Yuushi was glaring at him, but Atobe didn't care. After all, everything could really be blamed on the tensai.

So, okay. Maybe the 30 laps Yuushi was running were slightly excessive, and he knew Gakuto was glaring at him too for disturbing their doubles practice, but the red-haired boy was also to blame. So Atobe made him train the first years.

But yes, it was all Yuushi's fault. Weren't him and Gakuto together? Why wasn't he annoyed at Jiroh's and Gakuto's newfound budding friendship?

It hadn't helped that when he was glaring at Gakuto (who had Jiroh lying on him), Yuushi had walked past and murmured 'Don't get your panties in a twist, Buchou.'


Ore-sama's panties were NEVER twisted!

He had been too shocked at the time to deliver punishment, so yes, to onlookers, when he had yelled at Yuushi to run 30 laps 2 hours after the incident, it may have looked excessive.

Besides, he shouldn't even be getting angry. Okay, lately Jiroh had abandoned his lap in favour of Gakuto's, but the only reason this was annoying was because Atobe disliked being dismissed and disregarded. Atobe did the dismissing and the disregarding. Not the other way around.

That was the only reason.

This was Jiroh's fault too!

Scanning the tennis club members for the blond-haired boy was hard, especially as they had over 200 member and Jiroh wasn't especially tall.

It took him a few minutes before he cursed in realisation.



"Go and retrieve Jiroh…bring him directly to me…"

Atobe stood, glaring, for around 10 minutes, before Kabaji appeared in front of him, boy slung over his shoulder.


Atobe watched as the boy squirmed slightly and twisted his head, glancing backwards and blinking at Atobe.


Atobe's lips made a thin, tight line, and he stared at the boy for a bit. In this time of inactivity, Jiroh appeared to fall asleep again.

Atobe cursed once more.

"Put him back where you found him."




He watched the tall boy walk off, and almost froze when Jiroh dazedly glanced up and waved at him, grinning; body bouncing with Kabaji's movement.

Jiroh really was quite…


"Yuushi! 10 more laps!!"

The boy glared and watched as their captain dithered slightly on the spot, before following the direction Kabaji had gone.

As Yuushi neared his partner who was yelling at a couple of slacking first years, he commented to him, "Our captains a bit of a fool, hmm?"

"Tch, " Gakuto scowled. "More than a bit!"

Yuushi paused in his running. "Think if you act all sleepy round him I'll get out of these laps?"

Gakuto rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Hell no. Besides, Jiroh's working to a plan."

Yuushi rose an eyebrow.

Gakuto glanced at him. "What, you think he started lying on me for no reason? Atobe was getting a bit too distracted with his captain-duties for Jiroh's liking."

Smirking, Yuushi asked, "Think he'll catch our captain?"

Gakuto shook his head. "Atobe was caught a looong time ago. Hook, line and sinker." The red-head made little accompanying hand-motions that Yuushi thought were cute. The tensai turned and watched as Kabaji returned, alone.

"Think he's realised it yet?"

"Nope." Gakuto rolled his eyes as two first years ran into one another, then glanced up at his partner. "When Jiroh wants him to know, he'll know."

Yuushi nodded and the two stood in silence, until the tensai broke it.

"Jiroh's scary."