This is the last in the Cavalry Days installements. I hope you liked them. Enjoy. :)


Coming Home

The horror had ended, the death, the destruction, the waste all over. Sherman had seen his fair share of it all of which he wished he had never seen. No one should be subjected to that. But at long last it was over, they would be going to Paris tomorrow to celebrate. It was a relief to everyone.

Once the cease fire had been declared Sherman's entire unit cheered with joy and also sighed with relief because it was finally over.

The following night they made there way into Paris for the celebration that would last well into the next morning no doubt. Later that afternoon they would make their way back to the States a moment long over due.

Sherman and his buddies ordered another round of drinks - it was their third already - and were making toasts.

"To us!" Sherman cheered.

"To us!" his buddies cheered back and took a swig of their drinks.

"To you Sherm, for being the best buddy I guy could have." Sherman's buddy Stein cheered.

"To your horse!" Sherman said, taking a another swig. Then he added, "To my horse!"

Laughter filled the room. Then Sherman said seriously, "Listen guys you've been the best friends I guy could have. I don't know what I would've done without you. Thankyou."

"To friendship." Stein said.

"To friendship." Sherman and the others said back.