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Summary : In a world where fashion, brand names, and cliques rule in the world of high school, two sets of friends end up fighting and it all takes place during the annual talent show. They took the cake, as usual for being the most popular of their class, and got the whole talent show to themselves. Who will win? Who started it all? Will they stay friends? Bring it on; it's a sing-off! Soato and Michi parings.

I Can Do Better!

Chapter 1:

A black, Mercedes Benz two-seater roared into the high school parking lot, and the security guards, stepped out of the way; they knew better than to mess with the driver of the sports car. A white Mustang with blue racing strips quickly followed in pursuit. They both sped into the lot and narrowly managed to avoid the few students, who were walking to class, and successfully swerved into their parking spaces.

"Damn!" swore a teenaged girl with big silver sunglasses.

She fixed her hair a little, since it hadn't moved much out of its styled form, and glanced around at the brunet guy sitting next to her. He smiled and lowered his black sunglasses and said, "I love the way you drive."

She smiled and said, "I do, too. But they came close; if I would have hesitated a second longer on that stop sign they would've beaten us...and your hair."

He pushed a hand through his wild locks. "Sorry, it takes me a while to spike it up the right way with gel and I'm not used to using gel either, it usually gets spiky in a messy way," he said with a small smile.

"That's okay, sweetheart, you look great, and that's all that matters."

He leaned forward and they kissed. The sound of a car's door being slammed shut makes them pull apart. They stepped out of the car and walked towards the Mustang with poise, wearing arrogant looks for the drivers of the Mustang, all the while with the wind blowing and making it look like they had stepped out from a magazine.

"Good morning," spoke a blond guy easily, as a red-head wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.

"Hmph, that it is," replied the other boy as a certain pink haired girl with the silver sunglasses kissed him passionately and pushed him up against her Mercedes.

She broke off the kiss and whispered to his lips, "Let's go, Taichi; I'm in the mood to flaunt."

He nodded with his mouth still open and his lips still brushing against hers. They straightened up and walked hand in hand, passing the other couple, and she mumbled, just loud enough, to hear, "What a slut; look at her."

Her boyfriend smiled and squeezed her hand to let her know that she shouldn't push it any more.

The red head broke the kiss. "Stupid bitch, she's just jealous that my man's in a band," she muttered.

The blond smiled lightly; not quite knowing what he should be saying to her. Instead, he just held her hand as they walked to the high school building, following the previous couple...at a distance, of course. She wrinkled her nose as she saw the pink haired girl swaying her hips while she walked.

"Hey, don't wrinkle your nose up, that look doesn't suit you," said the blond as he gave her a small peck on the cheek.

Sora smiled and nodded, telling herself that she was the better than the other girl.

She waved at a few girls who smiled at her, since she knew them from her tennis team, and the boy nodded in courtesy of his girlfriend, which made the other girls smile even wider; the boy was a tease...one could say, but just as bad as the brunette, but not enough to be considered a playboy of any sort.

The bell rang and the students, who were occupying the crowded hallways, dispersed into their classrooms, except for the stragglers that never made it on time, that is, if they even bothered to show up to class in the first place. The blonde turned and nodded at his brother, who had just appeared in the lobby window to do his duties, as Student Council President, of morning announcements.

Matt and Sora had their first class together. As they walked towards the door, they saw the brunet kissing his girlfriend and as she lifted up her foot, he snaked an arm around her waist and pulled her toward him. He broke the kiss and she pouted, "Will you pick me up and take me to homeroom?"

"Of course, babe," he spoke in a seductive way, as he brushed his lips against hers.

She smiled and spanked him before she opened the door to her English class. He smiled contently, with a small blush on his cheeks, and turned to see the red head roll her eyes as she walked into her class. Only the blond remained standing outside with him.

"Hey, Matt," he said casually.

"Hey, Tai," he replied just as casual.

They nodded at each other and they headed in their separate ways. It was a shame that some sort of rivalry had roused between them because of their girlfriends' hatred for one another over something trivial. The blonde walked through the same door that his girlfriend had taken, and the brunet walked to his classroom, which was outside the main building.

A few students were still walking to their classes and he caught a couple of wandering eyes from girls, to which he replied with a slight smile; this mere act made them blush and walk faster. At the same time, this kind of act made a couple of guys scowl at him for being able to do that to the girls, who they've been trying so hard to get them to look at them the same way they did with Tai and his counterpart blond friend.

He got to his classroom to find it noisy, as usual, and saw that they were already setting up some equipment for the talent show on Friday. He greeted a couple of fellow students and went towards his best friend, who was sitting by himself, working on his laptop.

"Hey Izzy, how's it going?" he said, plopping down next to him

"It going quiet well, actually; I was able to edit yours and Matt's video to the song you and the others were able to pull together, which is turning out quiet nicely," Izzy replied, while he edited the music video on his laptop.

"That's great, bro," replied Tai, thumping the computer-whiz on the back.

They both sat, not saying a word, as Izzy continued editing the video; Tai knew better than to disturb him. Then a familiar voice spoke, "Taichi Yagami, is that you and Yamato and Takeru and Daisuke, wearing skirts and girls clothes?"

Izzy and Tai grinned as they turned around to greet their Media and Technology teacher.

"Good morning, Mr. Fugiyama," they both chorused.