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Now, what?

It's only been two minutes, but it seems like several lifetimes since Wade lowered his PosComm, Ron suddenly had the Lotus Blade in his hand, Joss ran to Wade, tripped, Kim and Ron reached out, and all four were introduced to the blue-green energy field.

Now, what do they know, what do they remember, and how do they deal with it?

Wade doesn't appear to be upset, any longer; is Joss?

What will be the response when Dr. Director learns of the case's contents?

And, are the Hot Dogs, in their endless search for another complement to their signature colors, now about to add pickle-relish-green vests or scarves to their attire?


Our head-shifters Kim and Jocelyn Possible, and Ron Stoppable and Wade Load, have returned to their reality but with different perceptions. Questions have been answered, issues have been clarified, but they don't have access to all that they learned…yet.

Toto, enjoy yourself, but don't tease the Naked Mole Rat: he's confused enough as it is:

Return, Reset, and Resume is the final chapter.

This is a Blue Eyes, Shining Special Intermezzi:



Chapter 7: Return, Reset, and Resume


"Wade," and Joss tripped on a piece of board from the crate and fell into Wade, and they fell into the machine.

Joss reached out to brace herself in her fall, and she hit a pressure switch on the side of the machine.




Kim and Ron both called and reached out to their friends, and all of their hands touched just as the machine's power surged and threw off a huge blue-green flash and a crack like a huge thunderstorm had appeared in the room, and Rebecca Jane looked up in time to see the foursome engulfed in the blue-green energy and fall to the ground.

"RON!" and Rebecca Jane almost levitated to his side, and took his pulse.

"Initiation sequence has begun," came from the machine.

"Initiation sequence has completed," came again from the machine.

"RON!" Rebecca Jane yelled, and Arnold appeared at her side and knelt over Kim, checking her pulse.


"Rebecca Jane! Look at their eyes!" and Arnold pointed, and Rebecca Jane looked at their eyes under their eyelids:

All four sets of eyes were moving in almost hyper-speed underneath their eyelids, but they all were unconscious.



Ron's eyes fluttered, and they opened to see Rebecca Jane.

"Thank God you're alive, Ron," Rebecca Jane leaned over him and smiled.

"Rebecca Jane?"

"What happened?" and Kim groaned.

"Kim!" Arnold Carlos took her hand.

"You're alive!" as Kim's eyes opened to a smiling Arnold Carlos.

"What happened?" and Joss groaned.

"Miss Possible!" Kevin Perez was holding her wrist and checking her pulse when her eyes opened, and Joss' pulse quickened.

'He's hot!' she thought.

"You're alive!"

"Wha' happened?" and Wade moaned.

"Dr. Load!" Victoria (Vicki) Parr Cooking, who had helped Kevin originally unload and stack most of the Bunker Level five containers, crates, and materials from the Global Justice Recovery and Reclamation Center (aka the 'Trash Heap'), leaned over Wade, taking his pulse.

"You're alive!" and she smiled a sigh of relief.

"What happened?" Wade's eyes opened, and the portable monitor hooked up to Wade showed an increase in heart rate.

"DR. LOAD!" Vicki looked down, frowned, and buttoned the top of her GJ Meezod shirt all the way to her chin.

The heart rate slowed, noticeably.

"Well, there's nothing wrong with your eyesight," she smirked.

"Where are we?" Wade asked, trying very, very hard to look into Vicki's eyes.

"You're in the Bunker, level five, Dr. Load. All of you were struck with a blue and green flash and fell. You were unconscious."

"How long?"

"About two minutes," she replied as the elevator door opened and Betty and a nurse came running out of one elevator as doctors and additional teams with gurneys came out of the other elevators.

The "Hot Dogs" (Agents Frank Grams and Frankie Harrison), as the two leaders of the Global Justice Field Medical Emergency Response (FiMER) teams, naturally gravitated over to Kim and Jocelyn. They had managed to find, much to the dismay of Betty Director and Will Du, the only two red Meezod shirts (out of the six cases of shirts shipped) to wear with their khaki BayDoc slacks, add the GJ logo on the front (official location, logo, left upper front of chest), and 'customized' their shirts with yellow piping around the sleeves and the collar edges.

Wade's eyes grew huge, but not at the "Hot Dogs."

"Two minutes! Is that all?"

"Yes, Wade, two minutes; why, what's wrong with only being out for two minutes? I'd have thought you'd be happy."

He lifted his head and looked at his friends.

All of them looked at him and each other and smiled.

'What happened to me?' Wade wondered.

'More importantly, what happened to us?'

'Something good must have happened, because I feel so much better than I did a few minutes ago.

'I'm not mad at Jocelyn, anymore; I'm not even mad at me.

'Why do I feel so calm?

'And, why do I agree with Ron about meat cakes? I've never had a meat cake!'

Betty pointed, and the nurse ran over to Wade as the other teams had steered themselves to the closest of the three patients, now propped up and looking around, perplexed and calm at the same time.

The nurse knelt next to Wade and touched his arm as she spoke.

"Dr, Load," came from a soft, warm contralto voice, and Wade turned to see a statuesque redhead, "do you have any pain, any dizziness?" she asked, and Wade felt strange.

"Jacqueline?" came out of his mouth in a squeak….'déjà vu, all over again,' he smiled; that was his last thought before his brain overloaded.

Wade's eyes rolled back, and he passed out.



(Archives of Dr. Wade Agamemnon Load)


I was dreaming again, and my dream, this time, wouldn't get me in any trouble:


I was sitting in the audience at Joss' high school graduation. She had already given her valedictory speech and received a wonderful reception, and now she was walking across the stage to receive her diploma. She stopped and shook hands with Charles Brickle, then received both her diploma and a hug from the principal.

She stopped and turned to face the crowd, holding her diploma in front of her.

The room grew silent, expecting something.

"This is for my mother, Sheri Nicole Possible, who died protecting me," and Joss looked skyward and mouthed 'I love you, Momma;'

"This is for my mother, Elizabeth Director-Possible, who found me and loves me more than I ever imagined someone could and, often, loves me so much more than I deserve," and Joss, around the chuckles from the audience, blew her a kiss; Betty, sitting next to me, reached up, caught it, and held it next to her heart as Joss looked out to her and mouthed 'I love you, Momma2;'

"This is for my father, Samuel Clemens 'Slim' Possible, who taught me to live beyond my fears and exceed my own dreams, all while loving me," and Joss blew him a kiss; Slim, reached up, caught it, and grinned while he clutched it tightly as Joss looked out to him and mouthed 'I love you, Daddy;'

"This is for my hero, Wade Load, who raised me up when I was down and sticks by me, always, loving me unconditionally, through everything," and Joss blew me a kiss; I reached up and caught it as Joss looked at me and mouthed 'I love you, Wade;'

"And, most importantly," and she slammed her diploma-filled hand to the sky:

"This is for Stephanie!" she yelled, and the audience jumped to their feet and applauded.

'She didn't tell me she was going to do that,' I thought as I sat there, tears soaking my face. Betty put her arm around me and kissed my cheek.

"Way to go, hero," she smirked.



I cracked my right eye, and I was greeted by a mass of red hair.

"Joss…" I smiled.

"Not quite, Wade," and I opened the other eye to a soft voice and beautiful lady.

"Jacqueline?" I grinned, and she looked at me, perplexed.

"That's my name, but how…I just got here, how do you know my name?"

"Well, Lieutenant Jacqueline Capperson," she gasped, "you wouldn't believe me if I told you, so let's just chalk it up to precognition, shall we?" I grinned, and she smiled, still looking confused.

"Where am I?" I asked.

"We moved you to the Bunker medical facilities, Dr. Load," I recognized the sterile smell. "You passed out after you saw me and called my name. You bumped your head going down: I'm afraid you have a pretty nasty bump back there now," she added, and I reached up to feel the bump. It was a good size, but nothing that would stay for long.

"How's your son?" I asked casually, and she snapped her face back at mine.

"You and I, sir are going to have to have a talk," but we were interrupted by a naked mole rat.

"RUFUS!" I called as he jumped up onto my chest and stared at me, looking even more perplexed than Jackie had.

Rufus let loose with a string of chitterings, and I actually understood him.

"Whoa, there, little buddy," I took him in my hands. "I'm fine, thanks for asking, but I don't have any cheese handy. We'll get some later, alright? And, besides, it's not lunch or pre-dinner time yet, so you should be ok," and Rufus looked at me like I'd swallowed an entire round of aged Gouda in one bite. He asked me a question, and I replied, "Yes, it's me, Wade, Rufus," and he looked even more confused.

"Rufus?" I turned my head at the familiar voice-

"RUFUS!" Kim walked up to my side, and Rufus jumped up onto her shoulder and sniffed her hair, then smiled and ran down into her arms.

"Gooooood little naked mole rat," Kim cooed as she rubbed his tummy, and Rufus curled up into a ball with his stomach still exposed for the proper worship.

"Hey, partner," Kim leaned over, careful not to drop or disturb Rufus, and kissed my cheek.

"Hey, yourself, partner," I looked at her and saw a different Kim than I had seen just a few hours ago down in the warehouse area.

I saw a Kim Possible whose smile took my breath away. It was the same smile, but somehow different: how I knew this, I don't know, but I was certain of one thing:

Kim truly cared about me, and I knew for certain that Kim would always be a very special friend of mine.

"How'ya doing, Wade?"

"I'm fine, Kim, just a little bump on the head," she reached behind my head and touched the bump.

"You got yourself a good head-banger there, Wade," she leaned over, placed Rufus on my chest, turned the back of my head towards her d and kissed the bump.

"That should make it better," she smirked as she raised her head.

"Thanks, Kim," I grinned, and put my finger on my lips. "I bumped my mouth, too," I grinned.

"Don't push it, Wade," she replied matter-of-factly, then giggled. "I'd save that for another redhead if I were you," she added.

"Save what?" Ron's voice came from behind her as a pair of arms wrapped around Kim's waist.

"Save himself, Ron," and Kim turned her head a bit and received a kiss.

"Mmmm, that was dee-lish," and she pulled away from him, turning to face him and throwing her whole self into this kiss.

"Like what you see, Wade?" a pair of hands came over my eyes.

"I think so, but I'd rather have another redhead, if it's all right with you," I replied, and the hands came off my eyes as the lips met mine.

I don't know where I'd been, but I was home, now…

Wait: she doesn't hate me anymore?

Do I care? I could live on the kisses forever.

I love strawberries.

Our mouths separated, and I saw the most beautiful sight in the world: Blue Eyes, Smiling down on me.

"Hello, Wade," she smiled, and I fell in love again.

"Andrea Jocelyn, I love you."

"And, I love you, Wade Agamemnon," she replied.

Rufus decided to get out of the way, so he ran to the top of the bed and sat, staring at all four of us.

"I'm sorry," came from both our mouths.

"Jinx! You owe me a soda!" came together, again.

"You first," I jumped in, and she started.

"Wade, I'm sorry: I never should have yelled at you or told you to shut up. I should have listened to you, let you talk, and I didn't.

"Wade, will you forgive me, please?" her eyes were blue and moist, and the PDP training kit was in full use.

"Joss, I'm sorry. I never should use the word stupid with anything you do, because it was more likely that one of us didn't have all the facts.

"I wanted to tell you that I wasn't an artist, and that your idea for the artwork was already registered. I should have calmed down; instead, I acted like a child, Joss," and by now my brown eyes were wet, as well. "Your ideas, as always, are platinum; we just need to get a professional artist, and we're good to go," I finished, and she smiled thru her tears and wiped my face with the back of her hand.

"Can you find it in that wonderful and caring heart of yours, Joss, to forgive me for being so foolish and treating you the way I did?"

"Wade, you did nothing wrong: you reacted to my ranting.

"I'll forgive you for being human, if you'll forgive me for the same. Deal?" she stuck out her hand.

"Deal, gorgeous," and I lifted my arm and shook her hand, then reached out both IV-filled arms and received a Joss hug, PG-13. It was PG-13 because she was excited…oh, my, I love it when she's excited up there….


"A-HEM!" It was Jacqueline: she was staring at Joss and I and tapping her foot.

"Is there something I should know about you two young people?" she grinned, and Joss held up my right hand.

"Jackie, this is my hero, and we're getting married…in about seven years and three months, give or take a day or two," she announced, and Jackie grinned but then looked confused again.

"How did you know my name, Jocelyn?" she asked, and Ron grinned.

"It's a secret, Jackie: if we tell you," and Kim finished,

"We'll have to kill you, so please don't make us tell you," she added as she reached around and pinched Ron on the rear.

"OWWW!" he jumped, then looked at the innocent face that was Kim Possible.

"So, is it time for…The Peerless Pincher to make a 'return visit,' Kimberly Ann Possible?" he announced in his best TVTrash 'Fearless Ferret' voice, and Kim took off running and giggling, followed by Ron attempting to return the pinch favor.

"Jackie," Joss said, and Jackie turned back to her after watching Ron and Kim running, with Kim yelping as Ron made a number of successful assaults, "If we knew what happened, we'd tell you, but I know I'm not sure, myself.

"Would you allow the four of us to discuss this, in private, and report to you when we figure it out?"

"Why would you report to me?"

"Betty did hire you, and she said that you were the sharpest problem-solver she'd ever seen, didn't she?"

"All right, that's enough," Jackie crossed her arms. "I'm leaving, and I'll come back when you call me and tell me you're ready," and Jackie turned and walked away, but I stopped her.

"Jackie, how are your parents after the train trip with the 25 Diablos?" she slammed to a stop and turned slowly.

"How did-"I stopped her.

"It was us, Jackie: I built the gun that Kim used to send the signal to shrink the Diablos," and her face became radiant.

"You?" and she turned back towards me, but Joss stopped her.

"You're welcome, Jackie, but NO KISSIE MY BOYFRIEND, ALL RIGHT? Let me finish my work on him, then I'll turn him over to you, all seasoned and ready for stir-fry," Joss smiled sweetly, and Jackie stared for a moment, then her giggles turned into a big laugh.

"You're on, Jocelyn," and she looked at me with a look on her face that reminded me of the cat that ate the canary in one gulp.

"Later, Wade: you'll get a proper 'thank you,'" she purred, then turned back and laughed as she left the room, closing the door behind her.

"Joss, I-" I had no chance to continue because I was assaulted by Strawberries.

I had no complaints other than the fact that the IV lines were annoyingly in the way.


(Archives of Dr. Andrea Jocelyn Possible-Load)

"Joss, I-" I didn't give him a chance to finish that sentence before I grabbed him and kissed him as passionately as I knew how.

I could remember bits of what happened, but the bits were mixed: I couldn't tell what was my memory or someone else's. I needed to talk to Wade, but I needed to know that I wasn't still in some kind of psychotic dream-hell-loop.

I needed to feel, to know that Wade wasn't still mad at me. I felt so dumb, so ridiculous: why hadn't I listened to him rather than flying off the handle at him?

I remembered breakfast this morning, when I felt so down while I talked to Rebecca Jane…then I remembered eating that banana, and I almost choked with laughter.

"Joss, are you all right?" Wade had pushed me back and let me breath, but I was truly choking with laughter.

"Wade, did you see me at breakfast this morning?" and he seemed to blush.

"well…" he was blushing! My Wade was embarrassed, so I went in for the kill:

"Should I get another banana, Wade?" I smiled innocently.

"NO!" he shouted, then grinned.

"You're messing with my mind, aren't you, Joss?" and I looked innocent.

"Why would you ever expect that of me?" I batted my eyelashes and pulled out the Puppy-Dog-Pout I'd been practicing.

"PDP won't work on me, but dang, those eyes…" he mumbled, and I knew what I needed to work on.

"Joss," he looked around and found his PossCom on the bedside stand, and he then hit a couple of controls.

"We're private now," he said, and I looked at him.

"Jamming so no one hears what we're saying: I don't want to end up in a rubber room, Joss, and I don't want you there, either."

"What happened to us, Wade?" I asked, and I saw something I'd never seen and thought I'd never see:

Wade Load, uncertain of something.

"Joss, I have an idea, but that's all it is: a conjecture:

"We experienced a unique combination of events that resulted in our encounter with the beings that occupy the Lotus Blade," and I breathed a deep sigh of relief. Wade saw that and raised an eyebrow.

"Wade, I was beginning to think I was crazy with the piece-parts that I remembered, but you just proved me wrong," but Wade just smiled.

"We may both be crazy, Joss: it depends on what Kim and Ron experienced. If they had the same experiences, then the likelihood of all of us being crazy is diminished.

"Something happened with that machine that I was trying to analyze when you bumped into me, and the combination of the energy from that machine and the energy from my PosComm, combined with Ron's Lotus Blade, gave us an access to a different plane of existence, an alternate level, as it were."

"But, Wade, the beings in the Lotus Blade: was that real?"

"I'm almost certain of it, Joss, but we'll need to get Ron and Kim in here later with the jammers on before we can test that theory.

"I think that they also wanted to learn more about us, and they used this as an accidental opportunity to 'get inside our heads,'" he grinned.

"Do you really think this was an accident?"

"Most definitely, Joss: they couldn't have planned all of the events that happened, but they took full advantage of them.

"There are two things that I most definitely remember, Joss," and Wade's smile took over his face.

"What was that, Wade?"

"When I kissed you while I was in Kim's body and you were in Ron's," his smile grew even more.

"And, when Kim and Ron were in our bodies," he added, and I blushed, "and we kissed.".

"Joss, you know I would never ask you to do anything that we didn't agree to, right?" and I nodded.

"Do you," he ducked his head for a moment, then brought it back up, "do you think we could try to recreate that feeling, Joss? I've never been closer to you, and I've never felt that much love from you before."

"Zo, Dr. Load, you vish to conduct ein experiment, Ja?" I gave him some very bad German, and he grinned.

"Vell then," I smiled, "who am I to argue wit der advancement auf Zience?" and I took his hands and kissed them, then looked up and saw the brown eyes that I knew I would never lose. I released his lips for air, but only for a moment.

"Kiss me, you fool," I vamped, and he acknowledged my request.

PG never tasted so good….


(Archives of Dr. Kimberly Ann Possible-Stoppable)

"How'ya doing, Wade?" I asked

"I'm fine, Kim, just a little bump on the head," I reached behind his head and touched the bump.

"You got yourself a good head-banger there, Wade," I leaned over, placed Rufus on his chest, turned the back of his head towards me and kissed his bump delicately.

"That should make it better," I smirked as I raised my head.

"Thanks, Kim," he grinned, and put his finger on his lips. "I bumped my mouth, too," he grinned.

"Don't push it, Wade," I replied, matter-of-factly, then giggled: the Wade knew and loved was back. "I'd save that for another redhead if I were you," I added.

"Save what?" Ron's voice came from behind me as a pair of arms wrapped around my waist.

'Mmmm, Ronshine,' I thought.

'You know it, baby,' came from Ron.

"Save himself, Ron," and I turned my head a bit and got my kiss from the man I loved.

"Mmmm, that was dee-lish," and I pulled away from him, turned to face him and threw my entire being into the next kiss.

'I love you, Ron,' I thought.

'And, I love you, too, Kim,' came back into my head, and we deepened the kiss, and my hands moved down and squeezed his gorgeous rear.

'Wooo!' he exclaimed, then smiled.

'Me like, KP' he chuckled, and his tongue danced with mine

'Listen:' and Ron sent my focus to Wade and Joss:

"Wade, I'm sorry: I never should have yelled at you or told you to shut up. I should have listened to you, let you talk, and I didn't.

"Wade, will you forgive me, please?"

"Joss, I'm sorry. I never should use the word stupid with anything you do, because it's more likely that one of us doesn't have all the facts.

"I wanted to tell you that I wasn't an artist, and that your idea for the artwork was already registered. I should have calmed down; instead, I acted like a child, Joss. Your ideas, as always, are platinum; we just need to get a professional artist, and we're good to go."

"Can you find it in that wonderful and caring heart of yours, Joss, to forgive me for being so foolish and treating you the way I did?"

"Wade, you did nothing wrong: you reacted to my ranting.

"I'll forgive you for being human, if you'll forgive me for the same. Deal?"

"Deal, gorgeous,"

'BOOYAH!' Both Ron and I shouted, and we smiled.

'I'm so glad that they made up,' Ron said. 'I was worried about them, KP.'

'Judging from what's happening, Ron, they're glad they made up, too,' I laughed and mentally pointed, and we both turned a bit so we could see Joss in Wade's IV-filled arms.

'Wade sure looks happy, Kim,' and Ron pointed down, and we laughed.

"No little Wade at all,' Ron smirked, and I laughed with him.


"A-HEM!" It was Jacqueline, and Ron and broke our kiss to watch the fireworks.

"Is there something I should know about you two young people?" she grinned, and Joss held up Wade' right hand.

"Jackie, this is my hero, and we're getting married…in about seven years and three months, give or take a day or two," she announced, and Jackie grinned but then looked confused again.

"How did you know my name, Jocelyn?" she asked, and Ron grinned.

"It's a secret, Jackie: if we tell you," and I finished,

"We'll have to kill you, so please don't make us tell you," I added as I reached around and pinched Ron on the rear.

"OWWW!" he jumped, then looked at the pure, sweet, innocent face that was me, Kim Possible.

"So, is it time for…The Peerless Pincher to make a 'return visit,' Kimberly Ann Possible?" he announced in his best TVTrash 'Fearless Ferret' voice, and I took off running and giggling, with Ron hot on my 'tail,' attempting to return the 'pinch favor.'


(Archives of Mr. Ronald Dean Stoppable, esq.)

I caught KP down the hall after we ran out of the Bunker medical facility. We had run past several people from GJ, all laughing hard, especially since I was yelling the whole time "The Peerless Pincher will get you, Kimberly Ann Possible!"

I caught her, and I spun her up into the air, just basking in the glow that was my fiancée.

I put her down, and I kissed her and took her into my arms.

She felt so good in my arms, and I didn't want to ever leave this spot.

A throat-clearing, and I looked over her shoulder to see Betty, trying hard to frown and not to laugh.

She lost: she finally laughed; that got KP's attention.

"Dr. Director!" she pulled back and turned around.

"Kimberly," she mock-pouted, then grabbed Kim and hugged her.

"I'm so glad you're all right," she said, looking up at me and winking.

I took the sign and pinched the wonderful bubble butt. KP squealed, and she all but choked Betty trying to get away, but the good Doctor held on tight.

I love bubbles: pretty, pretty bubbles.

When she finally let go, Kim turned and glared at me.

"RON!" she couldn't even growl: she was laughing too hard.

"Gotcha, KP," I looked into the green pool and fell in love all over again.

"Are you all right, Ron?" Betty asked after few moments.

"Oh, yea, Dr. Director, bon-diggity good shape," I answered, putting my arm around Kim's waist.

"Good; I was worried about all of you," and a tear came out: she was worried about Joss, her DTB. "I was happy to see all of you get up. When Wade went down, I was worried, but Jackie told me he'd just fainted."

"Yea, Doctor Director, Jackie is one wonderfully bon-diggity nurse," Kim said, and Betty looked at her strangely.

"Well," she said after a moment, "I'm glad you are all right.

"I've already started the investigation to see just what it is that happened."

"Let me make it easier for you, Dr.," I said.

"Remember when KP and I switched brains? That machine looked an awful-lot like Drakken's brain switch machine," I told her, but she frowned.

"That's impossible; my people never were able to get it re-assembled completely, so it never would have worked. Besides, it should still be in the Recovery Center."

"Should be, isn't," I replied. "It looked familiar when Wade looked at it, just before we got hit by the blue-green beamer-thingy."

"School words, Ron?" Kim smirked, and I looked at her smile behind the smirk.

"I'll check on it, Ron: thank you," and Betty turned and walked away, talking into her retrieved radio; she didn't sound happy.

"How are you now, BFGF?" I asked Kim.

"I'd be better with another bon-diggity kiss, BFBFF," she proceed to take her kiss.

I wasn't complaining.

"What do you think happened, Ron, and was that the Lotus Blade I saw and talked to?" Kim looked up at me when she finally unlocked my lips from hers.

Those green pools were so inviting…Head in the game, Ron!

"That was, indeed, the Blade's entities, Kim."

"How do you know, Ron?"

"I've been with the blade since Yamonouchi, Kim: I know my blade.

"I think it was a combination of Drakken's machine and the Blade that did this to us, KP."

"Did what, Ron?"

'Did this, KP my love," and she smiled. 'Gave us the capability to hear each other.

'This will be perfect in tests, KP: I'll never have to study again.'

"RON!' she smiled as she yelled at me mentally.

'I know, KP, but it seemed like a good idea at the time,' I whined, and she kissed my cheek.

'What was that for?'

'For being the best BFBFF in the entire world,' she answered.

'Are you going to be able to handle the new powers that you have, Ron?'

'Kim, of course I will, with your help:

'Remember: "with great power comes great responsibility."'

'RON! Now you're quoting comic book superheroes," she crossed her arms and glared at me.

'Kim, Kim, Kim: never create when there is good material already out there to use,' I replied and gave her the Ron Stoppable grin.

'We'd better get back to Wade and Joss before they spontaneously combust,' she looked at me calmly, then let out a Joss Possible whoop and slapped her knee.

'Where'd that come from, KP?'

'Must be a leftover Joss whoop, Ron; So Not the Drama.'

'Now, there's the KP I know and love,' I leaned down and kissed her, and we walked back to the medical facility, our hands locked together as one.


We couldn't get any time for all four of us, together, and with no company, until four days after Our Day.

I'd taken to calling it that in my mind, and KP agreed: it had been 'Our Day,' one that I hoped I'd never forget.

Jackie spent an inordinate amount of time with Wade, much to Joss' annoyance.

'inordinate: that's a school word, right, Ron?'

'Words hurt, KP!'

'Love ya, 'Potential Boy.'

'Right back at'cha, 'Princess.'

Where was I…oh, yea, Jackie.

She seemed unnerved that we all knew her name and information about her ('Well, D'OI, Ron.' KIM! Please. I'm thinking 'Never stopped you before, BFBFF'). Wade made up some story about obtaining advance information on the candidates, and Jackie seemed to buy it, but she still was uneasy.

She did plant one on Wade that for long enought to almost knock him out, much to Jocelyn's annoyance and Wade's delight.

The one who was the most confused as Rufus.

He could sense that something had happened, because he spent more time with Wade than he ever had, before. He was wary around Kim and Joss; he would spend time with them but he acted skittish.

Me? As long as I had Gouda, he was happy. We were cool, even without the cheese.


Dr. Director did find out that the crate that we'd 'discovered' wasn't supposed to be in the Bunker; somehow, the unit had been re-assembled but shipped out of GJ's Recovery Center unbeknownst to everyone, including the Center's Director. It was Drakken's brain-switching machine, but how it spiked, no one knew.

No one, except us.


What bothered me were the dreams, and we all were having them; we'd agreed not to talk about them until the preponderance of the GJ folks left early next week, and we had the Bunker pretty much to ourselves (except for a few remaining GJ and DCI folks, like Mel.)

My dreams were fragmented: Double-G showed up several times, and I hadn't thought about him since his birthday last September, and once Kim showed up, older and in a beautiful dress, holding hands with an older Will Du.

I knew something was out of whack.


GJ left early, and Wade arranged for us to lock his office and the adjacent conference rooms so we could have some privacy that Saturday afternoon.

I brought the food: a couple of rounds of aged Cheddar and a 90-oz Slurpster Porta-Gulper ('for those days when you're really, really thirsty!') for Rufus; he was happy.

It seemed only fitting that we have Pecan Trout, grilled Asparagus Spears, homemade Corn Chowder, a small spinach and watercress salad with the freshly-homemade RDS garlic dressing, and fresh rolls with garlic-and-chive butter.

We ate a relaxed lunch, laughing and talking about lots of things:

The Hot Dogs had finally pushed Will Du over the edge: they showed up with pickle-relish green vests over their red Meezod shirts that they had 'tricked out' with the yellow piping.

Will herded them into Betty's office, expecting a severe dressing-down from his boss; instead, Betty couldn't stop laughing, and she sent them out to find vests the color of Vidalia onions. Will steamed the rest of the week, but he finally cracked a smile when they showed up in the onion vests. Will's smile was especially big when the scorecards came out for the agents: their scores were the highest of everyone's.

The smile couldn't have anything to do with the arrival of newly-promoted Commander Lindsey Peterson, accompanying the 'Hot Dogs' from town on the shuttle, could it?

Will almost fell over his tray and his jaw on his way back to his table when Lindsey walked into the cafeteria and found Betty, saluted, and handed her the new orders officially transferring her as the Naval liaison to Global Justice.

We all agreed: Will's life was about to get very interesting if he was planning a search mission on Lindsey.

It wouldn't have been dessert for the future Loads if I hadn't brought along some Joss- and Wade-Shine, and I tried out a new cheesecake recipe, as well. They both laughed, but they fed each other several times.

'Old married couple, they are, Ron.'

'Talking strange, why are you, KP?'

Kim liked the Middleton-style deep dish amaretto cheesecake that I'd created, but she suggested flambéing it next time. Wade, of course, suggested using strawberry liquor: hmm, never thought about that….


We collected the dishes and put them back on the rolling carts, leaving the cheese, desserts, and the drinks inside Wade's conference room, and we all sat at the table.

It was time.

"Who is Double-G, Ron, and why does he have that number on his arm?"

Joss would go for the jugular.

"Joss, before we answer any questions, let's let everyone ask the three most troubling things that have been bothering them the past few days. We'll go around the table, one question at a time, and after we have three, we'll come back and start answering them," Wade was in change. Good: Joss would listen to him.

"I'd listen to you, too, Ron, if you'd stop staring at Cousin Kim's chest," Joss remarked, and I laughed and blushed at the same time.

"Ok, hear goes," Wade started.

"Kim, did you just start your period?" and Kim blushed ever redder, and Joss yelled:

"WADE!" but Kim held up her hand.

"My turn, Wade:

"Double-stuff, Wade?" and Kim blushed as Wade tried to duck his head as Joss guffawed.

"I'm last, Wade," I jumped in. "Joss, what do you know about 20 petajoules?" and Joss shuddered.

"We all have the same question, I'll bet," Wade smiled.

'Can you hear me now?' he asked, and we all laughed.

"Well, we have the answer to that one.

"Last question: Madam Secretary-General?" Wade stared at Kim, and she looked shocked.

"Wade, what happened to Joss' eyes?" Kim asked, and Wade grabbed himself and Joss reached up.

"Kim, Carlos and Cynthia?" Joss asked after a few seconds,

"KP, why do you think you're anything but beautiful?" I ended the questions, and Kim reached over and squeezed my hand.

Then we started talking, going over what seemed like days of struggles, fears, and dreams.

This was the most joyous, fun, and painful four hours I had ever spent, and I never want to do this, again.

I explained Double-G to Joss, and I told her about the numbers on his arm.

Kim answered my question about Will:

"Ron," she grabbed my hand, water pouring leaking from her green pools, "You and my entire family were dead, all my friends were dead, and Will and I fought for so long. Then one day it just clicked with him, and he kissed me. The next think I knew, I was schoolgirl-giddy when he told me he loved me, slipped the engagement ring on my finger, and asked me to marry him. I said yes, the day before I was voted in as UN Secretary-General."

"Wow, KP, you've got big dreams," but she shook her head.

"It was a nightmare, Ron, because you weren't there. Everything without you is a nightmare, Ron.," and she leaned over and kissed me.

Wade explained what happened to Joss' eyes, and he almost couldn't make it through the story, he was crying so hard. Joss put her arm around him, and that helped, but not much. Then, Joss explained the 20 petajoules reference, and both she and Wade lost it.

"How much of this was real future events, and how much of it is an alternate reality or a dream, a fantasy?" Joss asked when she was finished and we'd all taken a few minutes to re-compose ourselves.

"We won't know until we live it," Wade squeezed her hand.

"I know one thing, Jocelyn: I will never leave you."

"Don't write that check, Wade, if you can't cash it," she grinned, but she had sad tears on her face.

"Oh, I'll be able to cash it," Wade insisted, and we all got scared at the look on Wade's face.

"There's one thing we have to do, I believe, to help each other through this:

"Kim, kiss Wade," and everyone in the room had a reaction.

"HEY! NO KISSIE MY BOYFRIEND!" Joss yelled, and "WHAT?" came from Kim and Wade at the same time.

"Sorry, Joss, but we need to go through this; you'll see why, real soon," and I reached over and took her hand.

Kim stood, tentatively, and took Wade's hand. He looked up into her face with a small smile on his, and she lowered her lips to his.

The kiss was chaste at first, like two friends who just met would kiss, then it became deeper, like two very good friends, and their hands and arms held each other in a tight embrace.

Kim pulled back.

Both she and Wade understood, now.

"WHOA, Joss, he's one bon-diggity kisser!" Kim laughed, then kissed Wade's nose.

"Thank you, partner, for everything," Kim smiled.

"Thank you, Kim for a kiss I'll never forget," Wade replied.

"Your turn, Joss," Wade continued, and I took Joss' hand in mine and helped her to her feet.

Those big blue eyes looked up at me, questioning, but I tried to put her at ease with a smile.

Then, I lowered my lips to hers…

I felt everything: the love she had for Wade, the different kind of love she had for Slim and Betty, the longing she had for Sheri Nicole, the feelings she had had for me but no longer had, and the deep friendship she had for Kim.

I could feel her in my mind: she now understood how much I loved Kim, how much I had cared for her and how worried I was when I heard that she had been hurt, how angry I had been when I learned of the manner of her mother's death, how happy I was that she had found true love, and how much hope I had for her and Wade and BlazeIT's future.

Our lips separated, and Joss looked at me with a new understanding.

"Thank you, Joss, for everything," I bowed to her, and she giggled.

"Thank you, Sensei, for teaching me and for caring so deeply for me," she returned the bow, and I smiled.

"All right, Ron, one question," came from Wade.

"How long are we going to be in each other's head, telepathically?"

"No idea, Wade, but we should take advantage of it as long as we can.

"I want to say one thing, though, in case we lose this capability:

'I love all of you: Kim, Ron, Joss: thank you for being my best friends, the people of importance in my life, along with my parents and Lucky,' and we chuckled.

'I spent too long without friends, and I feel like I'vew made up for all those years and then taken out a loan on the next 200 years, but I don't care:

'I really love you,' and Wade's eyes watered.

Joss took his left hand, and Kim took his right, and they each kissed a cheek.

Then, they surprised me:

They looked at each other, smiled, and kissed each other on the lips, each taking the other's head in their hands.

Wade had leaned back and had a ring-side seat at most guys' dream-come-true: two beautiful redheads, lip-locked.

Wade just smiled, and he turned his head and looked at me and smiled, then we went back to watching our beautiful Possible women.

Kim and Joss separated lips, then hugged tightly and cried.

Wade looked at me again when the ladies separated.

He stood and walked over to me.

I stood.

We stared.

We both had the same thought:

'NAAAA!' and we hugged, a manly hug.

"I love you, Ron…seriously," Wade said.

"I love you too, Wade," I replied, and we separated and pounded each other's fists.

"To continue with Wade's comment," I continued after they broke apart, I propose a celebration:"

"Friday night, everyone, Middleton Teen Settlement, for dinner and music: there's a group playing there for a repeat engagement, and I've heard they're incredible."

"Joss, will you go out with me on a date?" Wade turned to her and asked: she was flabbergasted, to put it mildly.

Kim just chuckled.

"Wade, we've gone out before," Joss stammered.

"This is different, Joss: this would be our first, real, date, and I can't think of other two people I'd rather go on a double-date with, can you?" Wade took her hand.

"Joss, please say yes," he pleaded, and Joss grinned.

"Like, you think I'll leave you alone with high school girls, Aggie?" and we all laughed as Wade sputtered.

"Not EVEN in your dreams, Wade, my love," and she leaned over and kissed him on the lips.

"Miss Possible?" I took Kim's hand. "Would you do me the honor of going out with me this Friday night?

"I'm buying, and there's no coupons involved," and we laughed as Wade and Joss stared at us.

"Why, yes, Mr. Stoppable, I do believe my calendar has a vacancy for that night," Kim fluttered her eyelashes, then laughed as she kissed my cheek.


"Does anyone else feel like we're missing something?" Joss asked, and Kim and Wade both nodded.

"It feels like we should know a lot more, but I got nuttin'" Kim replied.

"I still hate meat cakes," Wade added.

"WADE!" came from Kim and Joss at the same time.

"I have no idea why I said that," Wade held his hands out in a mock-surrender, then slapped his head.

"The Blade!"

"You mean, this?" I held my hand out, and the Lotus Blade appeared in it.

"Yes, that," Wade stared at it, then reached over to touch it.

'Don't touch me!' and Wade drew his hand back.

'Gotcha, Master Wade,' the Blade laughed.

'It's real,' Joss whispered, and the Blade laughed.

'Of course I'm real: what did you think had happened, Mistress Jocelyn: Strawberry Overload?' and Joss blushed.

'How long will we keep the telepathy?'

'Through the weekend, if you'd like,' the Blade replied.

'You'll need it if you're going on a double-date,' the Blade continued.

How…never mind.

'What don't we remember?' Wade asked, and the Blade lifted from my hand, and the voice moved to in front of Wade.

'Funny, Wade: "what don't we remember?" There's a reason you don't remember everything: time stream,' and the Blade chuckled.

'One last thing, before we go back,' and Rufus sat up and stared intently at the now-silent Lotus Blade.

He looked at me, then Wade, then Kim, then Joss.

He ran over to Joss and took her face in his tiny hands, kissing her cheek.

He did the same thing to Kim.

He ran over to Wade, motioned for Wade to hold his hand out palm-up, and Rufus palm-slapped (or, paw-slapped) him.

He scampered up to me at the end, running up to my shoulder, and he took my right ear in his hand.

'Understand,' he squeaked, and he kissed my cheek.

'CHEESE!' he yelled as he ran back to the Cheddar and jumped into the middle of the remaining wheel, devouring it from the center out.

'We will train later, Master Ron," the Blade concluded. 'In the meantime:

'Enjoy your date. You four are very special, the most unique we have ever encountered. You belong together,' and the Blade landed back in my hand.

"Whoa," Joss said after a few moments.

"'Whoa,' is right, Joss," Kim added.

"One more thing, everyone," and all three faces turned to look at me as I held up the 'shine tray.

'Mutual berry feeding," I smiled, and everyone took a berry.

Joss and Wade shared a chocolate-covered berry, and Kim and I…

Well, we shared berries: I put the berry in her teeth, and we shared it. Then, we reversed the process.

I'm like Wade: I love strawberries.

I can't wait for Friday: a double date with my best friends, people who I'd give my life for.

This should be interesting: Joss and Wade on a real date.

Kim and I hadn't been in public on a date since the engagement: too many missions.

This will truly be interesting.


(Archives of Dr. Wade Agamemnon Load)

Friday came quickly.

During the time after we got back, Ron spent a lot of time away from Kim, and he wouldn't tell her why.

He's learned enough from the Lotus Blade to activate and de-activate his tracking chip, but I chalked it up to his needed a modicum of privacy. He told me later, though, when he needed my help: I was more than happy to assist, especially when he told me who it was for.

I was putting the finishing touches on my outfit: the new dark blue Meezod shirt with the BlazeIT! insignia in red across the upper left-hand chest (They had just come in), tan BayDoc pants, and boat-dock loafers when Mom knocked on the door.

"Wade, Jocelyn is ready," she said thru the door.

"Thanks, Mom; I'll be right out," and I checked my hair, picked it one last time to fluff, and picked up the flowers I had for her: I was ready.

The car was down the street, so I signaled for it to come as I opened the door to my room and left.

"Jocelyn, you look wonderful," I said as I walked in and saw her in her glory:

A dark-green v-neck sweater over a white button-down blouse, a cognac-colored skirt that reached just below the boot tops, and her cognac-colored boots…

'Wade, you're doomed, but what a way to go!'

'Say that often, Wade?'

'Only when I see you after a day's absence, my beautiful, beautiful Jocelyn.'

"These are for you," I handed her the bouquet of red, yellow, and white roses when she stood.

"Thank you, Wade: they're beautiful," she replied.

"No Jocelyn: they're pretty. You're beautiful," I corrected her, and she giggled and kissed my cheek.

"Good one, Son," came from Dad as he came in with Mom and the camera.


"You don't think I'd miss getting this on disc, do you?

"Besides, Slim already called and asked for me to send him the 'before' shots on the internet as well as the 'after' shots, just in case he had to get a-hold of a deep space probe: he wanted evidence of the crime," Dad smiled as I put my arm around Joss and he took several pictures.

"Gee, thanks, Dad," I smiled.

"After all, what are parents for?" Mom added, then she teared up: "My baby's going on his first date!"

Dad saved me and hugged Mom, and we chose that time to wave 'Goodbye' and head out the door.

"Wade?" Sarah was coming out of her house, and she was dressed in something besides blue baggies.

"Hi, Sarah."

"Hi, yourself. Hello, Joss: I'm Sarah Best," and Sarah stuck out her hand; "I'm Wade's next door neighbor. Congratulations, by the way," she smiled.

Joss shook her hand, then looked confused.

"For what?"

"For capturing the genius' heart, that's what, Joss," Sarah smirked, and Joss blushed.

"Heading out, Sarah?" I asked, and she nodded.

"Middleton Teen Settlement," she replied. "I'm meeting someone there," and I mentally grinned.

"That's where we're going, too!" Joss exclaimed. "I've never been there: is it nice?"

"It's cool, Joss: you'll like; that is, if you can keep your hands off Wade long enough to enjoy the place," Sarah remarked dryly, and Joss blushed again while I laughed.

"Why don't you ride with us, Sarah, if you don't mind making a stop before we get there?"

"Ride in what, Wade?" Joss asked, and the look on Sarah's face told me that 'what' had arrived.

"Just something appropriate for you, my princess." I turned her to face the music…er, the limo.

That got her attention, as did the gentleman who came around to open the door for her.

"Good evening, madam: my name is Boyd Boudreaux, but please call me Boyd. I will be your driver tonight, Miss Jocelyn, Miss, and might I add that you two ladies look lovely tonight. Dr. Load, just what are you up to this time?" He laughed as he held out his hand and helped the ladies into the back of the car.

"Nothing, Boyd, seriously," and he laughed at the 'Motor Ed' reference. "Joss and I were heading out, and Sarah was going the same place, so we offered her a ride."

"Very good. Miss Jocelyn, Miss Sarah, please let me know if there is anything at all that your two lovely ladies need," and Boyd closed the rear door after I got in.

"Joss, can I clone and age Wade a few years?" Sarah asked, laughing as she sat.

"Where to, Dr. Load?" Boyd had gotten in the front seat and lowered the divider.

"Kim's house: we'll pick up the last two there, then head to the 'Teen Settlement,'" I replied.

"Very good, sir.

"The items that you requested are in the cooler, sir," and he partially raised the window as he started the car.

"Good," I rubbed my hands together and handed Jocelyn and Sarah each a champagne glass, then opened the cooler.

"Wade, I know I'm not old enough, so you two definitely aren't!" Sarah scolded me, then laughed when I showed her the bottle and the label.

"For my juice lush," I opened the bottle of the sparkling grape juice, and Joss grinned from ear to ear.


(Archives of Dr. Kimberly Ann Possible-Stoppable)

I couldn't believe how excited I felt.

Monique laughed at me when I called her from the house when we got back, but she went with me to the Banana to find the perfect dress.

They didn't have it (SHOCK of SHOCKS!), but I found it next door at Nancy's. I put t on in the dressing room , and I knew it was right.

I walked out, and two guys walking by walked right into two female mannequins.

"Oh, yea, GF: that's the RHS, alright."


"RonHeartStopper, GF."

I slipped it on in my room Friday night, and I smoothed it down.

'wow,' I thought, then giggled.


"It's Mom, Kimmie; may I come in?"

"Sure, Mom," and she opened the door and whistled.


"I couldn't help it, Kimmie: if I wore that, your dad would have a heart attack,

"Where did you get it?" She grinned, and we laughed.

"Ron's downstairs, Kimmie, and believe you me:

"He cleans up really, really good. I think it's a new suit, too."

"A new suit?"

'Yes, it is, KP.

'I can't wait to see the dress: I've been good and not peeked.'

'Good boy.'

'Woof,' and I chuckled.

"Ready, Kimmie?" I nodded.

"I'll go downstairs: wouldn't want to ruin your entrance," she kissed my cheek, then headed out the door just as the Tweebs walked by.

"Whoa, Sis!" cam from Tim

"You look hot tonight!" came from Jim.

"Can I borrow that dress? I've got a girl I want to get into it."

"You just want to get her out of it," Jim replied, and they slapped hands.

"Seriously, Kim, you're gonna have to give Ron mouth-to-mouth."

"Like she hadn't already planned to?"

"Hoo-Sha!" was the Tweeb chorus as they ran down the stairs.

I closed door to my room and stopped at the top of the stairs.

I had the desired effect: drool spool, jaw dropped, evil thoughts crossing his face:

This was the right dress.

I was making Ron really like green:

The dress was an emerald LGD (Little Green Dress, much like my little black dress), but less below and less above: I had enough that Mom wouldn't complain (and she could corral Dad) about the amount of leg and cleavage showing.

My hose were emerald, as well, and I had a pair of faux Prada pumps (courtesy of the manufacturers of the real deal, after we busted the Fashionistas: they found the faux material, and they supplied Monique and me with both faux and real deals). The heel was lower than I liked, only one-inch, but it worked.

I came down the stairs, and Ron had recovered enough to hand me a huge basket of live orchids.

"Orchids, Ron? I love them, but…?"

"Sorry, KP, but roses won't come over here anymore: they're jealous of your beauty."

"Oooh, I've got to remember that one for Jessica!"


"Kimmie-c-" Dad walked in and stopped dead in his tracks, almost dropping his glass.

"Kimmie-cub," he was silent for a few moments, then broke into a big grin:

"Would you mind if your mother borrowed that dress?" His grin was lascivious, pure evil.


"You're beautiful, Kimmie-cub, truly beautiful," and I saw a tear in Daddy's eye.

"Thank you, Daddy," I reached up and kissed his cheek.

"We'd better get outside, KP: Wade will be waiting?"

"Wade?" I asked as Ron opened the door for me.

Partner ROCKED!

A jet-black stretch limousine was parked in front of our house, and a gorgeous man was standing at the rear door, waiting.

"Wade," Ron replied, and he took my hand and escorted me to the car.

"Good evening, Miss Kimberly, Master Ronald. It's a lovely evening, is it not?"

"It is, indeed, Boyd," Ron replied.

"And, Miss Kimberly, may I say about your dress:

"BOOYAH!" and laughter surrounded me while I blushed, including from inside the car.

I took his proffered hand and stepped into the car.

Joss, Wade, and Sarah (Sarah?) were inside, and they all were holding champagne glasses in hand and laughing.

Ron got in, Boyd closed the door, and I found out what was in the glasses while they all laughed at me when I crinkled my nose as they handed me a full glass as we pulled away: sparkling grape juice, for Jocelyn the juice lush

'HEY! I am not a juice lush!'

'Would you prefer juice piggy?' Wade asked her.

'Well, at least you did one thing right, Wade.'

'What's that, Sweet Tea?'

'Sarah: she's sharp. I like her.'

'I didn't know you were capable of finding, let alone capable of even being around, any girls that weren't redheads, Wade,' Ron smirked, and we all mentally watched Wade try to dig himself deeper into the limo seat.

"Going our way, Sarah?" I asked, and she smiled and nodded.

"Heading to the Settlement: a friend invited me to hear him sing, but I didn't even know he sang in a group," she replied, and Ron smiled.

"You're in for a surprise, then, Sarah," Ron said, and he wouldn't tell her anything else.


(Archives of Dr. Kimberly Ann Possible-Stoppable)

There's nothing like pulling up in a limo to get attention and clear the entrance to a building.

I stepped out, taking Boyd's offered hand, and the lot cheered for me.

For me!

I grinned self-consciously and waved. I was getting better, but I wasn't used to being treated like a celebrity, not yet anyway.

Ron stepped out and took my hand, and the applause and cheers redoubled.

Sarah got a nice grouping of cheers and some wolf whistles when she stepped out: she was showing more leg than I'd ever seen her show before. She had told me and Joss, on the way over, why she was coming out tonight, aid we both wished her good luck, and good hunting.

Joss received a huge wave of cheers when she exited, and the noise grew when Wade stepped out of the limo; it became overwhelming when Wade took Joss' hand and kissed it. He offered his right arm to Joss, then his left to Sarah, and he walked in, the middle of a 'beautiful girl' sandwich.

'Ever the gentleman, huh, Wade?' Ron asked him.

'Hey, I do what I can,' he replied.

Ron and I followed them in, and I was surprised once again:

Ron had arranged for a cozy little table for six in one of the best locations in the house, and the table was already set and provided with lit candles, flames flickering in the blowing air from the ceiling fans.

Ron and Wade pulled out our chairs, and then Wade sat as Ron disappeared for a moment, returning with his chef's coat and hat on, pushing a rolling cart with two huge trays on it: one on top and another on the lower shelf.

"Chef Ronald 'as prepared ze meal for tonight, and it is ze extra special foe ze ladies und gentlemen."

"What is it, Ron?"

"Tonight's main course is 'Le Bout rôti de Moufette au jus."

Wade laughed, as did Sarah.

"Mmmm," I cooed. "Sounds dee-lish. What is it?"

"An old family recipe, KP," and Ron lifted the lid to reveal the black-and-white tail stretched out on the large serving tray.

"Roasted Skunk Butt in its own juice."


Dead silence, then laughter filled the entire room.

Joss sat there with a wicked grin on her face, and I soon learned why, when the laughter died down.

"Pepe!" she cried out, and Ron looked shocked.

"Ron, you killed Pepe Le Pew!" the laughter started up again when she leaned over the tail and mock-wept.

"You've done in the 'solon of love,'" she continued to even more laughs, and she picked up the skunk tail and began to fan herself with it

"Ah do decla', Ah believe Ahm's havin' the vapo's," Joss continued as she continued to fan herself, and the laughs kept coming as Wade started singing 'Elderly Man River.'

Ron lifted the lid on the other tray, and I breathed a sigh of relief: pizza, wings, and salad.

The laughs finally died, and we were able to start eating.

It wasn't Ron's best, but he didn't buy the ingredients; it was, however, quite delicious…much better than the alternative.

The room had piped-in music for the majority of the evening, but it was at least quiet, so we could talk and laugh and enjoy ourselves.

Sarah was a surprise to me, and I was embarrassed to admit that I hadn't spent much time with her all these years: she was really a delightful person, witty and acerbic and nice. I should have known that: if I kept seeing her at Wade's house, she was most definitely someone I should have gotten to know.

She kept looking around for someone, and he finally arrived to large applause, much to her surprise.

"Chipster! Over here!" Ron called out when Chip Design came in the door to the applause of over half the Settlement. Chip came over, still wearing his signature short pants and white socks.

"Ron!" They slapped hands and hugged, and Ron pulled out his chair for him and handed him a fresh plate.

Chip put the plate down and held out his hand to Sarah, who shyly took it. He bent over and kissed her hand, turning Sarah's face a brilliant red.

"Sarah. I'm so glad you could come tonight," he smiled as he spoke softly, releasing her hand and sitting, then grabbing a piece of pizza and scarfing it down like he'd not eaten in a week.

"Sarah, I didn't know you knew the Chipmeister," Ron continued as he scarfed down another slice himself.

"We've run into each other once or twice over the last two years," Sarah replied.

"That's her story, Ron," and Chip put the pizza down.

"I've been worshiping this lovely lady ever since last year's Spirit Dance, but you remember me back then: I was so shy, I couldn't ask a clock what time it was," and Sarah laughed with us and ducked her head.

Something told me that the problem had been mutual.

"I finally talked to her this summer, but only for a few minutes before a GJ jet almost blew me away. We went and had coffee, and I was sure I wanted to spend more time with her.

"I've been busy, and I finally got up the nerve to ask her, but I couldn't find her between classes, and I was too scared to go back to her house," Sarah blushed: she must like him!

"Then, I finally got the nerve to ask her to come here, and Barkin almost gave me detention for it!"

"I got more homework," Ron groused, so I made him feel better with a kiss.

"Sarah, I really hope you like our group," Chip smiled, and Sarah still looked confused.

"What group, Chip?" and Ron slapped his head.

"Of course, Sarah: that's why you gave me that strange look in the car on the way over here: you didn't know that Chip was the lead singer for the Motherboards," and she squealed with delight.

"You're that singer?" she asked, and Chip nodded sheepishly.

"I love your stuff, Chip," now it was Chip's turn to blush while Ron looked at Joss.

"Joss, Chip's band is the top band in Middleton, and it look like they'll get a recording contract from one of the big boys," he explained, and Chip stood and wiped his hands.

"Gotta go, everybody. Sarah, I have a special for you, but it'll have to be after I do one other thing for a good friend," he smiled, blew her a kiss, and headed to the stage where the rest of the band had assembled over the past few minutes.

Sarah reached up and 'caught' it, pulling it down next to her cheek.

"Smooth, Sarah," Joss grinned: she understood love better than Sarah did.

"It's 9:30, and you know what that means!" the announcer cut into the piped-in music, and the audience cheered.

"It's 'Computer Hardware Night' at the Settlement, and that means that The Motherboards are in the house!" and the crowd yelled as the band kicked off with some hard rock, and segued after three songs into a ballad.

"Here's an original for you 'drinking-age' people," and the laughs kicked off with a hard, fast rock beat, and Chip Design and Dale Tomlinson, one of the backup singers, kicked off "Party Time," which ended with a great round of applause.

They did another ballad-style piece, then Chip kicked them into some Beatles, of all things, and they went through several songs in style, to more applause.

After the umpteenth chorus of Hey, Jude, Chip put the mike back on the stand and slipped on a wireless headset.

"We have some special people here tonight, and I was asked by one of them to do a special performance of one of his favorite songs, just for the four of them.

"Kim and Jocelyn Possible: please, come on up," and I stood, amazed, as did Joss to thunderous applause.

"Dr. Wade Load and Ron Stoppable, please join the ladies up here," and I looked over at Ron and wondered just what he's cooked up this time.

He just smiled and grinned the Ron-grin.


"Ladies and Gentlemen, to the stage, if you please: it's old-style 1960s 'United States BandMaster' dancing tonight, showcasing the couples," and we were all four escorted to the stage.

What surprised me was that Ron took Joss' hand, and Wade took mine.

Then, the music started: a keyboard and guitar duet with soft drums in the background, setting the soft, smooth mood. It was mellow, relaxing, comfortable, and soothing. Wade took me in his arms, surprising me even more. When Chip began to sing, I closed my eyes, and we began to dance:

In your eyes there's a deeper blue, coloured by the sadness found in solitude.

All I could think of was Eric, Drakken, and the Diablos as Wade let me rock.

In your dreams you sink in deeper blue, just hoping for the answers to come and rescue you.

That cactus, and Ron, as Wade continued to let me rock.

Deeper blue.
Deeper blue.

In your heart beats a deeper blue, fed by indecision and the moments that you lose.

Wade picked it up, and he danced surprisingly well: I never knew. He was a gentleman through the beginning of the piece, not forcing me in any direction but allowing me to flow along with the music.

Memories lost in deeper blue, hidden by the darkness and the lies he put you through.
Deeper blue.
Deeper blue.

The moon pours light through broken windows, shattered glass…
reflects the night,
And it's wrapped in a
shade of deeper blue.

Wade twirled me during the verse, and I grinned at him as I came around:
'In my dreams, Kim: thank you,' he thought as we came back together, hugging a bit tighter now. I opened my eyes to the dark brown smiling eyes of my dance partner, and he smiled. I smiled back

Settle down into deeper blue, close your eyes and realise she's not the one for you,

Wade smiled a sad smile at me, and I knew then for certain that he truly understood: this was his way of letting me go.

Watch the stars spin in deeper blue and see that time still moves along and it's time you moved on too.
Deeper blue.
Deeper blue.

'Thank you, Wade, for being my friend.'
'Aww, Kim: No Big,' he chuckled his response, and I laughed with him.

The sun will shine through every window, mirrored in your brighter life.
And you'll forget your
shades of deeper blue.

Close your eyes and realize,

I shut mine and realized that Wade was releasing my hands:
'Goodbye, Kim.'
'Goodbye, Wade. Thank you, again,' I replied, tears leaking from my closed eyes: he let me go, and I was left standing, alone, on the dance floor.

That I am here with you

I felt a very familiar hand in mine. I squeezed it hand, and it squeezed back

And you'll forget your
shades of deeper blue.

Open up, so you can see, just how much I love you

I opened them, and the love of my live was standing there, goofy grin and all, holding a single white rose in his other hand.
'Hey, KP.'
'Hey, Ron.'

And we'll move past our
shades of deeper blue.

I looked over, and Wade was standing with Joss, holding a single yellow rose and a Ron-style grin on his face.

'My guys: I think I'll keep 'em,' I thought as I leaned forward and kissed Ron as the music ended and the crowd cheered.

'Sounds like a plan, Cousin Kim,' came from Joss as she did the same, leaning forward and kissing Wade, growing the cheer volume even more.

The guys were only thinking one thing while they kissed us:


The cheering continued, and I knew for certain that we four were bound together, forever.

Monique was right:

Me like.


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