Empty Rooms

An empty house on a silent lake

Where now lies a soul forsake

Remembering times of love and sound

Now the silence is all around

With face of demon, heart so cold

Voice so sweet and face so old

The soul awakens, thinks of she

And sings for what could never be

A subtle whisper on still air

Imagines that she is still there

Golden hair and dearest smile

Never left, just gone a while

For a life of beauty she has left

Forced her to go, now bereft

Blessings on the happy pair

Jealous of the love they share

In an empty house on a silent lake

The broken soul plays for his wake

And waits as the darkness looms

There is no love in these empty rooms.

A/N: I don't like writing phantom poetry. I don't like writing poetry in general! But if the muses call, they're not going to leave until I write something, and this is the result. And I ESPECIALLY don't like writing poetry when bloody FFN won't even seperate the stanzas when I want it to! Oh, and I own nothing, blah blah blah. Hope you enjoyed it at least! In dedication to my ever-patient, ever-dedicated beta, TheAngelCried.