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Draco sat at his house's table not taking his eyes off the Gryffindor where Hermione Granger sat looking back at him. They had been going out for about 10 months and things have never been so perfect. Of course when news reached Draco's father in Azkaban about Draco's new girlfriend he was obviously unhappy but Draco could care less!

"I know you are all anxious to get away for the summer…" Dumbledore said from the podium at the front of the great hall. His voice made everyone stop what they were doing and turn to the aging man. "And for some of you, you are looking forward to getting on with the rest of your life but I believe there is one last announcement to make!"

Everyone looked around for who could possibly want to delay them from leaving and Draco took this as his cue to stand up. He walked to the front of the great hall confidently and stood at the podium that Dumbledore had stepped aside to be free for him. He looked around at all the sets of eyes cast on him and found Hermione's and couldn't help but break out in a smile the sight of her.

"As you all already know I am Draco Malfoy," he began. "Captain of the Slytherin quidditch time who just won the cup this year!" he heard his team cheer and the rest of the school clap. "And the Slytherin house captain who has just one the house cup!" again a cheer from his house and claps from everyone else. "But I couldn't have done it without one special person…" he said and he watched as all eyes knowingly fell on Hermione who sat in her seat blushing under all the attention. "So a speech, many of you were assuming, was just me gloating about my triumphs is rather a single question, to the one woman who helped me achieve them!"

The whole hall gasped and feel deadly silent, all you could here was Hermione whispering the words "oh my god" over and over again.

"Hermione Granger…" he said significantly. "Will you give me the honor of being my wife, to whom I will love until my dying day…" Draco realized what would happen if she rejected him... if she shook her head and left him broken on the podium.

Hermione looked around at all the expectant eyes and then over at Draco, when their eyes connected Draco felt his heart beat in his throat. This was a life altering decision and everyone waited for it to be made. He watched as Hermione stood from her seat next to Potter and Weasley and then watched as she ran up to him at the podium. Her hair swished behind her as she gained speed.

He stepped out from behind the wood podium and opened his arms and waited for her to jump into them. She finally reached him and jumped up, her legs wrapped around his waist and his arms clinging tightly around his neck.

"Do you really want to marry me," she asked forgetting everyone was still looking at them.

"Only if you'll have me…" Draco replied. She nodded and he took her left arm from around her neck and held her left hand tightly. He then took out a little box from his pant pocket and gave it to Hermione. She smiled from ear to ear as she opened it and saw the yellow canary diamond shine in the daylight.

Draco took it from its velvet casing and slipped it on her delicate finger and then sealed what the ring represented with a kiss upon her hand. She then went back to hugging him tightly and he heard the whole of the hall sigh at such a romantic scene.

"I told you we'd be together forever!" Draco said and they joined in an eternal kiss.

The end…

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