"Anybody else have something to share?"

Haru raised his hand. "I'm bisexual."

Shigure shrugged, "So is Ha'ri. Aaya and I are gay, Yuki and Kyo are gay, and Momiji wears the girls' uniform. What else is new?"

After the game had ended and the gathered people had broken off into small clumps of chit-chat, Haru wandered off in search of Kyo and Yuki (but mainly Yuki) who had failed to return. As he wandered down a hall, he bumped into Hatori, who seemed to be looking for something as well.

"Hey, Ha'ri," Hatori blushed slightly. Ever since Haru revealed he had a 'thing' for the doctor during the game, Hatori had been a little wary of the young cow.

"Haru," he nodded curtly, but not rudely. When he ambled on his way in search of the rat, Hatori let out a relieved sigh.

"You'll have to confront your demons sometime, Ha'ri!" Hatori jumped.

"Damnit, Shigure! You're gonna give me a heart attack! Anyways, who says I have any demons to confront?" A low chuckle echoed from behind him. "How do you two do this shit? Jesus, you guys are impossible," Hatori growled lovingly at Shigure and Ayame, the latter having appeared behind him.

"We were going to do some seducing," Ayame said, wrapping a slender arm around the dragon.

"But we figured we'd be better off helping you with some seducing of your own," Shigure finished.

"Who says I have anyone to seduce?" Hatori remained stoically indifferent to the exasperated glances that flitted between he friends.

"Haru, silly! You must realize how obvious you are," Shigure scolded as if he was speaking to a slow child.

Ayame clasped his hand to his chest as a love struck schoolgirl might. "Oh, you could tell him he was overdue for a doctor's appointment and then screw him on the table!" Hatori blushed and groaned. "Or, or, you could take him home tonight and then over glasses of wine or something, you could admit your love and then you two could have a long night of passionate sex! Or maybe you could even do that here! Or-"

"Ayame, that's enough! I can solve my own problems. I'm not a child." And with that, he stalked off. Ayame frowned.

"I was just trying to be helpful. Such is my fate!" Shigure wrapped his strong arms around the snake and pressed his lips to Ayame's forehead.

"Ah, but my love, there are other ways you can be helpful." And he gently pressed his hips to his lover's, making known his erection. Ayame giggled devilishly.

"My dear, you'll have to be a lot rougher than that." He let loose a shrill squeal of excitement as he was pressed against the wall, his neck being ravished by a very horny dog. His squeals of delight became moans of arousal as the climate of the hallway became unbearably warm and Shigure's ministrations rougher and needier.

"Oh god, yes!" he cried as Shigure's hand found it's way into the folds of Ayame's handmade robe and down his boxers. He pressed harder into his sweaty hand as it found a rhythm on Ayame's shaft. Beads of sweat ran down their faces as the rhythm picked up and their frantic kisses became sloppier. "Ohh, gods, harder, harder!" he cried. At last, with a loud moan of pure ecstasy, Ayame shot his seed into Shigure's waiting hand. "My turn," he whispered, still panting, as he knelt before the dog. He gently opened the front of Shigure's formal robe and slid down his dog-adorned boxers, relieving some of the pressure from his fully erect cock. Smiling giddily, he slid his lips around the tip, making his movements agonizingly slow.

"Ahh…Aaya…don't you dare tease me like this!" Shigure growled.

"Oh, you know you love it," came the cocky (A/N: no pun intended) reply, as the snake began working the base with his slender fingers and gently licking the tip and down the sides. Shigure moaned and tried to resist bucking when he felt Ayame blow on the tip of his cock. Suddenly, Ayame slid his lips as far down the shaft as he could go while still leaving some room for Shigure to buck, which he did. Ayame continued to suck and bob as Shigure frantically moaned and tried to stay upright as his knees threatened to give out. Ayame dragged his hands up Shigure's legs, coming to a stop at the backs of his knees. Finally, with a long, shuddering moan, Shigure came, slumping to his knees and catching Ayame's lips in a lazy kiss.

"You taste like me…" They smiled and stood, fixing their clothes to look as far from the post-fuck shambles they currently resembled.

"We better get upstairs, Gure-kun…" Ayame purred. They stumbled upstairs and slid into a heavy sleep in each other's arms.