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The Host Boat

Chapter 1: Precursor to a Tiring and Trying Trip at Sea

"HaruhiHaruhiHaruhi!!! Look at it! Isn't it wonderful!?" Tamaki was all over the place. He refused to sit still as the limo drove up to the dock where a humungous cruise ship awaited their arrival.

"Tono," Kaoru chimed in with a smirk. "Of course she thinks it's wonderful."

"Because Haruhi," Hikaru said slyly, eyeing his twin before they chimed in together.

"…Has never been on a cruise ship before, neh?" Tamaki's face turned ashen and he pulled Haruhi into a strong embrace.

"My poor, poor Haruhi! Don't worry; Daddy will OUCH!" Tamaki cradled his freshly pinched hand against his chest. "Mother!" he cried to Kyoya.

"Haru-chan! Haru-chan!" Haruhi turned to try and pay attention to the adorable senior. There was way too much going on for even her to keep concentration for too long in the closed in cramped space. What with the twins laughing and fawning over each other and Tamaki complaining to Kyoya about how his daughter was not accepting his love and care.

"Yes, Honey-sempai?" she responded to his call.

"Is it true that you've never been on a cruise before!?" His voice was filled with wonder as he leaned further toward her from his seat on the knee of the ever silent Mori. Still, Mori seemed to look at her expectantly awaiting an answer. Just as she opened her mouth, someone chimed in for her.

"Well, Haruhi in fact has been on a cruise before, though it was only for two days to Okinawa." Haruhi turned to see Kyoya patting Tamaki on top of the head, calming him, with one hand while he continued typing on his laptop with the other. Haruhi just looked at him with her mouth open. She knew she shouldn't be surprised at his secret knowledge of her private life anymore, but this was going too far!

Kyoya smirked, and still didn't look up. "Of course, that was years ago. She was only eight years old then. Here's a picture." His hand emerged suddenly from somewhere, holding up a picture of her from her childhood. She was standing at the bow of a ship,

wearing a dark purple one piece swimsuit with orange floaties on her arms.

No, she was mistaken. THAT was going too far!

A struggle then ensued as two twins, a blonde king, and Haruhi fought to retrieve the picture from Kyoya's hand. Much to her relief, she was able to procure the stolen memento from her past before the others could get their hands on it. Tamaki pouted, the twins scoffed and acted as though it didn't matter, and Mori listened as Honey whispered secrets about who knew what. Haruhi glared at Kyoya, who continued typing, a telling grin gracing his lips.

She sighed and sank back into her seat as the limo pulled into the check in area. She was surprised that there were no other cars around. Wasn't a cruise during the summer normally fully booked? She did remember that there were many open staterooms when she had booked her spot on the ship a few months ago.

Not that she had ever wanted to go on this cruise with the host club members. But with Tamaki's begging and the twins teasing, she was about to go crazy! Luckily, Kyoya made her an offer she could not refuse…which of course was a reduction in the size of her debt if she chose to participate in the much needed vacation. It couldn't bee all bad, could it? She would get lost easily in the crowds of people, and probably only have to see them at dinner. She had brought many books, thankful that this trip should not cut into her reading and studying time.

She was also a little bit excited. It was a two week cruise, would that leave Tokyo bay and would make its way down to its first quick stop at Okinawa, before heading…well, she wasn't too sure where the cruise was heading. Kyoya had said he would take care of everything, and she made him promise that he would not make arrangements that she could not afford.

Her father had ransacked her room last night after she had finished packing. He had unpacked and repacked her suitcases, adding two more full suitcases of clothes. She was only going for two weeks! What did she need with all that stuff!? But she sighed, and had accepted it. She was too tired to argue, and in the long run, it really didn't matter. Though she did wonder where her father had gotten all those clothes from.

She stepped out of the limo when the door opened for her, and stood in wonder as a line of servants unloaded the trunk of the limo, which seemed to hold more than it could realistically hold. She would never admit it, but Tamaki was right. The cruise ship was indeed the largest she had ever seen. There were rows upon rows of windows and balconies, and she began to feel the excitement build in her stomach.

She looked around. Other than the members of the host club and the servants and cruise employees, she saw no one. This was incredibly odd…oh no.

"Kyoya," she asked softly, realizing the shadow king was standing right next to her.

"Yes, Haruhi?" he asked as he stood there relaxed, leather laptop bag dangling easily from his shoulder.

"Why is there no one else here? Doesn't the cruise leave soon?"

"Why Haruhi! You don't mean to say that you believed we would be going on a cruise with commoners, did you?" came the sing-song unified voice of the twins.

"I would not have minded, but don't you think it's better this way?" Tamaki said smiling. He took in a deep breath of sea air and spun in a circle. "Just think of it! A whole six weeks of nothing but the wind, the water…" he turned to her with a wink, "…and us!"

Oh. God. No.

"B-b-but I thought that it was o-o-only a two week cruise!" Haruhi said, her eyes going wide.

"But Haru-chan!" Honey said cheerfully, grabbing her hand. "How would we have time to go to Hong Kong, Fiji, and Australia in only two weeks?"

"What!?" she asked, light suddenly filling in the dusky cobweb filled shadows of her knowledge of the trip.

"Your father agreed quite readily to it." Kyoya was walking forward now, following a prancing Tamaki and a quiet Mori.

"Come on Haru-chan! We're going to leave soon!" Honey pulled on her hand one more time, before running forward and scaling Mori's back in one jump, landing on his shoulders.

Maybe I can get away…quietly… she thought, taking a step back. But she bumped into something solid. Hands grasped her shoulders and held her tightly against a firm chest.

"Gee, Haruhi? Where do you think you're going?" Hikaru's mouth was right next to her ear, making her shiver, as Kaoru stalked around in front of her.

"We're about to leave! You weren't…"

"Trying to get away, were you?" Their voices combined with her racing heart, confused mind, and awakening panic. Her arms were seized and she was lifted off the ground, propelled forward by the force of the twins at her sides.

Before she knew it, she was aboard the ship, the gang plank blocked, with no way of escape.

Her relaxing vacation had swiftly morphed into an extra long summer nightmare!


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