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Summery: Harry Potter is a snake in lions clothing. He has known about the WW since childhood, but had to pretend to keep himself safe from Dumbledore. Now he's of age and can leave the Dursley's. What happens when Harry sheds his skin and revels his true - green and silver - colors to the Wizarding World? Add to the fact, that Draco Malfoy is engaged to Ryder Hammond. Little does Malfoy know Harry and Ryder are the same person.

Rating: R/NC-17 eventually. SLASH!!

A/N: Completely AU if you can put the pieces together. I'll have Ryder pretend to go canon, if it makes the canon-Nazis feel better? DRACO/HARRY (Ryder) and that's really the only pairing I have in mind so far… Let it be known, I really wanted to write the HARRY/LUCIUS one but "Wolf" won the vote

Banner: Ok, the RR Hammond thing stands for Harry's and Rose's names. Rose Robin and Ryder Ravyn Hammond. I did the rest of the banner before realizing I had a really large blank spot, so I put their initials in.


Words: 5,296

Chapter 1


On the 30th October 1981, Lily and James Potter were sitting in their living room in Godric's Hollow, contemplating Fate. Just months ago they head learnt that their one year old Son was to be the defeater of Lord Voldemort, a megalomaniac who was trying to take over the Wizarding World and kill all non-Pureblood Magical folk. Now, Lily Evans was a Muggleborn, which meant her parents were not magical. Fortunately for young Harry Potter, his Father, James, was a Pureblood.

Harry James Potter had his Father's messy black hair, and his Mother's gorgeous jade green eyes. He was fairly pale but that was mainly because he hadn't been outside in quite a while. He was slimmer than normal young children, but he inherited his slimness from his Mother as well.

Now back to Harry's destiny. The prophecy, which declared Harry a saviour, also put the child and his parents in grave danger from Lord Voldemort, who even now was searching high and low for the family.

Harry's Godfather, Sirius Black was also Pureblood, and his other Godfather Remus Lupin was a half-blood Werewolf. The group's final friend was Pureblood, and quite possibly inbred. Peter Pettigrew was, at that very moment, spilling his guts to Lord Voldemort in return for his new Lord's favour. As the family were hiding under the Fidilus Charm, only people who knew their location could find them. And now Peter – their Secret Keeper – had told Voldemort. While the family hid, in what they believed to be relative safety, Voldemort planned his attack.

Now, Lily Potter was frowning as she paced the living room. James had slumped into one of their cushy armchairs and refused to get back up again. Upstairs in his cot, Harry was talking to one of his imaginary friends. His parents gushed and cooed over him when they found out he was making people up. Sirius was stunningly proud of his imaginative Godchild. Remus was the only one to be slightly worried. As a Werewolf he had excellent senses, and insisted that Harry's imaginary friend had a scent.

So, either Harry found a pet, or someone was sneaking into Harry's room at night.

Remus, of course was right, but everyone else wouldn't believe him because of the Fidilus Charm. Unfortunately, what the Potters' didn't know was that Harry – who was a Parseltongue from birth – had made friends with a pretty little snake in their garden and told His Secret to the animal.

That pretty little snake just happened to be a very talented little girl.


"Hello Harry," the green asp that had been wrapped around one of the bars of Harry's cot let go and fell to the floor. The snake shifted and writhed for a moment and then in its place was a very young girl. "How are you?"

Harry looked up from where he was lying, and then moved so he was kneeling in the cot. The little girl stood on her tiptoes, her small hands gripping the bars of the cot as she tried to peek in at her friend. "'Lo, I'm fine." He let out a small yawn, "you?"

"I am very well thank you," she spoke in perfect English, which was amazing for someone as young as she was.

She looked about three, but was in fact younger than two. To be accurate, she was the exact same age as Harry. And Harry was 15-months old. She was very pale, with large emerald green eyes – the colour of the Killing Curse – and her iris' was rimmed in a thin ring of yellow. She had long black hair that hung to her waist, and was tied back with a pink ribbon. She was dressed in an antique looking black lace dress, with a large pink ribbon tied around her waist and into a bow at the back. She looked a lot like a porcelain doll, especially with the black lace bonnet on her head.

Harry in comparison, with his plain blue baby grow with gold snitches on it, looked very ordinary and boring. But the little girl didn't mind. As far as she was concerned Harry was going to be her twin Brother. Very soon.

"Rose?" Harry whispered, "Can Mommy and Daddy and Moony and Padfoot come with us?" Moony was the Potter family's nickname for Remus' Werewolf and Padfoot was what they called Sirius, when he was a Grim (or a large black dog). Peter was Wormtail, because his animagus form was a rat.

Rose paused, "no," she bit her bottom lip, "not now at least. I'll ask Father." Harry nodded and didn't argue. He trusted Rose.

Rose Robin Hammond was also a Pureblood. Her Mother was Irish and her Father was half-British and half-Romanian. Apparently, his Father had been a Vampyre. A very rich one at that: very high up on the hierarchy. Now, to the Purebloods, creature blood was as pureblood as it came. They didn't mind, as long as you didn't marry a Muggle.

After complications with Rose's birth, her Mother hadn't been able to have any more children, and Rose had decided she wanted a sibling. Rose had decided she wanted Harry.

While her Father was half-Vampyre, her Mother was Rowena Ravenclaw's Heir, and as such she had Seer blood running through her veins. One night, as she was sleeping, she dreamt of the death of Lily and James Potter and the slaughter of young Harry. Rose was a very intuitive child, and after asking enough questions, found out that Harry would die. And so she made friends with him and decided that she would make sure he lived, and then he could live with her.

Her Father was taking care of most of the preparations. Her Mother was shopping for necessities and Rose was waiting for Lord Voldemort.

When Voldemort didn't arrive by midnight she frowned. "Goodnight Harry, I'll see you tomorrow." In a blink of an eye, there was an asp wrapped around the bars of Harry's cot. Coil after coil, Rose slithered her way to the window frame, and out through the gap Harry had demanded be left open. Harry stood in his cot and waved after her, until a man in a long black robe with long black hair and very sharp looking eyeteeth picked her up.

"Bye," he lay back down and fell asleep.


October 31st 1981 started like any normal day. Harry hummed to himself at the table as Lily tried to force porridge into him, before giving up and making the boy cornflakes, with lots of sugar on top.

"That's my boy," James called fondly as Harry happily munched away on the sugar, and spat out the cornflakes.

James finished his coffee and read the Daily Prophet newspaper. Lily fed Harry and then herself and turned the radio on for a few minutes. Then they sent a letter through their floo system to #12 Grimmauld Place, which was where Sirius and Remus were hiding out because it was also under the Fidilus Charm with Albus Dumbledore as their Secret Keeper.

A while later Sirius and Remus sent a letter back.

Then Harry watched TV for a little while, and went for a nap. And when he woke up, Rose was standing at the bottom of his cot.

"'Lo, are I going with yous now?" Harry asked, with his head tilted to one side.

"That's 'am I going with you now', Harry." Rose corrected primly, her hands finding purchase on her narrow nips. She had on another lacy doll-like dress today. Except it was a pale blue colour with a large silver ribbon and bow, and silver gloves to cover her sleeveless arms. She had blue flat shoes on and knee high white socks. Her hair hung over one shoulder, knotted into a plait. "And no, not yet Harry."

Harry nodded and when Rose had turned herself into an asp and slithered out of his open window, he began to cry until Lily came upstairs to let him out of his cot.

"Good afternoon my little soldier. Would you like something to eat?" She smiled warmly.

"SUGAR!" Harry shouted, bouncing in his Mother's arms.

"I don't think so," she huffed walking into the kitchen.

James, from where he sat in front of the TV snorted, "Ah let him have some sugar Lils." He pouted. Lily ignored him and made Harry toast.

Harry was left in the nursery for a few hours, in which time, Rose appeared again. And like every other time, only Harry could see her, or hear her or smell her (unless you were a Werewolf). "'Lo again," Harry smiled and pushed a toy towards the girl.

Rose didn't pick it up but she smiled. "Thank you and hello too."

From where he sat James muttered, "hey Lils." Lily stopped what she was doing in the kitchen and turned to look at her Husband. "Would you look at that?"

Lily Potter nee Evans smiled as she watched her Son talk to himself. He was smiling and laughing and repeating words as if his invisible friend was correcting his pronunciation. He handed a toy forward again and with a small smile Rose took hold of it, just for a moment before letting it fall to the floor. That moment was a moment too long. Lily shook her head, her eyes wide as she stared at the floating toy. "James," she hissed, "did you see that?"

"See what now?" He asked, turning his face away from the TV. Lily rolled her eyes. She was imagining it, she must have been, it was the stress of Voldemort getting to her that was all. With a sigh, she carried on washing dishes.

Rose stayed with Harry for the rest of the day. At ten-minutes-to-twelve that night, Lord Voldemort blasted open the door. James Potter cursed Peter Pettigrew as he duelled Voldemort for a mere ten minutes as Lily grabbed Harry and ran for the child's bedroom. Falling, dead, to the ground, James never heard Lily's scream as a very young girl stepped out of the shadows at the bottom of the stairs and followed her up to the bedroom. Voldemort didn't see her though.

Lily slammed the door in the girls face; to be fair to Lily, you couldn't blame her for mistaking the young girl. Rose did look a little like Voldemort had done when the man was still fully human. Fortunately for Harry, his friend wasn't Voldemort's daughter. Lily screamed again as Rose walked straight through the door. Lily began to sob hysterically as she scanned the room for James' Comet 360 racing broom.

"Looking for this?" Rose asked, holding the sleek polished broom out in front of her. Lily jumped forward to wrench it out of the girl's hand, but Rose moved too fast. She was standing at the other side of the room now, when Voldemort blasted the door off the hinges.

"Oh Merlin, please," Lily begged for the broom.

Rose was inherently cruel, having Vampyre blood in her veins after all, but she took even greater pleasure as she watched the Mudblood woman beg for her and her Son's life. Rose held the broom close to her chest and made it so Voldemort couldn't see either the broom or her, and watched.

"Please not Harry, take me instead."

"Move out of the way silly girl!" Voldemort hissed impatiently.

Rose laughed as Lord Voldemort began to explain why Harry had to die: he told Lily all about the prophecy before he cast the Killing Curse on her. Rose laughed, and that time both Harry and the Dark Lord turned towards the noise. Voldemort shrugged it away, and raised his wand towards Harry.

Now the murder of Lily and James didn't bother Rose, she didn't particularly want the parents to join her family (maybe the Pureblood Father, possibly if he wasn't dead), but she most definitely wanted Harry. With a hiss, she ran in front of Harry and closed her eyes.

Her mouth opened and closed as she began to chant in Romanian, her arms crossed over her face, the spell finished just as the Killing Curse hit her. "Avada Kedavra!" Voldemort shouted, before his eyes widened in disbelief. What he saw was Harry James Potter reflecting the Curse onto himself.

What really happened, was that Rose invoked her Vampyre blood – that usually lay dormant till she came of age – and used it to protect herself from Death as she threw herself in front of the Curse to save Harry. Some of the evil magic seeped around her and licked at the defenceless boy's face, cutting his forehead open. It could have been worse.

Rose appeared for all to see, just as Voldemort's body imploded, his soul shooting out of its mortal confines like a rocket and bouncing off of the ceiling and the walls leaving scorched stains. Thanks to his Horcrux's Lord Voldemort was able to resist the call of Death, and floated out of Harry's permanently open window.

Rose smiled, lowering her arms from their position over her face.

So Harry Potter wasn't the Boy-Who-Lived after all; merely a boy who made a very special friend.

Harry frowned, raising his fingers to wipe the blood off his forehead as he began to wail. Rose grabbed his wrist and licked the blood off his fingers and then lapped at his forehead like a cat after milk. When all that was left was a pink scar in the shape of a lightening bolt, and no more blood, Rose pulled back. Her saliva had healed the cut super fast.

She held her hand out and pulled Harry to his feet. He wobbled unsteadily for a moment. "Stay there," she commanded. She walked quickly around the room, collecting some of the toys she knew Harry always played with, and some of the boy's baby photo albums. She ran down the stairs, ignoring the corpse in the living room and grabbed a few albums out of the draws that contained pictures of both of Harry's parents as they grew up. She found a few photos of Remus and Sirius as well and took them. With everything held against her chest she made her way to Harry's room.

Harry was leaning over his Mother, prodding her in the shoulder. "Get up, get up," he muttered.

"She's dead," Rose said callously. Harry blinked at her, tears gathering in his eyes. "You can have a new Mum."

"Will she love me?" He asked with a sob.

"For always," Rose smiled. "Just like your old Mum did." Harry sniffed again and wiped his nose with the back of his hand. Rose made a face and handed him a blue silk handkerchief (to match her dress). Harry looked it over once and not knowing what to do with it, shoved it down the neck of his baby grow.

Rose found a small rucksack under Harry's cot and filled it with all the things she had gathered and slung it onto her back. She wobbled slightly under its weight and took Harry's hand. "Anything else you want?"

Harry let her hand go and ran to his cot. He reached his hand through and took hold of the baby blue fleece blanket and pulled it through the bars. With it held to his chest the little boy took the young girls hand again and started walking to the door. The right hand corner of the blanket had the letters 'HJP' sewn onto it in gold.

As Rose reached up for the doorknob – she wasn't able to transform into an asp with Harry – the door flung inward and knocked Harry on the head. He fell to the floor unconscious and Rose growled. She made herself and the backpack invisible and crouched by the wall.

She was about to bite the man when another two ran in after him, wands raised. The man who had opened the door was old with long white hair and a long white beard. He was dressed in garish orange robes with green stars over them. Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster if the prestigious Wizarding school in England (Hogwarts) looked around and picked up the unconscious boy off of the floor.

Sirius Black had black hair and blue-grey eyes. Remus Lupin had brown-greying hair and warm brown eyes. Both looked slightly ill and worried. Rose assumed that they noticed the corpse in the living room. Remus let out a howl when he noticed Lily's prone form and sniffed, his head titled to the side as he searched for Harry's invisible friend. Rose shifted so she was standing directly behind Dumbledore and Harry and Remus stopped sniffing.

Sirius tried to take Harry from Dumbledore but the old man wouldn't hand the boy over. Rose didn't really care what they were saying; she was trying to think of a way to get Harry back. She bit her lip till it bled, but could think of nothing that wouldn't ruin her dress. In that time, Remus Lupin had gone searching for Hagrid and Sirius Black had charged out of the house after Dumbledore mentioned that Peter Pettigrew should pay for his crime.

Dumbledore smirked down at Harry; sure he was alone in the room. "You will make such a good weapon my boy. Shall we play a game of chess?" He laughed and Rose growled again.

If only Voldemort had known what she knew about the prophecy.


Outside Number 4, Privet Drive, Little Whinigan, Surrey, Albus Dumbledore lay Harry Potter down on the front porch steps. The child was wrapped in the baby blue blanket with the gold letters 'HJP' sewn on one right corner. The boy had refused to let it go, no matter how hard Dumbledore tugged at it. Dumbledore had hoped to leave nothing of the Potters with Harry, but he supposed the blanket would have to stay.

He left a note pinned to the top of Harry's blanket and left, after assuring Professor Minerva McGonagall – who trusted him implicitly – that Harry would be well taken care of.

Dear Mr and Mrs. Dursley, of Number 4,

The Dark Lord Voldemort murdered Mr and Mrs. Potter today: their son Harry survived. Harry will be a very powerful Wizard, more so than me I'm afraid to admit, and so I require your help in keeping him grounded. Treat him as you wish, I am well aware that you despise magic users, but be warned many others will be outraged if Harry was found to be abused. So keep your punishments hidden. I trust you to be of a self-protective nature and will help me keep my hands clean while you are at it.

Good day to you, and thank you for shaping my newest pawn. Sincerely,

Albus W. P. B. Dumbledore.

Rose smirked as she read the note, before folding it back up and pocketing it. She stood on the doorstep, hidden by shadows with her hand resting on Harry's chest should he wake and be scared. On the other side of the street a black Dodge Viper silently parked and the chauffeur jumped out to open the back door.

A tall man, in a long black robe, with long black hair that fell to his waist, stepped out. The chauffeur got back into the drivers seat and swallowed nervously. The man leant back against the car and watched the two young children. He smiled when Rose looked up and met his eyes: when his lips pulled back, two pointed eyeteeth winked at the young girl. She grinned back, her own teeth winking in reply.

Rose tapped her foot impatiently; Dumbledore didn't even have the sense to ring the doorbell. She stood and rang the bell, pressing the bell down so it sounded in a long continuous buzz, and crossed her arms, her feet tapping impatiently. A loud thumping sounded in the house. A beefy looking man with a horridly bushy moustache answered the door, a rifle pointing at Rose's face.

"Hello Sir," she said, her accent posh and just screamed 'money' which was enough to grab the attention of the greedy Vernon Dursley. "My name is Rose Robin Hammond. I'm here to talk to you about your Nephew."

"Don't have one," he gruffed and tried to slam the door. Her toes caught in the door, but she didn't wince as Dursley pressed all his weight on the door. She gave the door a small tap and it flung inwards, knocking both adult Dursley's over.

"Now that was rude." She scolded. She looked down at Harry, and Petunia Dursley – lily Evans' Sister – let out a scream, before muffling it with her hands.

"We don't want it," she hissed, glaring at the young boy.

"Nor do I want you to have him," she sneered. "Which is why I have a proposition for you." Mr. Dursley petted his moustache as he thought. It looked like he was in pain.

"And we won't have to keep the freak?"

"No," she said curtly. The 15-month-old stomped her foot, reminding the adults of just how young she was. "Can we hurry this up please?" She whined. "There are wards around your home. I can change them, so if any Magical people check on Harry, it will look and feel as if he was here. You won't have to do anything. If they peek, carry on as normal and they will see you speaking to Harry, even if you aren't. In return you say nothing to anyone about me or me taking Harry away understood?"

"What do we get?" Vernon asked rubbing his hands together.

The girl smirked, her eyeteeth flashing menacingly – the spell she did to protect herself from the Killing Curse had woken her Vampyre self too early and she was hungry – and snarled, "I won't eat you and torture your Son."

"Ok," Petunia whimpered, having recognized her from one of Lily's Care of Magical Creature books. "I have some of my Sister's stuff in the attic, do you-" She offered hesitantly.

"No, we are leaving." Petunia exhaled in relief. "Not a word. And if you are good in ten years time, I may have payment for you. Of the monetary kind." She grinned and Vernon made an excited noise. All he had to do for ten years was pretend someone didn't exist, how easy could making money be?

"Bye," he slammed the door the minute she was passed the threshold.

With a glare, she stuck her head straight through the door, "that was also rude," she pulled back as Mr. Dursley nearly had a heart attack.

Across the street Atticus Altair Rochairt moved away from his car and towards Number 4. He looked down at his Daughter and picked up his sleeping new Son and turned and walked back to the car. Rose followed with a smile, the rucksack still on her back.

The chauffeur jumped out of the car again, and opened the door. Rose climbed in first, handing the bag to the chauffeur who put it on the front seat and then held Harry as Atticus slid onto the seat. He handed the boy to the Vampyre Lord and bowed.

"Thank you Jarvis," Atticus nodded and Jarvis shut the door, got into the drivers seat, and drove away.

With the adoption of Harry Potter, Atticus Altair Rochairt had moved his family back into his British Mother's family mansion in Wiltshire. Previously they had lived in his Father's Castle in the Carpathian Mountains, but Rose would prefer to be in the thick of things. And England would get interesting in a few years time, Atticus supposed.

He held the boy tighter as they sped away to Wiltshire in his black Dodge Viper. Beside him, Rose yawned and stretched her hands over her head. She leant against him, and with a self satisfied smirk, she drifted asleep.


In Wiltshire, there were two mansions belonging to Pureblooded Wizarding families. One was Malfoy Manor and belonged to a family of French-British origins, currently housing Lucius Malfoy, his Wife Narcissa nee Black and their 16-month-old Son, Draconais.

Atticus smirked, it wouldn't be a bad idea; he mused as he considered the young blond child. He'd wait before he made any final decisions he concluded.

The other Mansion of course belonged to Atticus' Mother. Belladonna Beatrice Lestrange was the Aunt of Rudolphus and Rabastian, the two Death Eaters who were being arrested at that very moment. Their Father had been the second oldest child, Belladonna was the eldest and the favourite and so her Father had made her Head of the Lestrange Family – good insight on his part, as none of her branch of the Family joined Voldemort.

Belladonna had been travelling in Romania when she met Dracul Vlad who she fell head over heels for. Leaving her home in England she married the Vampyre – who she later learnt was the Count Dracula – and had one child, Atticus. Atticus had been in Ireland when he met his Wife, and they decided to live there until his Mother died. Mateless once again, Dracul took to roaming the globe and left his Son in charge of that lifetime's worth of fortune. And so they moved to Romania just months after Rose was born.

Lestrange Manor only housed Violet Louise Hammond at the moment, but the rest of their family was on their way.

When they passed by Malfoy Manor, Lord Lucius Abraxas Malfoy was pacing the drive as Narcissa nee Black – Sirius' Cousin – ran out of the front door to meet her Husband. Lucius looked to be in shock, and Atticus guessed it was because he had just learnt of his Lord's defeat.

Or you'd think.

If you were Rose, you'd know the real reason.

A House Elf followed the Lady of the Manor, a young blond boy held tightly in its arms. "Mistress, mistress, a cars be going passed." It said shrilly.

Narcissa turned to stare at the Dodge Viper; her mouth dropped open as she grabbed Draco and held him protectively.

"It's not Aurors," Lucius informed his Wife, who was on the look out for Wizarding police. "They're going to Lestrange Manor."

"Oh, are the family back in the country?" She asked conversationally. Her fears, for the time being, forgotten. "Last I heard they lived in some Eastern country."

"Romania dear," Lucius said distractedly. His eyes fixed on the Quidditch field that separated both Mansions. The Quidditch field was actually joint owned by both Families because when it was first set up, each family owned half the land it was built on and neither would sell their share. "Maybe we should visit tomorrow."

"Yes, lets," she turned and made her way back inside. The car had passed the Quidditch field and stopped outside Lestrange Manor. Jarvis was out of the car, and carrying Harry and the backpack to the door, as Atticus lifted his sleeping Daughter and followed. Violet opened the door and let everyone in.

Rose woke as they crossed the threshold and turned to look at the staring Lord Malfoy. She waved and smiled, her eyeteeth winking. He swallowed, and while trying to look unhurried, rushed into the house after his Wife.

Rose looked around the foyer as her Father set her down. Her hugged her Mother as Atticus carefully woke Harry up.

"'Lo Rose," Harry whispered, while eyeing Atticus and Violet warily. Mr. Rochairt and Mrs. Hammond (as they preferred to be called: sometimes Atticus would be addressed as Mr. Lestrange too) smiled warmly at the young boy. "Yous my new parents then?"

"'Are you', Harry, say it right," Rose corrected and Harry repeated the sentence. "Yes they are. This is my Mother and Father and now they are yours as well. Would you like to be my twin?" Harry nodded.

"What would I have to do?"

"If anyone asks 'who are your parents?' say 'Atticus Rochairt-Lestrange and Violet Hammond' ok?" Violet answered, her voice like warm honey.

"Not Lily and Jame?" Harry asked confused.

"'James' dear." Rose corrected automatically. "And no, they are your 'old parents', people only ask about your 'parents' ok?" Harry just nodded. "And Harry is your 'old name', do you want a new one? To match mine?"

Harry grinned, "Yes peas!" He bounced on the balls of his feet excitedly.

"'Please'." she said, her hands on her hips. She grinned, "I know. RR Hammond, like mine." Harry pulled the handkerchief out from the neck of his baby grow where Dumbledore hadn't noticed it. On the right hand bottom corner 'RR Hammond' was sewn, the first 'R' was reversed so the long tails of both letters were back to back. Harry tucked it away again before anyone could take it away.

Her parents watched her and waited; content to let the 15-month-old name the new child. "Ryder Ravyn Hammond." She decided with a nod of her head. Ryder nodded in agreement. "Welcome to Lestrange Manor, Wiltshire…. And welcome to the Family."

Ryder yawned. "To bed," Violet ordered picking Ryder up. Atticus grabbed Rose around the waist before she could protest. They carried the children through the halls where House Elves were working furiously to get the Manor perfectly clean and tidy. They carried the children up the stairs that wound up and up to floors where more House Elves cleaned. They opened two doors to two bedrooms that had a connecting door between them.

Ryder was dressed in a blue pyjama set, with trousers and jacket, decorated with silver snitches and racing brooms. Rose wore an ankle length pink nightdress with silver lace around the hem, the neck (at the chin) and the sleeves, with several silver buttons up along her chest and neck.

Violet lay Ryder down in his new cot, a replica of the one he had at Godric's Hollow, as Atticus placed Rose in a queen size bed fitted with lace and silk pink sheets and a fleece comforter. A silky blue sheet was laid on top of Harry's fleece blanket, which the boy was allowed to keep as long as he didn't show anyone, followed by a second blue fleece blanket with lace sewn around the edges.

"Sleep for now, Ryder," Atticus said, his arm around his Wife as they stood in the doorway, "tomorrow you learn to be one of us." He smiled at the portrait of his Mother, which was hanging on the wall. Ryder would be a Lestrange before long, even if they had to resort to magic. The two adults headed back to their living room, and as the Muggle's would say, 'wet the baby's head'.

Around the bars of Ryder's cot, a green and black asp was wrapped. She flicked her tongue out, tasting the air. After determining that Ryder was asleep, she changed back and as Rose lay down beside her new Brother, on top of the blankets and smiled.

"Sleep well little Brother," she grinned, "the Malfoys visit tomorrow." She yawned and closed her eyes, the memory of the prophecy playing out in her sleeping mind.

The one with the power to defeat the Dark Lord approaches…

Born as the 7th month dies…

He shall be forced into the roll he does not want…

He will be given no choice…

The Sister is really His saviour…

But she will corrupt Him…

The Dark Lord shall not be defeated this time…

Dumbledore frowned: this just wouldn't do. A quick memory charm later, anyone who had overheard Sybil Trelawney speak would have heard a much different prophecy. Dumbledore smirked. Now, he thought, to stop Lily and James from having another child.

If Harry were the prophecy child, they wouldn't have time to consider a second. Especially not a Daughter! Now, to inform the Potters of how wonderful and helpful their Son would be (with the correct guidance).


Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it! I think I'm going to like writing this fiction. Bye for now.