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The Host Boat

Chapter 4: An Unexpected Misplacement and Replacement…

No…no…nonononono!!!!! Haruhi was growing a bit anxious. She knew she had packed them. She was not mistaken about that. Two one-piece swimsuits were plenty for her. She wasn't one of those rich snobby girls that couldn't wear the same thing twice. She had one swimsuit and one back up! That's all she needed. She liked her dark blue one-piece with a small yellow flower on the hip. It was the first one she had tried on the last time her dad had insisted on her buying a new suit, and she was perfectly satisfied. She wasn't much for swimming, but when she did, she liked that suit. She had also brought her old middle school suit as a back up, just in case anything happened to the other one.

It wasn't there. It wasn't in any of the drawers, or in the suitcases, or in the closets. Where were her swimsuits!? It wasn't just because the obnoxious guy said to bring a suit. She wouldn't care so much, except for the fact that they were hers and she knew she had packed them, and she wanted to know where they were. She wasn't even planning on wearing it tonight, but she was going to take it just in case the members (i.e. Tamaki, the twins, Honey-sempai) threw a fit she didn't want to deal with.

She fell back on her bed and closed her eyes, letting her mind go through the motions of memory retracing, when she hit the nail on the head. Dad repacked my suitcase. But he of all people would want her to wear a swimsuit! It didn't make sense!

A knock at the door had her jumping up. It couldn't be Kyoya, and no one else knew… She walked over and opened the door to see a tall, rather pale woman with dark hair, wearing a cruise member polo shirt.

"Ms. Fujioka?" she asked with a horribly cheerful voice.

"Um…yes?" she answered. Who did the woman think it was?

"HI! I'm Yuki! The assistant cruise director! This was mistakenly sent to the Hitachiin room, but I was informed that it needed to be given to you as soon as possible! So, here I am!" Haruhi blinked twice before looking down at what the woman had brought.

Two…two large suitcases…were right in front of the door. Haruhi, in a mechanical mode, opened the door and allowed the perky woman to bring in the suitcases. She had to drag them, which suggested they were heavy. But she didn't recognize the suitcases at all.

"There must be a mistake," Haruhi said politely. "These aren't mine."

"Oh! But they are!" she cried. "I was told specifically to bring these to your quarters as soon as possible so that you would be prepared for this evening!" Haruhi blinked…hoping against all hope that this wasn't starting to mean what she was deathly afraid of it meaning. "If you need anything else please don't hesitate to ask! We're here to serve! And don't forget, the boat leaves in forty-five minutes for the shore. Buh-bye!" And the woman pranced out of the room.

Haruhi laid one of the suitcases out on the floor and unzipped it, knowing somehow what she would find. As the she lifted the top, her heart dropped into her stomach, before almost jumping out of her throat.

Swimsuits… At least forty or more swimsuits in this one suitcase alone! This was ridiculous! How could she possibly wear so many? She sifted through them, noticing that most were two pieces. Um….most were two pieces, right? She dug through, lifting out and examining each piece of elastic cloth she could get her hands on.

Not one one-piece swimsuit. She'd never worn a two-piece before! It was strange to her, but she swallowed the little lump that had formed in her throat and decided that it wouldn't be too bad. She began to search as much as she could to see if there was one that would suit her. Finally, after thirty minutes of laying out, looking at, picking up, trying on, and looking at again, she decided. It was a two-piece, but the top was more of a tank top that would cover most of her stomach. It was dark purple, with a thick white stripe across the chest, and the bottoms were simply dark purple bikini bottoms.

She was almost surprised when she looked in the mirror. It didn't look half bad…and she hated to admit it…but it was better than her one piece suit. She shook her head and sighed. What had she become!?

Not having much time left, Haruhi decided to just wear the swimsuit under her clothing. She pulled on a green t-shirt over the swimsuit top, and was about to put on a pair of jean shorts, before she realized that the dinner could possibly be a dressy dinner. There was a small debate inside of her about how she didn't really care, and that shorts were fine, but she couldn't shake the uneasy feeling. Well, she already had her t-shirt on, but she put the shorts back in the drawer. Walking over the closet, she chose a simple brown skirt, just flowing enough to be comfortable. A skirt was dressy enough. She slid on her sandals and made her way to the departure deck.

"What?!" she finally blurted out at them. They were all staring at her in way that was apparently making her nervous.

"Haru-chan! Kawaii!!!" Honey blurted out grabbing her hands. She blinked as she looked down at the short senior. Kaoru looked as his brother, who had a soft smile on his face. He knew, without having to ask, that his brother was speechless. The idiot still didn't know he liked her. Kaoru smiled to himself and looked back at Haruhi, now trying to fend off an adoring king. The obvious way Kyoya ignored her spoke volumes to Kaoru, but no matter how much he tried to focus on the others and their reactions, his eyes kept moving back to her.

They had dressed somewhat casually, apparently all realizing that Haruhi would not dress up. Still, a pair of slacks and a button down shirt was pretty casual for a dinner in their world. But Kaoru never thought she would suddenly match so nicely. Somehow, the t-shirt with the slightly frilly skirt suited everything about her.

"Haruhi! Father is so happy! You are embracing your femininity and…" The poor girl was shrugging, and Kaoru suppressed a laugh, before sensing his brother's eyes on him. When their eyes met, something clicked inside, and he knew exactly what to do. Nice thinking, brother, he thought.

"Ha-ru-hi!" he said slowly as he lurked toward her, Hikaru at his side. "Why don't you-"

"Sit by us on the boat!" his brother said with him. Kaoru nudged the protesting king out of the way with his hip and took Haruhi's arm in his, knowing his brother was doing the same.

"Uh…sure. I wanted to talk to you guys about something anyway," she said pointedly. Kaoru laughed inside. She just didn't know what it was like for him when she reacted so naturally bored with everything.

They made their way to the boat: the cold shadow, the silent giant, the bubbly childlike adult, the sulking king, and between him and his brother…the person whose arm he held. Tamaki sat next to Kyoya, still sulking silently, while Honey sat next to Mori. That left one bench open for himself, Haruhi and Hikaru. Kaoru chose the inside, and inwardly thanked his brother as he pushed Haruhi further onto the bench, practically squishing her between them.

It was a slightly tight squeeze though, and her leg was fully against his, as well as part of her torso. She was warm, and Kaoru had to fight the redness threatening to fly up his face. He turned slightly, resting his arm on the edge of the boat. His other hand was grabbed by Hikaru, and they joined together, their hands coming to rest on the small of Haruhi's back.

Kaoru loved the fact that she didn't mind, or even seem to notice. He would notice enough for the both of them.

"I don't like what you did today. I want my swimsuit back," she stated firmly.

"Why whatever are you talking about Haruhi?" chimed Hikaru.

"You know what I mean. I don't need all those swimsuits, just one is fine."

"Just one?" Hikaru state, looking at him. Kaoru nodded and joined.

"Isn't it funny? This person thinks that it's ok to have 'just one!'" He smiled as she sighed.

"If I have to, I might keep two, but honestly, I don't need more than that." She looked up, not at Hikaru, but at him. That shocked him slightly. "And I want my other suit back too." Her look was not to be denied, but he would never have let her know that.

"Well, who knows?" he said.

"It may have all ready been disposed of…" Hikaru stated.

"Hikaru!" she said disapprovingly. "I want it back. I liked that one."

"But it was poorly made! A commoner's suit that someone else made and we don't want you to wear it!" said Hikaru, his voice raising. Kaoru frowned slightly. His twin did take things too seriously at times, but his possessiveness only cemented Kaoru's opinions. His brother loved her, or at least liked her a great deal…which held many complications for himself.

"Well, I am a commoner, as you keep telling me. So I don't mind it." She blinked. "You mean…you made all those swimsuits?" she asked, finger pointed in the air. Hikaru pulled back and blushed.

"W-w-we enjoy making things! We would have made them for anybody!" He turned away from her and stared into the back of the dejected king.

"Oh," she said softly, folding her hands in her lap. Kaoru was glad she didn't notice how much he watched her. The truth was, the suits were made by both of them, with Haruhi in mind. Each one was designed to flatter her body type and fit her perfectly. Even though it had been Hikaru's idea, Kaoru joined in eagerly. It was a project that he could not resist.

The boat lurched forward in the water, and Kaoru ignored the spray of water against his arm. The movement of the boat seemed to move Haruhi more against him. He looked down, seeing a purple strap peeking out from the neckline of her t-shirt. His heart skipped a beat. The stitching, the subtle difference in material, the fit on her shoulder… She was wearing one of his suits.

Some he and his brother had worked on together, and some they worked on their own. This had been his favorite and first choice, even out of the joint project ones. She had chosen his suit, and he couldn't help but imagine her in it. Right now, as she was pressed up against him by his twin, something he had made was tightly clinging to her skin. He blushed a little, smiled, and looked ahead to the beach.

The boat ride to dock was less than five minutes, and Kaoru began to think that this dinner may be a little more interesting than he first anticipated.


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