Ayame Sohma had never felt so embarrassed in his entire life. It all started earlier that day…


"If Gure-kun is such a good novelist, why can't he get a house with a bigger bathtub?" Ayame sat scrunched as deep in the warm bathwater as possible with limited space. He pouted lightly as he inspected the flawless skin of his body, his pale silvery hair floating around him.

"Ayame-san? Um…it's me, Tohru. I was wondering i…if you would be um done soon."

"Oh! Princess! For you, I will get out right this instant." Ayame practically threw himself out of the tub, pulling out the plug as he went. He wrapped a towel around his waist and put another towel over his soaking hair. He threw open the door and stood dramatically, hands on his hips, and legs spread, wide in front of a blushing Tohru until Yuki hurried past.

"Yuki! My dearest brother! Where could you be going in such a hurry?" Ayame hurried after him and grasped his arm.

"Let go, Nii-san! I have student council duties!" Yuki shook off the pouting older man and stalked out the door.

"Put some clothes on, moron." Ayame delightedly turned towards the person that the grouchy voice had come from.

"Kyonkichi, you know you just envy my flawless perfection! Here, I shall tell you how to achieve something close to it, as I am sure you could never be as gorgeous as I!"

"Shut up, moron! What makes you think I envy your disgusting body? I said put some clothes on!" He scowled and stalked off in the same direction as Yuki.

"Hmm, I feel as though I haven't seen someone of utmost importance today…and also that I've forgotten to decide what Gure-kun and I shall do today…GURE-KUN! That's who I've forgotten!" Ayame ran up the stairs and quietly slid into Shigure's room. Shigure lay, sleeping peacefully on his bed, his back to the door. Ayame slipped around the side of the bed and squatted in front of Shigure.

Eye to eye, Ayame poked his forehead and stared. Shigure swatted at his hand and rolled over. Sighing, Ayame climbed up to sit on top of his friend. He lazily poked Shigure in the head until, with a heaving moan, Shigure pulled Ayame down, chest to chest with him and rolled on top.

"Um…Gure-kun?" mumbled Ayame, his usually over inflated confidence shrinking in surprise.

"Come on, please!" He begged in a voice dripping with sleep.

"Please what, Gure-kun?" Ayame asked, his confidence returning, as he discovered he was having fun.

"More…harder…" Ayame was glad he had slid the door shut; Tohru would have a heart attack if she walked past.

"What? What do you want?"

"You…oh…more…" he moaned, this time lifting his head to capture Ayame's warm, succulent lips in his own. Ayame's golden eyes widened in surprise as he tried to push the dog away.

"Shigure!" He gasped, finally freeing his mouth.

"Mm…" He pressed his lips to Ayame's again, this time forcing them apart to slide his tongue in.

Ayame relaxed, beginning to enjoy himself. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the kiss.

Oh, Gure-kun, I love you in every way possible and more! I want you!

It seemed to last forever but as soon as he opened his eyes and saw the face of his friend that he had know his entire life, let alone a guy's face, he pulled away.

"Oh my god! What was that?"

"Wha…?" asked Shigure, half awake now. "Aaya? Why are you here?"

"I'm here because I was trying to wake you up, when you assaulted me!" Ayame faked being distraught.

"Oh, Aaya-kun, I apologize for my rudeness. I didn't do anything, did I?"

Yes, you made me feel like a king with your loving kisses. I love you and I'll never stop!

Ayame was startled by his thoughts, vaguely remembering that he'd thought something similar earlier.

"Aaya-kun? Did you hear me?"

"Huh? Oh, yes. Of course you did something, Gure-kun! You always make me feel so special."

"All right! Well, is there any particular reason you were attempting to wake me?"

"Oh yes! We should go out for drinks!" Ayame grinned.

"Oh goody! Let's go tell Kyo and Yuki!" Shigure rolled off of Ayame and the two hurried out into the hall.

They walked outside at Ayame's direction, according to where he'd sent them go earlier. Shigure used his doggy (A/N: You know, like smelling stuff) instinct to find them.

"Oh! Aaya-kun! I've found them up on the roof!"

"Splendid!" The pair laughed delightedly and hurried up the ladder.

Shigure stopped suddenly at the top, causing Ayame to bang his head on his bum.

"Ack! Gure-kun, whatever has caused…you…to…stop?" Ayame's speech faltered as he poked his head around Shigure.

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