice and for the last week and a half that I had been trying to ring his cell I would only get his voicemail. The last week of our honeymoon had been spent trying, in vain, to get an earlier flight home. We had both been so caught up in our worries about where Dean was that at first we didn't notice the lone figure sitting on our porch as the cab from the airport pulled into our driveway. It was Sarah's shocked gasp that brought him to my attention. Dean.

Pulling myself out of the cab I gave him a quick once over, while he looked like he had just gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson and hadn't slept since he left he still looked ok. The hunt had gone well. He gave me his all clear nod and a smile of reassurance but before he could say anything Sarah was on him. Rising to meet her she practically threw herself into him.

"Are you ok, are you hurt?" She checked him over taking his face in her hands as she studied the black and blue marks that were there.

"I'm fine Sarah, just bruises is all." he had tried to assure her - maybe he would have tried playing the sympathy card if he had known what was coming.

Pulling him to arms length away from her, and knowing that he really was ok, her relived smile quickly turned into a scowl.

"Where in the hell have you been Dean Winchester?"

Dean gulped, he knew that tone, he was big trouble.

"Sarah, you know where I've been…." he had started only to be cut off.

"We haven't heard from you in over a week! Sam has tried calling you but only got your voicemail! We've been worried sick! You could have been dead for all we knew!" the last part had been barely audible as her voice had broken into a sob and tears rolled down her face.

"Sarah," Dean cooed as he took my wife into his arms to calm her, "Sarah I'm sorry, I should have called, things just got away from me, I didn't think…."

"You're damn right you didn't think," this time it was me who interrupted him and his hazel eyes met mine, "I should kick your ass right now."

Sarah and Dean both chuckled apparently from an inside joke that I hadn't been privy too, "Sammy, you and I both know there is no way you'd ever kick my ass, not even in your dreams."

"It's Sam, and trust me Dean, if the time came I could and I would."

"Whatever bitch" he snorted.

"Jerk." I bit back.

"Ok if you two are done weighing in how bout we head inside, I think we could all do with some coffee." Sarah broke in as she left Dean's embrace and grabbed a couple of our bags from the driveway.

"Sounds like a plan" Dean agreed as he headed into the house and made his way towards the kitchen to begin brewing the coffee. He had thought that this conversation was over, little did he know that this was just the beginning, Sarah was far from being done yet.

"From now on Dean things are going to have to change." Sarah stated as she sat down in the chair opposite us where her own coffee cup had been placed by Dean.

We both looked up from our broken conversation about the hunt towards Sarah and from the corner of my eye I could see the dumbfounded expression that crossed Dean's face.


"No Dean, this just isn't good enough. You told Sam you didn't want him to hunt because he had family here now, obligations, well guess what tough guy so do you!"

"Sarah, come on, I…………."

"Don't you come on with me Winchester, you scared the hell outta us and we aren't gonna put up with it."

"We're not?" I'm shocked, Sarah was right, we had been scared, nut what was she planning on doing? If she was trying to give Dean an ultimatum - either hunt and never come back or stay here and be safe - I knew that Dean couldn't survive with either choice and frankly, neither could I.

Dean must have been on the same wavelength as me.

"It's ok, I get it." he sighed as he got up from the chair. "But," he paused and looked at me, apologies spilling out of his eyes, "I can't not hunt, it's the only thing I know" and as he turned to leave the room I barely was able to make out his last sentence, "I'll be gone by morning."

There was a shocked gasp, "Dean, no wait!" Sarah pleaded and she lurched out of her chair and barely made it around the table before she reached out and grabbed Dean's arm, "God, no, that isn't what I meant" she cried as she pulled him into a tight hug.

It takes Dean a moment before he returned the hug and he looked to me for reassurances, but like him, I had no idea what it is that Sarah was saying.

"Sarah honey," I cooed to her as she tightened her hold on my brother, "you might want to loosen up your hold there, Dean's turning blue."

She gave a small laugh as she loosened her grip up on Dean some what but not so that he was entirely free from her and she lifted her tear stricken face to him.

"I'd never ask you to choose like that, but I meant what I said, things are going to have to change because Sam can't, we can't deal with not knowing for weeks at a time where you are or if you're alright."

Dean's face is filled with the same relief as I felt and he embraced Sarah once more chuckling softly, "Fair enough, so what changes do you have in store for me."

A muffled chuckle is heard from Dean's chest and Sarah pulled away with a slight blush on her face, "Ah well, I hadn't quite thought about that yet."

"Phone calls," I stated as both their eyes looked towards me, "Every couple of days. We want to know where you are, what you're hunting and even your game plan."

I received a smirk and a raised eyebrow from Dean, "Short leash you got me on there little bro."

"Yea real short," I snorted at him and Sarah's tried to suppress her amusement.


Sarah gave him a quick jab in the ribs to get his attention back to her, "You're to come home whenever you're finished a hunt, to rest, recuperate and to research your next gig and….."

"And if WE don't deem you well enough then you stay here until your better." I finished for her. "Hell, if it at the worse it can't wait then I'll go…"

"The hell you will!" Dean argued and I gave him a look of confusion. It's not like I couldn't hunt on my own and it wasn't like I planned to do it on a regular basis.

"Like I said Sammy, you have responsibilities, obligations, there is no way your hunting!"

"He is not the only one Dean!"


"No Dean, you do. You ARE our family, you HAVE responsibilities to us, obligations to us. And don't you think for one minute that you're going to get out of babysitting duties."

Yea Dean we're………babysitting, WHAT?


A wicked smirk covered Sarah's face as she sauntered over to me. Oh yea, this woman had been holdin' something out on me "Well I haven't had the chance to tell you yet Sam but since I do have my two favourite men in the same room…………………I'm pregnant, three months."

"You sly old dog Sammy."

I was stunned, Sarah's was pregnant, I was gonna be a Dad!

"Sam honey, you ok?"

"Yo Sammy?"

Their concerned voices and looks brought me back to Earth and I realised that I was just standing there with my mouth agape.

"It's Sam," I said as a pulled my wife into a ferocious hug.

A laugh erupted from Dean, "Easy there tiger, you don't wanna pop the kid out too soon and you'll always be Sammy to me." I gave him the finger before he continued, "God I can't believe my little bro is gonna be a Daddy"

I loosened my grip up on Sarah as she turned and leant her back against me looking right at Dean, "And you will be an Uncle, an Uncle with very important responsibilities and obligations. You are to be home for every special occasion like for birthdays and Christmas, and if you break any of our rules then where will be severe consequences."

"Consequences?" Dean frowned and raised his eyebrow, "And what might they be?"

"Oh don't you worry there Big Brother, I'm sure we can think of something." I grinned at him and felt satisfaction when a small glint of terror crossed his face before nodding with conviction.

"I'll do my best."

And I had no doubts that he would.

And as the years went by Dean did just that. He would call us every couple of days to keep us informed and no matter what, he always made sure that he was home for the special occasions just like Sarah had asked. He was even there for the births of both Katelyn and Jayden. Dean always tried to stick by the rules as best he could.

I don't know what it was about this hunt in particular that had me bothered so much. Maybe it was the fact that I thought Dean hadn't recovered enough from his bout with the flu that had had him laid up for several weeks. But there was something, something in my gut that had not wanted him to go to Pittsburgh. Something was telling me that I shouldn't let him go, that it wasn't right. But Dean had convinced me that he was fine, he had convinced me that it was a small hunt, he would be back in no time and I had listened to him, and now, now it was three weeks later and that something that was warning me in my gut was now full on screaming profanities at me. Damn you Dean. Where the hell are you? When I find you I'm gonna……………

A piercing scream from outside snaps me out of my thoughts. It's a scream that I would recognize from anywhere. It's Katelyn's.

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