Fear of a Happy Face

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Chapter twelve

This would work, Dean wasn't dead yet. Yes, this would work just fine, Sam had nothing to be worried about. He would just find his Dad and something that he could use to break the box without Dean getting hurt and then kill that spirit. Or maybe kill that spirit first, then all would go more smoothly... Or maybe he should let Dean out first, so he could get some air... Or maybe they could do them both at the same time. Or maybe... Oh for Heaven's sake, was it really that important? First, before everything, Sam had to find John.

"Dad!! DAD!!!" Sam yelled. He could not care less if people woke up because of his screaming, that was really the last thing in his mind right now. "DAD!!!"

"Sam? What the hell, I thought I told you not leave my side!" John said when Sam finally found him.

"You did... I... Dad, I found him!" Sam said, catching his breath after running.

"What? Where?" John asked right away, his anger at his youngest completely forgotten.

"The spirit locked him up in a box. Dad, he's gonna die if don't get him out!" Sam said, his voice rising with every word.

"Hey, I told you, your brother ain't gonna die tonight. We're gonna get him out, okay. Now, show me where it is."


It had been a while since Dean had travelled in the back with Sam. Since he had been aloud to drive in the front he had felt him self a little more older and was more than a little interested about the car itself. But now he travelled in the back. For some reason Sam had gotten very upset about their last conversation and Dean knew it wasn't good to let Sam think about it in his little head all alone. If Dean could just keep Sam's thoughts out of it for some time, he was sure that the little boy would forget it.

"Hey, boys. What do you say about McDonald's?" John asked from the front.

"Can I get a milkshake?" Sam asked.

"Sure", John replied.

"A chocolate one?"


"With a funny cup?"

"If you want to."

"With whipped cream?"

"Sammy, I'm afraid McDonald's doesn't put whipped cream in milkshake", John said, smiling.

"Oh." A little silence. "You think you could ask them to put whipped cream in it? I could do my puppy eyes. Even Dean can't say no to my puppy eyes."

John laughed. He had known that ever since Sam had started to use them on his brother but he had no idea Sam was aware of it himself, too. Man, that boy's gonna be smart he thought.

"I so can say no to your puppyeyes!" Dean protested, though he knew it was useless. John just shook his head a little when he pulled the Impala to the McDonald's parking lot.

"Stay here, I'll be right back", he told the boys, knowing how long it would take Dean to decide what he wanted if he came inside himself. Sam and Dean just nodded and Dean automatically locked the door when John had closed it.

"When's Daddy gonna come back?" Sam asked as soon as John had disappeared into the restaurant.

"Depends on how many people there are", Dean answered.

"Maybe he could tell we're waiting and they would let him go first", Sam suggested.

"I don't think that would work", Dean said. "Are you hungry or something? He's only been gone for two minutes." Sam just shrugged and turned to look out of the window. Suddenly he screamed, making Dean jump and turn on into the full on big brother mode. "What is it?"

Sam didn't answer. He was trying to get the seat belt off and get as far away from the window was he could but because he tried to do those both at the same time he only managed to almost strungle himself.

"Sammy? Sam, calm down, what is it?" Dean asked. He helped Sam get the seat belt off and the younger immediately made his way to Dean's lab. "Hey, it's okay. You're okay. What is it, what did you see?" Dean asked, closing his arms around the panicked little boy. Sam didn't answer, he just kept his head buried in Dean's chest. Dean looked around, trying to see what had scared Sam so badly. The only thing he saw was a smiling guy that had dressed like Ronald McDonald hugging kids. There was nothing scary about that so what was Sam so scared about?

"They were out of chocolate so I brought you strawberry, I hope that's... Sammy?" John looked questioningly at Dean when Sam didn't respond to his Dad by anyway. Dean just shrugged, having no idea what was going on.

"Let's just go..." Sam whispered, not lifting his head. John got in the car and drove away from the thing that had scared his son. It wasn't until thirty minutes after that when he and Dean finally convinced Sam that there was nothing to be scared about.


Dean Winchester didn't panic easily. And when he did panic, it was hardly never about his own life or well-being. But right now, with all honesty, and because Dean figured he would not live long enough to tell anyone about it, he was slowly but surely starting to panic. His head told him to scream but Dean was too afraid he would piss the spirit off. And what good would screaming do, anyway? It wasn't like someone would come and safe him. Not without getting killed themselves...


What the hell? No way was that Sammy, he was suppose to be somewhere far away by now.

"Dean, are you okay?"

Okay, this was getting very weird, that could not be Dad, right? Oh man, breathing was really starting to get hard. How long had he been there anyway?


Would you stop screaming, I'm trying to sleep!


Dean could see the puppy eyes that he could never say no to. Damn, Sam was good! "I'm okay..." It came out as more than a cough but it seem to put the other two at eace, at least for a while.

"Don't worry, son, we're gonna get you out of there", John's convincing voice came to his ears. But it was so hard to listen anymore. He heard Sam's voice, too but he couldn't make out the words. Could they talk a little louder maybe...? There was a third voice, too, who did that belong to? What the hell was going on?


"You really think you can get him out?" Sam and John both turned around when they heard the voice of the spirit. It was smiling evily and it looked like he knew he had won. "This circus is old, ya know. It has travelled from town to town for almost fifty years." The spirit looked around in the tent almost lovingly. "It's not easy to see your friends performing when no one can see you. Or the could but they would not believe it since they all saw me dying. Those stupid children just laughed while I suffocated... No one heard me, no one thought about me, no one cared that I was missing..."

It was starting to get weird. The spirit was bitter but so was almost every spirit there was...

"How did you suffocate?" Sam suddenly asked, putting his fear and disgust aside.

"I... I mean... That same box! That same box, I was practising my show but someone really locked it! Someone locked it, I couldn't get out! For almost two hours... Two hours I tried, I yelled, I screamed... But no one came, no one even tried to help me!"

Sam could not help but take a step closer to John when he saw the spirit getting even more angry. But no matter how scared he was, he knew he had to play this game to the end.

"Would you wanna show me? I mean, I would love to see how you get out of there. The children must have loved it but I have never seen a clown do a show. Could you show me?" Sam turned on his puppyeyes, though he didn't really think they would work now. The spirit eyed him for a while but then it nodded. It seemed like it couldn't resist it. A child who asked him to show him do his trick...

With a flick of a hand the spirit opened the box. Sam had to fight the resist to run to Dean. He had to play this game, he had to finish this.

"Dean?" Sam heard John say. He did not hear a response. Shaking furiously Sam kept his eyes on the clown when John took Dean out of the box. He did not turn to look. This would be the end.

"This is a really hard trick, no one should never try it at home", the spirit explained, getting into the box, suddenly as if he had forgotten he was dead at all. "Now, be a good boy and close the box for me, okay? And make sure there are no holes."

"Oh, I will, trust me", Sam said when he closed the box. As soon as he was sure the box was closed, he took a bag of salt he had taken with him and made a circle around the box. Once the circle was complete he emptied the rest on the top of the box. He hear the spirit screamig, heard him yell all kinds of curses. That didn't help him though, the box caught up in fire and in few seconds there was nothing left of it.


Sam shook his head and turned to look at his brother when he heard his Dad's fearfilled voice. Dean had not woken up and he was far too pale to Sam's liking. No. No, no, no, this was not happening, Dean had not been there that long, he could not have! This was a nightmare, it had all been a nightmare...

"Dad...?" Maybe, just maybe, that one word was the sweetiest thing Sam had ever heard. "Sammy...?" No, he had been wrong, that one was. Falling on his knees, Sam did not care how chicky flicky it might had been. As soon as Dean was sitting up he threw his arms around the older boy's neck. "Sammy, for Christ's sake...!"

"Shut up, I saved your life."


"You promise you will never leave me?"

"Yes, Sammy. I promise."

"And you promise nothing will never take us?"


"And no matter what, you'll always be there?"

"Of course, Sammy. You don't ever have to doubt that."

"Good... You either."


Dean did not travel on the back seat very often anymore. But now, now he really felt like he should. He and Sam were sitting in the car while John checked out and called someone to pick up his truck so he could drive the Impala.

"Three times."


"Three times", Sam repeated. "Three times you almost died because of that spirit."

"Yeah, and three times I survived. How did you figure out the box was it's weak spot anyway?" Dean asked.

"It said it itself, that's where it died. And don't try to change the sucject."

"We had a subject?"

"Damn it, Dean!" Sam yelled, frustrated.

"Sammy, I'm here. I did not die, thanks to you! Just... relax, okay?"

Sam just shook his head. Sometimes Dean really pissed him off.

"Hey, ya know. This whole gig would have been so much more fun if the spirit had been one of those hot girls with sparkly, tight, oh man, so tight, costumes. What do they call them again, huh?"



"I know what're you thinking, Sam. Why'd have to be clowns?"

"Give me a break."

"You didn't think I'd remember, did you? Oh come, you still bust up crying whenever you see Ronald McDonald on television?"

"At least I'm not scared of flying."

"Planes crash!"

"And apparently, clowns kill."

Everybody Loves A Clown



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