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Chapter 1: Heavy destiny

2280, Tuzanor

"Excuse me, are you David Sheridan?"

David Sheridan, seventeen years old, turned around and said, "Yes, I am."

The young Minbari in front of him looked him over before asking uncertainly, "Could I…could I…?"

Trying to remain polite, David asked, "Certainly, but…what?"

The Minbari bowed. "May I…just touch your clothes ? You're the symbol of the reunification of the two souls making our people and so you are blessed for us, those of the Religious Caste …oh, sorry, I am Clarenn, of the Religious Caste."

Knowing how important religious things were to the Minbari, David stopped himself from sighing and said, "Do as you want."

The Minbari lightly touched him, and bowed. "May you be thanked and blessed forever," he said.

And he departed, leaving David not upset, but angry. He had been training as a Ranger for six months now, and he had experienced many reactions to him: curiosity, after all, he was a mix between a human and a half Minbari, rejection, for the same reason, defiance, because he was the president's son and, more, because he was the Entil Z'Ha's, reverence, because some of the Religious caste believed he was a blessed being and some respected him as the son of his parents. He said nothing about it, but inside he suffered. He was treated as a half human by the Minbari, a half Minbari by the humans, and the fact he had no exterior sign of his maternal ancestry wasn't helping him in either case.

He had thought about talking to his parents of this problem, but they were so overworked he decided to solve it himself. What kind of a Ranger would he be if he couldn't resolve this situation?

For now, he was succeeding in controlling himself and remaining polite, but he didn't know how much more he could endure. Even his meditation time, which helped him to stay calm, sometimes wasn't enough to face the situation. On top of that, he was always alone; none of his training companions wanted to become his friend. He thought it was the destiny that the universe had planned for him, but it was not a very bearable one.

With a slow pace, he went through the corridors to attend Sech Turval's meditation course. He liked this hour because his mother, Delenn, had taught him how to meditate when he was a child. It had become quite normal and natural for him over the years and Turval, whom he had known for many years now, was proud of him. But, even though he had natural abilities for meditation, he couldn't say the same about combat courses. It seemed he hadn't inherited his father's abilities for combat, but none of his teachers made a remark about it, even F'Hursna Sech Durhan who was teaching him den'na art. He ranked in the middle of the class, neither standing out for skill, nor for inability. In truth, he had no talent for fighting, but with hard work, he knew could improve enough to raise his class standing at least a little. That hard work, though it came with the promise of praise from Durhan, also could bring more attention to him, with which would come more mocking.

That lack of natural ability was not the same for the subjects that required thinking—those, he could sit on top of everyone else without effort, if he wanted to. He knew he was gifted, he'd overheard his tutor saying it to his parents some years ago, but again, he didn't want to show it because he thought it would make his problems worse. So, in all appearances, he was an average student, which was how he strove to keep it.

During the meditation course, Turval observed David. He knew the teen had problems with the others, and that he tried to hide them from him. He had known David since he was a child, and had thought of an ideal solution. The boy's capacities would be better employed in a real training mission, and he had one just for him…

At the end of the class, he kept David behind. "I have to speak to you," he said, "young Sheridan."

David bowed respectfully and waited for the old master's words.

"I have noticed that you have progressed much, and Durhan, your teachers and I have decided that you are ready to take part in a real mission."

No emotions showed on the teen's face, and Turval made a sign to his aide before saying, "You will embark in two days on White Star 46, and you will report to Captain Inesval, he will give you all the instructions you need."

His aide returned, accompanied by a young Minbari. He seemed to be an apprentice, as David was, though he was probably younger than him.

"Here is Avaier," said Turval, "of the Religious Caste. He will go with you."

Avaier, 'noble companion' in the Religious Caste's dialect… From the first sight David got of him, he had a really good impression. The Minbari looked frankly at him and said, bowing, "It is an honour to meet you."

David bowed in return, "The honour is mine," he replied.

Turval observed the two youngsters, the dignified Minbari and the brown haired, green eyed human-like boy and felt he had done well. They would make a good team.

"You may retire now," he told them, "You will have a long day tomorrow and I recommend you rest a little before preparing your luggage."

They bowed in unison and exited the room, leaving the old master alone.