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"Yep, it's an original name, but my dad was an original person..."

Epilogue: The North Side

That was about two months ago, but sometimes, when I wake up, I have to make sure I am where I think I am. I open my eyes, look around, and take it all in.

My bedroom is light blue and white. There is one poster of Babe Ruth and a picture of my family at Christmas. I have a few books, but I get most that I read I get from the library. I have my mom's hand mirror on my dresser and that's pretty much it. My bookbag hangs on my bedpost. It reads: "Babygirl Cutis"-as one word. My bat leans up in the corner. It's taken a few dints, but it still works really well and hit home run just yesterday. My closest consists of a Sunday dress, two pairs of jeans, two pairs of overalls, a jacket, and five t-shirts. None of them are pink.

Sure, my room's not much, and it's not really girly, but I love it.

When I wake up, I stumble into the living room or kitchen and everybody else is already moving about and getting on each other's nerves. My hair is a wild jungle and my teeth aren't even brushed yet, but no one cares. They just make sure I eat some cake and eggs before they're all gone.

It's not unusual to smell beer, witness a fight, be challenged to one myself, pop wheelees with Johnny on my way to the kitchen, find myself engulfed in a cloud of smoke, or have shoes narrowly miss hitting my head first thing in the morning. I think it's interesting, though.

Unfortunately, I have to do the dishes. No excuses. I think if my appendix burst, the plates would still have to be clean before I could be rushed to the E.R.

Sometimes, I wonder how John and Eugene are enjoying their quiet breakfasts and if maybe they are thinking about me too.

Sometimes, I have nightmares that Milly comes my housewhen no one is there and she takes me away. Sometimes I have nightmares that the court makes me go back to the North side. Sometimes Dally even teases me about sending me back to the Socs if I get on his nerves anymore. But of course, they are kidding, no one is coming, and I will never have to leave again. I am sure of this because, no matter what, I always wake up back on the North side of town, and there's no where else I'd rather be. I know that now.

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