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Her hair soft cascading over her shoulders, like a brown waterfall of beauty. He walked over to her. She was unaware of his presence; he wished he could keep it like that forever. He could stay there looking at the back of her head eternally. He walked a little further and stepped on a squeaky floorboard. Her back stiffened, he swore under his breathe. She quickly turned around and her warm soft eyes met his cold grey eyes. Her sweet expression brushed with relief before she glared at him.

"Malfoy, if you are here to annoy me, don't bother… It's a waste of breathe." She said before turning back to what her attention was on previously. He walked up to the desk that she was perched in front of and jumped on to it. This made her look over at him annoyed.

"So, Granger… What are you reading?" he said giving her a smile that infuriated her even more.

"Well, if you were paying attention in potion class you would know it was the book Snape wanted us to read." She stated rolling her eyes.

"What ever Granger," Draco said indifferently. Hermione went back to her book and read a bit before looking back at Draco.

"Go away, Malfoy! I am trying to study."

"You always are! That's why you don't have a boyfriend!" Draco laughed to himself. Hermione was 18, same as him and she had not had a boyfriend. 'Poor girl' he thought to himself. He would have happily been her boyfriend… if only she knew…

"What's it any business of yours if I do!?" Hermione's voice was getting angrier by the second. He loved the way she openly yelled at him, he was so sick of everyone being afraid of him! But not his Hermione…

"You better get something between those legs they might rust shut!" he replied cruelly.

"Sod off, prat!" Hermione combined all her things and stalked off.

"Bye Granger! Let's do it again some time!" He shouted after her in a sarcastic voice but in his heart he knew all he ever wanted to do was talk to her.

Hermione heard him call after her it made her walk faster. "What a prat! So what if I didn't have a boyfriend! It's not like he's ever care for any other reason outside taunting me!" Hermione said to herself, she was fuming. "Damn you Malfoy!"

Hermione walked into her common room, so glad to come out of those cold and open corridors. She noticed Harry sitting on a table near the fire place. She placed her books down and plunked herself down on the chair next to him, he looked over at her.

"Hey Hermione," Harry said before looking back down at his books again.

"You'd think if it was fall they would notice everyone was cold and close a couple windows!" Hermione said dramatically.

"Hmmm..." Harry said. He obviously had not been listening and thought that answer would satisfy Hermione's conversational needs, Hermione just rolled her eyes.

"What are you reading?" she asked trying to take a glimpse at the front cover

"Hmm..." was again, all he said in response.

"Harry!" Hermione snapped.

"What!" Harry jumped and stared at her, his emerald green eyes shining.

"What are you reading," she asked in a much sweeter voice.

"The potions book Snape assigned us…" Harry closed the book in questions, obviously slight embarrassed that he had ignored one of his closest friend for a potions book!

"What shall we do tonight?" Hermione asked desperately; lately she spent the weekends catching up on her transfiguration homework and now she wanted to start working on her social life and maybe prove Malfoy wrong by getting a boyfriend!

"Don't know... Shall we go to the three broom sticks?" Harry's face lit up he loved going to that place, as did Hermione…

"Yeah hold on a sec. I'll get my coat." Hermione said standing up, she ran to the stairs but turned around and saw Harry packing up his books. "Where's Ron?" she asked and Harry looked up at her.

"He can't go he is off in the corridor lip locking with his girlfriend," he replied and the both pulled disgusted faces at the thought.

"Right... Well wait there." Hermione said and she rushed up to her dorm room

Harry and Hermione were finally standing outside the little pub they loved going to ever since first year. They entered the warm pub and automatically smelt the welcoming smell of butterbeer and the friendly sound of laughing and talking filled their ears. Hermione sighed out loud; she finally felt at home. Harry motioned to a spot at the bar; they moved through the crowd and sat down.

She loved talking to Harry; he was always so kind. His smile always made her smile. They talked for so long! They didn't even care about what they were talking about, they never did. The night was going along fine until a thin hand came and tapped Harry on the shoulder. Harry turned to meet the eyes of Cho Chan, He smiled at his girlfriends like a giddy school boy and Hermione knew that the Harry she had just been chatting too was gone. Hermione knew that there was no longer a reason to stay.

"Wow look at the time I have to go!" She said casually.

"What do you have to do? It's the weekend!!" Harry asked. He believed most of her excuses but Hermione knew he wouldn't accept the usual 'Never you mind' answer she gave him.

"Yeah, stay and have a drink with us" Cho Chan said with a smile on her face.

"I have homework." Hermione explained as she slid off the chair and offered it to Cho. "Bye Harry, bye Cho!" she said as she began to walk away.

"Bye!" They replied before looking back at each other and then seemed to forget all about her. She walked out of the pub, the cold wind brushed on her face and nipped at her exposed body parts.

She didn't want to go back to Hogwarts. Not now! She rubbed her hands together in a vain attempt to warm them. It had got considerably colder while she was in the Three Broom Sticks. She sat down on a bench and leaned her head back and looked up at the stars.

They were so beautiful. She wished she could be a star; they never had to worry about a thing. They just floated around in bliss… flying by, looking pretty. Their life was just to stay up there and float. She closed her eyes and allowed her mind to float up to the peaceful and empty space and there up in the vast space she floated there like the pretty stars. That was until a voice interrupted her and pulled her back to earth, back to reality.

"Are you crazy Granger!?" she furrowed her brow and said to herself 'Damn it'.

Draco walked around the little main street. The autumn night wind colder then usual blowing right into his face. He was heavily rugged up but noting covered his neither ears eyes nor nose which throbbed from the cold exposure. His eyes began to water.

"No one understands me. Draco Malfoy Bad Boy, Prat, Evil, Luscious Malfoy's son, Slytherin, Mean. Why must every one see all this! Why couldn't any one just see me; Draco. Forget Malfoy… just Draco.' He whispered as he wandered down the street with no destination. He just needed to be by himself… to be alone.

He looked ahead of him straining hard to see in the dark. He knew there was some kind of bench some where near here but when he found it he saw someone sitting on his bench. And that was the one person who could really make him feel better at that moment. He adjusted his hair and walked up to her. Her eyes were closed… was she dead from the exposure to the freezing weather? She was only in her school shirt and skirt with a mangy red scarf.

"Are you crazy Granger?!" He said he was surprised and proud of himself he could say that with out tripping over the words like he usually found himself doing when he was around her. Her eyes opened 'Thank god she's not dead!'. He thought. She sat up and looked over at him, rubbing her eyes she turned to him. He could feel a glare coming up from behind her perfect composure. But it seemed to be smothered by something else… What ever it was Draco didn't know… but the glare never surfaced.

"Stark Raving mad!" she answered and he smiled. "God! I didn't notice it was so cold!" Was she actually having a conversation with him? She hadn't called him Malfoy yet. She hadn't given any sort of Look. Not yet anyway. She was treating him like she would... A normal person!

"How could you not! Look what you're wearing! I'm surprised you haven't frozen to death!" She looked sharply at him but her eyes showed something he had never seen in Hermione; sadness.

"You would love that wouldn't you?" She said. Draco then felt his own face express his sadness; how wrong she was... "Poor Granger! Oh well it was her own fault! All those Mudbloods get what they deserve in the end don't they!" She continued mimicking his voice. He sat over next to her and took off his top coat off and offered it to her.

"Don't be silly Granger!" He said. "And believe if you don't take this you will die." She looked at it suspiciously, before taking the black and green coat and slipping it over her. She then adjusted her hair so it was no longer contained between the two collars. It fell past her shoulders, the brown beautiful strings of silk flowing in the freezing wind.

"Thank you! I feel heaps better!" she said, giving him a genuine smile. He melted at the sight. Why! Why can't I have you? His inner voice pleaded to Hermione.

"No worries Granger." Draco replied, their normal conversation was going pretty well so he decided to continue it. "Why the hell are you out here at this time of night? A pretty girl like you, something bad could happen! Where are your friends; Weasley and Potter?" She looked sharply at him. He was afraid she would just get up and storm off but he was relieved when she spoke up again.

"They are occupied!" she replied defensively. "And a girl like me is perfectly fine taking care of herself!" She said looking away. Draco took note that she was looking up at the sky.

"Well if they aren't going to take care of you I might as well make sure you get back safely!" He said in his 'I don't take no for answer' voice. Her head quickly turned and met his face.

"What?!" Her face was full of shock and confusion. Draco smirked but inside his heart began to tremble at the fear of rejection.

"Anything could happen to you Granger! Now come on… I know I'm freezing my ass off. I can only imagine how you feel in that rather short skirt…" he said and grabbed her arm and lifted her up off the bench before she could react. They walked off and neither of them retracted their hands. Draco never wanted to let go; He wanted to hold her hand for ever.

Draco grabbed Hermione's hand and lifted her up. Her heart jumped up and down and swished around like a washing machine in her rib cage. When they arrived at Hogwarts they stood there holding hands. They finally noticed and they let go quickly; Hermione felt herself blush uncontrollably and she noticed even though he tried his hardest not to, Malfoy did as well. They looked at each other for the longest time trying to think of something to say to break the awkward silence.

"See now Granger! I just saved from a certain death! I at least deserve an apology for your assumption that I wanted you dead!" Draco said. She smiled and shook her head in despair but she knew he was right…

"Thanks." And she walked away but she didn't get too far before Malfoy shouted to her

"See you in potions!" she heard, she turned around and saw him smiling and Hermione smiled back.