Warnings: Yaoi, cheesiness, AU, OOC, and all the warnings are the same in all chapters.

Disclaimer: I'm a hopeless romantic and these characters are chalk full of fun emotions to manipulate. I don't actually own them, I just torture them. :D

Once Upon a Time

It happens once in a lifetime. If you're lucky, that is. You'll find the love of everyone's dreams. Someone to talk to, cry with, share everything with. Someone who can make you laugh when everything goes wrong. The usual clich├ęs.

But there's always that time right before it happens. Before the romance, the chance meeting across a crowded room, before that first sweet kiss, before betrayal, the time when it all seems hopeless. Like no matter what, even if everyone you know says otherwise, there is never going to be a Prince Charming out there for you.

Then, just like a hero is supposed to, he pops up and sweeps you off your feet. You'll ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after.

That's what Naruto was always told anyway. Iruka used to tell him stories like that all the time. He especially told the one about Naruto's real parents. They met when they were three years old and their parents were both parts of different clans. These clans had always wanted to unite, but never had an excuse to.

Until Naruto's parents were born. They were forced to spend every summer together until they were eighteen. They didn't fall in love until they were nineteen but by twenty-one they had a bouncing baby boy.

This was the only story Iruka every told him that Naruto believed because he was living proof of it. But the other one's seemed to far fetched and out of this world to believe in. Who would want some cocky prince to come and save them? Shouldn't the girls be able to take care of themselves?

But when Sasuke came into the picture, Naruto found out first-hand why the damsels in distress were always crying for a hero.

When Sasuke came into the picture, Naruto's very own fairytale began.

So I guess we'll start where all good fairytales do start.

Once upon a time...