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As Naruto and Tenten eat some of Ichiraku's ramen, the two didn't notice the figure watching them. In fact, no one would since the figure was watching from outside the village. As he watched the two, more specifically, Naruto, he let's his mind, even though controlled by someone more powerful than him, wonder how powerful the boy has become. After a another moment of watching, he turns and leaves, leaving his flowing purple cape whipping through the air and his black and demonic armor clatter in sound as he leaves in a display of blue and purple flames.

From his position, Naruto's head shoots up and looks over in the direction of where the figure left,' that power, I've felt it before,' he thought as he narrowed his red slitted eyes in the direction he was looking,' could it be...'

"Senpai?" he heard from Tenten as her voices breaks him from his thoughts," what's the matter? You're letting you ramen get cold," she asked as she got a worried look on her face as she saw the look of seriousness on when he looked off in the distance.

"Nothing," he answered, but that didn't really convince her as she still saw the serious look on his face," nothing," he repeated as he picked his noodles and ate in thought.

Just as she was about to repeat her question, the two feel a rumble on the ground and start looking left and right until they saw a dust cloud coming towards them. When they get a better view, they see it is Haku running towards them with fire in her eyes," TEEEENNNNTEEEEENNNN," she calls out as she runs directly for her.

"Oh shit, see ya later senpai,"she says quickly as she dashes out of the ramen stand and leaves in the nick of time with a deadly ice user hot on her trail.

Naruto just shakes his head and puts the money on the counter and leaves. He looks up and sees there is still sometime before it becomes night time, so he decides to go to the library and sees what interesting books they have.

When he and Vergil were on the road, they would constantly go to the library to seek some knowledge on what this world has to offer. While Naruto would constantly try to find some kids manga, Vergil would seek out a book that would help the both of them learn and increase their knowledge. As time passed for them, Naruto began to seek this out on his own in order to help his sensei and father figure, so that they could grow stronger and smarter faster.

When he got their, he was greeted by the kind woman who was the receptionist and the librarian of the building, who would also greet him every time he would come here. Since he had become somewhat of a regular there, they just waved at each other as he enters in the building. Once he looks back at the books, he then tries to think on what he should read about now.

'Hmmmm,' he then started to skim around the the aisle of books to get an idea. He then looks and sees an aisle on legends,' I wonder if they have a book on my sensei's father, Sparda,' he thought as he went down the aisle and started to look at the books. As he skims the names, he noted one thing,' this may take a while.'

As Naruto continued to try and find some references to the legend of Sparda, Gaara was still at the Pizza restaurant with Kin," so, Kin-chan," he says in playful, which gets the long raven haired girls attention," I'm wondering, what's it like in that new village, that Sound Village I hear is new?"

Kin sighs a bit and ate a piece of pizza before she spoke," well, I can tell you it's no place for your regular girl," she said with a bit of a smirk, thought Gaara could see a hint of sadness in it," but you learn to cope with it if you are one, as for the guys, you just have to become strong enough to survive," she said as she started to remember the harsh life she had in the Sound Village.

"If it so harsh, I'm sure your parents would give you some safety at least..." he then notices her flinch a bit, which makes him raise a a thin red eyebrow at her (did I forget to mention that he has eyebrows now and that he doesn't have those black rings around his eyes, sorry)," right?" he finished.

"Y-yeah, they do," she said with a fake smirk," now what about you, isn't it harsh to be living in a place like the desert?" she asked with questioning look on her face.

Gaara saw that she was trying to change the subject but shrugged and answered anyway," not really since if your basically a walking sand storm yourself..." he then had a little sand float up his drink to his mouth and sucked the drink through his straw and set it back down," you tend to fly right them," he said with a big smirk on his face.

"Is that some sort of Kekkei Genkai?" she asked as she looked at the sand that retreated back into the sleeves of his blood red trench coat.

"Yeah, sure, if that's want to call it," he answered as he didn't want the girl to know what he was exactly.

Before she could ask what he meant, she heard her name being yelled out," Kin, there you are," she then looked back and saw it was her teammate, Zaku," what the hell are you doing here you weak girl, we need to get back to the hotel and plan what were going to do next in the exam," he then latched onto her arm, hard," now!" he exclaimed as if he was her master.

But before he could proceed to drag her, he was punched in the face and had the same arm bent behind his back in a hold," I think you should mind your manners, man. If you don't, I might have to reeducate on the ways on treating a lady," he then increased his hold on him and made Zaku gasp in pain," if you catch my drift pal."

"Gaara, it's okay, let him go," Kin said quickly, because she didn't want to get in trouble with with either of her teammates and her Otokage for just trying to spend some time with a boy and have their messenger hurt in the process.

Gaara looked at her for a second before he complied. He then went up to her and whispered in her ear," if you get into any trouble, just tell me and I'll try and help out, okay?" he said with the most compassion he could put into words. He then took her hand and kissed it, leaving the girl blushing like the last time he did it," I'll see ya later Kin-chan," he said with playful smirk and left the restaurant.

"Dammit, who the hell was that you weak girl?" Zaku asked as he rubbed his shoulder, where the pain throbbed the most.

"He said his name was Sparda Gaara," she answered as she went to leaved the restaurant herself. When she saw he was still standing there, she called out to him," come on Zaku, let's go back to the apartment."

"Yeah, yeah," he said as he caught up to her and left with her to plan for the next part of the exam.

As the two sound nins left to go back to the hotel, Naruto was reading a book he found that might have some reference to his sensei's father. The book he was currently reading about detailed things about ancient swords and other weaponries. One in particular caught his eye.

'Gou Retsu Ken, or Strong Violent Swords, are a pair of twin swords said to hold immense power that only those worthy of their power can harness the raging infernos they create with a flick of their slashes. Those who have tried to obtain these pairs of swords were said to have been burnt by the sins of their pasts because of the righteous fury the two swords hold and will only give their power to one who is only worthy of them,' to say the least, these swords really intrigued Naruto and wondered where their location was. He then looked at where it could be found and was surprised at where they were,' right here in Konoha,' he tried to find an exact location, but couldn't find it,' if I could obtain such weapons, I may be able to fight the ones who took sensei.' (If you're wondering where these swords sound familiar from, their from the anime called Ronin Warriors, which hasn't been on for quite awhile. Don't worry, this is the only thing I'll take from them and use, and the only anime thing I'll use from any other anime. Oh and if your wondering if what I said about the swords are true, no, I just made it up to make it interesting for our half-demon)

As he went to read more about the sword, he felt the dark presence of someone coming towards him. As it came closer, he put on his cold, emotionless face to deal with what might happen if the person speaks with him," so, you're looking at the book of ancient legendary swords, how intriguing," the dark presence spoke as his steps echoed in the library.

Naruto knew he could kill this man if he wanted to, seeing as he was in a part of the library that was mostly unused, and considering what time it was, no one should be in now except the receptionist, who was also out of hearing range and eyesight," this is not what I'm looking for," he started as he snapped the book shut and turned his head slightly to give a cold glare towards the shadowed man," leave me," he finished coldly at him.

"Then what are you looking for," the man said as an old man with black hair who had a bandages covering his forehead and right eyes. He also had a black kimono on with bandages covering his left shoulder. Naruto looked and saw he didn't have his left arm, meaning he either lost it in battle, or lost it to some disease, the former seemed to be more suitable to Naruto," a demon, who comes to a village and takes a small child with him to who-knows-where and let's the child come back for some plan of he may have on his own," the man said as as he continued to walk towards Naruto," That's the story..." he trialed off as he stopped walking," isn't it?"

Naruto decide he had enough and quickly unsheathed his sword and pointed directly to his throat," leave me, I won't tell you a third time," Naruto said coldly as he continued to look towards the books and held the sword firmly in place.

The man, it seemed, didn't get the message and lifted his right hand up and held onto the blade," people inherently fear evil," he said as he put his them against the blade and pushed the down on it, making a deep cut into his thumb," however..." he then started to walk towards Naruto again, with the blood of his thumb dripping down the floor," occasionally, a person may become seduced by evil." he said as he stopped half-way in the edged of Naruto's Yamato.

Naruto slowly turned his head at the man and knew he was bad news, but...' he may be of some use,' he thought quietly to himself. Naruto then lifted his sword away from the man and sheathed his sword," what are you getting at?" Naruto asked as the sword gave an audible click.

"Share with me, if you will, the story of this man, Vergil," the man said as he bowed his head to Naruto," my name is Danzo by the way," he said with a bit of cold smirk.

"Hn," Naruto said before he turned back and quickly picked the book he had just read and left the man named Danzo, knowing the man would find him once again. He was not disappointed as the man left himself in a swirl of leaves with knowing look on his face,' he may become of some use, but I'll still have to watch myself around him.'

The next day found Naruto and Haku eating some breakfast at the table. As for Naruto, he remembered where he was supposed to get information from his sensei on where the next exam would be, but then he remembered that Tenten would know since she may have already asked hers.

While he was thinking this, Haku wondered what she could do to increase her chances of winning the half-demons heart. She sighed as she went into pick some slice cooked eggs in the middle of the table, only to see that Naruto went in for the same piece at the same time. He backed off and gave a small smile to her, meaning she could have it. She nodded and gave warm smile in thanks.

Naruto looked around a bit and wondered one thing," Haku-chan," he questioned as the young woman looked at him in attention," where's Zabuza? I thought he would be here, eating breakfast along with us," Naruto questioned as he looked around for the new Konoha Jounin.

"He's out there with the other nins observing the next part of the exam that is about to occur, so he's already ate breakfast before we woke up," she answered as she gave him another warm smile at him.

"I see," he said simply and returned to eating some breakfast.

"Hey guys, I'm starving," they heard Tenten voice say as she came into the room. They turned to see her and got blushes from the two of them. Haku was beet red from embarrassment and anger while Naruto had a medium blush from what he was seeing. There, standing the doorway of the room, was Tenten in nothing but her pink lacy lingerie," how you guy's doing this morning?" she asked as she gave the most seductive pose to Naruto.

"What the hell are you doing?! put some clothes on!" Haku exclaimed as pointed with a shaky finger and a big vein popping on her forehead.

"Naruto-senpai, how about you try some of the bacon with me, huh?" Tenten asked as she pressed her body upon him and had a piece a bacon in her mouth. Naruto's blush increased even more at the moment.

"Stop ignoring me Tenten!!" Haku said as she came up beside her.

"What's got you?" Tenten asked with raised eyebrow.

"JUST PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!" Haku yelled out as she slapped an apron on her body. But the desired effect she wanted was reversed as the apron made Tenten look even more alluring to the half-demon.

'Must keep control, must keep control, must keep control,' Naruto repeated in his head and continued to eat as his face only become red with perverted thoughts of what he could do with her in such clothing.

"Thanks Haku, I must say, you know how to make a girl look hotter," Tenten said to Haku as grew more red with anger at the moment. She then continued what she was doing when she tried to feed Naruto," now come on, eat up Naruto-senpai."

"TEEEENNNNTEEEENNNN," Haku yelled out throughout the house, and most of Konoha. If one were to listen, the sound of crashing and various objects being thrown around could be heard from the direction of the forest.

Moments later, both Naruto and Tenten, in her full clothing, were walking towards Konoha to meet up with their teams," what was that whole thing about Tenten-chan?" Naruto asked as he slightly turned his head towards her.

"Oh, just having some fun with my roommates and..."she then leaned in and whispered to him," I just wanted to have you look at me senpai," she said in whispered, and yet seductive voice.

Naruto quickly shook his head and looked at her with a raised eyebrow. He was about to ask more, but then he saw both of their teams were at the entrance of the woods they were walking in. As he was about to ask them what training area was going to be the next exam, he felt Danzo's presence nearby," why don't you guys go on ahead to the next exam, I'll track you guys down later on, I forgot something back at home," he said to his teammates and Tenten. Before any of them could protest, he Air Tricked away from them.

As Naruto made sure he was far enough, he went into a clearing in the forest he was in and waited a few moments. He then leaned against a tree and crossed his arms with his eyes closed," what is you want Danzo?" he asked to no on in particular. As he said that, Danzo came up from beside him, as if he was just walking in the park.

"I know you have read a part in that book about the Gou Retsu Ken, what if I was to say I know how you can obtain them," he suggested to the half-demon.

"I'd say, what's in it for you should you offer such information," Naruto shot back as he opened his eyes and narrowed them at Danzo.

"Nothing except ruling alongside the demon who shall rule all when he obtains the swords," he said as he knew he couldn't hold the truth from a perceptive demon such as Naruto.

Naruto though had no such desires of ruling anything, but to obtain such powerful swords and obtaining information on their locations was too good of an opportunity to pass up," I'm listening," Naruto simply said as he closed his eyes again.

"There is a temple in Training Area 44, better known as the Forest of Death, which shrines the swords. But the problem is that it is guarded by some demons themselves, powerful ones at most, plus, it is located in the most dangerous part of the forest," Danzo then paused a bit before he continued," but that isn't the only thing to worry about, the swords themselves are protected by seal made of both human and demonic life force. That though is only accessible when you use two keys to open that keyhole. You already have the key itself, that sword you hold right now, the Yamato," Naruto quirked an eyebrow and looked at his sensei's sword and looked at Danzo to explain," the sword you hold is demonic in nature, only weapons such as that can unlock the keyhole in which you need to sacrifice your own blood to let the swords be free from the sealed and protected states. Only your blood, which has the blood of both human and demonic blood can unlock the seal that holds them."

"I see," he paused before he looked at with a questioning look," and where might this second key be?"

"As my information has told me, the one who calls himself Gaara has a sword that is the same as yours, so we should obtain that sword and use it for our own means," Danzo replied as he brushed his hand through his hair.

'What are the chances of that,' Naruto thought as he got up from leaning on the tree and started to walk away," I trust that you'll confirm this information later, Danzo, I must be going," Naruto said as he Air Tricked to his teammates. He never noticed the cold smirk on Danzo's face as he too left in a swirl of leaves.

When he arrived where his teammates were, he couldn't help but chuckle a bit. There, in front of him, where the weapons he desire most are located, was Training Area 44, the Forest of Death.

"What is this place?" he heard from some unknown Genin from Konoha.

"This is where the second exam will take place," Anko replied to the Genin, and smirked sadistically to everyone," the 44th Training Area, also known as the Forest of Death."

Sakura then shivered a bit as she heard shrill cries of dangerous animals within the forest," this place sure is creepy," she muttered to herself.

"You'll be able to experience why this place is names as the Forest of Death," Anko said to everyone and made them shiver, save a select few, with her sadistic smirk.

"Hn," Naruto scoffed at her," you'll have to do better in order to rise any fear out of me, and this place is called the Forest of Death, it looks more closer to a petting zoo then some dangerous forest."

"Really? You sure are energetic," she said in sweet and yet, deadly tone. She then popped a kunai from out of her sleeve and launched it at Naruto.

In one fell swoop of a second, Naruto unsheathed his swords, diced the kunai in half, turned around, and held it right at Anko's throat, where she thought she would surprise him," unless you have a death wish, I suggest you don't do that again," Naruto then gave a slight cut on her neck to emphasize his point.

To say the least, Anko was pissed, she thought this kid was nothing but talk, but the display of skill he shown, even if not all that flashy, was real good. She then got a good look at him and knew he was the demon container that was rumored to be now a half-demon that fused with his tenants power,' I may have to take up his advice,' when he cut her, she couldn't help but feel a bit afraid of what he might do next.

"Hn," he grunted as he coolly sheathed his sword and stood beside his teammates once again.

"It looks like there's a bunch of hot-headed competitor this time around," Anko said as she returned to her position," this is going to get interesting," she said as took a bit of a look at Naruto.

"Now before, we begin," she started as she eyed Naruto with a reproachful gaze," I'm going to pass these out to everyone," she then dug into her trench coat and brought a bunch of papers that looked like forms," these are consent form, those taking the exams must sign these."

"Why is that?" Ino questioned her.

"Because from here on, people are going to die," she answered with a straight face," therefore, we need people's consent before we continue. Otherwise I'd be held responsible," she then gave a bit of laugh at the end and made people wonder if she was just cracked," now, I will explain about the second exam," she then started to handed the stack of forms to Naruto, he took one and passed the stack to the next person, as everyone did this, she told them about the second exam," to be concise, you will all go through an extreme survival match."

'Survival match?' everyone questioned in their thoughts.

Naruto and Gaara partially tune her out and listen only to the fine details,' basically, we survive for five days straight and within that time, we have to obtain either a heaven scroll, or a earth scroll depending on what scroll we get. And then in order for us pass, we get to the tower below the alloted time. Anything other than that, means it's open season on everyone,' Gaara summarized with a smirk on his face,' we just gotta make sure to have all of our teammates and not look in the scrolls.'

"Just one piece of advice to you all," that got their attentions back at the moment," just don't die," she said with a straight face.

As everyone finished signing the consent forms, the people handing out the scrolls announced they were ready to give them their separate scrolls. Team 7 went in and got what they recognized was the heaven scroll. They then heard Anko speak as they just got out," if you have received a scroll, follow the person in charge and move to your designated gate," she announced to everyone," you will begin in thirty minutes."

At gate 16, Team 8 was getting ready to take on the forest and use their tracking skills to their fullest.

At gate 27, Team 10 figured they should go for the weakest team and take their scroll.

At gate 12, Team 7 waited patiently for the exam, confident in their own skills that wouldn't fail the second part of the exam.

At gate 20, the sound team got ready to complete the mission they were handed by their Otokage.

At gate 38, Kabuto's team got ready to breeze through and let the medic nin obtain information on who his lord was interested in.

At gate 6, the sand team were itching for a good fight, especially Gaara since he started to fiddle with something that was concealed on his back, within his blood red trench coat.

At gate 15, A suspicious Grass team gazes longingly at the forest ahead of them.

At gate 41, Team Gai was waiting for the time the gate open while Lee preached on about the his 'Flames of Youth'.

At each gate, the nins that guarded the gates unlocked them and looked at their watches. When a designated time occurred, they heard Anko anounce," we will now begin the Chunin Selection Second Exam!"

And just like that, all the gates opened and every team was off in a flash of speed. Each jump from tree branch to tree branch, using every skill they could use to sniff, locate, or any other ability they could use to find a team with the opposite scroll in order to pass. Not long after, screams were heard from the forest and Anko had an evil smirk on her face at the moment," so it's already begun," she said as she chuckled a bit.

Night came soon and the teams that had survive lately turned in, except for a few. Most notably was the sand team. There, in a cave, sat three of the sand siblings around a fire as they ate some left over pizza Gaara got out from a sealed scroll. Once Gaara was done, he got up was about to leave," Gaara, where you going," Temari asked as she watched her little brother pick up his blood red trench coat and put it on.

"I'm going to get a bath, I'll be back..." he then started to walk out of the mouth of the cave, but then stopped," oh, and leave some for me, would ya Kankuro?" he asked with a playful smirk.

"Yeah, yeah, sure thing Otouto," the make up sand nin said as he waved his brother.

"I'm going to hold ya ta that," Gaara said as he shot him with a fake bullet with his finger in a gun like position. The sand user then left and sniffed out the closest water source. Once he got the scent, he quickly made his way to it.

When he got there, he took off his gear and started to wash himself in the cool water, while also sending a bit of his demonic energy out, letting all the wildlife know that he wasn't a free meal to be eaten. Once he was done, he quickly put his pants and boots on, seeing as how they were the closest pieces of clothing nearby. Deciding to get a little snack, he pulled out a scroll and poofed out a box of pizza and started to eat some and look at the scenery a bit.

But then he felt the presence of someone that shouldn't be in the exam, he looked to his right and saw a man in black kimono with bandages around his body and head, covering his right eye and having no left arm. As he eyed the man, he felt he should at least play around with the guy a bit," if you want to use the bathroom, the lake is right there, got right on ahead and use it," Gaara said as he took a bite out of his pizza.

The man seemed to ignore him and ran his remaining arms hand on a tree nearby," is your name Sparda Gaara, said to be the son of the Kazekage?" the dark man asked.

"Where did you hear that?" Gaara asked as he continued to eat his pizza, but kept a watchful eye on the man.

"Oh I have my ways, plus, Naruto has confirmed your name as well," the dark man said as came behind a fallen tree. The man then leered at the sword that was a few feet away from Gaara," on one note, he sends you an invitation," the man then put his right hand under the tree," please, accept it," he almost pleaded as he flung the giant fallen tree towards Gaara.

The half-demon flipped up and dodged the tree. He then landed on the said tree, which crashed into another. The result was his remain clothes being launched upwards with the items within them falling to the ground. Out of the blood red trench coat fell two guns, one was silver and the other was black. If one were to look, the engraving on them would saw that the black was named 'Shukaku', while the silver one was named 'Yashamaru'. The black gun flew some distance away while the silver gun fell towards him. Gaara took this chance and grabbed it from the air and quickly cocked and aimed it at the man, or would have since he wasn't their anymore. He aimed around in his peripheral vision until he was sure no one was around. He then scoffed a bit as he held out his hand and let the box of pizza that flew up, land in his hand, open," Invitation, huh?" he questioned to no on in particular.

All seemed to go in slow motion as he took out a piece of pizza and hanged it over his mouth to eat, when all of a sudden scythes come out of nowhere and pierce most of his body and one on his leg. It seemed the Hell Prides were waiting for the chance their prey would let his guard down, and where now rewarded with one more corpse in their hunt. But then they felt a breath come out the corpse and one of them looked to see what that meant, he was pushed harshly in the chest by it and left its head sailing in the air when it crashed on the floor.

They all looked and saw Gaara catch the head and spin it as if it were a basket ball. He smirked at them and started to walk away from them, towards his clothes. While doing, he felt the grip in the demons let go of their scythes, while one held on, being dragged behind by the redhead half-demon. He kicked the demon off and made it hit the hit the other group, hard, making them into a pile of sand.

Along the way was the his remaining gun and the pizza box that the Prides made him drop away from him. He then bent down to pick up...another piece of pizza. Gaara then took out the blade of a scythe that was in the middle of his chest and threw it up, cutting a branch and made it fall where more Prides where gathering and crushed them.

As he got to his trench coat, he picked a music player. He then pointed his hand up in the air at the moment," this party is getting crazy, let's rock," he said excitedly and immediately pressed the play button, but didn't play. He pressed a couple more time before he casually threw at a tree and broke it into pieces. When it hit the floor, the lights on the player came on and started to play some music. (Think the battle music on the first stage of DMC 3)

As he bounce to the beat and tapped his foot on the ground, more Hell Prides, and even some Hell Lusts came in to chop down their prey. But Gaara just stood bouncing to the beat and tapping his foot until he took the pizza in his mouth and held it their and ducked under a overhead slash from one of the Prides, with the blade that had been struck in his forearm, Gaara slashed, but didn't kill the demon and then backhanded it on the back of his head. He then kick an incoming one and punched forward with his pierced arm. The pierced arm's blade cut through the guard the demon made and allowed him to punch it in the face. He then backhanded the previous one once again and had the blade struck in the midsection of it, he then jabbed with his free hand at one Pride coming from the side. When the one he jabbed got stunned, he axed kick with his pierced leg and struck the blade into the back of the head of it. Instead of stopping at the ax kick, he drag it behind and let it fly upward behind him, taking the blade with it. He then took the pizza out of his mouth with his free hand kicked it out of the air, just as it came in range from its fall, and made it spin to the ground.

He saw one coming to the side, he releases the blade from his arm and pulled out the silver gun he stuck in his pants, spun around and parry the strike a Pride was making while making the gun spin in the process. When it was successful, the Pride had the gun in it mouth, Gaara let the demon have some iron for dinner, its last dinner that is. He then jumped over a strike meant to cut him down and jumped on the back of the Pride that tried to kill him and sent it crashing on the ground.

"Come on," he exclaimed with a smirk on his face while standing on top of the Pride. He then pushes off as if he were on a skate board and rode the Pride as he quickly picked up his remaining black gun. He then spun it around and fire off some rounds at the demons around him, all the while wooting at the fun he was having. He then led it to ramp that was made by a trunk of a tree and ramped off it. He then crashed the demon into a tree and made it into a pile of sand. As he fell, he jumped on the ramp of the tree trunk and made it flip up, while making another Pride fly through the air, who was stupid enough to stand on it. When it flung up, a series of hard rocks flew past him. He then cocked his silver gun and shot one that was in front of it at the moment and shot it. The effect was immediate as the rock hit the other ones and hit the demons in front of him at high speeds.

He then saw his sword on the ground and flipped up and caught it in his hands. He then sliced through the ramp cleanly and kick the pieces at two Pride that were behind it, crushing them at the speed and weight they were going. He then heard the song coming to a close," the end?" he questioned, but then scoffed at it," don't bet bet on it," and in all of the time within an hour, he battle against the Hell Prides and Lust that came at him.

When it was done, he was sitting on a trunk, dangling his leg off the side and spinning his sword on it pointed end lazily. He sighed in disappointment when he caught site of his remaining pizza. As he went in to get the last pieces with big smile on his face, a foot suddenly came down and smashed them. It didn't help as the foot squished it further by swiveling its foot around. At seeing this, the Lust saw an opening and went for the kill, only to have its head blown off with the smoking barrel of Gaara's gun as it prize. With a hard scowl on his face, he shook his head and wept for the pizza at such disrespect and demise.

Forgetting that he still had teammates, he went over to his trench coat that he hung off a branch while fighting, he picked it up and slung it over his should, along with the shirts he was under it and slung them all over his right shoulder. He then started to casually walk back to the cave where his siblings were camping. He then looked over his shoulder to look at the destruction he caused in the area and smirked," I can already tell," he then turned his head back and began walking off again," this is going to be one hell of a party," he then vanished in the darkness of the forest, back to his team.

As Gaara made his way back to his team, Naruto and his teammates were already camping out under a hollow part of a tree. Earlier, they had dispatched of a lone nin who thought they were easy prey, but was proven wrong when Naruto killed him within and instant. To bad the nin didn't have the scroll they need, or they'd be at the tower already. As the two other slept, Naruto was watching for any surprise attacks. He then felt the Danzo's presence closing in on him. He looked back at his teammates and silently made a Kage Bunshin to watch them. When that was finished, he made his was to Danzo and see what he had to say. He then situated himself on a very high branch and had his Yamato set up like a cane in front of him.

"Danzo," he simply greeted as the man started to walk up beside him.

"Doesn't it excite you in some way," the man started," the shrine, in which restricts the swords are one the most powerful weapons upon this world, once released, the power they wield would be unstoppable at the hands of those who hold them," he started, he voice started to sound more emotional and greedy," once we have those swords, the world be at our fe..." he almost called only to be cut off by Naruto.

"That's none of my concern," Naruto said softly as he cut off his dark partner," did he have the right sword?" Naruto asked for confirmation.

"Yes," Danzo answered as he leaned up against the tree," he's taking good care of it," he then gave a cold smirk at Naruto, who was still looking off in the distance his body was facing towards," besides, they're the only mementos you two have of your sensei," he said as he too thought the sensei Naruto had was the same as Gaara's.

"But he has no idea of its true power," Narto noted to himself as he unsheathed his sword a bit to look at its shine for a moment before he put it back with an audible click. He then turned and started to leave. Danzo seemed to have got the message and left in a swirl of leaves.

As Naruto came back, he left the clone as where it was and went to sleep himself, with his back against the wall of the tree and his sheathed sword up against his sword with his arms crossed around it. (like how Kenshin and Inuyasha do it when they sleep)

And sleep he did as his mind wandered back to his childhood, more specifically, three years ago


Ten year old Naruto was traveling in the fields of what his sensei and him had found out was the Rice Field Country. Having already scanned the area of its knowledge, they were on their way back to their base, in one of the many demon territories not shown on the maps they had obtained.

"Ne, Vergil-sensei," the blue clad half-demon turned his head to his student slightly over his shoulder, showing that he had his attention," I was wondering if you had any family back at your home?"

Vergil just turned his head back at the moment. After a long period of silence, Naruto was about to ask again when he saw his sensei take a bit of breath, meaning he was about to speak," I have told about my father's legacy, no?"

"Yes, you have sensei, the Legendary Dark Knight, Sparda, the demon who raised up against his own kind to protect the human race from becoming extinct. In order to do so, he defeated the prince of darkness once and sealed him away once, but that wasn't enough as the rest of the hordes of demons were starting to leak out in the world of the living," Naruto took a bit of breather before he continued," in order to stop them, he sacrificed his power and the blood of a mortal priestess in a tower called Teminigru, which was where most of the demons were coming out from. In doing so, he lost all of his power and lived his life with a mortal woman who came to be your mother."

"Good, you have at least memorized the legend that much," Vergil praised a bit as he got ready to tell him about his other family member," but aside from my mother and father, there is one other," he then stopped and clenched his free hand and gripping harder on the Yamato sword," and that is my twin brother..." he then had a bit of fire in his eyes at the moment," Dante," he said with some heat in his voice.

"Dante?" Naruto questioned with a raised eyebrow as he stood alongside his sensei.

"If you must know what he's like, he's every bit opposite of me. He has no refinement to his style, he's emotional, hardheaded, and plays with his foes too much when he should efficiently take them out quickly," Vergil then balled his fist a bit before he calmed himself by take a nice big breath," but somehow, despite his level of skill, he was able to defeat me in combat. The first time, I easily dispatched him, the second, we tied. And our last battle, he was able to beat me, if only barely."

Naruto thought over this supposed brother of his, if he was able to defeat his sensei, he was an opponent to watch out for if he ever met up with him. He would have to use all of his battle skill and wits to defeat this man, once and for all if he ever encountered this Dante.

Seemingly reading his thoughts, Vergil warned him," if there is ever a time we face him, he is mine and mine alone to fight," he then gazed his cold blue eyes into Naruto's blood red black slits,"do you understand?" he said in a cold tone that meant he was serious.

Naruto nodded calmly, though inside, he was trembling with some fear," hai, sensei," he said with a straight voice.

"Good," Vergil replied as went back to walking, with Naruto close behind him.


And with that, Naruto opened his eyes and turned them to see his teammates slowly waking up. But while they were, he was musing over the thoughts of his dream. How could he have forgotten that bit of information his sensei told him. He now found it ironic that Gaara seemed to match the traits his sensei's brother had. He had not seen his skills as of yet, but he has a feeling they would be the same. But he did see he was a bit of clown and was emotional at times. Not that Naruto could deny he was emotional at time, it was the only thing that kept him from becoming completely cold to those around him, otherwise, he and his sensei wouldn't had a business in slaying demons from time to time. And from the way he looked at how Gaara played around, he knew he would play with his opponents too much to get his objective done quickly. But he knew, beneath it all, he would get an exciting fight from the other heir of Sparda.

'Whether your sensei is different from mine Gaara makes no difference to me, we will still see who is the true heir of Sparda, I can assure you of that,' Naruto thought as he gripped the Yamato's hilt harder. He then turned to his teammates and saw they were fully awakened," ohayo, you two," he said to them.

The two half-heartedly waved at him and stretched a bit," I suggest we quickly find a team and get the scroll we need. I'm not wanting to stay in this forest any longer than we have to," Sasuke said as he stated the obvious.

"Yeah, I don't want to sleep on the ground and getting another back ache again," Sakura said as she pouted about at her teammates.

"Well, come on, were wasting our day by sitting and talking," Naruto said as he got up and started walk away. The two nodded and started to walk alongside him and slowly went from a sprint into a full run. Sometime later, the group stopped in a bit of clearing in the forest as Naruto put a up his hand to have them come at a full stop.

Naruto listened, sniffed and felt the air around him. This was easy for him, considering his demonic fox senses, but also because he had an affinity to wind. Sure he could listen and smell his opponents out, but he found out, aside from animal like instincts, he could feel the air around him and detect any direct and indirect attacks around him. It was with this that he felt a wind attack coming at them from the side from a great distance.

"Get behind me," he commanded, see them being hesitant, he looked at them with an air of authority," NOW," he commanded harder, which made them do so. He quickly unsheathed his sword and twirled it quickly around in a circular motion, while subtly adding his Chakra to enforce a shield of sorts. Just as he did so, a huge gust of wind came upon them. Sakura and Sasuke could feel the great gust of wind around them and saw that it was carving out the ground around them. When it was done, Naruto re-sheathed his Yamato sword," why don't you come out," Naruto softly said to no one in particular. Just as he said that, a nin came into a view.

Aside from being confuse about the persons gender, the person had black shinobi pants and shoes with a tan like shirt and a purple rope that was tied in a bow of sorts behind the person. The person had long black hair and a fair complexion, with a feminine face that confuse those about the persons gender and were a straw hat that had a symbo zig-zagging on it, meaning the person was a Grass-nin. (The same one that the Akatsuki has)

"I can't say it's nice to see you again," Naruto started as he gazed at the gender-confused Grass-nin with a look of annoyance," Orochimaru.

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