Summary: A trip to Disney World brings the Ducks together with fun food and that special magic only found at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Author's Note: Remember those TGIF Episodes where they went to Disney World? You know, Topanga won the trip in an essay contest, during one of her and Corey's many breakups and Corey and Shawn go to try and bring her back. Urkel is presenting some invention at Epcot, transforms into Stephan and proposes to Laura. Michelle and Stephanie ride on a parade float. The Foster/Lambert clan, OK so I don't exactly remember what they did, but I remember the episode. Well, this is like that, with the Ducks. Having gone to Disney seven times, I'm pretty qualified to write this.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Mighty Ducks, or Disney World. The Disney Corporation owns both of these wonderful things.

Chapter 1: What is it that you want to do?

"What are we doing for Spring Break?" Julie asked, braiding her long blonde hair behind her after a shower in the gym.

"Uh, I'm bumming around the Mall of America with Guy, same as every year." Connie said, shutting down her blow dryer. "Why what are you thinking?"

"Well, let's face it, the past three years; we've done the same thing. The out of town guys spread out, I stay with you. We bum around the mall, we play roller hockey," Julie sighed, "it's very stagnant. It's senior year. Let's do something big!"

"Um, drive to Canada and buy some beer?" Connie suggested, she didn't get where Julie was going with this.

"Ok, I know this is nuts, but try to follow." She took a deep breath. "What if we went to Disney World?"

"That would be very cool." Connie nodded. "But let's see, fly to Florida, stay in a hotel and pay astronomical Disney prices for food? Yeah, we could afford that."

"The hotel rooms wouldn't be so bad, I did some research, and you can stay six to a room, which would make that like nothing," She started, "so that just leaves the air fare, which I'm sure we could get half off, and the food, which will still be expensive, but it would be sooo fun! Please Connie! Help me convince the guys that this is a good idea."

"It would be amazing." Connie suddenly got a picture in her head of kissing Guy in front of Cinderella's Castle. "And we do want to make senior year memorable. I mean, for all we know this could be our last chance to do something like this before we all split up for college!"

"Exactly," Julie smiled. "Come on, we have a trip to plan!"

Two weeks later the Ducks got off a plane in Florida. Everyone was giddy and chatting with excitement, except Portman, who was quiet. Fulton sat next to him on the shuttle to their hotel.

"Hey man, what's the deal?" He said as they rolled along the sunny Florida highway. "You seem a little down."

"Uh, nothing, just tired dude." He shrugged.

"Well, wake up!" Fulton elbowed him. "Come on, we're in the happiest place on earth."

"Yeah," he laughed, staring at Julie who was sitting with Ken Wu, looking at a guide book. "The happiest place on Earth."

"Ok," Goldberg said to Averman, "I'm thinking we hit Epcot first. Eat around the world, you know?"

"Man, you have to pace yourself." He said, "We should do Magic Kingdom first. Hit a couple of food stands, get some Mickey Ice Creams, then hit Epcot second or third day, when we've gotten used to the grease."

"That's your guys' big plan?" Russ turned around and laughed. "You're going to eat?"

"Not just eat," Goldberg said. "We're going to eat at least one of every food item they serve in the entire resort. This isn't a plan, it's a mission."

"I like it," Russ said, "Do you mind if I join in?"

"You are most welcome." Averman laughed.

"So do you have a goal in mind?" Guy said, holding Connie's hand. "As per the Cat Lady's instructions?"

"I was thinking you and me getting a moment alone together was enough of a goal." She laughed. "Although there was something I wanted to do."

"You want to make out on the stairs of the castle don't you?" Guy smiled.

"At closing, while the fireworks are going off," she giggled, "Do we have a shot?"

"A pretty good one," he smiled kissing her.

"So Cowboy," Charlie said to Dwayne, "what's your big goal?"

"I'm not sure yet," he shrugged, "What about you Charlie?"

"Meet Mickey," Charlie said, "When I was little my mom brought me here, and we waited on line, but the park closed before I got a chance to. I don't care how many lines I have to wait on, I'm getting a picture with him. Banksie?"

"Not go on Spaceship Earth." He said, "Or the Hall of Presidents, or to Tom Sawyer Island. I'm not going on any of the waste your time rides or tours. My mom always made us do them when we were little."

"What did you say?" Ken said turning around to Luis.

"I'm going to kiss a princess by the end of the week." Luis said. "Come on man, they're hot."

"I don't think they're allowed to kiss guests." Julie laughed. "But I could be wrong."

"Well Julie, you said we should all have a goal on the trip, and that's mine." Luis shrugged. "What's yours?"

"I'm going on Space Mountain at least seven times." Kenny shrugged.

"Lame Ken," Charlie shook his head. "Totally safe and attainable."

"In a row." Ken smiled, confidently "Without puking."

"Now that is more like it." Luis laughed. "What about you Julie? This whole 'have a plan and a goal' idea was yours."

"I'm keeping mine a secret," she smiled eyeing Portman. "But hopefully you'll all know by the end of the trip."

The shuttle pulled up to the All Star Movie Resort. The Ducks filed out, due to the wonderful Disney World policy to bring bags from the airport, they didn't have to carry anything, and they just wanted to check in. Julie smiled as she watched her friends run in and excitedly check in to their rooms. Portman was the last one to get off the bus after her.

"Good job, Cat," he said kissing her on the cheek. "I think you've made them the happiest hockey team on Earth."

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