Happily Ever After

Naruto and Sasuke finished out their school year without saying so much as a single "Hi" to each other. Naruto talked to his friends at lunch, but only when he was paying attention because most of the time he was dazing off, dreaming about what it could have been like if life didn't suck.

Sasuke didn't say a word to anyone in the school building after saying goodbye to Naruto. He focused everything he had on his grades and ended up with straight A's. Then, as soon as the bell rang on the last day, he disappeared into his house and almost never came out again. Only when Kakashi forced him to go to the video store with him and get something horribly gruesome to watch did he leave and even then, when he saw Annie he flipped a shit and cussed her out.

She quit because her life sucked too.

Kakashi didn't make Sasuke leave the house again.

It might surprise you to know that Iruka and Kakashi never broke up. They didn't even take a break. Because the day that Naruto confronted Sasuke about the bet was the day that Kakashi interrupted an English class to tell Iruka about how much he loved him and how he really didn't want to keep it a secret but he had to.

"It's said that he was Shakespeare's lover. Exciting, neh?"

The girls in the class swooned and most of the boys started daydreaming about what that would be like if Shakespeare was hot. ;P

It was a few moments later, after more talk of Billy S. and his fabulous life (which was actually not so fabulous at all) that there came a frantic knock on the door. Iruka walked over and opened the door. He gasped when he saw Kakashi standing there nervously, practically shuffling his feet.

"What's wrong?" Iruka was pushed back into the room by the fierceness of Kakashi's kiss.

When they pulled apart, Iruka saw how shocked his students looked and blushed. But Kakashi didn't notice. He was breathing heavy and holding onto Iruka's face with both hands.

"I'm sorry." He whispered. "I didn't want it to get this bad. I really wanted to tell you all about it, but Sasuke would have been shattered."

Iruka furrowed his brow. "What?" He asked.

"Sasuke bet on Naruto. It's horrible I know it is. And I knew about it but I didn't say anything. I'm so sorry."

It was difficult to come up with something to say. In his head, Iruka knew that everything Kakashi saying was so indescribably despicable that he should have decked Kakashi right then and there. But...

It was impossible. For one thing Iruka loved Kakashi. For another, how romantic was this? Running into his English class in front of all of his students and kissing him like that...

Because of Iruka's silence Kakashi had let go of his head and was ready to leave - still without glancing at the students - but his exit was ruined by hands grabbing the back of his head and pulling him forward until his lips collided with Iruka's in a mind blowing kiss. Even the yaoi-haters got nose bleeds.

For the second time the pair pulled apart and it was Iruka who spoke.

"I understand. And I'm sorry you had to go through that. But I still love you." He grinned as did Kakashi, both blushing just the slightest bit.

"I love you too." Iruka flung his arms around Kakashi's neck and the taller guy lifted him up and spun him around before placing him on the ground again.

The class whooped and cheered and then cringed back in fear at the glare their teacher gave them.

"Back to work!"

Kakashi laughed...

It was so much like all of his movies and books that Iruka couldn't be too mad at him. Though they didn't have sex for two weeks and the only way that Kakashi could contain himself was by looking at Sasuke and thanking whoever was swimming out there in the cosmos that Iruka didn't hate his guts.

Poor Sasuke.

The kid didn't leave his room, let alone the house. He stayed in there doing who knows what all day.

The one thing Kakashi did know was that Sasuke was miserable. Every time he heard emo music blasting he had flashbacks of when he first began to take care of Sasuke.

Right after the boy's parents died.

For quite some time Kakashi had been a friend to the Uchiha family. He and Sasuke's uncle had been going to school together since Pre-K, so they were all very close. He was Sasuke's godfather and he'd been to every wedding or funeral or baptism since he met the boy's uncle.

And Sasuke's parent's funeral was the worst one ever. Itachi landed himself in Juvi and this left five-year-old Sasuke sitting in an oversized chair, seemingly shrinking into the cushion, crying his eyes out but trying to seem like a "big boy" so he was sniffling.

It wasn't until he saw Kakashi walk through the door that Sasuke let himself bawl. The silver haired man seemed to be the only person Sasuke ever let his guard down around. So it seemed fitting that he is the one who Sasuke lives with when he had nowhere else to go.

And as soon as they got the chance Kakashi took them as far from the Uchiha's hometown as he possibly could.

Which started the whole betting thing. Honestly, when Kakashi really thought about it the entire thing, every single time they'd done it, was totally stupid. He reprimanded himself every time he thought about it. What kind of idiot would do that? What kind of moron would let his son do that?

They would, obviously.

A door opening upstairs interrupted Kakashi's musings. He held his breath, hoping that Sasuke would be coming down. The boy hadn't been out of his room save for the bathroom or a quick snack in weeks.

That's why it surprised him when Sasuke made his way into the kitchen, freshly showered, dressed, and ready to go out for a night on the town.

"What's the occasion?" He asked with a smirk.

Sasuke shrugged. "I'm going to a party. No big deal."

Kakashi shook his head. "Actually, it's a very big deal. Have you decided to finally get over it?"

Although reading it makes it sound like a joke, Kakashi spoke with the utmost sincerity. He was very worried about Sasuke's well being and he was sure that his son knew this.

"I'm starting to breath normally again, if that's what you mean. See you later." With a small wave Sasuke walked out the door and down the street.


"Come on, Naruto! You have three very handsome dates at the door and they are waiting for you!"

The door Iruka was pounding on swung open to reveal a glaring Naruto.

"I'm almost ready." The blonde's voice lacked its former spark. No doubt the after math of a very unfortunate ending to his first love two months ago.

Actually it was two months, four days, thirteen hours, and thirty-six minutes and yes, Naruto was the one counting.

"I just don't want you to miss this party! It'll be a great chance for you to get out and back in the market." Iruka walked through the doorway and flopped down on the unmade bed. Naruto was staring at him through the mirror on his dresser.

"I'm not exactly a big fan of the market right now, dad." Iruka rolled his eyes.

"Well I don't see why you don't just call Sasuke back. He's been calling you fifty times a day ever since a week after the last day of school. Fifty seven times if I'm over at his house." Iruka placed his face on his palm and shrugged looking up at Naruto.

He was very worried about his son. It was understandable for him to hate the other guys that bet on him, but Sasuke truly regretted what he did and really did love Naruto. Iruka, being the totally hopeless romantic that he is fully supported the two reuniting and having hot, steamy make up sex.

Naruto glared at him. "Well I don't see how you can still be going out with Kakashi when he knew about it."

Although he it wanted to be threatening, Iruka didn't even wince at Naruto's words. They were spoken with no conviction at all. Naruto knew how much Iruka and Kakashi loved each other. They loved each other as much as he and Sasuke did. It only irked him for about a week afterwards that Iruka didn't take a break at all from seeing Kakashi. But he got over it.

One of them should be happy anyway.

"Shut up. Are you ready or not?" Naruto nodded and they walked down the stairs together.

Standing in the foyer were Shikamaru, Lee, and Kiba. All waiting to escort Naruto to his first party since the break up. Hell it was his first anything since the break up.

Naruto had taking this almost the same as Sasuke. Only instead of staying in his room all summer he stayed in the living room eating Cookie Dough and yummy chocolate while watching all of Iruka's cheesy romance comedies.

Kiba wolf whistled when Iruka twirled Naruto around. "Looking good, man!"

"I'll be sure to tell Hinata you want to run away with him." Shikamaru rolled his eyes.

"Both of you be quiet!" Lee shouted. "How are you doing Naruto?" He turned and extended an arm, which Naruto took.

"Better." They all waved good- bye to Iruka and walked out the door. As soon as they were gone, the brunette ran to the phone and dialed a familiar number.

"They just left." He grinned.

"Good." Kakashi voice sounded on the other end of the phone. "Sasuke too."

"I'm so excited!" Taking the cordless phone into the living room, Iruka flopped over the back of the couch as he said this.

"How about we do something about that until the kids come back?" Iruka could hear Kakashi's smirk.

"Be there in five minutes." Iruka hung up and threw the phone on the chair before running to his car.


Sasuke decided he hates techno music. And strobe lights. Alcohol infested teenagers were on his "List of Things to Kill" as well.

Why the hell did he come to this party again? Oh yeah, that stupid phone call from Sakura.

"When are you going to get over it? You did something wrong you big baby, so come to my party and fix it!"

She promised that Naruto would be here so he could apologize. But Sasuke didn't see a single damn natural blonde for miles!

"Fucking pink haired son of a bitch." He mumbled, taking another sip of his water.

"Sathuke!" He cringed at the high-pitched slur of his voice.

"What, Ino?" She giggled when he said her name. Then she sighed and placed her head on his shoulder. For a few minutes Sasuke assumed she'd fallen asleep. But then the blonde gave a sudden jolt and snapped her fingers as best as the alcohol would let her.

"Naruto is here!" Sasuke jumped up and looked around, knocking Ino to the ground but not really caring. Sure enough when he looked over towards the entrance he saw the familiar mop of blonde hair latched on to Shikamaru so they wouldn't get separated. Both of their other friends had already disappeared into the ground and Shikamaru was about ready to jump that girl Temari from the senior class.

Sasuke figured that if he waited just long enough, the blonde would be left alone and-

All the thoughts left Sasuke's mind when he met those ocean blue eyes. Naruto's grip loosened on Shikamaru and he was soon left standing alone. Unfortunately Sasuke didn't notice this or he would have been over there in a heartbeat to make sure that no one else dared touched him.

Then Naruto looked away and ducked out of the room. Sasuke was quick to follow him out of the pounding noise and into the quiet of the garden.


The garden at Sakura's house was fit for a palace. There was a maze of hedges and flowers decorating them. Roses, lilies, orchids, birds of paradise, any flower you can imagine. There was also a cobble stone path leading through the maze. It let all the way to a little wooden bench that overlooked a beautiful pond. And the stars were in plane sight since there weren't any man made lights to prohibit one from seeing them. Clearly her mother was a fan of the same kind of movies that Iruka was.

It seemed quiet enough to hear a pin drop compared to the noise inside the house. So it was very easy for Sasuke to hear the sniffles coming from behind the hedges. He made his way across the path and looked at the bench.

Sitting there, with his knees drawn up to his chin trying to stifle his cries was Naruto.

Of course it was obvious what the blonde was crying about. He was crying because he saw Sasuke at the party. Sasuke himself wished he was home again so he could be alone and cry. It was too much emotion for his teenage hormone-driven body to frikin handle, dammit.

But wait, he thought. I want to cry because I love Naruto. And because I miss him. So it's either that he feels the same way or he just hates me that much...

Time to flip a mental coin. Heads, he hates Sasuke. Tales, Sasuke should go kiss the daylights out of him. Ready... set...flip!


Heck to the yes, my friends. Heck to the yes.

Sasuke walked over to the bench and sat down next to Naruto, looking at him the whole time. Naruto didn't make any move to indicate that he knew Sasuke was there so the Uchiha cleared his throat.

Naruto's eyes widened and he quickly subdued his tears. He didn't want to be so weak in front of Sasuke.

"W-what do you want?" He asked. Sasuke didn't say anything. He was looking into Naruto's eyes for some reason that he should leave. Anything saying the blonde didn't want him there. "Why are you here? I thought you hated parties."

Sasuke shrugged. Naruto placed his feet on the ground and continued to rant. This is what he did when he was nervous.

"You really shouldn't be here. I shouldn't even be talking to you! I'm supposed to hate you. I hate the other guys. I should hate you too. But I don't." Naruto sighed. "And do you realize how many times I've sighed because of you? Well it's a lot. I've probably wasted so much breath sighing that I cut off at least two years of my life. Thanks. Thanks a lot."

Sasuke honestly wasn't listening to anything Naruto said after he admitted to not hating him. Come on, were you?

Sasuke's intense stare stopped Naruto short. He licked his lips and swallowed the lump that was in his throat. There wasn't anything he wanted more than to jump Sasuke at the moment. He missed him so much. He didn't want to be strong and get over it. He wanted to be with Sasuke again.

Then he felt a hand on the side of his face. It was Sasuke's. Unconciously he leaned in to the touch but his eye contact didn't break with Sasuke. Before he knew it they were both leaning in.

"I'm sorry." Sasuke whispered right before he captured Naruto's lips in a mind blowing kiss. This was the fairytale kiss that Naruto had been watching all summer. When the girls say that fireworks go off all around them.

Naruto was quick to respond to Sasuke and wrapped his arms around the taller boy's neck. He felt energy pulsing through his entire body, leaning forward for more.

Unfortunately, just as the kiss was about to intensify there was a loud scream from the house and they were sprayed with something very wet.

And it wouldn't stop...

They broke apart. "Kiba you bastard! Turn the sprinklers off!"

Naruto jumped up and started yelling at his friend. Sasuke laughed and laughed until he too was off the bench and holding Naruto's face in his hands.

"I love you." He said. Naruto grinned and responded with yet another kiss.

Which of course led to the hot, steamy make up sex that shall not be featured in this story.


"So no more bets."

"No more bets."


And they lived Happily Ever After.







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