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Katara couldn't help but wonder…

Zuko was strong. A fighter. He was clearly a good person on the inside and had faced many of the same problems that she, Katara, had faced both as a child and as an adolescent. How could she not be interested in him, especially after the events in the crystal catacombs? But he was also a very busy man. Most of his spare time was spent practicing some Firebending drill or sleeping, as being the Fire Lord demanded almost all of his energy and time. He was filled with such bold determination and tried to rely solely on himself in the face of trial and danger. Was he attractive? Almost achingly so, even with that ugly mark on his face. He'd been handsome with his long ponytail, without his ponytail, and even now with his typical Fire Lord haircut. He was cunning, quick, and strong enough to be able to sweep her off her feet – literally – without much effort.

Aang was kind and sweet, brave and determined. He was strong, yes, but not unusually so. If you stood the pair of them – Zuko and Aang – beside one another, it would not take a genius to point out the more muscular of the two. Living as he did, Aang was nothing more than a simple monk with the ability to Bend the four elements. He never fought back unless he was forced to, preferring to use peace instead of power. But really, when it came down to it, Zuko and Aang were almost exactly the same. Both had their own power and their own burden, and both were strong and intelligent. They each had their own faults, whether it was lack of one thing or excess of another. And yet…

Was kind and sweet really the best choice over the divine right and undying strength? If one weighed the pros and cons of each, the choice would be difficult. Very difficult. Aang was the Avatar. Zuko was the Fire Lord. One had the power to rule, the other had the power to make peace, and a peaceful means of doing such. Katara couldn't help but wonder…

"Are you okay, Katara?"

From where she lay with her back facing him, Katara could hear Aang's groggy voice and the sound of soft, rustling blankets as he rolled over and stared at her unmoving form.

"I'm fine," she answered. "Just thinking."

A thoughtful pause ensued. When it became clear that she was not going to elaborate, he asked, "Do you want… to talk about it?"

She shook her head. "It's nothing, Aang, really. Just try to get some sleep."

"You too," he sighed. A small smile came to her face as he placed a soft kiss on her cheek. "Sweet dreams, Katara."

Kind and sweet. Even when they visited the great palaces of the Fire Nation, it was moments like these that made up her mind. Zuko had the power and probably the passion, but was kind and sweet really enough? Had she made the right choice?

As Aang settled beside her and held her close in his arms, Katara couldn't help but wonder why she had ever asked herself that question in the first place.



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