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After being defeated by Mundus, Vergil runs for his life, away from the current King of Hell. Once he gets to a place of rest, he plops himself against a statue," 'growl' damn this, if only I had the power. I wouldn't be in this condition," he then grits his teeth in pain, the same pain that is shooting out from his side from some sort of 'red-eye spear attack'," I need to get out of here and acquire more power," he then gets up from leaning on the statue and limps to an uncertain destination.

After what felt like hours to him, he came upon a floating mirror (you know, the one that you jump through when you're close to beating the game). On the mirror were inscriptions,' Forbidden Mirror of the Exiled King,' Vergil read in his thought. He then look up on top of the mirror to see a head of demonic looking fox, with the name Kyuubi under it,' hmm, this 'Kyuubi' must have been one of the last rulers of Hell,' he then looked at the mirror intently,' maybe I can acquire more power from him. If not, then I'll just kill this demon, thus meaning that I am one step closer to killing the prince darkness and proving that I am a true son of Sparda,' with that, he jumped through the mirrors portal.

When he got out of the portal and jumped out, he looked back to see the mirror. But to his slight surprise, the mirror itself was nowhere in sight,' hn, I guess that's reason it was a Forbidden Mirror, the portal must be one way,' he then looked at his surrounding and noted that he was in a forest of sort,' well, it beats being in Hell. Let's see, I should try and find this demon Kyuubi. I felt its power from the mirror, so finding that signature of power shouldn't be a problem,' he then set off in the forest, in search of the exiled King.

By the time he started to see civilization, his wounds had already healed,' I would've healed faster if it weren't for that attack,' he thought to himself as he felt the ghost of pain in his side,' now then, let's see what we have here,' he then used his Dark Slayer skills and teleported to a high branch. He then looked to see travelers coming in and out of a gate while verifying some thing with some guards,' hmm, this place must be some kind of fortress, or maybe a city of warriors. And from the looks from the guards, I'd say they were shinobi,' he then had a little smirk on his face,' this just got a little interesting, I wonder if the demon is one himself,' he then teleported again, past the walls of the city. (like I need to tell you guyz what this city is, or village if you want to get technical)

He then walked around in the shadows of the buildings, not letting his power be known to anyone,' I can tell these human can sense others powers, so it will be best I lower my power, so that they don't know I'm here until I find Kyuubi,' he thought, as he speed through the grounds of the city, while closing in on the source of power that belonged to the demon.

'It's close, but where is it,' he started to look for the demon left and right. But he was distracted from his search as he heard sounds of yelling,' hm?' he then jumped onto a roof and saw a mob forming in the streets, chasing down a little blonde haired boy. When Vergil narrowed his eyes at the running boy,' well, well, I see that the exiled King is somehow trapped within that boy,' he then started to think on the matter that is in front of him,' seeing as how Kyuubi was the previous King of Hell and that he is somehow in this child, I can probably train him to become truly powerful,' a smirk then creeps up on his face,' and once he becomes powerful and obtain control on those powers, I will test my own power against his and be one step closer to defeating the prince of darkness,' with that plan, he teleported to the boy.


Six-year-old Naruto Uzumaki was just coming from eating at Ichiraku's restaurant, happy that his belly had been filled with at least fifteen to twenty bowls of ramen. But his happiness was cut short when he turned to the corner of a street. When he saw that there was a mob, he frantically looked left and right to see what the fuss was about.

"You damn demon, today is the day you die," one the villager said as he readied his sword in his hands.

"Wha?!" was all the blond could say at the moment.

"Yeah, we will not let plague our village anymore you demon," yelled another villager as he threw a rock at the boy.

Naruto barely dodged the thrown object," what are talking about? I haven't done anything?" he said as tears started to come out,' why does everyone hate me, I just don't get it.'

"Silence you hell spawn, we will not listen to your excuses," the leader of the mob said as he then turned to them," IT'S TIME WE KILLE THE DEMON!"

"YEAH," they all shouted out in agreement. The all then charged at the boy with swords, kunais, and other various objects that were intended to kill the six-year old boy.

Naruto ran for his life right when they started to the chase, while dodging shurikens and kunais being thrown at him,' why are they doing this?! I didn't do anything. I don't want to die,' as if on cue, a figure appears right in front of him. He looks at the stranger and noted that he wore mostly blue, a long blue trench coat with a design going around the collar and tan fingerless gloves, a blue type of vest with darker blue pants that were tucked behind brown high combat boots. He had completely white hair that was slicked back with some spikes coming out, his eyes were the same color as his own, and his face was emotionless. Naruto then looked at his right hand to see a hugely sheathed katana with yellow ribbons hanging loosely; he then hoped he wasn't with the mob that wanted to kill him.

"Take my hand," the stranger said as he extended out his free hand. Naruto then looked back and forth between his hand and face that was still emotionless.

"KILL THAT DEMON," that was all Naruto had to hear to take the stranger's hand. When the mob saw him take his hand, they were surprised to see him vanish without a trace, even the shinobi were shocked to see what had happened, as they didn't feel him use any chakra at all to use a teleportation jutsu. But they were cut off from their shock as some Anbu black ops came in and detained the mob.

In the Hokage tower, the Sondaime watched the whole incident happen from start to finish. He wondered why the stranger came in to help the boy, so he quickly took action and signaled for an Anbu into his office," go and find Naruto, we don't want him to be hurt or turned to join another village, now go," the Anbu nodded and relayed the order to the rest of the colleagues.

Off in quite some distance from the Hidden Leaf Village, Vergil is still in the same position he was in, as well as Naruto," we're here, now let's go," he said and walked off.

"Huh? Wait, what do you mean 'let's go'? I don't want to leave the village," the blond said as he ran up to the half demon.

Vergil lifted an eyebrow at the boy," I would think you would want to leave a place where you are not wanted…kid," he said his usual manner.

"But I don't want to. If I left the village, I'll never obtain the title of Hokage," he then looked straight in to the strangers same, but cold blue eyes," becoming Hokage is my dream and no one is going to take that from me."

Vergil then let a smirk appear on his face,' heh, this kid is almost like me. Wanting to obtain the power needed to fulfill his desires. And from what I can guess, this 'Hokage' is a rank of great honor,' he then started to think on how to manipulate the boy to his needs. When an idea hit him, he looked right back at the boy," we're going to leave the village, but we will come back and when we do... you'll have obtained enough power to be acknowledged by you peers. Now how does that sound to you? I'll train you to become a powerful warrior, so that you may obtain you desired position."

Naruto started to look at him with stars in his eyes," really? You'll train me and help me become Hokage," Vergil gave a small nod to the boy," YATTA, I'm going to become Hokage in no time flat," he then started to run ahead of him," come on, come on, we need to get going umm, ummm, what's your name?"

"Vergil, and calm yourself. A warrior, or better yet, a shinobi has to be calm and collected to think things clearly in desperate situations," Vergil said as he lectured as a new sensei to the boy.

Naruto was about to yell out in agreement, but caught himself and cooled down," yes Vergil-sensei," the blond said in his best calmed down voice.

"Good," he then started to walk to catch up to his new student, but quickly stopped," hey kid…"

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto sensei," he then looked to see that his teacher stopped completely," what is it sensei?"

"Go on ahead of me, I will be along with you shortly," the blond was about to protest, but one quick icy glare from Vergil made him comply and go on ahead. He waited at least a few seconds until the boy was out of sight," you can come out now, I know you're there," he said to the area around him.

Then from out of the shadows and tree branches, Anbu black ops appeared in front of him, in great numbers," you will return the child and come with us for interrogation, so don't make any suspicious moves," the leader commanded him.

"I care not for your needs, I only care about mine and the kids. So, I will decline that offer," the then started to walk off ahead of them.

"You asked for it," he then held up his hand and brought it down," Kill him," he said simply. They all then jumped in to kill the foolish intruder and kidnapper.

Right when they closed in on him, he vanished out of sight," where'd he go? I didn't feel him use any chakra to do that," said one of the Anbus as they all look left and right for the blue clad intruder.

Not a moment sooner, a sound of a sword being used could be heard through the darkness. When Vergil's figure reappeared, he stood in the same spot he disappeared from," there he is, get hi…" but the Anbu subordinate was cut off as his vision split.

"Hmph, the whole lot of you were pathetic, I didn't even used a percent of my power," as he said that, all the Anbus that had attacked him split into tiny gory pieces of flesh. He then turned to the leader, who was the only one he didn't attack," you can got tell your leader that I will bring the boy back in six years," he then left to catch up to his student, while leaving a shaking Anbu to go report to the Hokage.

Once Vergil caught up to the blond, he saw that he was sitting beside a tree, while tapping his foot down impatiently. When Naruto saw his sensei, he quickly got up and ran up to him," hey sensei, where are we going? What are going to teach me? Are you goi…" but he cut himself off from the cold stare he received from him.

"What have I said about being calm and collected Naruto," he said coldly to the young boy.

"Uh, that it is required for a shinobi to have them in order to thinks things clearly in desperate situations?" he said in a nervous voice, hoping he got the answer right.

"Good, at least you learned that by words, but you'll need to act on it instead of knowing the words themselves, do you understand me?" the half demon said in a commanding voice.

Steeling himself as best he could in front of the intimidating man, he looked right into his eyes," I understand sensei, I will do my best to follow your example," the young boy said in a calm manner.

"Good, but before we go on about our training, I must know something. Do you know why that mob came after you?" Vergil felt he already knew, but he needed to know from the boy to get some exact details.

"No, I don't know. They just kept calling me a 'demon', or a 'stupid fox demon' and some other names," as he said this, Naruto felt like having tears coming down his eyes.

"Don't you dare cry, a shinobi is a warrior a without feelings on the battlefield, so don't you cry on me," the half demon said in his commanding voice," come here," he said. Naruto was a bit hesitant, but complied by doing so. Vergil then put his hand on his forehead," I'm just going to do a little searching," the blond cocked his head in confusion, but he then suddenly black out.

'It's a good thing I learned a thing or two about delving into one's mind, thanks to that damn Arkham,' Vergil thought as he went into the boy's mind. When he arrived into his mind, he looked at the dreary scenery that looked like a sewer system. He then heard a growl off in the distance of the halls of the corridors, so he went to investigate and see what it was.

"Uhh," Vergil then turned back to see the boy on the floor, as if he had just been knocked," where am I?" he asked in to no one particular, but then he set his eyes on his new sensei," huh? Vergil-sensei, where are we? What are we doing here?"

"Where in you mind and we are here to find out what is inside of you," the half demon said as he turned his head back to the direction of the growl," come, we shall find out the truth together."

The blond was in shock, but as he saw him leave him, Naruto quickly go himself up and ran to catch up to Vergil. They walked in the empty halls of the dimly lighted sewer system, getting closer and closer to the source of the roars and growls. When they came upon their destination, there stood two giant bared gates that looked like to be holding something back; in the middle of it stood a seal with a kanji saying 'seal' on it.

"Who dares disturb me, who dares disturb the all powerful Nine-Tailed Fox, Kyuubi," said a voice that boomed out from behind the cage, revealing blood red slitted eyes and giant fangs grinning evilly," ahh, I see that my ward is here to check up on his prisoner, but who is this fool here?" the giant fox asked as his blood red eyes landed on the half demon," well, this is most interesting, a mere half demon in my presence along with my ward. My, my, this is quite amusing. To what do I owe the honor of this visit?"

Naruto just stood there, with wide-eyes and mouth hung open. He was about to yell out to the fox, but Vergil threw his hand in front of him to stop the boy," I see, so this is what has happened to Hell's last ruler. I must say that you look pathetic for a former King of Hell."

"YOU INSOLENT FOOL, WHO DO YO THINK YOU ARE?!" the fox yelled out in anger, as the half demon only smirked at this reaction.

"My name is Vergil, the son of the Legendary Dark Knight, Sparda" he said as he introduced himself with pride in his voice. That made the foxes eyes widen at who he said he was.

"You are his son? I thought they had killed his sons twenty years ago," he said in a shocked voice. (Let's just say Vergil is twenty in this fic and that the fox knew about it, okay?)

"Hmph, they tried, but they couldn't kill me even if they put a thousand weapon in my chest," he said as he remembered after the demon had come to kill him, they later found him and pierced his chest with as many weapons they could, including his own sword. (That's what I remember from the manga of DMC3)

The fox then sneered at the young half demon," So what do you want anyway, I doubt this is a social call?"

"I want to hear about how you came to be sealed with in this child," Vergil said as he leaned against the wall of the room, Naruto just went over to his side and sat against the wall with him. The Fox, not seeing anything better to do, told them about the attack he made on Konoha and the way he was sealed within the boy.

"I see, so this man must have felt he had no choice but to seal all of your power and soul into this boy we have here before us," the half demon then looked down to his student, as the boy had swirly eyes from all the information he got.

"That's about the sum of it," the fox simply said.

"Another explanation if you will," the fox then groaned at him," why were you exiled from Hell?" Vergil asked he looked at the eyes of the fox.

Kyuubi flinched a bit and hesitated," because…I fell in love with mortal woman," he said in a sad tone," they felt I was becoming weak because of her. But in truth, they were afraid of the child she would bare that was mine, much like Sparda's. They did not want powerful half demons that could take them out without much effort, or worse, take over Hell and reconstruct it to their needs. So to protect their pathetic existence, they overpowered me and exiled me here in this world, while they went and killed the woman I fell in love with," the fox said, trying to fight back the pain in his demonic heart that was thinking his love.

"That…that," the blond muttered as he clenched his fist hard, trying to control his anger," just who was the one who did this to you, Kyuubi?"

The fox was a little surprised that his container was mad for him, but he answered him," his name is Mundus and is the current ruler of Hell," he said with much disgust in his voice.

Vergil was a little surprised by the answer," so Mundus did this to you," he said as he looked ahead,' the two are useless to me as they are now, but if I can…" he then had a little smirk come across his face," what if I say I can help you two get him back for what he has done."

"I'd say, you have better chance when the hottest pits of Hell freeze over," Kyuubi said as he looked at him suspiciously.

"Umm, not to be mean sensei, but if this Mundus can beat Kyuubi, then what chance to do we have against him?" Naruto asked in a nervous and scared voice.

"Oh you'll see," he said as he vanished from the two's eyes.

"Umm, what did he mean by that?"the blond asked, to which the fox didn't answer.

Out of Naruto mind, Vergil looked upon his student's body," let's hope I do this correctly," he then unsheathed his Yamato and plunged the sword right into the young boy's stomach, right where the seal was.

In his mind, both Kyuubi and Naruto could feel the sword being forced through the blond's stomach," what the hell is he doing?! Is he trying to kill us?" the fox then tried to heal the wound, or at least keep the boy alive long enough for him to heal it. But his energy was being drawn to somewhere else," what the fuck?" he then looked over to the embodiment that was Naruto, he saw him clutching his stomach in pain, but that was not the only thing. His own chakra was being met with his own, it suddenly dawn upon the former ruler of Hell," that fucker is fusing us together," but before he could do anything about, he fell unconscious.

As soon as Naruto's body stopped struggling with the pain, Vergil then took out his sword from the boy's belly. After a few silent seconds, Naruto's body started to glow an eerie red and orange. After that, his whole body bursts into flames," it has been done," Vergil says as the flames die out, revealing Naruto's new body.

He still had the same clothes he had before, but his hair had highlights of red and his whisker birthmarks were gone. When he started to wake up, he opened his eyes and they showed to be blood red with slits in them. Everything else was the same. (There will be some definite changes when he grows up, so don't worry)

"How are you feeling Naruto?" Vergil asked with the same smirk he had on before.

When the new colored haired boy firmly stood up, he gave his best death glare to the half demon," WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT ABOUT?!" he yelled in anger.

"Nothing just made you into a half demon like me, also giving you two the power you'll need to defeat Mundus and to obtain your dream," he said while keeping himself calm.

"'Growl' you nearly killed me. 'Sigh' whatever, just when do we start my training," the new half demon said as calmed himself down,' hey Kyuubi, you there?' he called out into his mind.

'Yeah, I hear you kit. That damn Vergil, he had to go and make us into half demons without my permission. I'm the former ruler of Hell for fucks sake,' he said angrily, as he yelled out the last part out that made Naruto cringe at the sound.

'Hey, I'm right here. Could you tone down the volume?' the new half demon said as he held in head in pain from the yell.

'Yeah, whatever, I guess we'll just have to get used to this,' he said, as he still sounded pissed off.

''Sigh' this is going to be a long training trip,' the boy said to himself as he and Vergil go off to train, in hopes that they'll obtain the power they want.

Back in Konoha, the Anbu had just told the Hokage of what happened and the message Vergil wanted him to relay to him. This made the old man sadden a bit, he would have thought he would get Naruto back no problem, but that does not seem to be the case,' what is it that this man is after? I doubt he's after the then Nine-Tails power, considering he took out our Anbu without using much power,' he then thinks back on the blond boy that Vergil took with him,' Naruto, come back home safely,' he thought as he looked through the window, in the direction they went.


A lone figure started to walk towards the gates of Konoha. This person stood close to be five feet, and had a good build on him. His attire was almost all black, his trench coat had streak of orange going from the collar, down all the way to the end of his sleeves with tan fingerless gloves. On the back of that trench coat was a red swirl symbol. The under part of the trench coat was also colored blood red with flames coming up from the bottom. He had a vest that all black with a faint design of a fox demon. His pants were black and were tucked behind some brown high combat boots. Then there was his hair and face, his blond hair was slicked back with red hair spikes flicking out and his face was nicely chiseled. His eyes were blood red with slits in them. Around his neck is a gold necklace and a gold pendant with a red like ruby in the center of it. In his right hand was a largely sheathed katana with yellow ribbons hanging loosely on it.

When the guards at the gate saw him, the stopped him," halt, state your name and business in Konoha,' one of the guards ordered.

The young man didn't answer them for a second and looked them both, as if sizing them up. When he was done, he closed his eyes and scoffed," my business is to enter Gennin Exams, and my name," he then opened his eyes slowly to them," Sparda Uzumaki Naruto."

A/N: well this is one more crossover, so what do you guyz think? Do you think it's good or not. Even if most of think it's bad, I'll continue it. I have two pairing in mind for this one; the two will be Tenten, or a female Haku. Well, with that said and done, see ya.