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Not a good sound, no matter the circumstances, where you are or what you're doing.

What happens, and the miscues and subsequent occurrences, results in a deep learning experience for all involved and some beliefs being shattered…

This is a Blue Eyes, Shining Special Intermezzi:



Chapter 1: Transport


(Week 1 of Wade's first trip to Montana)

"Damn! I can't put Humpty-Dumpty back together, again, especially in this condition!"

Dr. Carolyn Rice Gallegos slammed her gloves down on the table in frustration.

"Dr. Rice, what are you going to tell the Director?" Gerald Patz, her assistant, asked, more than a little bit frightened of the Director's wrath.

They were in the Global Justice Recovery and Reclamation Center, affectionately known as the "Trash Heap." This was where the results of the actions were delivered, whether they were GJ's or Kim Possible's missions. After all, one could not leave a castle lying in ruins with millions of dollars of stolen computer and scientific equipment, possibly radioactive or biological in nature, piled up and exposed to the world, could one?

The other job of the "Trash Heap" team was in the reclamation arena: determine what could be salvaged and rebuild what could be rebuilt for GJ use, and what remained, the trash, would then be sent to the GJ storage facility (in an undisclosed location somewhere on the planet…).

Sometimes, they were given an impossible task…like this one:

Salvage the Brain Transfer machine that was destroyed in a mission that Kim Possible had undertaken with Ron Stoppable against Drew Lipsky (aka Dr. Drakken); the machine had started in what seemed to be hundreds of pieces on the laboratory's clean room #7 floor was now, after several weeks of work, something resembling a working machine.

But it didn't work.

And, it had shown no signs of working over the last 90 days, despite all of the efforts of the full team.

Carolyn, as the department head and chief scientist, had to make the call, and she was totally P-O-ed; not about having to make the call but about the absurdity of the task at hand.

"How in the hell can I recreate what the top minds of the scientific community created over multiple bottles of tequila, single-malt scotch, and other alcoholic beverages?" Carolyn ranted, and then she made her decision.

"That's it.

"Pull the power couplings, and call for a trash pickup: I'm done," and she kicked the machine and stormed out with her assistant running behind her, shutting down the computers and recorders, turning off the lights and closing and locking the doors.

Neither of them saw the faint green light underneath the panel in the back corner of the machine that came on when she 30 seconds after she kicked the hidden switch: it glowed, and then it faded to a very faint, almost invisible, green.



"Are you sure we got everything?"

"Yeah, we got all of the crates loaded on the jet."

"Was there anything that should have remained here?"

"Like what?"

"You know: one of those weapons by that Drakken fellow; you know, the blue guy with the gorgeous green babe…"

"Oh, yeah! That hair, those legs…I could bring her from of the side of evil," and he grinned.

"Yeah, sure: in your dreams!"

"The crates at the back are the ones that should stay here."

"That's all?"

"That's enough: it's almost 1/4 of the warehouse."

"Close 'er up, then, and let's get this jet on its way: Dr. Director will be happy, and maybe we can get out of having to go to Calgary."

"I doubt that," and a third voice came from behind them.

"Agent Du!"

"Seal the jet, Agent Grams, and get it on its way before you load yourselves on the other one; you and Agent Harrison are the last to go," Will Du scolded them.

"Yessir," Agents Frank Grams and Frankie Harrison (the "Hot Dogs," as they were referred to, sometimes fondly, sometimes not) responded simultaneously.

What they hadn't noticed was the back of the 10th page of 30 that identified one crate that they had loaded on the jet; that crate was tagged to remain in the GJ secure storage facility.

Agent Grams hit the switch, and the cargo hold closed soundlessly; then, he and Agent Harrison headed to the clean room, stripping off their red jumpsuits that they had customized with the yellow stripe down the front: hence, their nickname and the occasional comments from Dr. Betty Director, Head of Global Justice.



"Let's finish: Slim's cooked up a whole mess o' chili, and we're invited!" the burly agent picked up a small case and tossed it at the slender agent. She dodged it, and the case slammed into a crate, cracking it open.

"Vicki! You were supposed to catch it!"

"Kevin! You weren't supposed to throw it!"

"Never mind: let's get it cleaned up, Victoria," Kevin Perez replied sarcastically as he strolled over and started picking up pieces of the packing crate, not noticing the remnants of the label on the piece he then tossed into the port-a-dumpster: …nd Games engagement: Drakken / Possible. Warning! Do Not…

"Look: it says to 'place near power,' Vic," he read, picking up the final piece.

"Wonder why, Kev?" she asked, smirking.

"Doesn't matter;" he missed the cut, "let's get a pallet jack and move it next to the power outlet on the wall over there," and he pointed to a bare wall with multiple power outlets.

"Got one."

"Got another one."

"Sweet Niblets, this is one heavy mother-"


"I was talking about the crate, Vicki: it's heavy!" and Kevin maneuvered it to the wall, placing the open side against the wall.

"There! They won't see that the case was ripped," he smiled at his ingenuity.

"Does it matter? This stuff won't ever be unpacked in years," Vicki remarked as she shoved three more crates against it, blocking it from view.

"Great job! Now, only 90 more to go, and it's chili time!" he proclaimed, and she groaned.

"Just imagine that you get to sit next to Ron," he chided, and she started working even harder and smiling even bigger and ignoring Kevin even more.

"What do women see in him?" he asked, and she continued to ignore him as she maneuvered the pallet jack thru the maze of boxes and crates.

"I'll never understand women," he mumbled to himself as he pulled another crate into the pile blocking off the view of the offending crate.

Soon, the room was filled with crates and boxes, and they turned off the lights and closed the door, talking on the way out about the new Meezod shirts that Dr. Director had issued for this training trip to Canada with this stopover to deliver this equipment to Slim Possible.

The wall glowed as the crate snaked out a slender power conduit and connected to the circuit.

The conduit stayed there for several minutes, then retracted; the deep green glow faded back to the faint, almost invisible, green light.



(After Christmas….)


"Joss, I'm sorry."

"Sorry don't clean the barn this time, Wade."

"Joss, what can I say?"

"JUST SHUT UP, WADE! I'm madder at you than I've ever been."

"I'm sorry, Joss; I didn't mean it like it sounded."

"So, how DID you mean it, Wade?

"Never mind." and she pushed him away from her as he tried to hug her.

"Don't Touch Me. Don't Talk To Me. Just, Don't Talk To Me!" and she stormed out of Wade's office in the Bunker.

She came back in almost immediately, and Wade looked hopeful.

"Yes, Jocelyn?"

"This might have just torn it between us, Wade.

"Think about it: I know I will, all day tomorrow while we're working on level 5, apart from each other while I decide if I ever want to see you again..

"And. Don't. Talk. To. Me. You get that, Load?" and she stormed out of his office, again.



Ron found Wade in his office, throwing books against the wall and yelling.

"Why!" tosses a book which smashes against the wall and falls into the pile.

"Can't!" tosses another book.

"I!" tosses another.

"Get!" and, another.

"It!" and, yet still another.

"Right!" before he tossed this one­-.

"Wade, my man!

"Book Abuse is no longer legal in Montana!" and that got his attention; he stopped mid-throw.

"I screwed up, Ron," he said surprisingly softly after the rampage.

"I screwed up, big time, Ron," and he turned to face Ron, tears streaming down his face.

"I may have lost Joss, forever," and he fell into the floor in the middle of a pile of books, crying.

"I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT HER, RON! WHAT SHOULD I DO?" and his screams echoed throughout his office.

"Whoa, Wade, what happened?"

And, he took a deep breath and told Ron what he had said and done, and Joss' reaction.

Ron listened, sucking on his Slurpster occasionally, and nodding frequently.

Then, he spoke.

"Yea, Wade, you screwed up, big time."

"How can I fix it, Ron?" Wade looked up with pleading eyes.



Kim found Joss banging on several karate dummies, and she had already ripped one of them open.

"Whoa, cuz, what's wrong?"

"How do you know anything's wrong, Kim?"

"1. You won't turn and face me.

"2. You are fighting 6 dummies, and I've never seen you fight more than one or two before.

"And, 3: You're nearly ripped the head off of a poor dummy that never did anything to hurt you," and Kim grinned, went to the dummy, and held its head up to face Joss.

"'I'm sorry, Joss. I won't do it, again,'" Kim mimicked the dummy's voice, and Joss delivered a roundhouse kick that took the head clean off and almost took Kim's arm with it.

"SNAKE MUFFINS, YOU WON'T!" She shouted, and Kim could see her face for the first time: she'd been crying, and it wasn't a light cry, either.

"I've LOST HIM, KIM!" she shouted, and then her face scrunched up into a pain-filled mass.

"I'VE LOST MY WADE, FOREVER!" and she fell into Kim's arms, bawling.

Kim held her and thought of the times that she's been in the same position as Joss while Kim's mom held her and talked her down from her stress.


"Nyhes?" she said from her buried head on Kim.

"What happened?"

And, Joss took a deep breath and told Kim what Wade had said and done, and her reaction.

Kim listened, chewing on her lip for a moment, stroking her hands against her thighs, and nodding frequently.

Then, she spoke.

"Yea, Joss, you screwed up, big time."

"How can I fix it, Kim?" Joss looked up with pleading eyes and her puppy-dog-pout, and Kim grinned.

"Won't work on me, Joss: As a carrier, I'm immune."

"Snake muffins."



Author's afterward:

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