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This takes place 10 days after the end of the last chapter. 9-10 days is when symptoms of pregnancy first begin to show; but the embryo is still only the size of a grape. Cute!

Bare in mind, no one knows what is going on with Draco, because men don't get pregnant unless they have creature blood in this fic. And Ryder is the Vampyre, not Draco!

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The Rest of Forever

July 31st 1997: Ryder's 17th Birthday.

Draco came with a groan, arching off of the bed, his lips attacking Ryder's neck. Rowena sensed that the Vampyre was close and nodded at Salazar. They had to do this before it was too late. "You have given me death and allowed me to rest in peace," she whispered as she touched Ryder's forehead, one hand still held by Salazar. "I give you the gift of life in return." Her hand rubbed quickly over Draco's stomach as Ryder came with a hoarse cry. She smirked, watching as the seed entered the blond's body and Ryder pulled out of his Mate. She watched as they fell asleep curled around one another and she watched as Draco's stomach shone with a bright blue light before the light sank into the blond's body protecting the gift that grew within him.

"It is a pity," Salazar said as they began to fade from view, "that we can not stay to see how he reacts."

August 10th 1997. 10 Days Later.

Draco Malfoy was very annoyed. He wasn't annoyed at anyone in particular; he was just annoyed. And what was really annoying was, when asked, he couldn't say why he was annoyed. Only that he was.

He clicked his fingers and smirked when Sufi the house elf popped into the room. She held out a glass of water, which Draco took gratefully and finished in one gulp. He handed the glass back without a word, and Sufi was used to the young blond's sudden craving for water that she immediately disappeared and returned with two glasses this time. Draco scowled as he took both glasses. Maybe this contributed to the fact that he was annoyed. He'd been eating like a pig lately, the weirdest foods, foods he usually hated… and now he was drinking like a fish too.

He growled and handed the glasses back; one was empty, the other was still full. "Wait there," he growled as he stormed out of Ryder's bedroom.

He was also annoyed, he supposed, because the amount of water he was drinking meant he practically had to piss every three minutes. The rest of the household were hosting a dinner party, to celebrate his and Ryder's engagement but he couldn't go. It wasn't so much that he couldn't go, but that he wouldn't. Especially not when he would have to be able to explain why he had to leave the room every three minutes to fucking bloody PISS!

He punched the mirror after he washed his hands and cursed. If he knew why he was so thirsty it wouldn't bother him so much. He'd just ask Severus to brew him some sort of potion. But it was the not knowing that annoyed him so much. Not to mention, he had started crying – actually CRYING – yesterday when Viktor Krum had mentioned that the trousers Draco was wearing didn't flatter his figure. For some reason, Draco had taken it into his head that Viktor had called him fat! Fat? Draco cursed again; something was very wrong with him, and he swore by Merlin, if someone didn't find out what soon, he'd murder everyone he could get his hormonal hands on.

He stormed back into Ryder's bedroom and grabbed the glass of water from Sufi. He sat down and pouted, trying desperately to think what could be wrong with him. The thirstiness had only really started yesterday – 9 days after he and Ryder made love on Ryder's birthday – but he had been angsty for a few days before that. Could he be sick?

Draco held the glass out again, and Sufi went to fetch some more water. "Maybe I'm dying? I could be really dehydrated because I'm dying." He mumbled out loud.

Sufi gave the glass back, and Draco gulped it down again. "Master Draco, Sir," the little elf said hesitantly. "Sufi mights be knowing whats being wrong with Master, Sir." Draco looked up, his eyes wide and hopeful.

"Really?" The house elf nodded and opened her mouth to speak, but Draco jumped off the bed and ran from the room. A minute later, Sufi heard the bathroom door slam shut and look. She frowned; he needed to urinate again!


September 14th 1997. Draco is 6 Weeks or 1½ Months Pregnant.

Ryder smirked as he looked over at his fiancé. Draco was pouting, his arms folded across his chest as he glared at anyone who dared to giggle. "I am not wearing a dress!" He hissed out, eyes narrowing further when he caught sight of Ryder's smirk.

"Oh please, baby?" Ryder asked with a coy smile. "I love you." He whispered, running a hand down Draco's thigh.

"No! I don't care how much you love me. I'm not getting married in a dress." He pinched Ryder's hand, and the Vampyre pulled his hand back. Ryder looked at Draco, his lower lip trembling, trying to incite pity. Instead, Draco reached out and smacked Ryder on the head. "No!" He hissed again.

The wedding wouldn't be happening until August the following year, because traditionally Purebloods didn't get engaged until at least one of them had left school. But that was what normal people did, and Ryder had never been normal. So, at seventeen-years-old, he was engaged to Draco whom he loved more than anything. But Narcissa wouldn't budge on that smidgen of tradition: they were marrying after they were both eighteen.

They were in their 7th and final year at Hogwarts, except at that moment they had both been called home to discuss wedding plans. Well, Draco had been called home. Ryder had refused to go back to Hogwarts considering he had his NEWTs from Durmstrang to fall back on. Draco offered to drop out of school and be a househusband but his mother and father, both, had threatened to smack him with his father's snake headed cane.

"Please Dragon, please? You'll look so beautiful. I promise." Ryder pleaded, his hands clasped in front of his chest, his eyes begging.

"What I'll look like, Hammond, is a boy in a bloody dress!" Draco shouted. He opened his mouth to say something else, but his hand flew to cover his mouth as his stomach revolted. With a panicked look on his face, Draco jumped out of his chair and tried to make it to the bathroom. He made it to the study door, before bending in half and throwing up his breakfast all over the flood, the door and his shoes. He gave a groan and wiped his mouth on the back of his sleeve.

"I get it," Ryder said with a small smile, "you don't want to wear a dress." He moved to help Draco, but the blond stopped him. He held an arm out, turning to face his fiancé with tears in his eyes.

"What's wrong with me?" He asked in a quite, sad voice.

Ryder pulled Draco against his chest, ignoring the vomit on the boy's clothing. "Nothing. You're just unwell. It'll go away soon." Ryder rubbed his hands up and down Draco's back, as the blond pressed his face against his lovers neck and sobbed. The parents' of both of the boys watched on sadly, none of them knew what was wrong either, but they desperately wanted to.

Ryder led Draco back to his seat five minutes later. Just as Draco was about to sit down again, his hand flew to his mouth and he darted out of the room. This time he made it to the bathroom, and threw up in the sink.


September 31st 1997. Draco is 8 Weeks or 2 Months Pregnant.

Hogwarts was boring, Draco decided, especially since he was on his own. But that didn't bother him too much. If Ryder was there, they'd both be having adventures like Harry Potter used to with his friends. Or, when they weren't exploring and getting into trouble, they'd be making love – which was usually one of Draco's favourite pastimes when it came to his lover, but right now he was far too tired.

He'd only been back at school a month and he was knackered. He was hard pressed not to fall asleep in all of his lessons, and it took three of his friends to force him out of the bed in the morning. For the past three days, he had slept like the dead and he was always even more tired waking up then he was going to bed.

And he was still throwing up.

Severus had kicked him out of Potions class at least three times over the past two weeks. The first time, he had thrown up in his cauldron, and the sight of the vomit had made him throw up a second time; this time on Severus who came over to help. The second time he had been thrown out he had thrown up in Neville Longbottom's cauldron when they were paired together, and the potion had exploded all over Severus. And the third time, he had just fallen asleep. One minute he had bee taking notes and the next he was asleep, his nose in his pot of ink.

It was driving him mad. Potions was his best class and he was failing this semester already because he couldn't stop getting sick and sleeping. He needed to find out what was wrong with him.

But he'd be damned if he was going to Madame Pomfrey.

The sound of his door opening made him look up, his eyes wide. He had his own room of course, being Head Boy – a very sleepy one, though – so he had never really been surprised when Ryder had snuck in to see him a few nights a week. But that had been before; before the sickness and the tiredness. And he was so tired!

"Hello love," Ryder whispered as he stripped off and slid into the bed. He frowned, as he ran his hands up Draco's thighs, and realized the boy was dressed.

"Not tonight, Ryder," the blond muttered as he wriggled away from his lover. "I'm tired. And I have a headache."

"Right," the brunette said, crossing his arms over his chest and lying on his back so he wasn't even touching his fiancé. "Goodnight." He waited for Draco to reply, but the blond was already asleep.


October 31st 1997. Draco is 12 Weeks or 3 Months Pregnant.

Draco giggled hysterically. He was home for the holidays, and was in the middle of lunch. The Hammonds had joined them for the evening. As one, everybody at the table turned to look at Draco. For the past month, when everyone ate, Draco would run from the room to throw up. He only ever ate the bare minimum, and sometimes he ate the most disgusting foods only to throw them up minutes later.

But now, he was happily piling chicken and potatoes and vegetables onto his plate, still laughing.

"What's wrong love?" Ryder asked, his hand moving under the table to squeeze the blond's.

Draco grinned. "I don't feel sick! Ryder… I'm not throwing up! Isn't it great?"

Ryder leant over to kiss Draco's cheek. "That's brilliant love," he whispered, "see, I told you whatever bug you had would go away!"

"Congratulations," Narcissa said with an airy smile. "Now that you're well again, we can continue planning the wedding!"

"We have to pick out a dress for you!" Violet beamed at the couple. Ryder beamed back and Draco scowled.

"I am NOT wearing a dress!" He crossed his arms over his chest and tried to look pathetic. "I thought you dropped that idea?"

"I did." Ryder agreed with a kiss to Draco's cheek. The blond gave a relieved sigh, but then Ryder said, "but you're not sick anymore!" Draco scowled for the rest of the evening.


November 14th 1997. Draco is 14 Weeks or 3½ Months Pregnant.

It was the first Slytherin Quidditch match of the season and Draco was very excited. The last year he had been under far too much pressure to even think about enjoying Quidditch, and in fact he had pretended to be sick for most of the games. And the year before, Umbridge had banned Harry Potter from playing, so Draco didn't really find the game challenging enough to play. But now, there was no Potter, he was free to enjoy the game, and Ryder would be sitting in the Slytherin stand beside his father and Severus cheering him on.

He was kissing Ryder 'hello' at the moment, but he was due on the pitch shortly. But before Ryder left to join Lucius and Severus, there was a pressing question Draco had to ask his lover. He pulled up his shirt, and turned side ways. "Ryder, am I fat?" He asked poking at his stomach.

Ryder looked and sure enough there was a tiny little bump over his abdomen, but Ryder wouldn't have called it fat. His hand reached out to feel and gasped. The bump wasn't fatty, it was hard, and when he pushed against it Draco gasped.

"No love, you're not fat." Ryder said, pulling Draco's Quidditch uniform shirt down and patting his stomach. "You're not fat at all, love." But Ryder frowned as Draco joined his teammates on the pitch. There had been a lump on his fiancés stomach; but what was it, if not fat?

The game had been going on for about an hour, and Slytherin were winning 200 to 120. Draco waved briefly towards the Slytherin stand, where his father was sitting with Severus and Ryder. Then he darted across the pitch as he spotted the Snitch by the Gryffindor stand. Suddenly, it felt as if something was pressing against his lungs from the inside. Something pushing his lungs out of the way. Like there was something growing inside of him, trying to make room, or something trying to claw its way out of him.

He let go of the broom, pressing both hands to his chest. He gasped for breath, his throat constricting as his chest tightened. "I can't breath," he wheezed as one of the other Slytherin players flew over to him.

Before the other boy could do anything, Draco gave another gasp and his eyes rolled back in his head. Ryder jumped out of his seat with a cry as Draco slipped from his broom and began to fall twenty feet to earth. Lucius' wand snapped out before Ryder's and he levitated his son towards him, slowly, carefully; his face marred by a worried frown.

Ryder scoped Draco into his arms when Lucius floated the boy to the floor of the Slytherin stand. With an unhappy growl, he walked away from the pitch in the direction of the Infirmary. Madame Pomfrey followed dutifully. Lucius and Severus went along as well.

Laying Draco down on one of the beds, Ryder pressed his hand to Draco's stomach, feeling the small bump. "What happened?" Madame Pomfrey said as she walked into the Infirmary.

Behind her was the boy who had flown over to Draco. "He just fell. He said he couldn't breath, and then he fell!" The boy said shakily. "Will he be ok?"

"We'll see. You may go." She walked to the bed. Lucius glared at her and she glared right back. "Now, Lucius Malfoy, don't you look at me like that!" She faced Ryder. "Is there anything I should know before I start my examination?"

"He's been feeling sick a lot. Throwing up during meals and in the morning. That stopped two weeks ago though. He's been eating strangely; maybe he's allergic to something? He asked me if he was fat before the match."

"What did you say?" Severus said with a slight smirk.

"I told him he wasn't."

"And is he?" Madame Pomfrey asked, staring at Draco's abdomen.

Ryder frowned; his hand began stroking the almost flat expanse of his lover's belly. "Not quite. There's this bump and it's really small, but I don't know where it came from." He pulled the shirt up for her to see. She gasped and began running her wand up and down the blond's body.

"Anything else?" She snapped.

"He was really thirsty back in August. But that probably doesn't matter." Ryder looked confused.

"Count back ten days from when you first noticed him drinking a lot." He counted, "well? What happened on that date?"

"We, uh, had sex." She made a humming noise and cast a few more spells.

"It shouldn't be possible. It can't be, but it is! Would you like to see, Ryder? He should be far enough along. It's been over 3 months." She mumbled more to herself than the Vampyre.

"See what? Is he ill?"

"Good Merlin, no, child. He's pregnant!" Ryder looked at the bump under his hand, then to Lucius who gaped at him. He looked at Severus who was trying not to laugh, then to a beaming Madame Pomfrey. Then he looked back at Draco, who was awake and glaring at him.

"YOU GOT ME PREGNANT!!" He screamed, before his eyes rolled back in his head and he passed out again.

Severus snickered. "Now he'll have to wear a dress!"


March 14th 1997. Draco is 30 Weeks or 7½ Months Pregnant.

The weekend was a boring one, Draco decided at his sat at the dining table in Malfoy Manor. His mother was desperately trying to get him married before his due date in April, but Draco refused. Not because he wanted to stick to tradition, but rather he didn't want to risk looking fat in the wedding photos.

Ryder was talking to his own mother about what kind of dress would suit Draco best, while Narcissa sulked because Draco was still planning to wait until the summer to marry. Lucius wasn't as bothered as Draco thought he might be. He had expected his father to rage at him for getting pregnant outside of a marriage, but he didn't. Instead he pointed out that they were mates, and Draco was the one pregnant not Ryder, so it couldn't be planned for. Everyone had come to the conclusion that it had something to do with either Rowena or Salazar.

They couldn't ask Rose or Voldemort, as the both of them had disappeared for a holiday together after the birthday party ended.

Draco looked down at his swollen stomach and couldn't help but smile. At least he had a reason for all of the weird things he had been doing months ago. And Severus had let him back into Potions class, as long as they weren't brewing something dangerous or harmful to the baby. His hand rested lightly on the bump. It wasn't so much a bump anymore; it was more like a small mountain. Madame Pomfrey had told him the child was over half of its birth weight now.

Unexpectedly, he was looking forward to being a parent. Surprisingly he wasn't all that bothered to be the one pregnant… however, there was no way he was going through morning sickness again, so Ryder could have the next one, or they could find a surrogate.

He had three months of school to get through, and the child would have been born before he was due to sit his NEWTs, so that wasn't much of a problem.

He picked up a glass of water and turned to smile at the back of Ryder's head. But his hand suddenly tingled and the glass slipped from between numb fingers and shattered on the floor. "Oh," he said quietly as every one turned to stare at him, "I can't feel my fingers."

Ryder moved to stand behind him. He took one of Draco's hands in his and began to squeeze the wrist and alternatively rub the fingers. "It's ok, Dragon. Your wrists and ankles are swollen cause you're pregnant. That means there's more pressure on the nerves, which is why your fingers are numb. You haven't done anything wrong." He whispered against Draco's cheek.

"Ok," he muttered, staring at the shattered glass. "But I'm still thirsty."


April 14th 1997. Draco is 34 Weeks or 8½ Months Pregnant.

"I'm bored, Blaise!" Draco whined. He wasn't allowed to play Quidditch, he wasn't allowed to practise new Charms or do Self-Transfiguration like the rest of his year. He had been kicked out of Defence Against the Dark Arts because they were practising non-verbal attack spells, and the Professor didn't want to risk Draco being hit by a stray curse. Blaise had been a great friend by walking out of the lesson with him.

They were both lying down by the Black Lake, reading a book about non-verbal attack spells. "Me too. I should have stayed in the lesson." He mumbled, and regretted it at the sight of Draco's crest fallen face. "Oh, Dray, no, I didn't mean it like that. Please don't cry!" But it was too late, as Draco had already dissolved into hormonal sobs.

"Sorry, I-I-I'm bori-ing, B-Blaise!" He wailed out between choked sobs.

The Italian sighed and enfolded his best friend into his arms. "It's my fault and I am sorry. I'm so sorry, please stop crying." He rubbed Draco's back. "You're not boring!"

"I a-am." Draco insisted, but before he could say anymore, he let out a shocked cry and his hand flew to his stomach. "Oh Blaise!" The other boy frowned and began to pet the blond's stomach, searching for something wrong.

"What happened, are you hurt? Oh!" He trailed off in amazement as he felt a small kick to his hand. "Dray, your baby's kicking me!"

"Isn't it great?" The blond asked, and started crying again.

"Oh please don't cry. I really don't think you're boring, honest!" Blaise tried to pull Draco against him comfortingly again, but Draco pulled away.

"No silly," He laughed through the tears. "Happy tears, happy tears," he mumbled wiping them away with a grin. He pressed his hand to his stomach again and laughed when his child kicked him.


April 21st 1997. Draco is 35 Weeks Pregnant.

Draco gave a pained cry, his hand pressed to his swollen stomach. It was April, he was due in April, and his stomach was constricting which hurt a lot. A contraction hit him and he gave another cry. "I think I'm in labour!" He said without raising his hand. He slowly peeled his pregnant – fat, in his opinion – body out of his chair, and lumbered out of the door before Professor Runespoor could dismiss him.

He burst into the Infirmary, clutching his stomach and frantically screaming for Madame Pomfrey. She came out of her office like the Dogs of Hades were after her. "I'm in labour, I'm in labour!" He shouted and tried to drag himself onto a bed. "Call Ryder, get my father!"

"Did your waters break?" She asked calmly, running her wand over his body.

"No." He said slowly, not understand why she hadn't given him a pain-killing potion yet.

"Then you aren't in labour. What you are feeling is known as Braxton Hicks Contractions." She smiled calmly at him. "The walls of your – do you even have a uterus? Anyway, they are contracting because, or at least this is what Muggles think, Oxytocin is being released into your blood stream slowly, to get your body used to the feeling. When you go into labour, Oxytocin will be released in larger quantities and the mucous membrane surrounding the foetus will burst, which will be your waters breaking."

"But I'm not in labour?" Draco asked, thinking that was the most important thing Madame Pomfrey could tell him right then.

"No you aren't." She smiled and he hopped off the bed.

Waddling to the door he grinned, "Great, I'm going to lunch then."


April 31st 1997. Draco is 9 Months pregnant.

"Ouch," Draco muttered as he waddled his way to Care of Magical Creatures with the rest of the Slytherins in his year. His stomach was contracting again, but his waters hadn't broken so he assumed it was more of those Braxton thingies! Anyway, Malfoys are always fashionably late, and his child was a Malfoy. It would be born in May, so there.

"Ouch," he said again, as the pain shot down his back and his legs. He almost fell over, but Pansy grabbed his arm and wrapped her own around his waist. "Stop groping me!" He hissed and pushed her away. He doubled over in pain. "Oh shit," he muttered as he felt a rush of fluids, and his pants were suddenly soaking wet. "I'M IN LABOUR!" He screamed. "Help me!" He doubled over, clutching his stomach and taking deep breaths.

"Breath, breath," Blaise said trying to be helpful.

Draco grabbed him by the shirt collar and growled into his face. "I. Am. Fucking. Breathing." He snarled. "Get help." He lay on the ground, curling into a ball, and holding his stomach. He didn't even know how men had babies. He dearly hoped he wouldn't have to push it out of his arse.

He was going to kill Ryder.

Twelve hours later, Draco knew exactly how men had babies, and he wasn't at all impressed with the idea. His perineum has split open, so he had a pseudo vagina, behind his scrotum. He had rather been hoping to have what Ryder assumed he would have. A Caesarean Section; Ryder insisted it was the only way for a non-Creature to give birth. Atticus had looked at his son and grinned before looking away. No one had bothered to tell Draco anything.

And they hadn't given him any pain killing potions either. He highly doubted that those so-called endorphins had been doing their job, like Madame Pomfrey insisted. Because he had been taken to a whole new level of pain.

He found a new burst of love for his mother. How could she not hate him after he caused her that kind of pain?

He was sure that he'd hate his child – if they ever let Draco see it.

Of course he'd hate it, and Ryder too.

Suddenly something was being placed in his arms, and he looked down and gasped at the scrunched up little face of his child. He did try to hate the baby, but all the pain he had felt seemed to melt away. He sniffled lightly and cuddled the child close as Ryder – his hand healed from when Draco broke it during labour – sat on the edge of the hospital bed.

"It's a girl, Dray." Ryder whispered, leaning closer to his blond lover. "Can we name her after a flower?" He ran his hand over Draco's head, brushing the boy's fringe off of his sweaty forehead.

"I don't hate her, Ryder?" He asked quietly, not quite sure if it was a question or not.

"Of course you don't. She's our baby." Ryder kissed Draco's cheek softly and Draco turned to look at him. His eyes were watering again.

"But she hurt me so bad." He sniffed and ran his fingers down the baby's nose. "Can we have another?" Maybe, he decided, getting pregnant again and having morning sickness again wouldn't be so bad.

"Madame Pomfrey said it would be possible. However you got pregnant, you also somehow got a womb for yourself. So you can get pregnant again when ever you like. Until then, lots of contraceptive potions." He paused, "well, if contraception works on you that is." Draco gave a dry chuckle.

"We are not having sex again till after the wedding." Draco glared at his fiancé. "I like Ivy."

"What's a climbing plant to do with anythi- oh," Ryder blushed and looked down at his daughter. "I like Ivy too."

"And if the next one is a boy, we can name him Korbin. It's half the Latin name for an Iceberg which is a white garden rose."

"How'd you know?" Ryder asked with a suspicious smile.

Draco kissed his daughter's head and grinned, "mother has them at the Manor." Ryder nodded and Draco turned to kiss his lover's cheek as well. "By the way, I've decided to wear a dress."


August 31st 1997. Ivy is 4 Months old.

Everyone turned in their seats as the music began to sound through the grounds of Malfoy Manor. Draco Malfoy blushed slightly under the scrutiny as every guest at his wedding stared at him in shock. Only his family were expecting him to be dressed like he was.

Instead of the satin white robes that Ryder was sporting, waiting at the front of the crowd with the officiator from the Ministry, Draco was wearing something Muggle. And not just anything Muggle, but a dress!

His dress was ivory coloured and fell to the ground in soft layers of satin and chiffon that swayed around his feet as he walked. There was so much fabric surrounding him, that Ryder half thought he was pregnant again. The Vampyre at to look at Narcissa, who was holding Ivy, just to make sure. Draco had a veil on, covering his face and his hair. It was ivory again, but with a faint pink touch to it, to match the pale pink gloves that covered his arms. His engagement ring sat on one finger, over the glove, the diamond sparkling.

He smiled shyly at Ryder, and mouthed, "well?"

Ryder gave him a 'thumbs up'. Draco blushed again and carried on walking forward, in time with the music. When he reached the front of the garden, the officiator gave a small bow and Draco nodded and bowed in return, as tradition required.

"Friends and family, we come together today to celebrate the joining of Ryder Ravyn Hammond and Draconais Lucius Malfoy. May they be happy and fruitful, wealthy and content until their time among us passes. I give you my blessing."

As one, the crowd of guests called out, "I give you my blessing."

"Since there are none among us that disagree," the officiator said, "I pronounce you bonded with the blessing of the Fates." Before he could give his permission, Ryder pulled Draco towards him and kissed him hard on the lips. The officiator gave a snort of amusement. "Go in peace and prosperity."

That night, the couple cemented their bond physically and with extreme pleasure. Of course, Draco had Ryder give him at least two contraceptive potions, just to be safe. Ivy wasn't even half a year old yet; now was no time for more kids.

When they came together, the other's name falling from their lips Draco stomach gave a faint pink glow. The light spread around his abdomen before sinking into the skin, much like the first time they conceived. "Uh," Ryder said rolling off of the blond. "I guess contraception doesn't work on your womb."

Draco just glared at Ryder and turned on his side, pretending to sulk. To be quite honest, he wasn't as adverse to the idea of another child as he was pretending to be. Babies were a blessing, especially when it shouldn't have been possible for Draco to be impregnated and carry Ivy to term. What harm could one more child do to his figure?

After all, Malfoy's never did do anything by halves!


The End

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